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48_11_22 Detroit SCCA feature story, white MG - AN OLD DETROIT CUSTOM Foreign the port of Among...
AN OLD DETROIT CUSTOM Foreign the port of Among BY LEO DONOVAN ' . Free Press Staff Writer A GROWING colony of automobile enthusiasts in Michigan are driving foreign manufactured cars and liking it. They didn't buy in desperation when their local dealer couldn't supply them with an American-made American-made American-made vehicle. Nor was it because they hoped to save operating costs with the longer-mileage longer-mileage longer-mileage foreign engines. They bought because they are mechanicaUy-minded mechanicaUy-minded mechanicaUy-minded enthusiasts enthusiasts to the point of admitting slyly that they're nuts on the subject of what they call the "sport" of motoring. Detroit, the world capital of the automotive industry, provides provides a maximum of automotive mechanical skills and almost anything that goes wrong with a foreign-made foreign-made foreign-made car can be riarhted barrine a smash-tra. smash-tra. smash-tra. IF FENDERS and other sheet metal parts are sufficiently damaged damaged to require- require- replacement, j there's a long wait for new ones from England, France or Germany. But for almost anything else that goes wrong, an American manufacturer can supply a duplicate Model A Ford tires, for instance for the British-made British-made British-made "M.G." cars. While tires for most foreign , cars are available in Detroit, the 'French, use of the metric system $ad some of the boys stumned Jmtil they figured out that a 400 Jnillemeter wheel with a165 mille- mille- meter tire required a standard 550 by 16 American make. JACK WOOD, a nephew of Gar Wood, and an enthusiastic sales man of "M.G." cars, Jaguars, Hill man Minx, Sunbeams, Morris and other foreign makes of "sporting cars, says it isn't difficult to make most repairs to foreign vehicles. At his Mack Ave. sales agency and garage his mechanics, Andrew Andrew McCusker, who has worked in auto factories and garages in England, and Bill Sands, "the best mechanic this side of Arkansas," Arkansas," are rebuilding two 1939 model cars they just received. The vehicles, a German DKW and a French Citroen, are front wheel drive cars. A few Jaguars, sold to customers customers in Detroit, Adrian, Grand Rapids, Port Huron and Ann Arbor, come complete with their tool kits built snugly into the cars. SPECIAL. SETS of wrenches and spare parts also are stocked by Wood who found cause for special special rejoicing last week in the report that American, Canadian and British engineering societies had finally agreed to use the same type threaded bolts and nuts hereafter. hereafter. The interchangeability of nuts and bolts of American manufacture manufacture with those of British make will eliminate a lot of headaches for mechanics on both sides of the ocean, Wood predicts. The wiring systems in most British-made British-made British-made cars, as well as other electrical equipment, are interchangeable interchangeable with Dele o-R o-R o-R e m y, Auto-Lite, Auto-Lite, Auto-Lite, Stewart - Warner and other American, products, Wood reports. ; Paying tribute to the ingenuity of Detroit mechanics, Wood says that there's hardly a part of a foreign-made foreign-made foreign-made motor car that can't be repaired or replaced. , FROM SPRINGS to carburetors, from heating systems to bumper guards, the British, French or