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 - rCitttts-tm0trS: gasbag, Stpttmhtr 151891,' IE...
rCitttts-tm0trS: gasbag, Stpttmhtr 151891,' IE FOURTEENTH. f ) Corner - Stone- of the Proposed Honumant. ' Lai. . 31iat To Be liaised on j the riace of . ' . Baftlc. idreds of the' Sarmor: j Me Part in the I . .Exercises.' aort . Furmlvl " by Ixcal 1 Military Companies. i a R. H. Marr Presides Over the Meeting. -. fe. ,F. Jonas Deliver OratiouV ' the ijers ly Br. Palmer aui. Yicar General Bogaerts. Companies Wliich Bp- O ponded to tlie Call Am Arpi. B. T."i01fA8.- - Seventeen yosrs afr the citizens of New OrWan. had e gallantly fought and lilad for the riifhti nf luMaiKart tlie ihn-I'J of New Oneans tunic 1 cut in fore to lay tbe oorijer suuo of a muuum.nt to Ue fajlen' bTnes of iliat luoioi-able Htli of Bptm1er, 1S74. Like tlmt of the glori-ou day -mmtiuorUd. tiie Dioruicg of yesterday broke bright and ctear, though scattering, curjing of clouds, load colored, sflvernd French Vray. were drifting laxily about id a flood of brilliant unshine, (the sky tn whk-h they floated, wore the blue oi iiiWuuiiuer. it was a inemoratfd were the ploriims work of typi-Southern men. Xht-y ixire with fraud. .usurpation and tyranny till they beauuo absolutely c nondurable, and thi'l the ulti- briate lunlt ot their torU-araiiee having hieien r"s'd' tbT l'ut 'ljt'lr hands to the fcvork of nf'tnuinjf thfse almses, deter- Ciin"d to aoLvniiiUiih H'or perih lu, the niggle. The cause of lilery and justice triumphed er -Raad and force, and it was buuij; fl at ywu-rday tha freed and re-enfran-d.ined citizeua of New Urie&na should com-acuce he erecttop of a uionmnent to the roes who.fidl bravely tifhting for thai "HI anA cjujik't' uieaoura oi fieedoiu :ilch,roni Die Li;!i !it to the luwet, Uiey K W eiijuy. And limng it was that ttiits lli-iit testator to tli. pap.autry of the men doelLiu tbe -aus of liberty during that bat bloody .coiiHict should pruudly, nt mjli'iuuly and uilv, look down uou uvu-ne of their triumph. The. utirvirfiis of tha lorioua atrusrgle '! aatwuibled at Washington Artillery il.ill aud nian-hed out - to the oM bat lie .rround yeMtTiiity had rhaiigel nun li during lae of wveutwn years. Mea who tu-n full of boyish ardor are now rDT, outfcl. dignified and cool-lieadeil. a LcHiFor Uard baa been adwred hlce then, lwit jhe grasping of the hands of old comrade in aims nud-the vivid re-uakt niii- of im-iiio' itn that had grown iiomsy or -lnuiler-d- swrned to anxise :- n.oie.a.l- tlieir youthful fire, and for k few h-nr& ift fc-afl turn back the wheel jf time for 'V-iittu lug y-ar. i The arraugt'iuvr.ta for tne ci'lebratKn tire admiral' and compile. The great li mory and tlriil hall f Mm ' Washington 4:tilkry wa. giilr iratel with flag. "ir-rntuiga ioit pk-aftig ami i-iritini: picture. Trie parade' was a hTindsonie and iiupres-Cve one while tlie pi't'ire prwntetl hv f - great tlirfng around tlie t.ite of the IT inuuieul is not one to bo eauily v o. . iy3 o'clock St. .Cliaiiec tn-et In the vi-S .ity.of .WaKhinrtoii Anillcry Hiill wa j iwiiwl it !i .gray haired nu n In cHitz.'n' atrre. Hearing iou tue iappem or tiie'r the whit- J'a4g"- of Tt-terana ef ti e iefccent i'ity yti!T I.eagne. A 4 o'clock ll w noar.'tli ditfrent companies of the i uisiatia State .National (Jnard Liegan to sake their appearance, aud by 4:15 all . miuiary aixl Ml toe reterain Were ir.iwn up on St. Charles ir'et. . The line jm foniiM with t'ie rarKias n!itary in B'' Tollolnlr w The Suit hern Athletic" rhib Battalion Tt'ith Ita'lalijtu of ttfe L. s. N. J.. under 9iunianl of apt. Kliiier. K. W.xkI; Liit. ;rge lVnrose aiting adjutant. Company l was under vunnand of I.ieut. A. i. anb-: ""tnninr R. commsrMe.i hr t'ipt. A. Marshall, and rniauy ' bv tiapr. ?. Ie Kitoy. FoUeo4ng" the "F.Minli came tlie Third Ikiuaiioh. L. w N. tJ.. nin;auded by lajor ;o. T. nd. wwh Comtiany O nnder command f i apt. l.. t. ItoH.' lemntt. and Conipa j E. niuiiT at. W. S, McKlMS'. Com any a. i.'UM'iia i; canie nezt. tin er comma no i ju,r lavi,l. and waa a lowed by. Bat;er B. - UniW-iaua Field Wtillery. under wmmand of Cant W. L liUH'nm. Coiupany B. Continental fc-.ards. L. S. N.- ti.. uieier command of A. t- tat hi. was followed by the irv iny A. Continental Guards. 0 d-i V. VM -ft Ca'pt. C!uirlt M. rown. X lime the Ituttalion WasV atoTi Ar"V f nn'lor comma ml of Lieu,. I. J. is. iws"H. an.l consiJ"ine of mpany a. "pr t.. M. Lmlerhlil; Com ny i.'i j. j. ooper; ana oanpany J. apr. -uarry m. iKiHosvin. IMS com j.-ted the mi'.iiary es.orL . Following -f-aroe 'e reterans of tV l.urfntii rf Sptml-r . urugxli the erviTjng nieiiii-ert. ot the Cre-ut City I' bite Lvt.Tie Wng tiniler oommand ot Jhpt. P. M. Kiritr1. k. acting ia the ab- i' of Mint t. linear. IT different canpajiiea of tht CrewcRt r- I asters of th IT" : -'-V k?'S City Will Leatrue wep officered a ft- lowi: Oommny G. Ooinaijy E, Ltent. Wm. Fasan. Company C, Lieut E. J. O Brien. Onuimuy I, L. R. a Neileclc. Ounpany B, Or. O. H. i Onifanv A, Dei it. J. K. Halfonr Copipeny K, Opt F.dward Flood. C iupa-uy D, Lieut M. A. Ai em. Vruiuy F, Thomas Molntym The r-t of the veterans of the lttvh of t-nbr ccaue. aX&jr in tiie following or, or: Fntecfor White Tvrr (KaKery c. I F. A), Oapt. John Glynn, Jr. R'Wtvrv A v:eiuaA' BaWery), Capt- U. Imdley Coleman. FT Lmbrkina Infantry. Opt. EucMd J'rfviarvJ, Con pan y A; Con pany B, CPt tramc Company Utxu. Sol k. acting for Mar L. L. Lincoln; UominLuy t., l.l -lit, tuiuK L. luchiixuison; OOiiiiwny F. Lieut. Ftvxi Erie FX h Ward White 1 tigu-Col. Gtidfave La Gajieur, Jr., adiiitan:, tViJ. CtUS IVuumnv A, Otopju P. L. Bouny; Otimj! C. Cant. 1. J Iretnaux; tJoui- ta-.j L. Catit. T. Bui-in. lnth Wajd W hi e Letijue. Capt. P. O. Tiieiln ; K4even.h Ward VS'liHe Leugiw. Guj. i M. 