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Customs Galveston - BARGE OFFICE. "In lulneU. any- otly ub- sence?"...
BARGE OFFICE. "In lulneU. any- otly ub- sence?" nun and ono the noivs I! reply JUT. land had noth- Jt d re" tho Mr. the did not J E W U M m papers he were A. "DuTiIng- a bookkeeper Cross-examlneil checks',? nJ?i I'here R. Mr. ·did conversation my '"?. said Deputy Collector Wren Has to About the Matter. A Location Selected but Could Not Secure It-The Government Ready to Build. Revenue Cutter Disabled. I have T\fnJ? not many me he testified: the that the partnership; tvuigtuneni. ao-me; bought Fry paid done; title thought a suit; of he and had nairt tako Tennant, until ilton men r t o n ; Hiiir] $400; ho (.·ouldn't do owe tin- money murt Tonnant anybody; News man yesterday met P. S. "U'ren, chief, clerk and deputy collector of Galvtw- ton .port, and -asked him w h a t 4-hf outlook for a new barge office. "Well, (I'll tell you. Some four month* ago application .was made to have the present barge office, which IB in a most ullaplda-tea condition, repaired. A special agent of tlie -treasury department visited Galveston about that time, and, together w:th an Inspector from the supervising arctotects' office, mado an examination oC the ibarge 'building and reported to 'the department -that the present necessities of 4Jils -port required a different location and better -building. Then followed a Setter from 'the department Inquiring of 'the collector of customs as to what wojild be the cost of a. new building and the possibility oi securing an tJUrib'ip Ku^tl'in on i!-wharf front suitable for commer.cla7 purposes and .the efficiency of the customs' Flavoring with the chief nr e c e i n - spector a made an examination of the. wharf front with a view -to selecting such » 'Cation The grain elevator "having bee Sm-S?' f S * n , y p)aM tha ' 1 ;ol " a be found ' ,,,., f .u -v - selected the place and asked the president of the wharf company if he would permit us to erect our ibuildliur there. He refused, but offered a locat'ou sou-Ph of the .boat house about Ten-th street wih-Ioh is inaccessible end entirely unsulted ror either the purpose of commerce or customs service.. I reported these facts to t h -of customs, who delayed a reply to ithe department's communication until he could TU 11 her confer w-it h t h» -w h art The result of ^ril'] further conference was published In The News of this morning Jn the shape of that correspondence. "What will the collector do now?" "The collector, so 'tor as I am advised, proposes to submit the matter to the people of Galveston and the country at large location for the cus-t^ms oftle?rs*at t.hls port than is the United St-atas government This Is ell that we can do Jn the mutter "Why is the .present location objectionable." "When -the present barge ofilce was Tmllt there were no wharfage facilities east of. w h a t 'Is known as the brick wharf. At this time the .wharf f a c H l t k ^ extend to street, the big elevator lias been erected, mid the du-tilen u-l tht- customs otll- oers, toy the increase of -business at t3ila |jort and t'he «ald exten-sjon of wharj facilities, are -tenfold greater 'than they were when, 'the old barge building %vas 'bulk, Furthermore, with these increased improvements cast of said .location, It In ImposwI- b'.« to obtain the necessary view of 4he shipping in the liarbor. We ask for 20x30 fcet near 'the north end of pier 12. If tihla concession 4s granted by the wharf company 'their business upon the pier w i l l not interfered wJt'h, 'but the commerce of ii1ie port will be greatly benefited and the efll- ciency of the government wervlee promoted. This i-s -the only location on -t-lie Lay front 44ia-t Ja eligible for customs purposes. Jn Hie event that this location can not be Obta4ned, it will, in my opinion, be better for the government lo 'rect a lookout on the old po3tolll-'e 'building, corner uC Twentieth and Postofflcu streets, tlian to ftJPther occupy the -wharf privileges." "Should you get * -suHabit? location, iwlvat kind of.bullding will the KoVernmen-t erect?" ~*ii wiii rrc*ct 'ouch ~ ' "uiriiding as the needs of the service require, which -would would cost From ?EOOO ao Raw). 1-L will fbe a two story office structure, built o? cer- nrg-s-t-'J Iron." "·How soon would It be built?" "Work 011^ JL would cuiiytience Just as all that is holding H back." Collector Pin lay and Deputy Collector Wren Intended to leave to-morrow on ihe revenue cutter for u vi.stt of Inspection tu Vfc'ascu and other point*. Th rt y can nut KO, iliowever. tjeforts 3u-turd»-v t aa -th«* revenue cutter HTML w i t h an «cckl^nt on 4i«r return trip to Gylveston y^sierdtiy {mm fcratblne Pass, to which place she wt-n-i Tuesday on a, regular ciirlse. The accident voiMlKfa of a. -hole Jn the boiler, 'Which dtumbles Jier for duly u n t i l t-he repairs she in now undergoing fl-re completed. A -News man called on Mr. 'if. M. Brown, president if -t'ht* w.harf company, und il- reuled *h!.s tttlen-Lion to thy CirrtfB?pomltun«e relating to the barpp ofTice matter, w.hJch appeared In yesterday's News. "\Ve -have this time," he said. . n Apfel's few Ibs can-3 is club least one mile** pounds sack pound e cans pounds b pounds gallon bars c. Ib pounds 48-lb Ib Package BdTTjBH. Vel-asco, Tex., March 21.--Mr. Thomas Condrea und Ali»s \Mrgie liutler were married at ( a-t man Box Qcrmiin.

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 22 Mar 1894, Thu,
  3. Page 5

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