German cars can be fixed up with American labor's skill, he declares. . ; British manufacturers are proud of their products particularly, particularly, Wood reports. f When the M.G. manufacturers pvtended the leneth of their chas sia fivp inches and made other improvements, they advertised not a word of the improvements, he said. Instead, they camouflaged the changes. Gar Fad M Motor j.uey assumed mat wnat Uiey had been manufacturing1 was the zenith of automotive perfection and couldn't be improved upon, he explained. ' DETKOITEKS who buy foreign-make foreign-make foreign-make cars come from every strata of Detroit society, from young college college students who "hock their shirts" to make the down payment, payment, to socialites who find in them a source of distinction. H Romans Mad BY ROBERT GOLDMAN Free Press SUf f Writsr . ANN ARBORr-History ARBORr-History ARBORr-History proves that all those stories about women drivers are no accident. accident. As far back as 205 B. C, the Romans (they had traffic problems, too) passed a law prohibiting women from driving chariots. chariots. According to Prof. Roger L. Morrison, curator of the University of Michigan Transportation Transportation Library, it is the first known legislation legislation of its kind. THE ROMAN LADIES became infuriated, he said, and started a protest which lasted 20 years. "In the 180's B. C, they stormed the capi-tol capi-tol capi-tol and rough-housed rough-housed rough-housed the senators," Prof. Morrison reveals. "Marcux Cato made a speech for women's rights and they were given the right to drive." Meanwhile, in Athens, a bigwig by the name of Lycurgus successfully lobbied for a law China Due for Better Beer Bottles ALFRED, N. Y. (U.R) Those contemplating a trip to the Orient in the future might be interested in knowing" that the quality of Chinese beer bottles will be improved improved by 1950. Hung-Wen Hung-Wen Hung-Wen Chiu, 34, of Shang hai, China, presently a student at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University, is the authority for the statement. CHIU WAS assistant factory manager of the Tsing Hwa Glass Co. in his home town before coming coming to the United States. His company is one of the few with automatic machinery, Chiu said, as most other glass plants in Shanghai use hand methods. In addition to its beer bottle production, the Tsing Hwa Glass Co. makes glass tumblers and expects to go into the window glass field as soon as conditions permit. "It takes time," Chiu said. "We Chinese do not do things as quickly quickly as you Americans, you know." DETROIT FREE PRESS ft Section B Sunday, Nov. 28 Revives otoring obbyists Before the war, the fashion for foreign cars thrived in Detroit, Detroit, and It's having a renewed growth in the present American , car -shortage -shortage and the interest developed in almost anything mechanically new, he added. Auto dealers' sons are becoming interested in greater numbers and when the Detroit Chapter of the' Sports Car Club of America gathers gathers for a "race" through Bloom-field Bloom-field Bloom-field Hills or other suburban areas, from 20 to 40 owners of unusual vehicles assemble, Wood reported. THE "RACES, a sort of game in which the contestants strive to maintain a set speed over a course not divulged until the "sealed" orders" are opened at the starting point, will be resumed next spring. Members are planning for speed trials this winter, however, however, on