'And ess: S.x h DiTiot White IMns, u. K. Shroi!liire; Sixta vrtx i.ea-ue, cafit. C. rl. At en bxtii i.d wliiie i-agne, Jitt. rtr-e W. Lrwure; Sereiitli Ward Wliitu I--gn.', Oai4 O. M. Tinn;son; W;riltliigtoii "!ifte t.l'. A. K J'tni U; Sr. Joha vv!ie l-WJe. WjC Umt VdtUirr toud Ward WTii:e LtatHs, Lieut. J. A. wuir. 1 ;ie line faavL'ir been ftwmed aa above too jw-ude, luored out tit. Ciiaifhis b Jul to tamp, whenoe it prooeadeii to tlie toety n-iuiae tiy cui arwe. Ai the hewt of the rwmde rode Oen. W. J. Behau, gmni ma'TKtiaJ of the verTM, aoo ui pani'i ty Matjor L. L. Linoolii, VA. A, V. Mor.ihy and Col. J. J. Fill, nieniliers of toe fourteenth of Seitetu4r Ooiumit te, and Teteraos of tlie a niggle, hume-dfciteJy behind tlie rweran malial role (ten. Adolnh Meyer and his staff. Among the veterans were nwlios of tllie flags aod bnnners borne tjriimpliantJe along as reiuiujea-s of the stirring rim of vrar. Aa the Tfiterajig and tiieir mllitarr cora wichnd the tnotiument the inilirary fomed on three :.le of the orntont' fila. fn:i. ami the veteiraua mairched tontdc of them and fomml around thie CAtue. As th veteiuns walked around of tie luLilttu-y there was a great WAvng of hantlXeirchiefa from all he windo- arotuul. which were filbJd with Isdl. Tc FonrtU Hacalktn. LoukAua State Na Lkioai Ciiari. rreseirtod a vnv-v gay arri itxfix forecTiHiiil to the H'nie, kok.ig fnan the orators' stand, Thctr hhr and wliite uiLfjrms an 1 tall whft shako To .h rirht. unit 4ef!t of the monument were the blue and red uniform of the (Aher command., while outside ot ail was a car spectacle of ladies and men and d:?":lren. From the plaiform w:wed th o4l li.mnr.s if the Creseeut OTv Whi'' Ixtg-ie. On the risrnt stood the color gn.-ird of be C. C. W. L., ennsinting i.f Meswv. ClKirles Kaufleit. John Minn.x-k and Jas. Minuock. The wliich they held w.hs tine one whliii was wsed by the league after uie hsht lu nant'lea during the onr rinr ehn-'iim scenes of those times. Tf the left of the wators' suind Color Bearer Piufanl Lewis, beaming rtie flag prented tn Oouunanv (i at id entertain ttieirt riven (UxHit a vear after the tight. The hanner t the onlv one presented any company of nie u-te Lesne. Pnhtlly 10.t wopie auminndel the sture, while neighbor-in if windows. sheiLs aild even, lamp jKwts were oecujuied by lookers -ou. At the rear of the mound upon which rlie inomiment will lie eni-tiM was a plat-ft-m rentrved f' the s;"flti'rs. ladies ot the nnxntmeiital associaiioA, and irorm- L"ii the plaf.rm were seatea TTon. K. IT. Marr. chairman: .Kr. B. M. Pshner. icar t-neml Bosnwrts. Hon. B. F. Jonas. orator of t he aay, ana the following hyiies and genllemeji: T. L. Hemdon. S. B. Nevraaa. Slarshall J. Smith, Thonia Sooft Adams. Gen. John Glynn. Jr.. Judge F. A. Monroe, Oat. J. B. Wood. Hm. A. ltrhtbi. George lihote. Hon. W. H. Jack. Farther John Kieter. Ht. Ixaiis Ci.hral: i tUarles Vaiinel, (Jen. W. J. Behan. Mair li. L. Lincoln. Wm. H. CJ'affe. Cant. Fn- clid Borlaud. Oil. J. I. Hill. Geo. Adolnh Merer, Cant. Hanseilmau, Senator Lloyd I'oxey and on hern. Iidiee Gen. Fred. N. Ogden. Mrs. Gen. John tilvjiii. Mra. Gen. W. J. Bhan. M'fs Mollie Vaudrv. Mrs P. M. Kil-a-tTK k. Mrx. B F. Jonas. Mrs. R. A. W l WnsoD. Mrs. F- T,. Kichflnlson, Mrs. L. P. .-e, Mrs. William Muller. Mrs. lmw Adam, Mrs. L. D. Nioholia, Mrs. Alfred Homan and ofhers. The ladiee of t'ie Fomteenth or Septem ber Monument Auxiliary Committee are: Mqb. F. N. Oolen. G. A. Williams. John Glynu, Jr., A. B. Griswold. J. L. lucliardson.- Atwl Vi lett J. V. Moore, Iteese. W. K. linger. Gen. F. T. N!ch(ril. Wilkinson, W. J. IVIian, A. E. M,rphv. L. A. Adam, W. A. 8. J. H. S. Sel l. k. Or. II. I. Bruui, A. Mit-l;ell. A. A. Woods. Satn FVwer, Georce lunbar. J. O. Nixon. Jr.. K. S. Pay. 1. A. Vanglit, I. M. Kiliwtrick, Alfred Kotnan. S. A. Tmfant, F. G. Freret. Or. Saw Ix-gtn. James Buckner. J. D. Brans. Mi loiirauo. Kate McCaH, ifciry LUivvlu. Moiae Vaudry, Pkiokard. ilDOK B B. MAPI Yi.lle mnetlncr Ki order iA 4:.50 o'clock. aild spoke as follow: At ti-e reiiuext or the rourtecntn ot Si-ptemher monument cominrttee 1 now cali tilts nieefting to order. The committee also requests me to state Uie objects of the nnsting. in a lew words it is to assist in the laying of the corner stone of a monument ovuuaiemont- tive of the Fourteenth of ISeiitember, 111; and of the men wDo on that aay sacrificed tueir lives hi DaHUing tor rxrlrts held s;cred by thein and llieh fellow-ejtitenj ttw ngnt o Keep and bear arms, aa 1 tlie riuot to 1 ruled and govsrued jy I'lLlTIS OA UM'll U, fieilOtt. The fourteenth, of September aid Ms incidents have passed inte fcistory, an 1 the heroes of t3iat dy nave been rt-tain-'d in graterul rwueiatirauce by tje people of lyouisnuia. At ea h recn renc ,t tlis aaniversary loving bsnds hare the'r honored graves, and it is to toe efforts m isuies ih. .ew vFiri'aiis i:iu :u debtel ftir -h monument, the wmer-stonc ox wtauji a to m icia to-jay. stopped ferwiu-d and delivered the on ug rayer. aa fi'Hlows; Almighty God. we adora The aa tbe King, eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise Gid. to whom beiong g kiry and honor, forever and ever. Thou hast prepared Thy throne ta the . heavens, and Tby kingdom ruleth rer B. By Thee f " LstSj T A T kings reign and princea decroe Justice. 