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 - DAMP? Partly cloudy, warmer. High 80-84, low...
DAMP? Partly cloudy, warmer. High 80-84, low 63-67. Weather Ma is on Pate 11. HOURLY TEMPERATURES mH-li 7 o.m. 75 1 V p.m. ?0 S"2 li m-74 11 mid- P m. 7 10 o.m. 71 J p.m. U JMETRO FINAL Late News, Sports mom. Wednesday, July 4, 1962 On Guard for 131 Years Vol. 133 No. 61 Eight Cents THEY'LL HUNT -LIFE' THERE ) DE 3Iary Beck and her Is fw, s 'wit I 1"' -iClk ; Empty hooks mean that the municipal fishing Playing Ho Alas There's BY HARVEY TAYLOR Prf Press Staff Wrlltr Two dedicated public servants Councilmen Mary Beck and Anthony J. Wierzbicki battled with fishing poles to a scoreless and pointless tie Tuesday afternoon. Cynics who might at first blush charge the two with angling for publicity don't know the contestants. Shy and Introverted, Miss Beck Is frightened of cameras and 1 known tpr the abhorence she has of any mention in the public prints. Accustomed to the more serene atmosphere of the controller's office, Wierzbicki is relatively new to the hullabaloo of public life. But both were "good sports," as they say in outdoor slang. THE CONTEST was ar Biggest Fireworks Thrills Crowd of It was a blast. And as blasts go, Tuesday's giant fireworks display over the Detroit River was the biggest, the brightest ever held to celebrate the International Freedom Festival. A crowd estimated between 500,000 and 600,000 crowded into the Detroit and Windsor riverfront areas to "ooh" and "aah" over the 45-minute display. THE. FOUR BARGES containing three tons of noise, smoke and color were towed to a point about TOO feet from the Detroit shoreline, between the Veterans Memorial and Third. Workers from the American Fireworks Co. fussed with last-minute details, and crowd noise diminished to a murmur. Then, at 9:15 p.m. WHAM ! Aerial shells, break shells, sunbursts, gold crosses, showers of- pearls and fireflies burst overhead, to fall with tails of fire into the waters below. Three of the barges were kept tusy throwing aerial shells into the air at one time, and the night seemed to split and. then crack wide open, exposing hid u i. j i colleague, Anthony Wierzbicki, cast for carp Nothing Fishy About Duel ranged so that Aliss Beck could prove that the fishing is better downstream from the Cobo Hall marina where it is forbidden. Her opponent wants the ban on marina fishing lifted, contending that fishing is better there. At 4:55 p.m., they made their first casts. Miss Beck's casting form has the beguiling, artless grace of a young girl throwing overhand for the first time. Wierzbicki favors tossing in the hook and sinker with his left hand. Technically, W i e r z b i cki would have been violating the law, but Common Council had passed a resolution rescinding the anti-fishing ordinance for the afternoon, Eugene Van Antwerp dissenting. "You can't rescind an or den oranges, yellows, reds, blues almost too many to remember. I I THE BEST or maybe the worst seats in the house were held by the 19 fireworks experts who made the show possible. They shouted themselves hoarse yelling commands over the roar of the explosions above them but in all the confusion, not a signal was missed, nor a shell unexploded. The multi-break shells always a crowd favorite fired off in machine-gun fashion, often in seven, eight and nine bursts. One barge was filled entirely with gold crosses never before seen in the Festival A-Test Check TOKYO OP The Japanese Government will send a survey ship July 27 to check on radioactivity in the Pacific "due to United States nuclear testing. i . - - - derby is a washout oky dinance with a resolution, he , said in an outraged rumble. MISS BECK was permitted a c o a c h Police Sgt. Francis E. Shanahan, assistant Council sergeant at arms. Clad fetchingly in . a leg-hugging blue challis slack suit, a white cap and white tennis shoes, Miss Beck shuddered delicately as Shanahan impaled the worm on her first hook but gallantly baited the second hook herself. "You forgot to spit on the bait," a bystander said accusingly after she'd cast. "Billy Rogell says you've got to be chewing tobacco to Turn to Page 2A, Column 6 Display 500,000 display. Hying fish dived and wheeled from