Francis Kruncos car accident August 1954

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Francis Kruncos car accident August 1954 - Coroner's Jury Clears Driver in Kintop's Death...
Coroner's Jury Clears Driver in Kintop's Death A coroner's jury Ink- Friday af- tefftcon returned a verdict clearing jYancis E. Kruhcos, 19, file. 1, inj the death of a friend LeRoy Kintop, Kintop, 21. also of Rte. 1. when a car driven by Kruncos overturned nn the Trail's End Road about midnight midnight Aug. 19. The jury, after deliberating 15 minutes, returned a verdict declaring declaring the death of Kintop was "dui? to ho unlawful net of any person or persons concoMif-d." Members of the jury were L. A. fScotty) GlihSkl, Alfred Schauder, Thomas VanCourt, P. J. Cam, Walter Lieh- efitteln and Edwin Swensen. five witnesses were called by Coroner Albert G. Onson and question question by Dist. Atty. Albert J. Cirilli. Dr. 1. E. Sehiek, Jr., who pronounced pronounced Kintop dead nt the accident accident scehe, testified he could not state whether death was caused by internal injuries or drowning without without performing an autopsy, He said the death was accidental in any event, however. 'Took Curve ton Wide.' Kruncos said he probably was driving about 50 miles per hour just before the mishap occurred, but he said speed was not a factor in the accident. He said the mishap mishap probably was caused by the fact "1 was not familiar with the road and was taking the curve too wide." Kruncos explained he was driving driving his father's 1853 Chevrolet at the .time and was familiar with Its operation. He said as he rounded the curve the car skidded to the left side and rolled over. "The next thing I knew 1 woke up outside the car,'' Kruncos testified. "I looked for Kintop but couldn't find him and, then we did find him pinned under the car in about a foot and a half of water. We tried hard to get him out but couldn't until some other people .came along to help 1W the'car." LaVern E. Kohlbock, 19, of Bos- trdm's Resort, said he had been with Kintop and Kruncos at Bostrom's Bostrom's store, where they each had two small' bottles of beer between 11:30 p. m, find midnight. He said he was following the Kruncos car by about two blocks when the mishap mishap occurred, and he helped Kruncos Kruncos locate Kintop after the crash. Kohlbeck, who worked with Kintop Kintop at the Wendland Motor Company Company here, said he had spent the evening with Kintop before .they 1 met Kruncos nt 11:15 p. m, when he" got* through work nt x the Daniels Manufacturing Company. Kintop decided ^ ride with .Kruncos out to.Bostrom's and again on Uie return return trip, Kohlbeck said. « Kphlbeck testified that both cars were, going about 50 miles per hour when-the Kruncos car entered the curve and started skidding. He said he, thought .the Krunoos ear was going too fast to moke the curve, although he said he could drive that curve at Uie same speed without skidding. Kbhlbeck said the Knjncqs car seemed to roll over slowly after the skid, corning to rest o'n its'wheels w}th the front on the shoulder of the road and the rear in about two feet of water. In Water Five Minutes, Both Kohlbeck and Kruncos said Kintop could not have been in the water more than flvo minutes. They said he appeared to be pin- nod under the gasoline tank and rear spring of the car and it was impossible to free him until a crowd gathered and lifted the vd- hiple so he could be pulled out. Officer Clifford. Guilday of, the Oneida County police dostribed the accident scene and told how the shoulders of the .narrow blacktop road are sandy and sippe directly into .water. He said city firemen were attemipting to revive Kintop when he arrived ai»d continued their elforts until Dr. Schiek pronounced pronounced the young man dead, The officer said when he questioned questioned Kruncos some time after the accident the driver was "vagiie" about his speed and the cause of the accident. The blacktop was clear and dry at the time of the mishap, be added. Testimony also was given by Miss Jfsftcy Jean Schoenoeff of Menomooie, Wis., who has been employed as store manager at BQS- trom's Resort this summer. Shu said to* three young men <Kintop, Kruncos and Kohlbeck) hud two smf>U bottles of beer at the Bos- tro/ji store between 11:30 p. nj. and midnight.

Clipped from The Rhinelander Daily News28 Aug 1954, SatPage 2

The Rhinelander Daily News (Rhinelander, Wisconsin)28 Aug 1954, SatPage 2
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  • Francis Kruncos car accident August 1954

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