1 bou does according to Thy will in the army of lieuvea and among the iub&bi-tauta of earth. None can but Thy hand or say unto Thee, "What duest Thou?" un this diiy of sad, yet, Joyful, memoriae we how in grab-firt recogivtioii of Thy soveieign majy in days of trial and dark nes. Thou dost set a bound tn Iranian wirkedL-esM aud saf , "Here shall thy proud ways le stayed." When the "foundations are destroyed" and ".Meu's beans fail from fear," thon (t able to work for tbein a great de-livei-iMiee. bringing their feet out of stocks and setting them in a large and wealthy place. We recoiize that watchful Providence which has been over na since our birth as a pooJ . - From rhe earlier period at our public ldstjry, thou, ha it broken the rod of the opireNaor aud freed tine hmd, from civil bondage. The gemeradona be fre ns hav sung thy praise, and Uioa hast "thrown the hcrse, and his rider Into tllo aea." And tbia chant we are called to renew to-dv. In that tbon dt'i'st deliver na from the bands of those Who were c gainst tis. and in causing ris to dwell la a land of plenty and .peace. We Invoke thy continued blessing upon oar common country, in aH lta lnt-twa. Industrial, socatf. cirU and religions, upon all the Stu of the I'uiou. that UiSf may aWle together in charity and peace; upon the chief magistrate of the confederated reputl:c. and rnmi all who hare with them the responsrVuflitien of office; trpon our iwv-tiisnal mikI dome; ic legislauiieu, that Uiev car Uranlv tie imbul w'th a spirit of ccurael and wisdom. Especially do we iT-ny fa behalf of this Oonimouwt'a.Uh in which our lot is cast, that its liberties may be preserved to the eud of time; that iut citizens may shrink from uo aitcrilice lu their devotion to public good; that our buid may rejoice In abundant harvest, and tiiat no f vm of evil may throw its blisht nion our homes. May "jnaice le wltiiiu our walls and prua-erlty within our palaces." May tiio "righteouues which exaitith a nation," ever be to us for annanieut and defense; and our peio le that happy iieople wbcw Goil is the I-ord. And now unto The;, who art ' Kiug of Kings and Ixtrd of Lords." do we. on this days of hallowed memories. a'rtb glory and honor and jKiwer tuid might and dominion, for ewsr and ever. The-Caiueutal Guards' band played "Nearer, Tiy God, to Thee." after which Ova. John Glyun. Jr., laid the corner stone. Tbe second stone which covers the liase stone was raised and a vpir box. eight hichea 4iuare and three inches deep, was placed in the cavity, whieh ia minted lu me southeast corner or tne stone, and which waa eeafc-d up by Gen. Glynn. The contents of the corner stone recep tacle (coi'ier box! were: 1. tailed States coins, coinage of 1!U. 2. City papers. moruing nnd evening, editions of Sept. 14. 11. 3. Copy of the "Laurel Wreath," pniiliahel Sept. 14. 1S77. -ouUining the onler of ceremonies and route of the- pro cession on the first cotnmem-iratlve anni versary: the proclamation of Lient. Jov. I'enn. dated Sept. 14. Ih74; his general order No. 1. apiiintiug Gen. Frederick N. Ogden provisional General of the lA)uisi- aaa Nate Militia, and ren. tivrdens oin- cial retKirt of tlie operations of the 14th of SeptemlxT. 1874. 4. A map of the BatUe of New Orleans fr Freed-m. ept. 14. 1S74." oanpiled by T. S. Har dee. C. E.. chowing the s-ene of action and positions of the contending forces, etc. 5. Fulli whh'h Inflated tbe death wound of Charles Brulard. extracted from his liodv. After seallne tip the cavltr with a trowel and testing it with a sqnare. n. Glyun addressed Chairman Marr, saving: 'Mr. Chairman. I have the honor to re port that tbe corner stone of the monument has been laid, tested and found correct." The baad played ' Nearer. My God. to Thee." Judge Marr neyt Introduced to the au dience F- EESJAHl.' F JOSAS, orator of the day, who spoke, as follows: .vir, fresj-ieut. Laaitw and Geut.cmen aud M.embers of the Fourteenth of Sen- teutber Monument Association We are ss sembled here to-d.iy on a most intemwinr and iajtr;ot,vc oi-casion, and in the perfor- tuance of a holy duty abut of ktviiif the coroemtone for the erection of a monument to the memory of trrave men who gnve their liven to the cause of their peo-l4e. This city Is to some extent a citv of monuments, and the graceful ooniineuiora-tive auafts and statues are seeu ia ail of our public l;ac-s. Near the banks of this majestic river, on a line where we are BUnding, Andrew Jackson, the hero of the battle or New Orleans, is always present fa bronze to the descendants of tliose a-hose homes he so giliamJv and suix-essfnUy defended aaaiast tke fs-ekers "for booty" and for btttiiiy. In front of us. in the centre of this oor greX aveime, suimls the bronre present-meltt of Kcury Chvy, a great aud patriHic Aonesiiian ptatcmati, in nis dav the political rival of Andrew Jackson, "with whom he divided the affection of the American people. In Lafayette Square staiuTS In placid marble the ststue of the ?reat e-atesman and philoptier of the Kevohirioti Bnja-uiia Fraaklin. who brw drew from the cknids tha potent aent wliich is bow enlightening the worUL Farther up on Lee Circle stands the beautiful monument erected to the memory of Roibert K. Lee. the Deerleni ',.f..,c era,te ctrnmander, and which ia suruiouut- in jnw cwnet"es are the afatnes of IUU"'' -juej jminnoo iVKl other monn- nieuta ooionH-ruorarlve of the vmfederte "" ou bi niHtonc nwd of 01ml-motte-tirtt oclv tlie monument cranmeini Na tive of that great Vvt-wy. but a monument tcMuutwuus in menxirv of the gallant dead, who fcfl in tlie eivil war AH of rbese moounierus were de. beared w-niiui. un-uoiy ox many or ua. with grea and inposing civil mjid niilitarr ceremonies. They wera erected ia memory v. r-- - uj,, r-iianniers, or i.T 'L greater ami mora iinrifw t-en.. ui or wiun are reeordei m tne raocrauuiea and M.t,iria i. of tiU Country, but of tie workL an4 v'Si ' Fi?:.;ry& evil-. - rsTQ THE CORNEETOITB. wtiich are taught to our children in their schools. I waa present at the great ceremonies wlisih attended the Inauguration of nearly all of tWxwe monumenis. aud witnessed Hie iiuiutom outpouring of our peole, aud listened with gretK interest to the eloquent omtiona dlivere-l by Sigur. and Wm. H. liimt, and Fenner. and tlilison. and H. N. trgden. in eubury of the heroes and eraiiea-jut-ii in Mnise Ikwiot these monuments wwe ere.1eil. and whose lives aud deeda are wrirten in tne brightest pagea of their cooutrv'a biry. But, tonkiv I see as vast an assemblage of the beaikv. ehiva-lry and worth of oor great citv, nuliered tojtether tinder this L.r.ii vv. a on any of tbe great o - ea.ons to wliich I Imve allwled. Our military and civic o-ieties are bore with their mutric aad banners, aud a world of larave women and lve men have gsirhere! here to partk-iiiate in tihese ceremome and to inaugurate tlis mouument. and .to whom? v. ii.r no erect c hi sf tains, sratesmea or Listortc c8iamtersno htsaor here to-day. , . . ii , ili., niininir I am not tier " ---x -......