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NOTICE OF ELECTION STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA. 88: At a County Court held in and for (Jounty ot Raleigh, at the court howe thereof, on Thursday April 23rd I9l4r "PRESENTr 'Hon. Joseph Chambers. President, and A. W. Griffith and A, Maxwell, Commissioner;. This day came the Raleigh County's Business Men's Association by A. Z. Lilly, its Secretary, and tendered and asked leave to file a petition in writing signed by C. C. Tucker and "fifty'•'or other legal voters and freeholders, in the magisterial district of Town Raleigh comity, West Virgin! which petition prays to call a Spec! Election at all voting precincts withi said district, for the purpose ( submitting to the voters of the sal district, the proposition for the ij&uanc sale of bonds, to'derive funds wit to construct and permanently t mprove the public roads within sai district, which leave to file said petitio granted, and said petition is accorc ngly filed. And now this day, after an examina tionofsaid petition, the Court is *o opinion that there aie more than fift voters and freeholders of sai District, who have signed >etition, and therefore directs, iieter and adjudges that there are th equired fifty legal voteri and free-hold of said district who have signet petition. And it further appears to the county and the county court doth si that the amount for the curren levies upon the property assessed said Town District, for road purposes insufficient for the purposes of saic Destruction and permanent improve set forth in taid petition. And the court deeming it desirabl the said Town District to appropri money to construct and permanent to improve the public roads of said istrict, upnn the filing of the petition ereinbefore mentioned, is of opinion but »t the pleasure of said district or this court in 20 year* from th* da'e of their issuance. The eaid bonds shall be consecutively numbered from ore to. one hundred and eighty and shall be redeemable redeemable from time to tiny, after !» years from their datej, as 'they may be: called in for redemption, by order of the County Curt or other tribunal that may be he: eafte'r constituted bylaw in lieu of said court; with -jurisdiction of this disbursing Mid proceedi, shall receive no compensation or commisilon. And the Mid sheriff shall deposit said proceeds proceeds in such bank or banks, as he may be directed by this court »o to do, the same to be to the bank or banks agreeing agreeing to pay the highest rate of interest on the slid proceeds as a deposit, and the said bank or banks to be required to give security therefor, as the court so orders, and pay such interest on such same to be delivered by him Commissioners of Ejection. It also appearing to the the court being of the after constituted by law in lieu,th shall provide ard keep in his office a regist-y of the said bonds in a well bound book, in which shall be recorded the names of the holders of said bonds, the number of each bond held by each respective owner and the respective matter. • The said bonds shall be called deposit ai the court and such bank or for redemption in the order' in which j banks shall agree upon, and Ihe same tney are numbered. The clerk of this to be by competative bidding for said court and the clerk or recording officer' deposit, said interest to accrue to the | of any other tribunal that may be here-j benefit of such proceeds, and to be used oft*. * nn *r,t.,t.,A k,, !„..,:„ i;».. H,O-««F at the direction of this court on the roads of said district. The County Court hereby appoints the following Commissioners of Election Election to take the poll and ascertain the result of such election in such manner as is prescribed by law for ascertaining poitoffice addresses of such OH i.ers.iind j and certifying the election of school officers officers and as provided in Section 25 and 25-A of Chapter 38 of the Acts of the Legislature of 1911, and in Section 24 of Chapter 39 of the Code of West Virginia, Virginia, namely: No 1 Court House—C. L. Beckner, •Alex-Watts; & Maitin. ----Beckley ----Beckley Seminary—H. J. Lilly, J. F. Burgess, S. E. Turner. Cirtiville—A. C. Romine, Joe Tyree, John Maynor. Pemberton -J. C. Riffe, Oley Reed. P. D. Stevens. Lanark—C. C. Bailey, M. H. Radford, Radford, Jaa. P. Quesenbery. Oswald—John Francis, Robert Dunkley, Dunkley, Colonel Turner. it shall te the duty of each, successive owner of said bonds to cause the same to be registered in the manner afore- sa : d, and any failure to do so, shall deprive deprive him of the right to the notice of calls of said bonds for redemption as hereinafter provided. Immediate no'ice: of calls of said bon:!s for redemption as herein provided, shall be published in the City of Beckley, Raleigh county. West Virginia, at the time of .-uchcall, and by mailing a copy of such notice to the registered registered holders of said bonds at their re spective registered po-toffices addresses. addresses. The said bonds shall cease to bear interest sixty days after they shall have been called in for redemption, as herein provided It is further ordered that, in the event of the electorate ot said district at said election, authorizing the issuance issuance of said bond*, that the Pres.dent of this courr, be, and is, hereby author- zed and directed to execute the bonds of said Town district for and in the name of said district, and to sign the same as President of this court, and the clerk of this court is hereby authorized and directed to countersign said bonds Silvia—Jessie Gilmore, H. F. Gregory, Gregory, R. L. French. Raleigh-G. P. Starr, Wm. Brubaker, Brubaker, W. C. Underwood. Glen White—Taylor Hays, A. G. Bowles, E. B. Wray. Mabscott—Seymour Meadows, Everett Everett Brammer, J. F. Hendricks. Prosperity—Waiter Bailey, John Ogden, Ogden, Jas. Wright. Skelt?n-Jesse Tee!, Marshal Bailey, Everett Curtis. Stanaford-M. L. Blankenship, Chas. doth so find, that the maximum levy in stid Town District court is authorized to lay, as in Sections 2, 3 and 4, as the be, of Chapter 9 of the Acts Legislature of West Virginia, Session 1908, will not produce funds to pay the interest on proponed bonded indebtedness of Hundred Eighty Thousand Dollars above provided for said Town and to provide a sinking fund discharge of the principal thirty years; and it further to the court, and the court find, that the Maximum levy, each year, during said thirty pay the said interest and to sinking fund on said proposed sue of One Hundred Eighty Dollars, for said Town District, Fifteen cents on each One Dollars valuation of the taxable in said Town District, The Court, therefore, doth hereby and direct that a vote of the voters be taken in said Magisterial District of Town, in said County Raleigh in said State of West the 9th dayof Juue, 1914, on question of authorizing a maximum Bond Levy of Fifteen Cents One Hundred Dollars valuation taxable property in said Tswn pay the interest on, and provide sinking iund for ihe discharge of proposed bond issue hereinabove and that said vote shall bj question last aforesaid at the vo ing places in said Magisterial _trictuf_Town,_ats a to be held on the 9th day of which has hereinbefore been to be held for the purpose of vote on said proposed bond One Hundred Eighty Thousand for said Town District; and doth further order and direct same Election Commissioners Registrars hereinbefore appointed

Clipped from
  1. The Raleigh Herald,
  2. 01 May 1914, Fri,
  3. Page 6

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