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 - THE BODE BUGLE. VOJL.T7 JO33XJ, S3. IS 31 This...
THE BODE BUGLE. VOJL.T7 JO33XJ, S3. IS 31 This is the Time to Start a Savings Account First National Bank BODE, IOWA Big Value Club THIS PAPER AND Both a Whole Year—Every Week for 52 Weeks—104 Big Issues—at a Bargain Price Never Before Equaled! Grab this chance to secure your favorite home paper—with all the local news—together with that wonderful national weekly, right from Washington, D. C., The Pathfinder. The Pathfinder is the most widely quoted paper in the world—and you will see why when you have it in your home, as more than a million others do. Call at our office, see samples of The Pathfinder and order this club, or remit the •mount by mail. News, informa- Q O O C tion and entertainment for an en- A Am A ml tire year. WHAT A BARGAIN! ™ fc ' * w Sheriff* Sale STATE OF IOWA, Humboldt County, To John JohositB, Marie Johnann, Laura Dasen, Ted Underberg and Q lady s Underberg. You are hereby notified that by virtue «f a special eieeution, tu me directed and issued out of the office of the Clark of the Lliitrict Court of the State of Io»i, within and fur Humboldt County, upon a judgment rendered in said court uf in favor of Anna G. Ruasing, Ei- eeutrix uf the Estate «f Beat* Ros- aing, d* ceased and against John Johnson and Mari« Johnson, dated January 6, 1931, and tu me directed, directed, commanding me that of the property of the said defendants nat exempt front execution I mate thu Biim of Sixteen Thousand One Hundred Hundred Thirtr-nine and 17-100 Dollars Dollars debt, and Tun Hundred Ten and 64-100 (JtlO.64) Dollars rnat«, I have levied upon the following detscribed real efltate. lying and being situated in the County of Hvmboldt, State nf Iowa, to-wit: The North««at Fourth of Section Twenty-One, Townihi|i Ninety- Three, Range Thirty, Wait rf the Fifth P. II. I" *••• And that on the 10! h day of February, 1931, at 2 o 'click P. M., at the door of the Court House, in Dakota City, Humboldt Countf, Inwa, I will proceed to sull tu the higheet and best bidder therefor, in eash, the above de- :ecribed property, or sutficient •thereof to satisfy .the above debt, with interest and costi, and the .property so sold is subject tu redemption. redemption. Dated taia 8th day of January, discussed this spring by and for Inwa farmers in a series of 10 dii- trici crop diseaee schools whieh will be spinsarod by the county farm bureaus cooptrating with R. H. Portei, plant patknlugist in the Extension Service, Iowa State College. The value of seed treatment amvll iirains and corn and the selection and care of aerrf cnrr will be shown by exhibits and discussions discussions of tests conducted on Inwa Farma. The schedule of meeting* shiw >ne at Humbuldt, Feb. 24. The meeting will be in the afternoon. H. J.Sexe, Sheriff of Himkeldt Cointy. •John Cunningham, Attorney. Plan Crop Diaeaae School* Control uf eitp diseases will be Prepare Hog, Poultry Houaee Hog and jjounltry hnuaea whieh will be needed tor the chick and BJtt crop next spring may ba buil or repaired during the wintt m mtha tu prevent "rush" work in the soring, sjejgesta V. S Peterson, extensioa specialist in agricultural engineering at Iowa State College. Farmers who plan to build new housts and will neeo plana may i cure the* at small cost at the Ex tension Service at Iowa State Col leie. Plana fur movable bog huutes o the new low type or gabie roo with dnnrs in the top which open to admit sunlight are available Plana for farrowing houais >>t var inus sizes, including the gable 100 with a storage lotf abnve, ssmi monitor and gamberl typn reo may be secured. Plana for brooder hnusee, hot movable and stationary, and plan fur hog and poultry feeders ar avai lable. Watch Watering of Pigs Now A little attention to the water ing of pigs in winter may be th moans of reproducing the production production ensts, sovigests, A. L. Anderson Anderson of the Animal Huabtndry Department, Inwa State College. Water should be allowed at least twice daily in liberal amounts. If possible, the s<urce should nut be far from the sleeping quarters. A wat*rer in • sheltered spot close o the hog housv and feeding: floor ill b« well be patronized even uring the most wintry days. A all pig «eighing 100 pounds will onsume 7 11 10 pounds of water aily, which ia more than the mount of food eaten. Automatic waterers with a- ans of