Small-town news around the county. 1939 Ohio.

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Small-town news around the county. 1939 Ohio. - COUNTY NEWS BALTIC A daughter was born to Mr....
COUNTY NEWS BALTIC A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Stein, Mansfield, at the Charles Ott home here. The boon named Beverly baby has Anne. Miss Mary Jane Lint of Fiat is seriously ill brother, Mr. Lint. at the home of her and Mrs. William nome . removed to his home from a Mt. Vernon hospital, where he has been confined Ihe past 14 weeks. He is reported to be doing nicely. Bruce Welker is able to be out after an attack of pleurisy which caused him to be bedfast for the past two weeks. Mrb. Curtis Buker is suffwing from scintic rheumatism at her Miss Ola Miskimen, Zanesville, Mrs. H. H. Zinkon is attending sppnt Sunday with her mother, the Evangelical and Reformed , M l S i g ara Venscl. merger convention at Cleveland J Mn and Mrs _ Fioyd JQ^ and this week. | George Ruts visited Mr. and Mrs. Otho Simmons Monday evening. Miss Ruth Culver, Duncan Fallb, Mr. and Mrs. Atlee Schumaker ·were in Canton on business Tuesday Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. W. A. Leuiz, who suffered !] y day services another heart attack recently, is Baptist church. improving. Mrs. Halph Dlckerson were recent guests of friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sees and family family and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Moblcy, West Lafayette, Mr. and Mrs. William Hart were recent guests jf Mrs. Accah Valentine and son, Howard, of this route. Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Felton spent Monday evening with Mrs. Uriah Foster. Lcroy Ogle of Baltimore, Ohio, spent a larm. at the Henry Grace H M I L T O N VALLEY _ _ ,,-_,_-,--.-.-. ________ ·"· The W. F. M. S. and Ladies' Aid of Branch Methodist church met Mrs. A. P. Hahn, assisted by former teacher here^attendcd^Ral- 1 Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. ' u ~ John Sproule. A covered dish dinner was served to Mr. and Mrs. Arden McCoy, Mrs. Mary L. Sunday at the Nathan Brannon, Columbus, is , ,, . , . . visiting at the home of Mr. and , 1Iaincs Mrs- L!zzie M eek, Mrs. Mrs. Fred Maurer ana ,vars. ooiin Mrs . G ern Simmons. I L C W ) S Glbson) M rs. Carl McCoy, Thomas, entertained the members j Mr. and Mrs. Will Sprague have | Mr . Ral h Foster Mrs . Russell of the Willing Workers Bible class rccC K e 3 word that tbeir friends ' - V Mrs _ Kennet h Meek, Mrs. H. , i t_ __-- -- TS i/s ~i-J*ii:7 a^risTl ml? n *·,, s T\/T__ T*--. . ..» ,,« T7 1 -- /-,.-»·, «»^4 * * * * . . . _ _ her home Tuesday evening. About 30 attended, including several guests. During the social hour, Mrs. Clarence Troyer, teacher teacher of the class, won the claps cook book which was composed of a recipe from each member. Miss Florence Frank furnished accordion accordion music. Miss Dorothy Hahn left Thursday Thursday for Coshocton, where she will be employed. Among visitors at the Alpeter home Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. William Sprenkle, Miss Glenda Sprenkle and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Sprenkle, all of Coshocton. Mrs. Carrie Huffman is visiting relatives in Massillon this week. Clarence Stein is slowly improving improving after a recent operation for appendictis. Mrs. P.- S. Friend entertained the Methodist Ladies' Aid with a quilting party at her home Wednesday Wednesday evening. Those attending the funeral of Mrs. Elenora Ingham, held at Coshocton Coshocton Saturday afternoon, were Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Gerber, Mr. and Mrs. George I. Schumaker, Mrs. J. M. Rinehart and Mr. and Mrs. H, H. Zinkon and W. A Lentz. The Community Ladies' Bible class will meet Wednesday even- Ing, Nov. 9, in the schoolhouse. Members of the Evangelical and Reformed church will entertain, f COSHOCTON RT. i \ Mr. and Mrs. Gray Mr. an d Mrs. J. E. Parker and ·on, Dale, spent Saturday evening evening with Miller. Kenneth Garver spent an evening evening recently with Mr. and Mrs. E. R. McConnell. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Sowers *nd son, Raymond, of Warsaw spent Sunday afternoon with Mr, and Mrs. W. H. Finckel. Mrs. Noah Perkins and daugh- spent Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. ter, Marilyn, afternoon with John Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Gray Miller spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. L. A, Norman of Keene. Kenneth Garver spent Sunday afternoon at Trinway. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Higgs and son spent Sunday with Mr, and Mrs. B. B. Parks. Mrs. Fanny Finlay and son, Marshall, spent Wednesday after- Boon in Ccshocton. Mr. and Mr. E. R. McConnell pent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Norris of MilLfork. