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1874-07-26 christie article referred to in Koch's possession - in Yeast pure; is full Union part of Post-...
in Yeast pure; is full Union part of Post- Post- vicinity, tick (with than prizes invested invested in drawing 27, to 7 Respectfully, College in in the and year. jyl9 closing for cost. Public the is can good of all No. 7 house and to for with heated this assures make future do is at circulars printed Rooms. 18 Walker ready semi-stiff semi-stiff and for following today, Rev. a. Frank an3 sntnthsaly 4thp SPANGLED MATKIMONY, How Young Jenkins was Married to a Dnnseuse and Cut Off with a Shilliug. A Sympathetic View In Behalf of the Qgecn of the Variety Boards. The "Washington Gazette gives a detailed, glowing and somewhat of a Gtage-etrnck Gtage-etrnck Gtage-etrnck sketch of Miss Frankie Christie. This Queen of close-fitting close-fitting close-fitting apparel, an anburn-haired anburn-haired anburn-haired premiere danseuse., whose laughing face has kept its freshness for twenty-sii twenty-sii twenty-sii years, and whose children number three, was married recently, in the National capital, to a son of Admiral Jenkins, scarce sixteen summers. Says the Gazette: "We now come to the most important passage in her life one that has thrown a family highly distinguished for notable, patriotic, and splendid services to the Government, Government, proud, aristocratic, and honored in the highest social and official circles, into the profoundest grief; and a passage too, on the other hand, which has renewed her baptism in tears aud sorrow, covered her with confusion, and demanded sacrifices which have been heroically made with a womanly sense cf right. If the friends of the bravo old Admiral's family extend sympathy sympathy and condolence just as they would if young Presley Jenkins were actaally dead, it is but fair to hear the other side, for humanity humanity has its voice from the foot-lights foot-lights foot-lights of the variety stage as well as from the palaces of the rich. Like all similar establishments the Theater Comique has its regular wine-room, wine-room, wine-room, where the Josies, the Gertrades, the Lous, the Emmas, the Blanches, and the Antoinettes, Antoinettes, they of the spangled shoes, short skirts, and flesh-colored flesh-colored flesh-colored tights, receive the high-born high-born high-born bloods of the town and quaff with them the sparkling vintage of la belle France and Italy's sunny slopes. Young Jenkins, with friends of his own set, was a frequent visitor, and there he met Frankie Christie for the first time. It should also be stated that she up to this time knew absolutely absolutely nothing of his real position in life, nor the status of his family. The announcement of the marriage was a sudden and terrific shook to the young man's family. A whole broadside of the heaviest guns in the service could not have battered the heart of the Admiral so much. It was a blow at their pride, honor and happiness they could not stand. The community community was shocked. A mesalliance, dreadful dreadful jn its character, had been made, and all West-End West-End West-End was ablaze with excitement. The usual result in such cases followed. The inevitable law asserted itself, and the petted boy of yesterday was driveo from his father's hearth and home, hunted from tho small Government office he held, banished from the hearts of his sisters, and sent an outcast into a world he had never had a battle with, to take care of himself the best he could. While all this was being done Miss Frankie Christie became the talk of the town and the cynosure of all eye?. Thousands Thousands of people flocked to the theater to see the new heroine, and whenever she appeared appeared on the streets men stared and crowds followed. It was too much more, a good deal, than she bargained for and, womanlike, under a full realization of all her surroundings, she broke down, yielded herself to despair, and has not known a single moment of rest or peace. She has J. paced ner room nignts m intense agony or mind, and her eyes have been swollen and red from constant crying. The applause of her audiences has been to her more like the music of tolling bells, and rather than appear before them at all she has felt death and the grave preferable. She finally determined to separate from young Jenkins until, at least, he reaches his majority: that she would go her way, make her living as she had done, and that he would only know of her whereabouts through the columns of the Clipper. She further promised him that she would not make opposition to his obtaining a divorce, nor place any obstacle in the way of his complete reconciliation with his family; that while she was not recognized by his family, it would be her honest endeavor to bring no reproach or scandal upon it, and. that in all things she should conduct herself as a lady, and never make use of her married name professionally. It is hardly too heartless to suggest that the crafty Christie thought that she was marrying the son of a very wealthy old man, and not a disinherited lad whose palms are as soft as his heart.- heart.- Red Men. The Great ' Councill of Red Men will Dry THE A Call filling no22 S. 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  1. The Tennessean,
  2. 26 Jul 1874, Sun,
  3. Page 4

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  • 1874-07-26 christie article referred to in Koch's possession

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