The House of Mystery where Thomas Bell died

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The House of Mystery where Thomas Bell died - S - feCISCO CHEpm 16 1897 mm NORMAL SCHOOL...
S - feCISCO CHEpm 16 1897 mm NORMAL SCHOOL GRADUATES JKJLXBEBOABTES l03fG WEBS - - WELL BXOEBED Closing Exercises sU Xonarfellew - Clement and Columbia Schools i idppsro THQMifEtyiIEk It ni worth wedgln through the crowd and standing for two - boors last rnlgfet tohear the graduating class cf the San Francisco Normal School slna their tklndereartea motion songs delightful adaptations of original words to fsmltlsr T tuneful music The ensemble of sweet young - voice was charming - Susan deuit contributed the words to Spring Is Here Margaret Hewitt to I Song ot the linnet Grace Critcher to a lullaby Emma Oelinas to Boating Helen Ttmhy to the Spinning Song and Emma Gormley to The lolly Soldiers In addition the class gave The Old Mat a composition from the class of 96 and Dollys Washing Day by Eleanor Kempston Last Night of Kijerull arranged for doable quartet was wen rendered In this the sopranos were Miss Xeavy Miss Paredes Miss Dwyer Miss Hewitt and the contraltos Miss Chalmers Miss Colman Miss Critcher and Mrs Sherbourne For an encore they gare a lullaby TW young ladles looked an Intelligent and sprightly group They were seated much as the girls were last week at tSe Rich - school commencement exercises There was a bit more color in the fancy gowning last evening and the field of white organdie was plentifully dotted with blues and pinks In dainty nralles and ribbons - and all in striking contrast to thef somber evening suit of the one young gentleman graduate The girls carried bright flowers and the Stars and Stripes added their color and glory Groupings of palms and ferns completed the setting When the ushers Dr E H Lake H 8 Scott Leonard Schwartz Edwin Feisel Frank 8 Cookson W Smith Z T How rd and Arthur Hewitt had seated the audience Miss Rose McCormack gave the opening march and the school sang God Ever Glorious Director Thomas R Carew who had charge of the programme then introduced William Derham chairman of the Com mittee on Classification who made the Opening address Miss Era CJeary thttl read an original salutatory poem a pleasant greeting In verse The essays of the evening were THe Harmony of Childhood Virginia English Education of Woman Rose Cas - assa The Vital Worth of Education Frances Gray Education and Labor Alice Chalmers Normal Training Louise Tlfleld and - Our Patriotic Tenchers Catharine Gorham Charles Barrington president of the Board of Education made a graceful address and Deputy Superintendent Charles B Stone presented diplomas to Margaret C Ames Letitia Alslp Helen G Barker 7k - r i zinsit - rt - Vt - - r - I - - w r i - MMfiltCH WOUNDS PROBABLY SATAL POLICE TAKE A HASD LvrESTiaATiojri TS THE Last Seen Several Hoars Before tfe Retnrmed to His Home I2f THE Bell mansion better known as the House of Mystery at the corrtr of Bush and Octavta streets are still living all the principal characters in the sensational suit brought by Fred Bell against his mother or Mrs Teresa Ben as he prefers to caU her the facts of whicb suit were published in yesterdays Chronicle In this House of Mystery Thomas Ben the millionaire and friend of John W Mackay D O Mills and Other men who turned - everything they touched into money In the pioneer days died In a most singular manner not five years ago At night when the house was in darkness BeU fell or was thrown from the third floor to the first receiving injuries that caused bis death A few months later Fred Bell the son nearly became the victim of an assassins bullet As he was coming down the darkened stairway come one fired two shots at him and finding that young Bell was about to show fight the would - be assassin fled and escaped The mystery surrounding the two tragic events hat never been satisfactorily explained Neither has the mysterious fail which Fred BeU received a little overayesr ago when he was thrown down two floors just as his father was and received Injuries from which no ordinary man would have recovered The secret of all these mysteries may be soon revealed since the Bell family I now divided against Itself Mammy - Pleasant can no longer hold the children in subjection and It Is believed that the suit brought by Fred BeU Is the first step toward bringing to light the secrets of the household BeUi suit Is brought In the nhape of a petition asking for the revocation of the letters of guardianship Issued to Mrs Bell In the matter of her children the minor heirs of Thomas Bell Mammy Pleasant wiU undoubtedly try to hush - matters up but as she Is believed to be on her deathbed ber Influence win probably be slight Fred BeU says that he is in the fight to stay Fisher Ames attorney for Mrs Bell was seen yesterday He said he had not seen Mra BeU since the article appeared in the Chronicle and wai not authorized to speak He said that the aUegations that Mrs BeU neglected the chUdren and failed to provide them with food and clothing and to see that they were properly educated would meet with strong opposition and that evidence would be introduced to show that Fred BeU had made allegations which he would not be able to prove As to the charges of drunkenness on the part of Mrs Bell the attorney said that he could only put in a general denial as he did not know what Mrs Bells desire In the matter was As far as he was concerned he had often been to the BeU mansion and had always found everything in first - class order He had never heard of Mrs Bell being intoxicated and had never heard of her using vulgar language Unless Edward Oyne the yrrang printer living at TO Harrison street whose Dfe U slowly ebbing away on his cot at St Marys Hospital recovers consciousness before hU death the mystery of its cause may never be known On Saturday sight a week ago he received injuries rays terious as to causev - but wMchwUl prob ably result in death The physicians in attendance declare that the removal of a cUtof Wood that now produces paralysis Vijprfsstng on the brain is the only thing Kym save his life JPfefors BalUy Robinson and Thorne aretn charge of the patient They have made several examinations of him and have come to the conclusion that art operation would only result In giving him an even chance for Ufa They have deter mined therefore to try what science will do in dissipating this clot without resorting to the surgeons scalpel 1 While the doctors are wating young Clyne shows no change In his condition They aie undetermined whether his in juries have resulted from a blow or a fan but incline to the latter as the cause Once In a while he responds - to questions and then his only exclamation is No No accompanied by a movement Of the hands as if he would ward off an approaching enemy or beseach some one not to strike bin The Injuries which have resulted in this peculiar condition are diagnosed as a fracture of Che mastoid process induced by a blow or fall If the bone of the skuU is fractured the doctors have not yet been able to ascertain It as an operation would be fraught with Imminent danger to the patient When last seen Clyne left the liquor store at the southeast corner of Fourth and Harrison streets about 8S0 oclock He bad been drinking some but was not fo far gone as to be unable to take care of himself He left the saloon by the Har rison - street door within 100 feet Of his house and was turned in that direction as the barkeeper noticed him going out From that time until 11 oclock the hour when his mother beUeves he returned home no trace of his movements can be found Mrs Clyne can shed but little light upon his movements that evening She Is a hard - working woman and retires early Her husband is sn invalid who demands constant attention and the family is In toe habit of getting him to bed about the same hoar every night She says She was asleep when Edward returned on Saturday night a week ago and knew nothing of his condition until the next morning Clyne was in the habit of going with a the

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 16 Jun 1897, Wed,
  3. Page 8

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  • The House of Mystery where Thomas Bell died

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