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Garver of Kfllbuck were Sunday evening dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Garver. Mr. and Mrs. Truman, Fremont, are leaving to spend the winter In Florida. |~ EAST FRANKLIN | Mr. and Mrs. John Stover and daughters, Mary Ann, West Lafayette, Lafayette, w e r e Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Royer. Miss Cleo Royer, Royer, Columbus, spent the week-end at the Royer home. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Sandel, Wapakoneta, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. Q. Sandel. Sandel. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knicely and son, Richard, called on Mr. and Wrs. E. C. Jordan, Adamsville, iunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Welling, Coshocton, Coshocton, were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Grover Bookless Sunday evening. Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Quill were Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Sandel and daughter, Genevieve, Carrie Foster Foster and Opal Holskey. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Miskimen, Newcomerstown, were guests of Mr, and Mrs. Cornelius Wilson Sunday. Miss Sylvia Hosier spent Wednesday Wednesday night with Miss Zelma Lapp. Mrs. Martha Lapp was a Sunday dinner guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Archie Lapp. Mrs. Jessie Foster, Coshocton, spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. James Foster. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Doughty and children visited Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stockum, New Concord, Sunday. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Daye Nyhart were Sunday evening callers at the Werts - Alexander home. Mrs. Werts, who has been ill, is not much improved. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Lyons were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Mossholder, Trinway. Sherman Beck, Newark, spent Sunday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Robinson. | CANAL LEWISVILLE | Mr. and Mrs, Raymond Geib and daughter, Suzanne, were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Caine of Ashland. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Huff and sons.Foresl and Donis, of Wakatomika Wakatomika were Sunday guests of Mrs. Huff's parent-;, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Walker. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. McAllister called on Mr. and Mrs. B. O. Stingle Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ward Dickev vis- I. Miller, Mrs. Ora McCoy, Mrs. Russell Miller, Mrs. John Brady, Mrs Lloyd Whitaker, Mrs. Foster Wright, Mrs. Gary Dickcrson, Mrs. Glen Meek, Mrs. John Crider, Mrs. Ward Gidce, Rev. O. L. Ashburn, Ruth McCoy, Marilyn Meek, Clay McCoy, Donis Dickerson and Gray Foster. The next meeting will be held Nov. 29 at the home of Mrs. Russell Miller. Mrs. Everett Wright of New Moscow will lead the devotionaJs. Mr. and Mrs. Harry White of Cleveland were recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Abbott. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Veigel and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Veigel spent Friday evening with James and Sylvia Dickey. Mrs. Mary L. Haines spent last OTSEGO The Otsepo Methodist Epworth Boaz, Palaska, Tenn.. Mrs. Boaz is the former Miss Ruth Harbold, a Kranddaughter of Mrs, Elma Harbold. She has visited here a number of times. Mrs. Maggie Stone spent a day recently at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Willl»m Shryock. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd McKee spent Friday evening with Mr. Mrs. C. A. Harbold. A son born Monday to Mr. Mrs. Oscar Hislope has been named named Ilollm Gene. Mrs. Ann Loos of near Isleta, who is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Oral Carnes, is seriously ill. Mrs. Clarence Peters and daughter, daughter, Jean, of Plainfleld, Mrs. Wil- iKim Peters and Mrs. Charlie Peters of Marlatts Run called on Mr. and Mrs. Chancy Osborn Sunday. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Roahrig and family spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Oral Carnes. Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Ruby tf Plainfleld spent several days at the home of A. J. Ruby. Mrs. Francis Van Alstyne of Coshocton has returned home after an extended visit at the home of her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrp. C. A. Harbold. f LAYLAND | Mr. and Mrs. Earl Darr visited relatives m Columbus and Kentucky Kentucky over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bucklew Bucklew and Lee Bucklcw spent Sunday Sunday with Mrs. Rilla Bucklew and daughter, Gladys. Mrs. Edna Phillips and daughter, daughter, Flosbie, of KiUbuck spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Teclmg. Mrs. E. F. Meyer is spending few days with Mr. and Mrs. Art Small at Canton. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mullet of Akron and Mrs. Jane Layland of Kansas spent Saturday night with Chamberlin and of n and Donald Mrs. Thresa week with her son-in-law and accompanied daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Mcloy. Mcloy. Mrs. John Brady received word Wednesday of the serious illness of her brother, Mr. Kelchner, of Pennsylvania. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Meek and family spent Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Slaughter. Mr. and Mrs. Foster Wright, Mr. and Mrs. John Crider and James Miller spent Saturday evening evening with Mr. and Mrs. Russell Miller. Rodhe. The latter them Sunday and were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Perry Ganurtafeldcr. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Gilmore and Miss Helen Krownapple of Cooperdale and Miss Margaret Krownapple of Spring Mountain were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Chanay. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Reed and family were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Schopfer. Schopfer. Mr. and Mrs. Charley Randies and family of Akron are spend- week with Mrs. Sarah Miss lola Brillhart spent several of last week with Mr. and ing a I Randies. I Mr. and" Mrs, Forrest Taylor days Mrs. Klines Brillhart. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ogle and family family spent Wednesday evening with | and family jpent friends here. Mrs. Russell Fry returned to her home Sunday evening after spending spending several days last week at the home of her mother, Mrs. Ora McCoy. Miss Madeline Miller spent several several days last week with Mr. and Mrs. Burvil McCullough. BARNES Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Adams entertained entertained the young married couples couples of Keene Methodist church Wednesday evening. A light lunch was served. Miss Laura Ling of West La- Mr, and Mrs. A, K. Taylor at Killbuck. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Williamson Williamson of Coshocton spent Sunday evening with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ames. Mrs. L. M. Steele and daughters spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Victor Scheibe. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Lowe and children spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Charley McKelvey, Killbuck Killbuck route. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Taylor of Fredricktown spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George Hawkins. Harold Dean Gray of Millersburg Millersburg spent Sunday with his fayette is visiting Mrs. Amanda | grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Boyd. Crcskey. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hamilton, Mrs. Angie Hamilton, Mrs. Fred Adams and Gerald Hamilton visited visited in Cleveland Sunday with Mrs. Sally Bell and Miss Macra Palm. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Miller and j E u en Croskey. daughter, Joan, were guests o f ' Mrs. Miller of Baltic Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Dudgeon and daughter-; of Coshocion spent Sunday at the Boyd home. Afternoon Afternoon callers w»jre Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lowe and son of Blissfield spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Lowe. Beverly Jackson of Killbuck spent the week-end with Mary Ernest fiovd and son. Mr. and Mrs. I ;., Mr. and Mrs. Lon Ames and Mr. and Mrs. O. Farner of Akron Akron accompanied by Mr. anc Mrs. W. H. Ames spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Al Welling at New Bedford. of ieed Sunday with Mr. and" Mrs. i Harry McKissick and children, j Charles Clark of near New Phils- ' Mr. and Mrs. Earl Williams and j «- BAKERSVILLE delphia. son of Coyhocton. Mrs. Georcia Norris spent Sat-! Frederick Ebcrwinc League met at the parsonage lastiurday night with her mother, 1 fractured shoulder in Saturday evening. A team of men Mrs. Minnie Eckert ccntly. Mr. and Mrs. David McCabc' Mr. and Mrs. Merle Baker spent led b5 Wilbur Wells defeated a Fred Moore and daughter, Dar- suffered a j !ene, and Mi?s Betty Huff, all a fall re-| of Newcomerstown, called on Hrnry Ott Saturday. Dariene, who is recovering from injuries

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  • Small-town news around the county. 1939 Ohio.

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