- (Hlam'tA AT some great trilaine of the peotile upon the htwtimrs or in the senate, or to eulogise the matiileas qualities in -amp or fl-Id eouie treat Ti-ili'ry commander, or to pay tr!bue to ttoe iiKxunparntile aolrtlers, coin- i posing the two great armiea. now d.-ct-mated by death, who foog t the hue war , on eitUr aide with s-ich bravery, patnot-Ima an-1 devotion to tS.e cause which they eeiKiosiel. , All these thirgs. as I hnve said, are writ'en in the cUrwiklea of tlie country. But tueie U no Biwy of the events wiilch we meet t-day to c inr.ien.orate, ad no blof:i.'T of t'ie inert whom we sek to honor, except such as is cherished hi tUa me.nories"f a gratefui ptvle. Vet, tlwna io.l. tlu.t has ben all sulncient to bra-i f-rth this grent assemliige. Here are gathered the survivors of those panii-lpated in and sympatliiied with she rrVXTS OF THAT HI8TOBIC DAT and the generation which has followed Uiera, and iM-esid:ng over this meeting is the venerable and ei.-tmg"i.bed citizen, who, as the president of the Committee Of Seventv. organized tlie meeting which ordured. direete.1 and con'nlied the movement of the 14ih of HeneoiU-r, ls"4, and who has been spar"! 1Y kulu 1'iwideuee to a long life ot honor aud usefulness aud the mjovnunr o t'ie ioe, etstwiu aud oonfldence of the ps J.e to whom be has 9 long and unselfishly givn bin services. Tho events of the 14th of Si:itemljer were an almost unavoidable sequenee of the results of the state election of WX to which it is n-ceary that I should refer, lu that year the people of Louisiana, made an almost suiierhuinau ende-ivor b rid themselves of the cariietiiag and negro rulo which had been Imposed i.xm them sune ISO-, ander tiie so-culied rs-onstnic-tlu policy of tlie Itepubli.-aa rottr. and wliich had leeu maiiitaiiied by fraud, pro-tei'ted bv Federal iwer. And here I desire to say that the Issues of that day. and of the event which we now commeniorau. had no relation to the war of seeeMMiorf. nor to tlie questions forever decided in jhat mighty arbitrament. Those of us wt t-wik part in that strug- ele for the So'Hh returned to the dutu-s of civil. life, amnestied and pardoned, with our ilelsres renew-1 n. i ne connrry or mir ilrtli or allegiance, arid as faithfnlly de voted to Its Cottstrfition, laws and institn. tions as our brethren who fought on tbe winning side. Our personal richt and liberties ha1 been restored to us: the autonomy and eo,ua!ity of our States had been preserved, and we were in all manner the peers and equals of the citizens of any of the other States of the Union, and our sole desire was to build up and restore that prosperity which we had In part aided to destroy. We had no coiuplainta to make of tbe results of the war. we had no dears to shed over ruined fortunes, of the wreck of the past: all claimed waa the right to moom ana honor our aeaT ana to vmm cate the pur'ty of tho motives for which they gave np their Uvea. What followed thk reconstruction I cannot picture at lergth. We were nnder the forms of law placed under the government of Ignorance and barbarism, controlled in the interest of tEe camp followers and scavengers who were left behind when the gallant Union soldiers returned to their homes, and who stayed to fatten upon what was left to an impoverished and conquered people. Surlice it to say that the eight years of carpetbag apd nero government under which Louisiana suffered with her ebder Southern StaJ. formed such a chapter of corruption, spoliation, ignominy and disgrace- that tlie people who groaned turner would have preferred military des- rx -tism and the rule of martial law to such a very mockery of tree government. And so far aa Louisa us was concerned, all of this was Imposed upon her by Fed eral power, for the proud and uneenquer- alHe spirit of her pemde was never broken and always triumphed at the polls, onlv to have tlie froits of victory stoleo from them. As I have said they made a FIGHT FOB I.TrE OR tATH In 1872, and succeeded. They carried the State for GreeJy and elected 4omi McKnery Governor ny a majority of .stuiy. and a large majority in both houses jof the Ig-hlature. This victory was known and ac kiicwiedgca or au nonest men, and mas fully shown and vindicated by the official rettmis. But, when we were abooi to install government we -en met y aa hijunotion rrwn a lusted srai court, a mulm'it ordT irlt!iiiieil fiimi a dnwikm ItMlge, under tiie whntT of which ovr tecallv eietited Leg:sltnr waa tlenksi iwkniM.Mi- t the Mate dse: a fratabiient Lecila tire wiaa "knixMieksl." and a fraudulent Stare governnu'si.t iinangurated in plm-e of the othcers chosen by the peoji'e. This oa rage uuM not, have tieeti eunnftHnnted by tne roitt-cl sowiimreis and coii.-ina- tore bv whom was ik-vised. but k was carried no effect- imrter the direct crlers and ajp-b-irf y of- President. Giwnt, i n- m3ndr-ir.-Chief 'of the I'nireil Kiatea army, and under the pmrerting wing of the Foleral pvnwer. it will be reniojn-bred mt at a great- nieering of ixuis- laiM rtii!tia held In Uiia city to prtesit egiainM, the eotnsajrimatloa of this outrage a oxnmitte of 2 of out best rrtieius were afipofeited to proceed to Wa-thhitrtl and toy owr cause ix-firei the President, aod in order to rweveut hasty actinn. thev telee-raniied the President asking him to wihbri bfa dec!slm anrH they oonid be heard, and that high answered this appesJ tlimngh las Attorney erl that such application was useb even if made by 2XU of onr best cozens, the 1 resident: wrerld recogitiTe and maiutain the Itoohbart Ketkigg gnwerament. Onr onormltt-P visited tbe IoBident and were heard with deaf ears. Th tragedy watt oiutiummatied. The usurpation waa nniiitaiuoL And here waa presented this absnrd po-l:iiiail aoomaly. Wliil. the Republican Pre.liprit of the Uorfed RMea mainnvineil