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o c riddle Sept 8, 1899 - TRIALS OF TWO BOYS IS BOUND THE <J OYEK TO...
TRIALS OF TWO BOYS IS BOUND THE <J OYEK TO JURY. Tire-Other Is Ordered Sent to the Rc• form School at Eulora—Arrested on Charsje of Larceny of Carpenter's Tools. ; • -'Charles Lawther," a 16-year-old col- *>rder.-boy,was bound over to the Polk . county•gra-cd jurj' in.police court this tnorning, and Hugh "Kelly, 15 years old, -.•Xras.sentenced to the school"of reforma- :- tion;for""boys..at Eidora. .Both bo>'s pleaded guilty- to the charg-e of larceny from a; building-. Lawther was commit. led to the county jail and Kelly will be i .- - - -*- i "^ ' • .taken today by. the officers.-to. Eidora. i e ""•"^ywaranees of her son. had beep persuing a course of study in medicine-. Durinsr his period in school, JIi-s. Lawther stated thar her boy had been somewhat neglected on account of her pressure in other duties. When they came "to Des Moines, she said, they were in hopes that he could . be led to do better. Less than a year ago there were steps taken to have Charlie sent to the -re-fann school, she said, but hie father would not adiiere to the idea. He was always too lenient with the child. Now ehe stated that 5he.wa.-3 heart broken with grref for her wayward son. She is going to the county attorney to see if she cannot secure an order from the court to have him sent to the reform school as he is leas than a-month over 1C years of age. The disgrace of having her Eon in the reform school, she declares, would be easier to bear than of having him'sent to the penitentiary. _ilrs. Kelly, the mother of Hugh Ivelly, who was ordered sent to the school of reformation at Eidora, was heart stricken at the though i of She cried -^The boys .were, arested yesterday byl over the ^sught of having him sent Officers Riddle. Hamburg"and' Lally af-! ^"ay from her, ye; she admitted that . .. ______ K ™u'nl be to the boy's own to be sent there. She- acknowledged that he was incorrigible and that ehe , could -not do anything with him The grip -filled with carpenter tools, cart- j hoy bore up under the punishrr.e'nt in- ter.an exciting • chase from East Fif- tesnth and AYateut streets to th« s:at» house. .They were loaded with a la.g^ canvass sack containins a travel, n ncrses and fishing- tackle, and thus weighted down in their flight. When Dieted .better than the father broke down ir; parents tenrs The . r; enrs «i l'r Captured , by Officer Riddle, they w.re j the court room. The mother remain^ Dealing ^a ndem an ice waso--, which! with the child 'as long as sh» could ' horseback. he ^ b ^!Tfi ^' Officer I The juase consoled her^wiilTthe. of the fact that her.boy sent fo'the police fteafl-i- 6 --^' prov ! ded ^ He wouM Albsrt; •s kept ir: 5 mon branches and if he was a g-ood . , — .- --" .—** *• -•»•• wt-\_ A *_HL WJL ^M^Capitol ..avenue. His suspicions ^rere aroused that theywere there f 0 ; 5'™°L ^y could undoubtedly work no gooff purpose by reason or his'having * . V J>b ^ty in a snort time. If lost a.'how haitir f™™"*?^ K^^,, j.. »v,_ ! ™° l - " e would probabJv hs Ketv i>iDr« lost .a hew halter'from" his barn in the probably he kept there luav.a.: iien p.auer rrom nis Darn in the ,;i 7 T, >, '"-'""•'•".> -.!r rear : of 1«8:.Capitol, avenue; the dax-U-„ -^ * years of • before. He also .claims that he had os't; is - el j>" w»Voc taken to Eidora today. ,five other halters recently in some niy-s-j : :teribus nr.aner. He accordingly placed ; IMPROVED TRAIN SERVICE To! ithe^barn under-.vigilance an'd sent for! -. ORBGON "j • tile,?police. He claims fie saw the boys! Ti 'e Union Pacific in r^mm,,*.- «.;n. . S e .Tou n •a toaay. , 1 —,?v*'r••""-.• •*•»*: VJB.IUJO iiu a<tw uie ouys: j «c ui.jwij i-aciuc in connection \viin Center .the; bam empty handed and cornel the O. S. L,. & O. R. & N. Co have ad- fK^-^r 10 - ^ a " lar Se sack. After d€cj a buffet smoking and library car to iftc^afflcers arrived and succeeded in their, through train to Portland OresoT i captunng : the youngr miscreants th°! and a dining car service from Chicago sack was found to contain a grip fired and Council Bluffs has also been i-^- \vith old tools, fishinsr tackle, pa tridir^i aucurated. Th*. tra?n ;= O «,.T^^«J ,..=;v ^O^i^^ and other, «portmg>goodsb2longing to i Palace sleepers, free reclininc ch-iir'L -RIF,; West; an .invalid' son of-: Earn-1 cars and coaches ™S i£,^ r ! -:- ;--Mr. West and llr. formations - against „ : cehy from a building. ..„. .,.„„ iiau /found his halter-yesterday in a second "., hand store" on the East S.de"where ihe >proprii»tor stated-that it had been pur-' . - cl*ise3 that day from a-coloredr-boy in -' v; company with a> little white lad, both answering to th& description of Lawther .we'd Kelly, .When arraigned before Judge Silvara .this morning "they . -admitted being- guilty of both offenses. Jimmic loach's Skeleton fronnd in the Rtver Below Packing JJonsc. The skeleton of the body of a boy probably T or S years of age and sxip- , or -,«of age .Resideiit s ,m the,viclnJty>here. the posed to'be that of jfnSsJ?y ht occurred yesterday have com- t_...-^,. .. ^° congregate .on the" street n r gh.s r- lUI;..-'...:..;.. ftiJd.Jniiak^.tliiBr neighborhood miserable i .: r :^ with ;their- loud-fOTil talking. Minor g ,;•" .-"•'-" ; "thcfts have vbeen observed for some =--_^i - _r".'to* P*st but iJotbfng *ag been' done ^T^^ 1 ^-- ti*f<> r $ to correct, thesa incorrigible ;.,:-:•:- : ~^.:"... r youths. The punishment of these two ;.:-.;:; ooys will terye a« a I«sson to. the others ^-:.v:.'. : .-r---' -|n.-lhe"_£uture^-for-such scenes as have gigit-<:,> o*en observed there _the put summer pgi^:-= -z- r ^2fefc=lAwti«sr^ tfet mothftfrof the boy, gg^v:;...:_•_•; _;l»utwL^py«r to tht gracd: jary T was at nrf~f-~-'-•:••-. _ xr ..5Js" ; po'Koe_sta.tion tJiisniornlnjr atid waa ^^^l : ¥ —^ : ~ CI **^y rbit)|tjen''iiip ; over the-discraee in ——...-. ^^. ^_ had fallen.- She stated a disobedient who ..«,.,. his street on - .^» -k'l— t m.»t ^Vi-CCL. Utl j August 4. was found last evening -by a fisherman at the dam below the pork, houses". — i jThe^flesh.had been entirely stripped! remains except the pants and suspenders worn by..the. little fellow. The m^-iSiJ? 1 ? '"T"-'" 8 ae dam - £Z8Z£F£SrSS£?-3SZ McGrew, S. O. Allen and J. S. Burnett. fc ..... The r -clothing^ was shown to Mr. Lynch ,, a | tbe. father of Oie boy. today, and pos"?~ Ljtiy^y^. identified- by him as the trous- l ~ I *ra. and suspen'den» "worn.' by Jim ^i?^ : :J«^-««:i6T_;]8iai 'flT^lre^a:

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  • o c riddle Sept 8, 1899

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