keeping them frum freez- ng add to the convenience of the og feeder. This method of winter llnwance is also economical in winter. In fact, in a trial at the owa Agricultural Experiment Sta- ion fall pigs given water by an utomatic Caterer haatert with a erosene lamps eclipsed the pigs i«en wate: in open troughs. The ains were increased by 5 percent, he teed requirement for a given gain was redeuced 10 pereenl and he margin par pig over feed cost ai increased by 17 percent. Some Day Perhaps It May Be Your Home This from an exchange will bear eading and then it can be read gain and again: Every time the los«t of your neighbor is opened o you strain your neck and peek, hen afterwards strain yoor neck n talking about it? Uo you ever top to think that some day a ragedy may take up its abode in our home? Can't you get it into our head that some day the tongue tongue rf slander may cut you like a harp sword and the whispeia of our neighbor be as vinegar on ur woonds? Misfortune and lisgract* may have overtaken y ui neighbor, but it does nnt become oo to get up r n the housetnn and shout it out to the world. YOB will not be called on tu pay for nor answer for any of the ains of our neiagbnr. You have all you can tend too, to pay for your nun desecration. Some day some nne near and dear tu you may fall-the prison walls may epen to the s»n or the scarlet letter of eternity blight a daughter. When a home is in mourning over a tragedy the best ihint you can do ia tn keep your mouth shut unless you can say something that will coma as a rift in the clouds. Then aaain, you know you may be no better than ur naignbor. The unly difference difference ia thai: your neighbor was caught, end you, up ti date, hav. iept the sunlight away, be charitable, charitable, my friend, you know not :he day not th« hour when the blight will appear in your sacred circle. New Tree Hiatory Conteat CLOSING - OUT Having engaged in other business, I am quitting the farm and offer at Public Auction at the Gullixson homestead, homestead, 2 miles west and 3-4 mile south of BODE, the following described property, on FRIDAY, JAN. AT 1:30 o'clock P. M. 14 Head of Livestock 2 Head of Horses Consisting of—2 old mares, one black and one bay. 12 Head of Cattle Consisting of—6 young milk cows, some milking, others to freshen soon; 2 springing heifers; 2 yearling heifers; 2 summer calves. About 15 tons of Alfalfa hay in barn, and some Sweet Clover hay in stack. FARM MACHINERY Consisting of—1 McCormick binder, 1 Litchfield manure spreader, 1 hay rake, 1 9-foot Osborne disc, 1 5-section harrow, 1 3-section harrow, 4 single row cultivators, 1 16-inch sulky plow, 1 Sattley corn planter with 80 rods of wire, 2 wagons with boxes, 1 steel truck wagon with hayrack, 1 bobsled, 1 buggy, 1 gas engine, 1 endgate seeder, 3 sets of work harness, 1 single harness, and other implements for farm household use. TERMS—Cash. Arrange with your banker before the sale. H. O. GULLIXSON, Prop. Iowa 4-H club boys and girh> will continue to seek stories uf who planted the first farn groves on Iowa farmsteads as part of the luwa 4-H Tree Planting and History History Contest ji st announced by ) T. Bode ,_ extension forester at Iowa State College. The contest for 1»31 is similar to the la30 r HI in orove History Contest eitept that the records of the club members' activities ia planting trees and in forestry worx will bfc given greater emphasis. emphasis. The pjrpose of the contest is to stimulate more interest in tree planting, gieaier appreciati n ot the usit'ulness and beauty of trees and a greater desire of bettor farm tome*. The complete record will consist uf a story uf planted or native farm grove and a record uf th* contestants activity in encouraging tree planting and forestry in Iowa. Each individual ia order to be eligible must have planted at least t«o trees durinv the spring of 193 1 and must take part in s»me group meeting or activity in f.u- esty . To the boy and the girl winning high s:ore in »he state will be given a medal fuinished .by the American Forestry Ibsociation and a trip to the National Club Congress Congress in Chicago. Local prizes will ue awarded »t the discretion of the individual counties To the high scucinu county in the itate a trophy furnishtd by the American forestry Association will be given. U. S. -Department uf Agriculture NoUa Is your bed Cunfortanle, a> you can lie in a normal pi si tion when COLWELL BROS., Auctioneers. 