the frandnlent and taairnng gmvernaient in power die Repuirfican Uniteil Statce Senate refujjed to st the Senator eiecred by the fraudulent Letislafure coouv.wing part of aatd government, and the Iipnl-bcan Hoie of Repreitdve acntmily seated tw member of 'oft cress iced for tbe Estate ac ha-s m tie mnie ticket with John McHuery, and wlm had received and been rernml by the awic v.e. I have not tbe t;m to-day .to derafl. uar you tbe patiem'e to hear, the series of sr-ts of aiisovernfnenf and oppression wliich foJiinwert the i;UlatkB of tiii gov-emiuwit of fnutd. Tley are brifflv cji-totntr-ed to a reiort ma-le to the House of Ipreseiitatl by the maturity of a Re-pTiiln rotTTfliltitee. of- whioh George F. IfiejMwa enairmaiu itMtied to tnves-t-lLi. electiuu uf 1&74 and ka results. tm miitoTitv renort waa signed by i-.i i.v..t- cinoe Governor of Ohu, !aad now Secretary of the Treasury It. uiiii vv.iir Vhellis. WW till ami miuioter ! to Germany, and 1 presunio the high au- i. ....... .-'1-1,- tuners condition' Of at fnirs iii thd Suite of Louisiana aeeina to be aa follows: Tbe conviction has eeii gen-eni mmiir thrt wtites since lhii that the v-..iioir, ir,.vemment was a usurpation. them has been SB-en gtheued by the acta of the Kelhigg Legitiataie In abolishing exbting couna sn.i mrtirea and substituting others, pre- hi Iudirea annointeil by Kei logg, having extraonlinary and exclusive Jurisdiction over lioUtical ntiestions; by ehnninw in the laws centralizing in the (kiri-mur everv finu of political control, ii4iiliiiL' the snsaension of the ele. tions hir naiiinniusr the Returning Board with absolute power over the returns of elec tions: bv tne errraoro.ina.ry pnmiivn ni 'acted for the trial of titles t ... , . , . : . anu ciauus ro of tlie police 'ornce: oy tue 'ouciioi force, maintained at the expense or tne citv of Xew Orleans, hito an armed bri- Igaiio of State miblia. aubject to tlie com-Smand of tho Governor: by the i-reatlon iu some places ot monopolies m markets, gaa making, waterworks and ferries, cleaning vaults, removing filth, and doing work as whartuizers; by the aloilitton ot courts with elective Judges and the sulwtitntioa of other courts with Judges appointed by Kellogg la evasion of the constitution or the Suite; by enadiueuta pumshins crtmi- nully all persons who attempted to nil 1 offlclal positions unless returned by the Returning Board; toy tNLIXITED APPaOPaiATIOSB ftir the pamient of militii expenses and for the pavnieut if legislative -irrants, vouchers and checks issued during the reare lVTO to ls7-.'; by laws declaring that no persn in arrears for taxes afu-r default published shall bring any suit in any oourt of the State, or allowed to be a wifnca In, his own lieluilf measures whi-h, when coupled with the extraordinary burdens of taxation, have seemed to vest, iu the language of tiov: Kedogg'a counsel, 'a degree of power hi the Governor of a Suite scarcely exercised by any sovereign in the world.' " This ia but a mild statement of the grievan.-es endured by the people rf this eirtv and State at tlie hands of the Kellogg government and borne iti silence until "ii.-uience ceased to be a virtue." Sn srmnelv did the usurpation consider it.seif intrenched under the protection of iict servile courts, its pretorian guard, its powers of taxation, reaching llniosr- to oonibation. and the supposed armpsithy of tiie Republican party and the Federal ad-nunUtra'ioD that it abandoned all pre- tenfe bi moderation, and assumed tyraa nhsd and desiNttc powers such aa were never imposed upon or submitted to by art American people unless nnler- the yoke of marUas law and rhe dominion of a OoiKiueror. Proreedlng further in their outrages. tJie police arrest eil peaceable cifiiens ori thtjr war to uietr iromes wvru me guns wrucn ht'V bail purchased and ?ehced their arms. and ' it was announced and undoubtedly intended that the polioe would ma&e domi- ciKary vts:t-to the hwne of all citizens and seize the guns and other anas which they might have lu their possession. It was sought to Interfere with th right guaranteed to the American titiiea bv the Constitution of his conn try to "keep and bear arms." The amis ordered and Ptirennsed for or ganizations of citizens woo had formed tltemtscives tmo companies foe militia purposes, and who did not desire to rec ognize the Kellogg government by beco n-in a portion of its militia, were seized In the 'hands of the Importer and taken info the possession of the Metropolitan Police, Writs of sequestration were ob-tairc-d from the courts by the owners of these guns, but th police refusal obedience to these writs, and when tlie chief of poH and his subordinate were brought before tbe oourt anu sentend to iia- ialiment for contempt, tlie usurping Governor immediately issned his pardon to tbe offenders, who. nnder his onlors, still coutintuHl to defv tlie orders of 'the court. and to retain Mesnt ios.sessiou of the arms bekcizing to citizens. In the midst, of the excitement caused by these outrages, a steamer arrived at the landing with guns on boord. which lmd been onlered for the ase of the coni- inies of the White Leagoe. an organ! zation eomjxised of young men drilled and euiiipped for militia mmroses. and for tbe tavtootloii of the riirhts and 'liberties of the people of Uus State as guaranteed to them by the Constitution and laws of their conirTrv. Tbe Metmp.trta.n-. Police weTWKrdered tn position to PBIVXXT THB LASDIXO OF THC8X OtK9 and to seize them if landed. In the emerifeuey a great meeting of our people assembled, almost without no- tk-e or co-oienitin. in Canal street- around (Tav Statue, which waa organized by ;the distinguished citizen ao firesUx over these ceremonies to-day. and he and ot:ler gentlemen made eloquent and ap-Xropriat aildressea, explaining the object of the mei-ung. Resoluti us were adopted and a commit tee, was appoinfed to- wait mou nv. Kid long ami to demaud his resignation. This committee 'periormed its tWiy, but Were favored with no ttaiuolMte answer. Kei loeg and Eis counsellor souitht the pru-tei-uori of the Granite bulkaug. and tlie entire Metropolrtan brigade, fully armed till acconipanteii uy irfMiin guns, was massed upon tae kve in iitttie array. The companies of the White League and other citizen soldiery were speedily under arms, and were placed unler.the command of tbt brave and gallant soldier iiafnot au'l getitwuan, the bite Fred N. Ogileu who atcttotrgn net one or the maa-tv.