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titanic 2 - 'Ptormnr fwke ATLANTA, OA., TUSDAY MORNING,...
'Ptormnr fwke ATLANTA, OA., TUSDAY MORNING, APRIL 16, 1912. —TWENTY PAGES. PRICE, JTXVB CENTS. GIANT LINER TITANIC SINKS 4 OAA AFTER STRIKING AN ICEBERG IjOVV I LIVES LOST PARTIAL LIST OF - THOSE SAVEH FRBMJFITAN1C Wireless Messages From the Carpattiia Give Names of a few Survivors. NAMES OF BUT FEW MEN APPEAR IN THE LIST ILL - FATED TITANIC AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA - The List It Made Up1 Almost Entirely of Women - and Children - Archie Butt's Name Is Not Included in' P ~ — — — J — : r— I ill I I / 1 • te White Star Liner Titanic, the I wu - Boston. April 15. — A wireless message message picked up late tonight relayed from the Olympic says that the Carpathla Carpathla Is on her way to New York with MS passengers from the steamship Titanic Titanic aboard. They are mostly wom en and children, the felt for the safety PARTIAL LIST OF PASSENGERS SAVED BY STEAMER CARPATHIA Cape Race. Newfoundland. April 15. — Following is a partial list of the .first cabin passengers who were rescued from the Titanic: - Mrs. Edward TT. Appleton, Mrs. Rose Abbott. Miss O. M. Burns. Miss D. D. CusseOero. Mrs. William M. Clarke. Mrs. B. 'Cblbinace. Miss E. G. Crossbie Miss H. E. Crossbie. Mis* Jean Hlppach. Mrs. Henry B. Harris (wireless version Mrs. I* Y. R. Harris). Hrs. Ales: Halverson. Mis* Margaret Hays. Mr. Brace Ismay. Mr , , and Mra Ed Klmberly, Mr. F. A. Kenyman, Miss Emile Kenchen. Miss G. V. Longley. Miss A. P. Leader. Miss Bertha Lavory. Mrs. Ernest Lives, Mrs. Susan P. Rogerson. Miss Emily B. Rogerson. Mrs. Arthur Rogerson, ♦Master AlUson and nurse, Mlas K. T. Miss Ninette Panfort m. w. Allen, Mr. and Mrs. D. Bishop, Miss Mary Cllr.es, .Mra SlngTld Ltnd - strem, Mr. Gfjetav J. Lesueur, Misi Georgietta Mrs. Tucker and maid, Mra Thayer. Mr. J. B. Thayer. Jr., Woolmer, Mlas Anna Ward, Mr. Rich M. William. Mra J. steward White. Mlas Marie Young, Mra Thomas Potter. Potter. Jr., Mra Edna a Roberts. Ml - . H. Blank. Mlas A. Basins, Mra James. Baxter, ser. ueorge A - Bayton, Mlas C Bo nr. ell. Mrs. J. M. Brown. Miss G. c. Bawen, Mr. and Mra R. L. Beckwlth. Cduntess of Rothes. Mr. C ft - Olmane, Jfra Jacob P. (word missing). dp The above list was received by wireless at Cape Race Station from the steamer Carpatbla In spelling and initials. It does not correspond with the list as cabled from London to - due to the hurried and relays. In a Mra. L. Y. B. Harris is wlrefess list, but on the as announced here there !rs. Henry B. Harris, and number of similar dts - MOKK VAHKS OF SIHVIYOR? ■r Liner Titanic, the largest vessel afloat, collided Sunday night with an Iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland while on her malder voyage from Southampton, England, to "New York, and sunk In a few hour?. The Titanic was of 44.J2S tons register, register, with a displacement .of l«,000 tons. Her total length was 882 feet 6 Inches, ber breadth was 12 feet 6 inches, and she was 175 feet from the keel to the smokestacks. She bad eleven decka which is equal to what called a skyscraper a few year , , ago. The vessel could carry 4, too persona including including passengers and crew, and to I. in spite of the fact that the state rooms were unusually spacious, beds taking tbe place of bunks In most of the apartment* apartment* Two regal suites on tie Titanic coat 14.J60 each for the trip, the occupants occupants having a private promenade deck on which thejr could have as much privacy as on the piazza of their own home. When the huge ship left South - 1 ampton April 10 she passed near the New York, of the American line, and the tremendous suction developed by the passage of the leviathan caused the ■even hawsers holding the New York to snap and turn that vessel loose. She was pushed back into her dock without without mishap. Simultaneously with tbr Ill - fated first voyage of the Titanic somes the Information that the .'forth Serman Lloyd line las let [or a vessel that will eclipse Star - Liner. The boat to, be have a registered tonnage of 54,000 will be more than 500 feet long. the meantime the Hamburg' line la building the Imperator, which will be ao.ooo tons and will be m serv ice within a few montha To show th tremendous tremendous advance made In the building building of ocean greyhounds in recen' yegrs it may be said that the Tltantl was was nearly four times as large as the Kaiser Wllherm der Grease, which ten years ago was one of the largest, fines t and faateat boats In service. In part as president's campaign beadquar hli an organized propaganda to republican party. No word or deed baa.' up to this time, been too mendacious mendacious or too mean, either on his own part, or on the part of bis understrappers, understrappers, to stoconvpllah the recognized recognized end they have In view. "Mr. Roosevelt himself has denounced denounced by name the republican leaders, of New' York state, who now oppose him for a third term, regardless of the fact that he accented, to the full, their support for governor, for vies presl COL. ROOSEVELT 866 titanic passengers PARTY WnFPKFfiJ REPORTED ON CARPATBLA; _~ THIS CUTS CASUALTY ROLL So He's Slyled in Statement From Til Headquarters. - While the fate speeding 3.100 peri on Doara the mammoth White Uaar Titanic, which sank early Monday Monday morning on the Newfoundland banka after • collision with an let berg, still remains In doubt, and It ! feared more than l.ISS persons wei lost, a nots of good cheer came froi the oceanways by wireless between and S