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Epsilon Tug Boat Explosion George Ollendyke - Before the House of in To Be Queries 27,1872....
Before the House of in To Be Queries 27,1872. after fie House of BothHousss on the Urn of the HEKAID explanations Lords and negotiations ·Washington. indirect claims neither intention. the his was then under and they settlement be arrived at. distinct not be Geaeva, ana the subject After Understood in Three Men Instantly Billed and Six Injured. THE EPSILON BURSTS HER BOILER. 21,1ST2. Sii stjf- from the Right Exeter, m to the Treaty in the London in that Washington presented. As a he deemed it statement, but notice. notice taat that the that nature of would be whether the for the at the at expressed of the supplemental Atnen- replv to Mr. "government the Senate the new article, been received of the answered, Ftagmenls of the Wreck Strewing tlie Bulkheads aad Piers. Tiie tugboat Epsilon, while towing the packet ship soimnole, of the California line of packets, into the stream, suddenly exploded, at the foot of pier No. 19, East Elver, from the elfects, it is supposed, of low water in tlis boiler. Fortunately 'he was about twenty rods from the pier or else a greater disaster might have cccurred. As it ivas, three out of the SUe parson, oa board were drowned, six people so severely in- jnred as to be at present lying in a Critical condition in the Centie Sheet Hospital, while several others rccei ed slight wounds. The explosion was accompanied by a report like that of a heavy cannon, and the news flew around the city that a horrible accident hadjiappened. THE EXPLOSION. It appears that at about one o'clocs yesterday afternoon, as the toiling stevedoies hadieturned from dinner, loitering longshotemen were wistfully loolt- Ing around for employment, ana carmen making their way among the piles of boies and bales strewed on the busy wliarf a temSc explosion startled the crowded dock, aad a shower of wooaan uaginents poured down oa heads unsuspectta" dangei. A scene of wJd 'confusion ensued! Plunging horses, groaning men. aad a multitude of people rushing Jjranfccalh aiound.made a spectacle at once exciting and appalUng. Fiom every does, pier, ship and warehouse in tlie vicinity a"croud came rushing to asccitam nhat had happened, and for a tune the wildest rumors prevailed. On all siues lay Pie exploded fragments, and it is absolutely a mirace, considering the cro-n ded state of the neighboihood, that so few accidents hapreneJ. Here we' e la-ge pieces of tun ber that crusheu Into tae dock as thev -ell, and tlioro -nrm. «,,, more Sl8nder p 0 - t , oa | of tnere weie t.ie cabin the and t.ie cabin and upper cites TV oil. I-mg m confused and shattered heais t le s£hn- tcnni; ^showing the -violence of ie suock'and the Aitei sudden power tliat had torn'them-asunder i tne wondering ci owd had recovered from the Just ^ensation of astonishment, a rusi was mnfl^ tn the end of pier No. H, East River, jutt at tie loot orjjaiden lane, and there, m A SrVKING COK3ITIOX was tie ste^mh'g Epsilon. and three of tlw five raen uho constituted Ler crew were stru"-"Iin=- m thev.ater. E-ery exertion was made torefcne tcerar and in a lew minutes they were brou"-;it on sLore. Aa scon as ther Jiad" recovered eon- sciorsne=s ftOK. the shocl^ose of them stated to the i^sBiLO repieseatative taat the Epsilon was m the act of tn^giBg out the--San- Francisco pacVet steamei Seminoie- from tr.e pier, and just as the hawser was ac^nsted and the enfnr.