the sky, and the excited crowd ap-. plauded the sunbursts and goldenrods. Six months went into the show's preparation, and so it didn't really seem so bad that the display had been postponed a day from Monday because of rain. The weather was perfect, just warm enough to enjoy the picnic-like atmosphere and cool enough to be comfortable. THE 43-M IXUTE show-passed too quickly, and the aerial finale suddenly was there. For eight minutes, blue, red, green, silver' and gold break shells one thousand of them shattered the sky. A deafening, atomic-type barrage was set off and it was all over. The crowd, wanting more, took its time about leaving. Pleasure boats and the giant lakes vessels slowly resumed their way along the river. Sticky Strings to Explore New York Times Service WASHINGTON A small device with two sticky strings and a radioactive brcth will be sent ta Mars in 1964. seeking to answer the riddle of whether life exists there. Plans of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration call for the device to be carried aboard a Mariner B spacecraft to be launched late in 1964 to rendezvous with liars early in 1965. The launching will open what scientists expect will be one of the most exciting chapters in space exploration the search for extraterres-tial forms of life. Earlier this year, the Space LZy L-Z3U UU U MM Striking Doctors Refuse Mediation Vow to Continue Protest Of Canadian Medicare Plan "REGINA, Sask. (UPI) Socialist-Premier Woodrow Lloyd's mediation efforts Tuesday and reiterated that their province-wide strike would continue until Lloyd scuttles i Kennedy To Sneak To Nation PHILDALPHIA UP) The United States is 186 years old Wednesday. And President Kennedy, joined by most of the nation's 50 governors, comes to Independence Hall to cele brate the birthday. This mighty gathering of leaders at America's birthplace. on the day liberty was proclaimed, is in itself historic. Not since 1914 has an American President addressed the nation (and Mr. Kennedy will use radio and television) from Independence Hall on the Fourth of July. Presi dent Woodrow Wilson at tended. And never before have nearly all the chief executives of the states, territories and possessions met together at the hallowed shrine as the nation heralds again, in sight of the Liberty Bell, the great docu ment written by Thomas Jef ferson that proclaimed inde pendence for the American Colonies on July 4, 1776. Over 100,000 persons are ex pected to surge into the 10- block national park area that encircles stately, red brick Independence Hall. President's Speech On TV and Radio President Kennedy's address from Independence Hall in Philadelphia Wednesday will be telecast by Channel 7 (WXYZ-TV) at 10:30 a.m., and by Channel 2 (WJBK-TV) and Channel 4 (WWJ-TV) at 11:30 a.m. Radio schedule for the speech is as follows: WJR, 1:30 p.m.; WKMH, 7:05 p.m.; WWJ, 8:05 p.m. "BUYERS, not lookers that's what Free Press Want Ads bring! I sold the ear within two hours after the paper came out, for $125. And I could have asked more. Robert Storms Detroit '5S FORD Needs some body work. $125; LU 0-0000. Don't show your car SELL IT! When Free Press readers come to look the s bring their money wi them. Call Speedy Sales. DIAL 222-6800 Sciences Board of the National Academy of Sciences said evidence was "strongly suggestive" of life existing on Mars, although probably not in the same form aa on earth. ( The Mariner B device, smaller ' than a pint bottle and weighting less than two pounds, will be ejected from o)io)fifio)n rn JV Saskatchewan doctors defied his new compulsory medical care plan. Meanwhile, two persona died at Regina General Hospital after being rushed more than 100 miles by air ambulance for medical attention. Dr. A. C. Pickles, medical director at the hospital, said it was "pure speculation' whether the deaths could be attributed in any way the victims not being able to get medical aid elsewhere because of the strike. The victims were Mark Lone child, a five-month-old Indian pneumonia victim, and Mrs. Maria Ferrara, 68, who died of a heart attack. A nine-month-old boy died the day the strike went into effect as his parents desperately sought medical aid in a 90-mile automobile