o'clock this morning. and menda and president Statea •The deliberate. may not be misunderstood.' hla here tonight were the following: Mr. and Mrs. L. Henrv. Mra. W. A. Hooper. Mr. Mile. Mr. J. Plynn. Miss Alice Fortune, Mra Robert Douglas. Miss Hilda Slayter, Mrs P. Smith, Mrs. Braham. Miss Lucille Carter. William Carter. Miss Roberts. Miss Cummins. ps, <Mra"paula Mungo, Miss Rosle . Miss Mary , Mra Jans . It was In the ahaps of a wireless message from the White Star liner Olympic, one of the vessels hovering near the scene of tbe disaster, flashing flashing the news that SflS of tbs Tltanlo's passengers, mostly women and chil dren, were being brought to port by Carpathla Other mes brought' brought' confirmatory tid ings United, United, sirst. reports were mat the carpa thla had saved but S7S persona The new figures reduced the list of tboss for whose fats' fear was felt by nearly ISO. and. If as seems probable, practically practically all those saved were passengers, passengers, It would appear that all but approximately approximately its ot the vessel's passengers passengers are accounted for. A partial list of the survivors received from the Carpathla included the names ot who were on the steamer. After tbe first desperate calls of the Titanic for help had been sent flying flying through epaee and brought steam ers for hundreds of miles around 1 an impenetrable raised betwi he giant liSSg advices appear. of tbe terrible targedy en acted In ber decks. been rescued from the liner's boats by the Cunarder Carpathla. several hours passed without a word as to tbe fate of the remainder of those on board at the time of the fateful crash. Along - the entire Atlantic coast wire lass lass Instruments were tuned to catch from any source the slightest whisper of hops that possibly might come from one of the many steamships which rushed to the assistance of the srtlck en en Titan of the seas. But from none hips reported to be at or near light the of probabilities, may the world's greatest mar came tbe slightest syllable agement to the anxiously waiting world. world. The Titanic herself lies burled two miles beneath the ocean way between Sable Island and Cape Race - Her position when she struck the Iceberg was given as latitude 41.34 no^th, longtltude 50.14 west it seems estaonsnec uint there were tout 2,100 persons on the liner. This ■s the estimate of the line officials New York, who gave the number of passengers as 1.3:0. the remainder of up the crew. UNTOLD RICHES REPRESENTED ON THET1TANIC ■Many of the Multi - Millionaires of 1m erica Were Passengers Passengers on the Steamer. New York. April IE— Untold we*Un wai represented among the passengers of the Titanic, there belti* on board at least mix. men each of whose fortunes might be reckoned In tens of millions of dollars. A rouftTh estimate of the total wealth represented In the first class class passenger list would reach over a half billion dollars. The wealthiest of the list was Colonel Colonel John Jacob Astor, head of the famous house whose name be bears, who Is reputed to be worth $160,000, 000. 000. Mr. Astor was returning; from a tour of Egypt with his bride, who was Miss Madeline Force, to whom he was married in Providence on September 9. GREAT WHITE STAR LINER WAS CRUSHED BY ICEBERG AND SOON WENT TO BOTTOM The Titanic Crashed Info Iceberg at WAS Sunday Night and Went to Ocean Grave at 2:20 Monday Morning. SCENE OF UTTER DESOLATION GREETED THE RESCUE STEAMERS THAT ANSWERED "C Q. D." CALL When These Vessels Reached the Place Where the Accident Accident Occurred the Titanic Was Deep in Her Ocean Grave, and Only Bits of Wreckage Were to Be Seen. Nearly 700 of the Passengers, Mostly Women and Children, Had Taken to Boats and Were Picked Up. The Titanic Went to the Bottom Four Hours Before Any Vessel Reached the Place Where the Giant Ship Struck Iceberg. Probably 1,800 Lives Were tost New "York, April 15. — The - text of the message from the steamship Olympic, reporting the sinking of the - Titanic and the rescue of 675 survivors, which reached here late tonight, also expressed the opinion that 1,800 lives were lost. "The loss likely totals 1,800 souls," the dispatch said in its concluding sentence. The Olympic's dispatch follows: "Carpatbia reached Tjtanic position at daybreak. Found boats and wreckage only. Titanic sank about 2 - 20 a. m. in 41:16 north, 50:14 west. All her boats accounted accounted for, containing about 675 souls saved, crew and passengers included. Nearly all saved women "and children. children. Leyland liner California!! remained and searching searching exact position of disaster. Loss likely to total 1,800 souls." Benjamin Guggenheim, probably next in financial Importance, Is the fifth of the seven sons of Meyer Guggenheim, who founded the American Smelting and Refining Company, the great ing corporation, and Is a director of many corporations. Including tan New York, April 15.— More than 1,500 persons, it is feared, sank to death early Monday morning, when, within less than foor i hours after she crashed into an. - iceberg, the mammoth White Star Line steamship Titanic, bound from Liverpool to New York, on her maiden voyage, went to the bottom off the Newfoundland banks. ■ Of the approximately 2^00 persons on board the giant liner, some some of them of world - wide prominence, only 675 are known to have been saved. The White Star Line offices in New York, while keeping up hope to the last, were free to admit that there had been "horrible loss of life." " DISASTER IS SAID TO BE GREATEST

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