the ice of Lake St. Clair. Most of the foreign cars can achieve an "honest" 85 miles an hour and because they're sports cars so close to the ground the rider imagines he's going much faster, Wood says. TODAY'S PROGRAM AT YOUR FAVORITE if Co-Operative Co-Operative Co-Operative Theater ABIKGTON ,0DAY! ONE DAY OHIY! All LAUGH SHOW! Eddia Cantor in "IF YOU KNEW SUSIE" ana Jack Beany in "THE MEANEST MAN III THE WORLD." tdoar KinnMy Caawdy. lilt Binny anf Other Cartoons! ARIUGTflU 12th and Seward TB 2-0100 2-0100 2-0100 AolNulUN 0p 123Q. -if -if YOU KNEW SUSIE it Eddie Cantor. Joan Davit. "MEAN EST MAN IN THE WORLD ' with Jack Beany, Rochester. IOC T20tt Harper WA 1-0347 1-0347 1-0347 Ut n... 11.4c anrfnlnh Staff Ann. I.ffrew "RETURN OF THE, BADMEN." Robert liino$tone. Mae Clark. "DAREDEVILS OF THE CLOUDS." I ft 1 1 1 0 Grand Cimu l'iri CA S522 AUMifllJ n.nnv k-9v k-9v k-9v m Vlrainii Him la "A SONG IS BORN ' with Benny Goodman, Tommy uorsey. Lewn Armstrone. rial pete snma s penalty. inilipi I Midi it t. Jean VA 2-8195 2-8195 2-8195 Park HUmlliML ,,, io.w Linda nirn.il r.nrnnl Wilde. "FOREVER AMBER" ( Color ). "FEUDIN', FUSSIW AND A-FIGHTIN'. A-FIGHTIN'. A-FIGHTIN'. Marjorla Mala. Al GFR E- E- Warren-Outer Warren-Outer Warren-Outer DriTt M 1123 MLULD Haan fta.a I Inila fl.ra.ll Cornel Wilde la "FOREVER AMBER" (Technicolor). 2:40-6:39-10:38. 2:40-6:39-10:38. 2:40-6:39-10:38. 2:40-6:39-10:38. 2:40-6:39-10:38. Flit William Elllatt la "OLD LOS ANGELES." 1:13-5:12-9:11. 1:13-5:12-9:11. 1:13-5:12-9:11. 1:13-5:12-9:11. 1:13-5:12-9:11. II U I W Dp 19428 Woodward Ave. MA 0234 MLliMITiUnA ,-. ,-. ,-. oil rrV" aitk laka Favn. Jaaa r.i.lli.la "WALLS OF IFBir.MO" with CorarT Wilde, Linda Oarnell. ALLEN PARK" NOW! NEW POLICY! FIRST DOWNRIVER SHOWING OF HOLLYWOOD'S GREATEST HITS! ALLEN PARKt PROGRAM CHANGES EVERY WEEK. NEW SHOW EVERY SUNDAY AND WEDNESDAY. WEDNESDAY. Box Office Opens WEEKDAYS: 5:45 a. at. SATURDAYS. SUNDAYS, HOLIDAYS. 12.-00 12.-00 12.-00 NOON. All ITU Bk$Y Souttifield-Allen Souttifield-Allen Souttifield-Allen Boad ALLtN rAn OPEN 120 N00 AT 2913 OPEN 120 NOON! Jeanne Crain. William Holdea In "APARTMENT FOR PEGGY" plat "THE SEARCH" with Montjoaiery Clift. NEWS' II nill 15001 Cbarleroix TH 2-2615 2-2615 2-2615 ALU ma e.e. 12:45. nBi, Daraell. Cornel n ; ",m- ",m- r jii : 11 11111 7 ""TTt'. 7 ;--.'v;;h ;--.'v;;h ;--.'v;;h ;--.'v;;h I fS - v .rr - I i )A- )A- ;. -H -H , ' u It a D 1? : . X "M "7Y y X ' X- X- f U 73 X n -3mr -3mr X ... IMI 1 . ..r YOU MIGHT IMAGINE that repairing a foreign car is a fairly complicated process. However, Jack Wood, at a Detroit firm deal- deal- a Wbrd clamping down on fair-sex fair-sex fair-sex drivers. "Mrs. Lycurgus, his wife, was the first one to break it," Prof. Morrison points out, "and was fined 6,000 drachmas. "The idea about women's lack of ability as drivers seems to be a theme in history." LATER, JLXIUS CAESAR found himself confronted by jammed streets and irate pedestrians, pedestrians, so he passed a law prohibiting downtown downtown parking. That was in 50 B. C. To avoid congestion, Prof. Morrison said, THE GALS RAN WILD EVEN IN THE OLD, OLD DAYS piClllft E. Pariaon at a Mile TW 2-0847 2-0847 2-0847 UAOIItU BDt 12:so. "REYOND GLORY" with Alan Ladd. Doana Reed. "RETURN OF THE BAD- BAD- MEN" with Randolph Scott. Roecrt Ryaa. pCTI C 3412 Hastings UA0 I LL 0ftn 12 Kttn Bi roll. "OLD LOS ANGELES." TE 3-0094 3-0094 3-0094 w Elliott. John Car-THE Car-THE Car-THE CREEPER," Ralph Korean. Jams Wilson. pCUTCD Wood d-Blrd. d-Blrd. d-Blrd. Park Free MA 8484 UCniLil 10 a m t, i-jrj i-jrj i-jrj , Tyr,B. ra TLa.