~er about to go to his post Fi» explosion cccuirad. Th3 Epsilon, together with the tugboat Ai-diew Fletcner, were onlyabo-t five rods from tne T'er wuen the aikiir hapnened. The shin Hamilton Fish, of tie Blacfe BalTfcne, was Ivmg on the ot-ier side, and » sailor on board said tnatjnst as Captain Edward EallenbacTc was in the act of pulling tiie bell in the pilot house the explosion occurred. Ee sow tne .pilot house, together with the captain, blowa into the air a distance of twenty feet. The- debris flew up on all sides, and harulv had the fragments settled before the Epsiion sanfc Several boats put OT fiorn the pier for the purpose of picfimg up the bodies, but. -i^th the exception of tne three rescued men. no others were found. Si03 I^JJ-BED The deck of the Hamilton JKiiwas covered with wate-and uttered frith the faEinj fragments, and reporter visited the ho8plt.n nt twelve o'clock- nlKlii, though coasclous, he was bcaroaly aWc After much difficulty the reporter was enabled glean tho follon ing KKI tADLK STATEMENT of tlie sad occuirencc Irom Mm ·--Shortly before tlicti.glHtgantoton the Scniinolc out of doclc eueincei left the cuidiic loom and went on When he left the ftiiugca allowed more cicnt quantity of water in the boilei--in fact verc almost tilled up. He remained outilde deck for some lime, until thej had almost the dock, and whcu he returned lie saw at that t here «an no water in the gauges The muil he BBW this,, he taid to our icpoiter that called out to the ureinim, who was standing front of the boiler, 6 "MTf QOD' "HE ASK ALL BLOWN UP!" Before ho had time to take a "-tcp further dooi of the engine 100111 t he boiler blew up lias no iccolleciiou of aujt'iing further uutll ·ft as picked out of the wiUer.tthcn he recovered constiouim ss for :i short time, but became insensible immediately again While the reporter uas listening to the above statement the regular engineer of tho Ens,Uon mau named George Ollendyke, -visited the hospital to inquire after Ouuey. He Imd been sick fertile last few dnvs and had asked Cunev to do him. wuea Ollendike I ail left the hospital Currry apnonrcd most anxious to impress on repo, tei that lie was A 1)1 LY CEBriFIED FVOIKEEH. He called foi liis clothes, but was informed that they bad been torn to shreds, and that he thrown into the water. He said that lie nad passed the i egular engineers' examination and ceived a certificate of competency from. Mr. Mathews, Inspectoi of Boilers. He alio savs the whole blame ofthe e-xplosion is to be to the CABrXESSSTJSS AI*D DOWiKIHHT NnOLECT of the flu man, who was killed. V hen the explosion took place the steward, the deckhand another rran were sitting aft and were all b.own into the water. Tlie captain was standintr forward and was los,t. as well as tile fireman. Df Vandewater informed the HEKALD lenorter that Curre must lose his leg, as the fiactme'is most complicated character. THE EOILEB. The (boiler of the Epsilon was S^e vearsoW was ot the most approved construction and naL It -was consider^red one of the strongest I'igh-prefsure boileis on the rn er It v t a? Ia=tt in spccte-1 by Mi Mathevg ou tiie 13th of May and T as Certilied to cany EI3HTY l»OljNO3 OF 3TKW. The engineer, Carres informed the reiorter theEt«i!on ne\er earned less than eig'iti pounds pressi re of steam, uut tnat she \ er\ seldom anj tiling over He added, however, that from constmction of the waives and taam cocKs it required a good «3-al or care to keep tne water «p in tlie Loiler. Hie Epsiion belonged to Mr Townshend, of Gouvei-npnr street, owner of the docks and had been many 3 ears in tne I'as also been a certified engineer for many Tte doctors do not expect that he can recover. In reply to a question from the reporter Cnrrey tUat he had thoioughly cleaned and scraped tiie boiler the dav before yesterday. AT THE HOSPITAL AT MIDNIGHT. Captain Mitchell, the Sandy Hook pilot, both whose legs were broken m South street, was very critical condition at midn.ght last night. cond.tion of William Parsons, the shinwright of Brooklyn, was also verv bad, but no imminent danger is anticipated ENGLAND. it of a Cbveraneai Amnesty t3 iis Convicts. TH1SQ.1A3 TO Tjg jSW Y3=-K HE3AL3. EOS.SOV, May2T,lS7i The government has determined to pardon Fenians now remaining in prison, and they will shortly be released liorn custody. In the House of Commons this edemas: Sir Jensinson, Jteiabe- for KorPi mits, asfced if it true that the remaining Fenian prisoners had released, as reported Mr. Gladstone replied '·'Sb," at wiioh there was some laaguter. wonl 1, of stsps -- 1«^-_., «. «ii t ^u c .., rt Sandy- tnrec years of age, while standin tier tot office, at the corner of pflot, in the door of -, »_ i.