-s of that day, was more largoly assf-iatl with its events than any other citizen and whose heroic memory will be held ia loving recollection ly a grateful people. and those who are to Pillow, as long as honor, cmvairy and parrtottsm, of w'jich tie was tne very etnonoirrtent, are recognized as virtues in this land. The companies af- the Whif League rornied nrm tne levee were fflred apon by the Metropolitan brigajle, and some niea were KLleai and wounded. In response ii ey cuargea upon taj mreung aayrmidona t l!-' of the twurplnr gnrernment, ami awerit them from th tiel.t ma thm chaff driven before the wind. 1-n a brief hoar th Nu:el Keflosr government, with tta hordo of orhcuLs, ita nolitical courts, ita Metmnolitan Orl- gadA lta vaouted power, waa swept from exigence, becama fugitiv from power aou .piaoe. ana bad nona left so twor w uo k reverence in una city or state, except those who fled tn thm nmtHtion Of the Feilend buildln iua a. Br dooo tiia next Tar iha Stan ilouso i auu ey putiho building and offiee in ivu. waa ia the ixweession of the r-eouie, and the coverument of (iie neoota. ripneenited by Liur. G v. Pecm. In th ateuoe frn tb State of ilor. MeEuerv. was received and at-kwlenlgoJ from the iii(j.lHi to the Sob: ue, tow the 3ulX cuuz. to me Ark ino line, wl h th ron ac U.U111 nu rtt.unus rf a tree l-o;l- wn wluitever the fotaie rewiHt might le. htl vmdictite.1 tludr tu.uihood aiid sJiowu to the wori.l that tie so-.a.kd government wduch had been impeded uim them laid no streiijirh with or auipo t fioui tli'i Iieojite, a;id old not be iuxtin;uiiiel with taeir courieaf. Kor two or three days ail was Joy an-1 gaiiness throug;i,.ue L.u-sisua. l.mpertd only by the universal gib-f felt for tl.e Vs of the- nulJe nrartyis n ih had die t tha their people mlgh: le fne. and hMe " foudly eiiter!tilaWl tae IviimI .! feiensl protee jim uucht be a-rt. .lra-u fPHu the government; (rf frau.1 and usutiki-rJ"a wit"S h-id a aud thus far man lined h. LoruVana, But ihk h -.pen were ueUSd t disiiB-prlinneni-. lie nulieoJ i.'rauuue it) ii.ayea sir. 2ttr,';:;g the out-wont of tt,uau- -ni,J!iv wiii.e. .. hrougU the kind. " or tne ln.i'Hs-inlecf. of r potmi- nittn p-ixss and These evideucee of rutrmbir lanri, mot witB no resionse at the White Horse, btis the apjieals of Kellogg for help, from v 11 " u,?iary. were uenrd ii'i me uievtiai) o stiioiar u-., sent, to his reuei. it needed no armv. a single e.m.v. rai with a auard w.-ut uitli.-lenr w. dreamed of bghtuig or resisuug the iwer Of the federal sovernmenr. w ,w Irert to show that, bv that r,.,D-- '..t could a government of mnmit.iri taiued ha LouLsiann. ii,i h,.i,, .!,.'- J l , wpre satisned to Ieare the with the American people. issue un a most toiMrninir. manlv and tmiic. nant protest, whi.-h I wish 1 iwd the time to rend, that patriotic Lrfhnne f t). .. Ie. John McEuery. surrenierel ft tt lemand of Gen. KnuU o i-.,t. States annv. all that -. h,i our brief hour of triumph and elory. Kel- - urougn i.wtn rrom the born o be lederal sauctuarv nn,lr n:i..-w fe.ti,n and reinstalled tn offl.. and his hnteil government waa once mere restored to power. And then, not for Mia e'ting KelloKe. for. aa I hrv ..i.i . . poral nould have lieen order to intimidate and overawe a people ou tne eve or an election several retri-mtnts and batteries of the T"iirt Kt. iirmy were brought down and quartered la onr midst, snd th h.t,. c.i,,o In... . ,r he I'nited States mvt vrera -, it our l-trt, where they lay for weeks with OFE.X POUTS AXD SHOTTED BATTIBIE8 fr-Twnbig upon a peaceful End loral cv. with aa much of the pomp and" circumstance of war as in the days when Far- luituo uu ier came to d.niand tmeses- ' "t eiu- city as tae armed of e Confe!er!icv. nietropolis This la briof hUforv f . . . .- v.iv i ruin the fourteenth of SeitemU-r, but their results were far reaching. AVe buried our doad with military and civic honors, and ran- iu ,.i their hearts In svmntitliv m-irh iho- i- reeved families aud friemia. in ortier to rkiilicnu iuir tlie pnbllc of Amerf. i,I I aii.lrvs waa bwued hv poiuteil ft that punKJe. of which our himored prestd-nt was chairman, and fmm hlch I read the concluding irtion: ADBESS OF COSIXITTEE OF SEVE.VTT. "And here It fc rmnort-int - , aboirt a.lidy known as Oie 'W hite League micli has lieen gmmly uusrepreseutwii ubroHd. It will be remembers! thnt-thi. white militia of disbanded, their arms taken from aud an extdusively negro militia, organized J1'1 fwwud- Uy au Infamous raw. the MetropoUtan I'oiice, for whose support an euornxKis tax la levied upon the city exclusively, bail been takjn from mule, th control of the Mayor and made subject to J" oi iue governor alone. This btniy waa used to Intimidate and over-awe Che citizens, to guard tbe residences and pers.Mia of timorous officials, and to dragoon the parishes whenever any political scheme required It "The white peoule of lIia Srv t,n. stripped of every means of defense, were (trreatenod moreover ,tiv & formhtoi.t oath-bound league of blacks, which, under uie command of the cunning and unscrupulous negro, might at any moment plunge them Into what thev were snvtoiis t. avoid, a war of races. The Incessant de mand for offices from the citv. Stare and Federal governments, for which they were utterly ' unfit, and for which thev proffered no other title Mian that of color; tiie development in uheir convenrinna of HMt of proscription against white radi cals, ami even against honorable Reptibli-eana, who had fought for their