- TLa.- ruc biiiid'c ence . uajnai rci naj. int., nniu n j . w u a.. DOLL FACE." Caraiea Miranda. Porry Cone. Lati News. pr UTIIP V 14tn ,nd W. Grand Blvd. Park Free WLillUill n... 1 a .pk Craa Wlllliai Powell, Irene Denne. "LIFE WITH FATHER" (Color). "BLONOIE'S REWARD." Penny Slnaletea, Art her Lake. puiuni CD Harper at Chalmers AB8700 OnAilULLfl jp., 12:45. Esther Willlamt. Peter lawford. "ON AN ISLAND WITH YOU" (Technicolor). (Technicolor). "I. JANE DOE." Cartoon. piUnrpri I 113311 t. Jefferson CH 4231 UlilULiiLLLA lo.lt ai nnnl a'Kmttt loils Hayward la "WALK A CROOKED MILE." 1:46-4:48-750-10:52. 1:46-4:48-750-10:52. 1:46-4:48-750-10:52. 1:46-4:48-750-10:52. 1:46-4:48-750-10:52. 1:46-4:48-750-10:52. 1:46-4:48-750-10:52. Plat Walt Disney's Technl- Technl- color Featire. "MELODY TIME." 1250-3 1250-3 1250-3 J2-634- J2-634- J2-634- J2-634- :JS. CIRCLE,-- CIRCLE,-- CIRCLE,-- Miller Boad 0B 5040 Paved Parkina. "LARCFNV" with John Payne, Joaa Cailfield. "WALLS OF JERICHO" with Cornel Wilde, Linda Darnell. nvifi.nFTRn n-f n-f n-f at Rumier AB 8222 12:45. Park Free. Carnal Wilde la "FOREVER AMBER" (Color) Pin "OLD LOS ANGELES" with William Elliott. CIYIC-FARMING"TONl9rrV. CIYIC-FARMING"TONl9rrV. CIYIC-FARMING"TONl9rrV. imd. Darnell, Cornel Wilde. "FOREVER AMBER" (Color), 1:20-5 1:20-5 1:20-5 17-9:13. 17-9:13. 17-9:13. Marjorie Main, "FEUDIN', FUSS-IN' FUSS-IN' FUSS-IN' AND A-FIGHTIN'," A-FIGHTIN'," A-FIGHTIN'," 2:42-6:38-105 2:42-6:38-105 2:42-6:38-105 2:42-6:38-105 2:42-6:38-105 pf) n VI A I Woodward at Adelaide CA 4282 llaap. a.rb I'm. f Blekford. Ann Dvorak. "GANGS OF NEW YORK" 'GANGS or CMir.Acn " i lava a.i.a a..., u lane. PflNalMT 12027 Cooatnt TW 2-3033 2-3033 2-3033 - for Women Drivers Caesar roped off the theater district, established established one-way one-way one-way streets and outlawed night parking. . The first known speed law was passed in 1678 A. D. in Newport, R. L, after a horseman ran over a child, he said. A proclamation read: "Whereas, there was very lately in the town very greate harm done to a small childe, by exceeding fast and hard riding of horses, this Assembly being desirous to prevent prevent the like mischief doe ordain, riCUCp In the Fisher Buildini CH 4231 rionLil riMal. a'KMfa. Lauli Mavward la "WALK A CROOKED MILE" at 1:45-4:46-7:47-10:48. 1:45-4:46-7:47-10:48. 1:45-4:46-7:47-10:48. 1:45-4:46-7:47-10:48. 1:45-4:46-7:47-10:48. 1:45-4:46-7:47-10:48. 1:45-4:46-7:47-10:48. Pies Andrews Sisters. Dennis Day, Roy Rooert la MELODY TIME" (Technicolor) at 1250-351- 1250-351- 1250-351- 1250-351- 652-953. 652-953. 652-953. CI AUIUftfl Gratiot-7 Gratiot-7 Gratiot-7 Mile Road LA 6-3460 6-3460 6-3460 I t-nminuu t-nminuu t-nminuu 0B 12:45. ! ANGELES," 1:10-5:06-9:02. 1:10-5:06-9:02. 1:10-5:06-9:02. 1:10-5:06-9:02. 1:10-5:06-9:02. Wilde, "FOREVER AMBER" 10:29. ill Elliott. "OLD LOS Linda Darnell, Cornel (Color), 257-653- 257-653- 257-653- 257-653- rnnnOAtj 10149 IMx, Dearborn runuoufi romance on the high seas," Jack Carson. "SOUTH OF TAHITI," Briaa Donlevy. Cartooa, News. FOREST" EXCLUSIVE FIRST DETROIT SHOWING! FOREST" TWO GREATEST THRILLERS IN MOVIE HISTORY' cnpCCT Woodward at Forest TE 1-8761 1-8761 1-8761 lUilLOl ... i.n a a. K,rana,.nd.d far Adalts. Jinalo Adrentiros. Voodoo Seerett la "UNGAGI PI is URANGI. Admissioa 42 plat Tax. Last Show Starts 12 Midnight. rnw2211 Woodward CH 1700 UA B.tfv Cnai. a.d Daa Dalle la WHEN MY BABY SMILES AT ME" (in Techni color)! Pitt "PORT SAID" CI nDC Grand Ein-r Ein-r Ein-r at Trumbull TB 1-7338 1-7338 1-7338 OLUDC op,, i25. "FIGHTING FATHER DUNNE," 1:00-4:17-734-1051, 1:00-4:17-734-1051, 1:00-4:17-734-1051, 1:00-4:17-734-1051, 1:00-4:17-734-1051, 1:00-4:17-734-1051, 1:00-4:17-734-1051, with Pat O'Briea, Darryl Hlekaian. "I, JANE DOE" with Rath H istey. Joha Carroll, 2:50-6:07-9:24. 