ride. Dr. H. D. Dalgleish, president of the Council of the Saskatchewan College of Thysiclans and Surgeons, turned thumb down Tuesday on a plea from Lloyd that the doctors submit their dispute to an impartial mediator. He is the chief spokesman for doctors fighting the plan. "The plan should be withdrawn because of the proficient determination not to practice after the plan (went into effect) and the serious consequence to the public which will follow," he said in a letter to Lloyd. The doctors' statement was one of several moves underway Tuesday aimed at forcing Lloyd to abandon his medical insurance plan which went into effect three days ago and triggered the strike. TWO PHYSICIANS moved in court to have the plan ruled illegal and angry citizens worked on plans to march on the capi-tol to protest the program. Dondla B. Tansley, chairman of the Government Medical Care Commission, reported what might be the first sign of a break in the doctor's united front. He said he had received "abut 25" letters from Sas katchewan doctors who said they were prepared to accept direct payments from the corn- Turn to Page 2 A, Column 4 BUT IT MAY RAIN 4th Should Be Glorious The weatherman, optimistic as laways, predicted "picnic weather" for the Fourth of July. But he hedged a bit by saying that "a siim chance of some showers" existed. The Wednesday high for the Detroit area should be around 8 2degrees, warm enough to make final plans for that trip to the lake cottage or to a backyard pool. m the 1,400-pound space craft as it flies by the planet and will parachute to the surface of Mars. Once on the surface, it will eject two sticky strings about 50 feet long. A miniature capstan will then wind the strings . back into the interior of the device. The strings will pull any row J j?Z Ben Khedda Algeria's Freedom Proclaimed j Free Press Wire Services ALGIERS France proclaimed Algeria an independent nation Tuesday amid wild rejoicing that saw crowds of Moslems surge through the streets cheering, singing and dancing the twist. Na-tionalist Premier Ben Yous-seff Ben Khedda returned to Algiers a few hours after independence in a race to forestall a left-wing guerilla insurrection. By dusk the popular acclaim appeared to have made him master of Algiers. The former guerilla fighter asserted his leadership of the new-born nation and defied what he called the "military dictatorship" ambitions of dissident Deputy Premier Ahmed Ben Bella, who flew to Cairo to confer with United Arab Republic President Gamal Ab-del Nasser. Nasser has appealed to both groups to settle their differences, but according to the Middle East News Agency, no progress has been made. PRESIDENT Charles de Gaulle himself announced the birth of a new nation after 132 years of French rule in a proclamation declaring: "The president of the French Republic solemnly recognizes the independence of Algeria." French High Commissioner Christian Fouchet transmitted De Gaulle's pronouncement to the Moslem-dominated Algerian provisional executive at Rocher Turn to Page 2A, Column 1 Tigers Beat Chicago The Detroit Tigers scored another one-run victory by beating the Chicago White Sox, 5-4, m 11 innings. See Page IB. Amusements 6A Movie Guide 11B Ann Landers 8 A Names and Faces 5A Astrology 10B Obituaries 6B Auto News 4B Snorts 1-3 and 6B Billy Graham 12B Stock Markets Bridge 10B TV-Radio 10A Business News 4B Want Ads 7-9B Comics 9-1 IB Women's Pages 7-8 A Crossword Puzzle 10B World Today 2 A Death Notices 7B Drew Pearson 9A HAVE THE FREE PRESS Editorials 4A DELIVERED AT HOME Feature Page 8A PHONE 222-6500 micro-organisms into an incubation chamber. A nutrient or broth will then be poured into the chamber. The broth will consist of a variety of chemical compounds, one of which it is hoped Martian organisms would eat. INCLUDED IN the compounds will be Carbon 14, a radioactive variety of normal carbon, a basic building block - of life on earth and presumably on Mars. " If they consume broth and reproduce, the organisms will give off carbon dioxide containing the radioactive carbon. ' By measuring it with a miniature geiger counter, it m u Detroiiers Target Of Hubbard Plan Cut on Properly Levy Would Offset Tab for Dearbornitcs Dearborn Mayor Orville