~ * --ilden lane and was:£tTM|^Sjg£e°of MrW* ^ modifications Tje ds- lost in settling whether to Parliament nas'tion ia IST2. the Emlsd President e r a Curry aau Anaers6n Oluif, tna foraier of whom was rn tsie rigging and the litter on ine decif of tne Senuuole, were struck by the ailing timbers and severely injured. Anow man named James Par- son« TV ho resides at y o . A Tanderbilt a Broq^yc, nad both legs fractured wiine on tue does. TAKEN TO THE ,. boon after the expios-on an ambulance was sam- monea gid the in.ured mea removed to tne Ceutre stieet Hosp-taLv,here.t!'e::- wounds m t.ie right arm. 3.?m»ru Carrj-, engineer of the tugboat, - 0 1 1 ^ Ieftinee indirect m the prices of l-nsfj advices united :n she .has Am;r- which she in upon the strengthened that love of exhibited for the to moderate op.aion to be Cl-snes intchea. ?uot, aged sixtv four, widower- coiijpocnd aactere of the right leg? THE BFSILOV. Tins tng vis an ordinary sized boat, of about foriy tons, valued at Sl».ooo, owned bv George S Towrsend, at pier S3 East Hirer, and commanded by C-pfcun Edward Sallenbeck. She had five men OB loard at tue time of the accident--nam»lv the coor, two deck hands and the captain and engineer A u atcb, cap, boots aad several other articles of clothing were o'own asnorc at the time of the cs- pio='on At five o'iloct yesterday alteraoon men were grappling in tLe wreck in hones of fiadia-' bcdits: ami, although two came to the surface' they disappeared too nuicklv to be taucn oct. CAUSE OF THE ESB1OSION. The Epsilon. though an old boat, was fhorou-hlr repaired recently, bnt.it was new wine ;ti old bot- lles, and as the sound Irani the exuZoSion was full and clear it is supposed that the accident was caused bv low n ater n the boner. She now lies at at a nepth of about fliteen feet and will be hoisted to-day. IESLAKD. lie Galway Election Petition--Judicial nouacement Against dsrical SomM-' nation and Conspiracy. TtUBSASi TO THE KEW Y3»K HERALO. DEBHK, Hay 27,1872. Jadge Keog*i has unseated Mr. Kolan, elected Parliaaeat ora Galway, on the groand of clerical comb'cation and conspiracy amounting to ecclesiastical -lespotism. He will report in regard to the action of tne Arc.-.bisi*op of Taain and tlie Bishops of Gaiwar and Clonfert. AUSTEIA. Safa Sionn aal Batruc!a7e sun. Fatal In fcoas in Sohamia. Y39C KE3ALO. PBASCE, May 2T, 18T2, Eeavj- and des'Tartive rains tovo prevailed in tb'.s vzcsnitv tD2 pas' tevr uay^. The volaai-; of water wnicli leu vas so great as to innnaate smrouadiog coantty. Ssveral villages and tlie growing crops have been swept away and annmber of lives lost, but it i^ ijot stated exactly now HE EB1B SSfTAET. Coir up- Per- abated t5s -wa. r.port on Statement by an James Barton, who was on the docs at ne tune of the explosion of the boaer of the Epsilon, saya that as soon as he heard the sound and looted in the direction from which it came the air was filled with what seemed a mixture ofdast and debns of the boat all along pier 13 toKaidea lane, and darkening the piers oneithersids: thst two of the sailors oa board the^hjp Scnuaolc, who were in the rigging at the time, were injured by tie spHnters from the es- plodcd tug, and the chief mate, Mr. Eldridge, -who was on deci, was seriously cat and brnjscd. He did not know whether ajiy one on 5oard the Fletcher, the tag which the Epsilon was going to assist in fcddng ont the Scnunolc was Jrart, bnt hs was sure that many others had been injured. He kacw the captain of the Epsjioa. Charto Hailsabccfc. and Ms two brotner; -- one the engineer, and the pther a SreTnan-- had all bcsa blowa ott. The ca;v Jain and engineer --ere both T«J-T seiionsly. and, S" believed, fetaily