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dren rpre lout H la feaied In the wrecli t the Whit Slur liner hllevd to have gone to the bottom with his vessel Among the 1320 passengers of the fiant liner were Colonel - John Jacob TSlCtJi atrauMai Jor Archibald W Butt aid to President seas which collided wltlT an lclerg at 1025 oclock Sunday night and sank off the banks of Newfoundland at 220 A M Monday les than four hours after she liad struck The White Star line early t li 1st morning morning gave out the lln of thone who were saved Captain Haddock of the Olympic sent Taft George B Wldener and Mrs VVIdener of Philadelphia Mr and Mrs Henry S Harper William T Stead the London Journalist Charles M Hays president of the Grand Trunk Kallway and many more whose names are known on both sides of the Atlantic The news that few besides women and this dispatch by wireless - to the White chjdren were saved has caused the Star Line last evening greatest apprehension as to the fate of uarpatma reached Titanic s posi - these Hon at daybreak Found boals andj wreckage only Titanic sank about 220 A M In latitude 41 deg 48 min north longitude HO deg 14 niln west All her boats accounted for containing about 7S souls saved crew and passengers passengers Included Nearly all saved are women and children Leyland liner Callornla remained and searched exact position of disaster Loss likely to total 1800 souls 1800 BEIOHTED LOST The exact text of this dispatch was until midnight PLUNGKM AGAINST ICK WALL When the Titanic plunged headlong against a wall of Ice at 1040 P M Sunday night her fate established that no modern steamship Is unslnkable and that all of a large passenger list can not be aared In a liners small boats The White Star line believed that the Titanic was practically Invulnerable Invulnerable and Insisted until there waajino doubting the full extent of the catastrophe catastrophe that she could not sink The great ship was the last word In modern saved from the Titanic but not one word of news could they obtain All they could get by wireless was the fact that the Carpathia which left NW TtH 2D - April Uih fe - - thMadt terranean was retracing her course to this port bringing here the women and children who were widowed and orphaned orphaned by the disaster The Marconi stations were striving also to get In touch with either the Carpathia or the Allan liner Virginian to find out If all of the rescued were on board the Carpathia or whether the Virginian carries others that were saved but the - Marconi people were unsuccessful unsuccessful and It Is not known whether the Virginian transferred all of those she picked up to the Harpathla The latest news was that the Carpathia Carpathia had started for New York She should rfach here some time on Wednesday WORST WORST IN MARINES HISTORY Accepting early estimates of the fatality list as accurate the disaster la the greatest In marine history Nearest Nearest - Approaching It In magnitude Were the disasters of the steamer Atltntlo In 1878 when 547 lives were lost and rfDWRrnj ties Company a great mining corporationcorporation corporationcorporation - which was founded by his father Meyer Guggenheim He Is connected connected with the following corporations corporations Blake and Knowlea Steam Pump Works president and director Henry R Worthlngton Company president and director International Steam Pump Company president and director Laldlaw Dunn Gordon Company president president and director Power and Mining Machinery Company prnftident and director International Mercantile Marine Com pany and Is one of the founders of that organization It was Ismay and - J P Morgan who consolidated the Amert - can and British Steamship lines It also was Ismay who conceived the Idea of building the Titanic He Is worts probably 60000000 LINEES DEATHBED TWO MILES BELOW SURFACE HALIFAX April 15 The deathbed of the 10000000 steamer Titanic and of probably many who must havebeea - dragged down with her Is two mllee

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