Jay Murders: Rebecca's Account

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Jay Murders: Rebecca's Account - Pour of Basse oars Tups. Higgles latter and J....
Pour of Basse oars Tups. Higgles latter and J. nnder the was when being repaired men aod fore sig Mr. engine, was the who that it to main flag- every far some ne approaching. eaw And which to rail at a engines cars A. T. M. into A. H. first her Wed to Sower. tench a town into of at for tho J. Holton's old, a ne- Ar- at guns spirit discharged, do to to and i t h back gun. claim say this JAY NOT DRINKINU. lilt Wile S«y« H* W« Iniane-Anotntr Story of tbo Crlmt. Ituthorfordtoa Special to tbo Obarlotl« er.. Mr. W. A. Geor, of Ratheifordton, undo of Dr. J. V. Jay, who three children at Barnardsville, twenty miles northwest of Ashuville, has returned from the scene of killing. He spent Wednesday with Mrs. Jay and from her ho secured truth of the terrible affair up to time of the killing. at a m p m e n t . Brawley. "There have been all sorts of mors," said Mr. Geor, "about Mrs. Jay has said, moat of them ing without foundation. I am hero to tell yon the truth of the sad as given out by her to me last uesday." He says Dr. Jay came home night, perfectly sober. He brought his little girl a pair of shoes, cloth for a dross. That night he down and played with bis children until 9 o'clock, when all went to About 11 o'clock he screamed and called for Mrs. Jay, who hastened the room as quickly as possible. found him perfectly stiff and speech less and could not raise him from bed. After rubbing him "with cam phor and alcohol she then ran to uncle, Mr. Tbos. Dillingham, a tance of abont 200 yards. She she was gone four or five minutes Upon her return, accompanied by uncle, they found ho had torn his night clothes into small strips and gone' from tbo room. Mrs. Jay her little five-year old daughter where her father had gone. She plied that he had gone into tbe kitchen. Mrs. Jay and her uncle tho kitchen and found the stove dining tablo turned upside down mcst of the dishes broken into dreds of pieces, but Dr. Jay was) to bo found. After searching for some time tbey found him under porob, without a rag ou hie back, wet, smutty and b l o o d y -- perfectly awful. He had a dipper his baud, pecking on a rock. Ho could not speak and was stiff as board. The two endeavored to bim and carry him into tbe bnt without effect. Mrs. Jay then wont to a neighbor's (whose name Mr. Geor has forgotten), for more help. When she returned with tbe gentleman, she found that her had succeeded In getting the doctor into the housa by means of him crawl. Ho was placed iu a chair and large quilt was spread over him. this j u n c t u r e he epoko, be had been, and wbo had him np so badly. He asked that feet and face be washed. Mrs. Jay complied with his wishes. He then asked to be put to bed And for tie of medicine. He was put to and tho medicine given bim. In few minutes he was asleep. Tbe neighbor returned to Jiis and Mr. Dillingbam remained for night. Early tho following morning all were np but the doctor. Mrs. asked her uncle to remain with Jny until eho went to a neighbor's house and 'phoned for Dr. MoClain. Hearing tho house, npon her ro t u r n , she heard an awful fuss msido and began to run. When reached there she met her uncle coming ont of tho bouse running. He screamed to ber to go back. Dr. followed him as fast as ho could Mrs. Jay followed the doctor. When Mr. Dillingbam came to a barb-wire fcnco he crawled through. Dr. Jay wont against it fts though there no fence tbero, and fell over it other eido. By tho time Jay got his wife had reached bim. Sho him "what was the matter and vas bo doind" He did not but crossed back over tho fence oho was, picked her up and started as fast as ho conld run with her wards tho creek. Ho had gotten a short distance when be stumbled and fell over a little embankment into tbo bushes and briars. Quick as a flash he sprang to bis feet started to tbe bouse as fast as feet wonld carry bim. At this Mrs. Jay remembered that her cbil dren were alono in the honse, acd sho began screaming at the top her voice for holp. Hearing ber iful screams her uncle and another gentleman returned and wont immo dmtely to tbo hnnao, sending Mrs. Jay to A neighbor'*, where she rest and got over ber fright. When tho two gentlemen reached the Dr. Jay had battered tho three chil (Iron to death with u clawhammer, and they lay dead on tho f r o Tho men entered tho room in Or, Jay was, ttnd found him packing chairs, clothing and other Qxtnroa front of the firo place, which they supposed ho in tended put ting a to, and burning tho house and tolf. Mrs. Jay said when thoy started jail with ber husband he wrote note, bnt that she could not read a n y t h i n g in it except, "pray Tbo note was not answered at all Mrs. Jay told Mr. Geor sho did not want ber husband hanged, bnt that she never did Rant bim turned again. She said she believed the doctor was insane, that be positively had not been drinking, acd that the newspapers printed reports that woro not trno.

Clipped from
  1. Statesville Record And Landmark,
  2. 30 Oct 1903, Fri,
  3. Page 2

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