injnred, while" tae Srcmsa was re?ci.ed £rom the was-er almost innoculaiely and had no injmy lh£t lie was a-srsre of. There were wvc^al persons among I3ic number en »c pier =t sne June of tss esjilosoa who reoelretl Jrtiane ia- jnrses from toWnr, spaatcrs. ard the others. s^rriMv aigl.CBEd, rcstea to tSe ssearest c-?ver tha; oflercd thcra s3^1!cr- On acariog the snore ra5 of tbs pier 3js found that a carman named ^ffliaza J. Keys had been stmcS oa tfes neafl by a affiajj 3receof5irabcr,anij Jiat both tas less an3 bo5y were cat aca tirsiscd- He iras 3BCTW5M'- ·wi'-a camea awav. CS-05sSnE3rom JJie shore end of ths ?jcr to lie pjjot office, he femd Ktat CSiartw Mtc5- ea. E jiEot. wfeo JIE«J fesen staa-Jiac at *3re 4oor at the tei*, bad beta sliact sad tod ixrti 3as legs msajgtea. TJ» tnas, ae saia, iras tea ! nT 5. 3a "?»rd *o pturer as «s ISicai ?«aJcr JTBC. TiwifnnlTffi tet'resD 30 aita 9S toes, and itzsoirned 3y Mr." Gewa*S- 1!oirassaa.' He had. Jjsacra Ler v«coa at«£^)0a; - - Jseape of the Caban-Aiasrican FJibustsr--She is Kred liito 6y a Spanish Ganaoat, TELESSAS T8 THE ins very *eri«ns!y ainiailsa. and some of not jiossifiy recover. Es 2tad Jssaira Ste beat rated ircB fw strcagHi. aad Vfl beta te- ·ton»ea3ij0BcirKienjai Btt-jcaal io Msc Oat Hjpy trcra sure tue orostt: of aic cj ia ISelxr.Jcr, Tl»e Engi»«r'* SUttrratnl, TJJC wagtoecr oT the 5a-fc»«a E5saoa, or j- «H- per«m -STJIO -sras 3«aE *ity fcr ttw re engioesr oT ITw T»3t, trass man samoa Com?, -B-SO rcsWc? at 3vt. 117 Crosfttr -sJrcrt. llie cxylc«2on t«* placs Cnrrcj was Mown clean over the s53c ttf Uie rcsstJ Jato Wic TIVCT. He TJIS ftirtBuateJj- jricVc-a srp ana convtjefl to KJS Centre Sire;? Hcsistai in HJO aaWtoncc. ·W3wn jsc arriTM a! * - daira « an3 so 3ow was Jic tlmt Dr. VaacJe-sratcT, ^rp-jy'ii, ^xjircs^d t5x: Ojrirrlon ' - ^ ''jvc two ?*otirs. Kcsl-oraWi t- 8 were 3j3« tSroit Ja i»li. and, basKSei «so sfcrsmcrtsJ 13 ai lie hafl rcc^Tcs3 a fractcre «i lit rjjftt tWtfh ssl a disQocaSoa ctf tic j^iec X^gt. proljaMy *y isvlnc »Tac3w sorae port «a ijftn ''o r*^1vt. anO at TDjtteagh* ^* ^sad i*t-" T u ft xi-cx-nf5Ji'-=!s. re ?in.5 also reortvfca "sTiii. ^*£7l, "Jj^CA ^T^Tf-^3 15t? 3T!d^ Of Iria 353^, SO)Q **~ - Hja.au? to HAVASA, Slav 27. IS72. A despatch from Santiago de Cuba on the Btli Instaat states -fiat ffle st«amer Edgar Stnait, tne Umtfld Stafes steamer Wyoming and the Spanish man-of-war Borgia left Kingston, Jamaica, on the 16ta instant. Tixe EOgar Stuart and Borgia soon parted company with the Wyoming, being faster sailers. Tie Borgia then gained on the Edgar Stnart, lint tic latter drawing bat uttle water, steamed in amoag the shoals and doubled bact towards Kingston-and disappeared. Xe Borgia then returned to Kingston, aad alterwards saded for Santiago de Cn^a. The Efigsr Stnatt was seen five leagces from Santlaga d» CuJja, and fired at oy t!is gaa'ooat Gsccfa. THS GLEEKS IN HAVANA. T5IM ggy iy 27. 137i A Uiovc3nc3t :i on foot among the c3erk3 or Ea-rana to- fictBaad tJicir liberty on San»lay3, for JSc jiarnosc of alisEfiusg to reUeons aad social ootacs. TSx conation or tae iJavana rfsri^s a very of s a. SaSncm. Ja Hc35 - gstarc tf this report ... ciliBrj^tts jiujac-gr^i j4-'fff GoT£Kor caas^Ira^ of tlis- 3{l ^4J«l ^3^ JC-4l'i'_ J^ 5JSS3J ll»oc OB saw soitsf tft psSatoaiajsSjc n^jtirt, sura w- troeadsnsrifi -HTT-J ro^uircris tie notte ttat- flcwicd swltwaiiSEto -careftjily wrrtra it sn3 e Cxnnpwonssrs. Bspartonit. it- stalca. slnrK-jja Itet icore Piirn asght Snndn-d: -vij Mortars ITCTC jis*l o"* of '"be S1» Wessnrs . Homsa. tea Stol of Joi-n "T- Bcgana ss. tame ^s raaay «C -«te Taeci- crs. The OTdcUus -a^s-iitfl pa-rticnlarji JMsrmtsDjicn, jroofl roam ttongTif the wJioli asffjar TTSM a r« mere s of is is for an ler aad bitter complimentary to is is opinion that The Jnac not a remala Philadelphia pnts e^er, rests The Tariff white ponnd on The *3i«ia QIC loracs. ana fftwa lie ISst

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