liberation; then: increasing arrogance, which knew no bounds: their Increasing dishonestv, which rhey haI regarded as statesman -like vVtue: their contemptuous scorn of aH rights of the white man, wMctt they dara.1 trespass Ufion all these signs as et forth in Uie platform, of the Crescens City White League, warned ns that the calamitv, which we haul long pprbonilol. was imminent, and that we must either preiiar Sir or perish under itt. "With the hope, then, as distinctly and openly declared, that a timely and proclaimed union of the whites as a race, and their efficient prniaratioa for any emergency might arreso the threatened horrors of a social war, th Wlrtte League was formed, dts object being, as publicly set forth, to assist hi restoring an honest and irtelilt'ent government to the State of Louisiana, and by a union with all other, iod citizens to maintain and defend the i onsritution of the I'Bired States ami of the State, and to maintain and trotect our rights and the rights of all citizens "But to return, ftatisrted ef tbe lmnos-Mbilitles of securing a fair registration and election, and that It was the settled nnr- I"1 of the usurper to deprive the white Iieople of tlie State of Louisiana of foe nght to bear arms, a right secured, to them by the Constttntion of th T ntt,t s... -and In the exifttinz state of atTaira iiti pensahle to their personal protection, a mass meeting of the citizens ot New Orleans was lled to assemble on the mwhihg of Sept 1. At that meeting, the largest tn numbers! and th m?T respectable In cl aracter ever collected hi the streets of New Orleans, rewdutions setting forth the remediless wrongs under which we suffer were adopted and a Committee of citizens was ati-omttvi to wait upon William Pin, Kellogg and demand his abdication. rSVrJm- the wwunirtee waited ,n. Kellogg at the State nous, which had already beeu convert br !"to 'i camp. Kellog- however ',?,'T.,rl,n larA instated la the Jtate House by the Federal bavonets. and from the Custom Hmse r.tirne.1 inswe thwart & member of his Waff. ref.l"n J sue or treat with the commfttee. The elm mutee so reported. Instantly, and tione man the citizen ne iu arms. artr iSlJ'T' an'1 private More. al retted. The owner- oTtsnSS, of oSr'fr 'K reS.1 " "This orrdcr was nreved bv tte nrdice ?'r",- 71 rt ennrt wtemptM ) viu.I:ea'e Itsj own diairiy and the ma-Jwry .of tbe taw by fine ,d hnt,ri,n-met ft eontemr W. P. Keiloeg imr-tenel ajid trftrdoel fihe offenlrs, who were imiuediarnly released. "At ah moment of tlie popular uptfeing a stcnfTiship lay opposite tfco Thirl Pre, ein l4x Sikiiti bavhig on board arm k1 atuuiuiiti.on ounsicnejJ to private Iq-lEvidunib. A lanw guard of MetropoUaa Ik-iAV with k.lel guild and caimoa p. in 1 prevented all aoctwa to rhe sterna-er. arid the removal of tbe arms by tbosa to w.u iu th7 lawfully be4.i.gtd. aivl nba' csaztnu. reiving on t ,e Iiue. tnetr only orgU: z tl bisiy. uorol down to the leve t iku p.jMes-4 hi of the property, which 9i '.heirtj by riglut of puniiiose. "At tie bead of Canal srreet the M-ti polir.-ia l-fgadey conmuukled by t;eo. Liwj srTrwo ill ptrsou. inu.'rcnU!"i and a'fcukec them. Tb tattle thus forced npmi the ciiiz. na was J i.el. and n a brief bail hour uhis Pmirian bcu.l. so king a ii ) vice and tjenror. waa swept away, and fie defewtMt rcuinants of the Ke41og u.-rrpi. si cuwerxig fugitives from a gov.ruiiiKiuE tibey had jUiaailontxt rer refill' in the Cuon It vise, slieltered Ksi:b the fokls of the American flag. There tliey were auffetwl to remain uii-imWested. Vhat followed has passed Into history and is a matter of familiar knowledge. t THt UVITL GOTUSXUT - of tho people's choice, amid universal rejoicing, entered l op-sltiou Uiia the uisciuirge of ita Wgifiuuue fuiictious. Joy sat in every heart and illnuiine-l every ixmutemuioe. A new era of cowi-lienee. peace and protqierity ' aeenied to hava daa-aed nisiu us. Tlie wrichelnesa of the lust watt forgotten In tlie brighb and oheering auticipaliou of the future. But this Uta-t-Uve.l triuuiph was abruptly i s si Before the prociaination of t.n ITosiiient, it bowed iut head, and at tho mauduritt of his Geueral we ii l down our arms, retired 'froru tjie ttfices we. had taken possession of and to wlrt;-a. we were) lawfully entitieiL gave up tiie captured nrsiMials and staes. and so pmvHl, as we had ever asserted, our uniuestioniug obe-ulence to the geneml goverumnt. - "t iieiiiLs. loveisof freeilom, we make onr la.- aHeal V you. Every ' jieaceful lemeily had been exhausted. We have Iwtw and forborne until mir snb-niLsKion waa UMMirued into xwaniice. Hir ik-solati.m waa acnioiplis!iel. The hum of bidnstry was still in our -workshops; the wiieels of commerce mere stopped; -agiiculture lang lislied; Ciipital flel from n; our taxes were increased until real estate haul berae a curse iu.-ead of a" luiessing; and in the niitlst f our own ixivefv we saw with unuvailing indignation alien and bankrupt adventurers grow rich with the .stioiU wrung from us by . every species oi uuj'iit and oprsuve ei-tortlou. -Tn our 1tssiir and in the exercise of what we believe to be an inalienabla right, we overthrew by arms a usurpation -1 got In fraud and ntaiutuiiml by f r e. Tiie power of the I'uited Statu has agaiu Is en set np to be a taskmaster over Us. i Hir tole ot' misery is compiete; nothing re-u::iins but .submission, relieved ouiy by tbe dim and distant hope that the solier second thoula tif this jpntit ople will reonsiler ia.mly our condition, and devise, in their wisdom, some method of r!ie' for this uuiappy proiim-e," - It was uut a grvat butiie, ttiat of the Fourteenth of eiteuitisr. but our k--- was greater than that of Jackson at th but'ic of New tbleaus. It was a skimusa tike the battle of Oaiconl, but aa there was tired "the shot heard round the world. so ou the Fourteenth of September waa fought the br'u-C Is; uie which gave freedom ana self-govern-tBeiit to tbe riMNiustructed Stateuv bo caase It rnaiignrufed and