L. Hubbard's city income-tajc proposal was introduced Tuesday night to the City Council, which immediately moved toward making it law. ; The council had the first andi second of three required "readings" of the proposed ordinance which is an exact parallel of Detroit's Income tax ordinance. The 'third reading on the tax, which will levy a one per cent income fee on all Dearborn residents and on all persons working In Dearborn, probably will come at the next regular council meeting, July 17. Three readings are required before a vote is taken. The proposal was introduced for Hubbard by council president pro-tern George Hart. Hubbard told the council that even If it acted immediately to make the tax proposal law, it would take the city at least six weeks to start collecting the tax. WITHHOLDING forms for employers to pass out to employes are being printed now, Hubbard said, and will be distributed to all major employers in the city early next week. Dearborn's largest industry, the Ford Motor Co., will be the principal target of the tax. The company has 54,000 workers at its Rouge Plant, its Central Office Building and other operations In Dearborn. "If we reach the Ford payroll," Hubbard said, "we shouldn't do too bad." Hubbard said a reciprocal agreement with Detroit would mean that Dearborn residents working in Detroit would pay Turn to Page 2 A, Column 5 London Bridge's Falling Doicn LONDON UP) Engineers recommended Tuesday 246.103 repair Job on Tower Bridge, the city's most famous span across the Thames River. They said rainwater has seeped into the timbers which support the bridge's two sections that raise to allow ships through. Mars will be possible to establish the presence of life. Information recorded by the Geiger counter will be telemetered to earth and received on a '240-foot, dish-shaped radio antenna being: built near Goldstone, Calif. THE LIFE-SEEKING device is a small business success story. The concept was suggested in an unsolicited ..proposal from Resources Research, Inc., a small Washington. D. C, research firm with 40 employes. The firm received 5300,000 to develop the device. A few weeks ago the firm was told the device was to be included in the Mariner B. payload. Comity To Collect City Tax BY DON SCHRAM i Free Press luff Writer The Wayne County Board of Auditors voted unanimously Tuesday to withhold the City income tax from the paychecks of County employees. In so doing, it overrode an opinion by Aloysius J. Suchy, chief civil counsel for the Prosecutor's office, that the County lacked power to withhold the tax as an employer. Suchy ruled last Friday that County tax money could not be used legally to collect a tax for the benefit of a single municipality. "We will ask the City to defend us if we get into any lawsuits over this," said Jacob Sumeracld, chairman of the Auditors. "There's a suit pending already, and it won't take long for the court to decide. The cost of withholding is negligible." The County was prepared to withhold the tax from the next checks payable to County employes July 15. Stanley Molenda,, director of aduiting and accounting for the Board, estimated the cost at $1,100 or $1,200. THE DECISION of the auditors has no bearing on two suits pending in Circuit Court and scheduled for early hearings. One challenges the right of the City to tax any County employe's income. The other seeks to determine the right of the City to require any emplyoer to withhold the tax from anyone's paycheck without individual authorization. On the deductive question, the auditors said: "It has always been the policy cf the Board of County Auditors to co-operate with the several municipalities within the County and to provide services for carrying out efficiently those policies and measures which are for the best interest and welfare of each municipality and its citizens." The statement also pointed out that Federal and State agencies and private corpora-Turn to Page 2 A, Column 1 Never Too Late INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (UPI) Marion County Clerk Edwin McClure has announced plans to keep the Marriage License Bureau open Thursday nights to accommodate late shoppers.

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