0. T. GULLIXSON, Clerk. you sleep? Pour, sagging springs cause noor sleeping posturs, which in tmn affects waking posture. L'n'trnp meat a* snn as rieliv ered.and store in the coMest part of the refrigerator, whirh is usually on the bottom shelf A 1 iose sheet of waxed paper may bt laid on top of a piei-e of meat if desired, to protect it fir>m chance stpilling of other find. Among fouds mentioned as oood or exi-elent smrces .if the pellagra- preventive factor are milk, lean muscle meat, liver, canned salmon, wheat germ and pire dri?d anrl brewers' ye»st. , Dried anl canned milk aie recn mm ended when frnsh milk cannot be obtaied. Th^se foods arn sugzested in addition tu the cereals, vegetables, facs and sweet fnort, such as sugar or rnolassHS. uiually forming the ba>is of the diet in regions where pellagra pellagra often develops from t.10 one- sided a diet. Fruits and vegetables should be urovided to the greateit extent possible. Tomatoes, both eanned and ra*. are very valuaole for the vitamins Ihei c-intrihute to any diet. A shallow flat gloss or earthan- wear baking dish with partitions ia a meat convenience for wamnnu up small portions of different vegetablea. Grease the plate with butter or other t'at, aid piteieh kind of vegetable in a compartment compartment by itself. Use a «hiti sauce on one, h uttered crumbs on annther and perhaps parsley, tiut- ttr, salt and pepper on a third. A little cream to moisten one of the veBfctables may be used if'you rave tu whilu sauce on hand. Put the dish in the oven lorg enoogh ti heat through trnrouuhly, and serve. So tie members of the family family will asK for one vegetable, and SOUK for another, so that all will be used, and all will be delicious. Few Dairy Cows are Moving Iowa d-tirymen are "sittng titiht," are hiiyi >« few dairy cows and are continjinir to cull o it the pin rat producers. Only abiut two-tvrrts as many cows mere sold fur milk by cow testing asHociati n niam'ners ilur- in« Mtcemher anri only ariout c>vo- tnirJs aa ma y c.iws were bought during December, 11)29. Five uundred three cows *ere said f iv heef, nr approximately the sane number as were sol t lnat yea' when dairy fanners *ere starting on tneir strict culling program. Sixty-one purehrel bulls, as compared compared with 58 during Oecembar, 1M2W, were bouhgt last_ month by association memberi. J Althi the av?ragb buttdtfat production production par co* of the high associations associations aho*ed an in-reaie of about to pounds ov^r tiu same mnnth last yeai and the butierfat pro'iuctin/i per cn» of thd hijh herds sh iwed a > increase of thre? t> eight pojnds, o- Iv 4,("91 cows pr ducei mnra than 1C pounds <ii' fat HS com par ml with l, c iay Oecembar 19<J9, the report shoiva. This indicates, dairy s(je- ciaiista say, that 'he hetter dairymen dairymen are I'ontinuinn i i imp out inn quality i,f tlirir herds while rn ; inv uwneis of average an i piorer herds arci beum su ini'Kienee i by conditions tint they are mil ftedine; and raring for their cowfl as well as usual. The records >.if the two high asao« ciati ms (his month, Buena Vista and North Tania, shnw that' in iN.rth Tana ?2 out of 26 held' nsvners fed legume hay and the other four ftd a mixer 1 Ifgume and timothy hay. The 26 all fed a nnitiei coticentratti and 25 in Hiena Vista Goaniy all 2n herH owners fed legume hay anrl 21 fed 4 high prutein concentrate. concentrate. HiRh ranking association and Ihe butterfat prodcctio-i per cow fol- jli*: Huana VistH, MU.9 iiounds; I Nort i Tati.a, 30.5 pounds; Polk, j 29 .5 poiindu; Hnmilton-Stoiy, 25) l pounfis; '.Irundy Nn. 1, 28.9 |P umls; Story No. 2, 28.5 pounds, an'! HfiiiM-Jeffers n-Vai Huren, 2S.;-i pnunds. Owners of hi^h ranking- herds am) tie yvvrage b tterfat per cow ifolln*: 1. u. 1'iye, Baa.' n, (10; LV)H Hawn, (irundy Cen- itt-r, 5S.8 p und;=; Wilbur S:>wer', |St"y City, riH.8 rjujnds; jMitihell, lieinbeck. S.^.-l Ant ui Will', lUttcnbur pounds; (Ihfi'oknd State 5 | ,(i po i mis; an I V. K. Mott, Pa 'Hi H, ol'.ii tiobiuls Tli • Pyre, W. 1'. p und.;; , 52. > i A ill a ' ' Oi Miilkel m Hospital her 1.1 than twice a : Hu'iy h i:n- should ha m n i hun:i a 14 iu d l!nuyi Syr.ip. Lci- i-x fi gh sviiip fits tie vvh le fami:v fr m hahy ti ura^idi'.i'i. h.- i! astnt to lake. l j rice Tilii t IK i Italic, adv. ud Si tie linen , JSUHSCK1BE KOK THE BUGI.E

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