ordained soccers in the polKWl figtrt which endml in ai ilestriHtion of their carpet, bag ami usurp-, lag State government. i"he Auierkau people were stirred bjr these event as by the breath of a sronnJ They saw the hollowneas and fraud ' of the Kellogg government, and that it beH its ex.ten-e n. by tbe consent of the peos Iiie, but at the dictaon of Tbe Executive of tbe nation, backed by tbe )iower of the army and ntivy ;of the Unieil Statnt. That In violation of the provulonj of tlie Cotistitation which guarauiees t-j every State in this Union a -retwiblicanj form of government, tbe State of lmtsian bad been virtually constituted into a prov-ine. governed by a praeter. haling hi power from and under tbe protectiou of the Conmiander-ln-chlef of the army and navy 'of the United Stares, and thai within its bonnds free suffrage, republican government and the liberties of th people had been suppressed and destroyed. Trie veil which hkl these enormities fnjia tf:e eyes of the American people bsd beeu torn away, aad the 1 HIDEOCS mEAUTTES OF CAKPST 3AS GOT mnvf were exposed to the fall glare of day, The wrutiii of Louisiana be-ani tlij rallying cry of the great liem-s-ratic part and of the Independent . voters of th nation, ami in the election which siiorfiy foliowe-1 in -Noveinlier they swep tbe country, elected a lemocratlc Coi-j wms by an overwhebning majority anA csurieii nearly two-thirdw ot the State tf tlie 1 1 n o. , Ma.vbueM. New York. New Hamrvt sliiri Oirmeem-nt. Pennsylvania. Oltka and Indiana eat in judgment nponi tlu Louisiana rase and reversetl the decistoi of I'resblent Grant. The Republican party wss disabled and crippled ta Its stroni-IliJd. the popular branfJi of the Federnl C-ncress- citadel whb-h it had held fo fifteen years. The election aof 1S7 followed. We cars ried the State fir Tilden for President ami for Nfr-boHs for Govern. by about the -stime majority nearly again ai attempt was niade to set aside t'.w will eg she peotile by the Kellogg rer timing board-ion re all familiar with the history oi Siat perl-si. It suited the RenubtliTan narrv to stsl the Presidency, and for the rst. and C predii the la, time In tbe countrv's hiss fccy. to seat a I'resi.lent with a "frauds-lent tttle. and it iu!rl the Psnnocratic p-ir- ty to cr)nioe in tnis great wrong rathe . iilunif the count rv into Htrutrrl- mhii might eml in civil war. and tlus Sieft of- me PresblencT was aii'om.plislieii by steuJing tre electoral votes of Louisiana. South 'irun and Florida. But- the rnomrbkble people of Loni.san4 Installed their Govemor-e!e-t ami LegisLi mre and reoted with worn ttie so-cal!e.J Packard gwernmeut. counted in and in. stalled by Kelloirg. and which, according to radical precedent, waa to receive . lase of life aud power from the Federal government. We a-ild to the new President and to h'm oTHiimiwIoners who mm here to spy out the land and to negotiate for our surrender tbst our r rremtjjerj waa the orerurr; u of the people that it was strong in th.jui oorilial and almost unanimous suimort anil ailegia-noe, ami that H would be ma-iaJ tained to Hie bitter end exrwpt an adnst the armed forces f ttie United t-tates snd that we would ouly surreader to suca rorne. The terwire of M"r. Hayes was too doubt ful to permit of hfs exercising snil extraordinary powers. The lesson of the Four, tseuth of September was too fresh la r-hsj of the American people; their eons domnatiou of the action of the Grant-ad mmtwtrmion bml ben erriresMe-l In mi uncertain tones. The House of Kepre sentatives was largely pemocratie. anoj Mr. linyes did not dare to use the armv and navy of the United States sga r maintain a Cetmhliras, nsurparhm. and hi ssiaiIoDl the Packarl givemment to lta fate, and recognized of tfit peonTe. In doing so be reeogn!ed rhat be b.11 bts seat by frand. for Tilden s ma ftty was the same as Nlchotls'. if the ter was eeeted Governor, ttwri S-irrmel J Til-len was ele. -ted PrWt c( the i nk el States. And who doubts that now? If tbe rstnu-nw-y of the c.fhT 5"sts3 haul been as firm tit fhe asseT-ion of th - r rhflits as were th people of Ixstisiana, Mr. Hayes would never have occupied Cl presidential ctrair. Tbe seating of NlcboTIs In Tunisian a, and of Hampton in Soigh Camhna. til tbe SutKequent peace atid g sI goveru-reect at tbe ban ts of the'r own pe-which has prevaHeil in ail of the rec-i-strtjcteil States, can and sh.iU be ere lit d. an the legitimate result of the lesson of tb Fonrreeutfli of Serifernlier. So the rl ftirl was not idly fought, .and our marty: S did not die in vain. We are bere to-dsv to lav tbe corn-r. stone of a monument which shall do borr to their memory and perpetuate It to f i-ture genera iims. It's erection has uS been long dels vert. Only Ibj month a monumeu was sreci-ed ntio the revolutionary bt Tl'irh!.l .ofj Bermliteton. and those i t-n she nis-ori -j fihls of ira&e and Tirf iwn. snd ;-- tyst-unr and ChielcvuanuH rave only be a ere4el with'n tbe fcist der, !e. In tint meantime the t-snhw of oar d:vl bnv un ien neslecrel. and. on wvr-ft sucj. cvelm snniversarv brave n-e:i and urmv tWzfrig wonin tiave placed f flowers mi tr-eir traves. and s graceful people bav paid a a nce e, i silent, tributa to t'elr mfnrv. Bi yearts. short, for history, hot V"f" for life's diangew. hove pns-i sues VCK Tan vnns who tor. It rwrt in the even s) of the lfh of SeiptTOtsr. snd r-o ya survive, have beomie old men. anil th boys who n:S'r:el to arms with suclt-en-'ftusiasm hnve rewbed tirn merfcHnu of tire, iteterttlens death ha, cislmeil M- tVhrfs ami removed msny a rallanr sr! ?t woo orynrroijtel to tre g'o-ls of thsl day. Besides our gallant et mm ander, Gan Centinned est Pac 8. PLED. BEAST -On SnrdAy. Sept. 13.191, t II .45 V. m on E. D. Whits tlanUtiea. iura Falira Svartealrock, wits of Thamaa Besrr treaty-eight years tea month and twtaty aaxaf '

Clipped from
  1. The Times-Democrat,
  2. 15 Sep 1891, Tue,
  3. Page 3

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