2:50-6:07-9:24. 2:50-6:07-9:24. 2:50-6:07-9:24. 2:50-6:07-9:24. GRAND" Woodward at Grand TO 8-2265 8-2265 8-2265 Opea from 11:45 a. at. 2 Bi Pietiros. Betty Grahle. Doielas Falrhanks and Cesar Romero in "THAT LADY IN ERMINE. Alt "FIGHTING BACK" with Pail Lanaton and Cary Gray. GRANDE 8024 W. Jefferson VI 2-1247 2-1247 2-1247 Powell. (Color). Denne. "LIFE WITH FATHER" BIG TOWN SCANDAL," Philip Reed. GRANT" ' Busaell near Uolbrook MA 8928 Fn'f Press Photo ing in the low underslung jobs, disproves this by changing a tire on a British M.G. in less than a minute. LOOP TOMORROW AND TUESDAY 850 P. M. UN STAGE IN PERSON-GIANT PERSON-GIANT PERSON-GIANT AMATEUR SHOW! AT I flflP Mlch- Mlch- at C" llptn 24 Houn WO 2-9764 2-9764 2-9764 LUUl lil. nariull Taraal Wllila "FHRFVCI AMBER" (Color). "OLD LOS ANGELES." Bill Elliott Joha Carroll. UinicnuGd. Cirrus Pk.-Wood'd Pk.-Wood'd Pk.-Wood'd CH 4231 niAUIOUil a Hlllaad CWhm Mlrl la SEALED VERDICT" at 11:00-1:55-4 11:00-1:55-4 11:00-1:55-4 11:00-1:55-4 11:00-1:55-4 55-7:45- 55-7:45- 55-7:45- 55-7:45- 1035. Plat Ror Caihoaa la "MIRACULOUS JOURNEY" (Color) at 1230-3:30-630-920. 1230-3:30-630-920. 1230-3:30-630-920. 1230-3:30-630-920. 1230-3:30-630-920. 1230-3:30-630-920. 1230-3:30-630-920. II I ICCTIf Woodstard at Willis TE 1-8928 1-8928 1-8928 w mAJLOlil) op.. 1:30 ujTt- ujTt- SHOW. Williaai Elliott. Joha Carroll. "OLD LOS ANGELES." Plat FEUDIN'. FUSSIN' AND A-FIGHTIN A-FIGHTIN A-FIGHTIN ." Marjorie Main. II lOe Conaut near 7 Mile Bd. TW 2-871.8 2-871.8 2-871.8 lYIAllO raat 11d( Sal Caa fara.l Wild, la "FOREVER AMBER" (Color) pl.t "FEUDIN', FUSSIN' AND A-FIGHTIN'." A-FIGHTIN'." A-FIGHTIN'." MARTHA WASHINGTON- WASHINGTON- BEAUTIFULLY BEMODELEO! MARTHA WASHINGTON 10315 Jos. Campau TR 2-1471. 2-1471. 2-1471. Open 12:45. Cornel Wilde. Linda Daraell, "WALLS OF JERICHO." "LARCENY." Joaa Cailfield, Joha Payne, Daa Diryea. II I VLr Mack at Baldwin WA 1-4246 1-4246 1-4246 NIAAinr. ,M1 1:15 gttty gran,. D,,,iat Fair-hanks. Fair-hanks. Fair-hanks. "THAT LADY IN ERMINE" (Color). Plat RETURN OF THE BADMEN." Kanlolph Scott. II IV CI ID W'oodaard near Eliot TE 1-3313 1-3313 1-3313 m 1 1 Mill ... ajiaht. Betty Grahla. "THAT LADY IN ERMINE" (Color). Randolph Scott la RETURN OF THE BADMEN." I1CI Allen Bd.-Oakwood Bd.-Oakwood Bd.-Oakwood Bird. AT 8560 "ILL l.aana Craia and Williaai Holdea ia "APARTMENT FOR PEGGY" (Techni color), 3:10-7 3:10-7 3:10-7 .-00-10:55. .-00-10:55. .-00-10:55. .-00-10:55. .-00-10:55. Pies Mentee"ry Clift Irik stantn,- stantn,- ilu-j:u-llu. ilu-j:u-llu. ilu-j:u-llu. ilu-j:u-llu. ilu-j:u-llu. UTRfMIRY Bchaefer-6 Bchaefer-6 Bchaefer-6 Mill IN 2-8100 2-8100 2-8100 lYiLnuUn I .... 12 Nm. m.ni Freo Parkina. Cornel Wilde. Anno Baxter, Linda Darnell. "WALLS The Radio Week's Best BY LAKRY HERB SHRINER, the Hoosier little bit of Will Rogers, puts it ?With the housing shortage veterans homes they are putting As a matter of fact, a couple the spot the other day. "Yes," he continued, "the housing shortage is ' really bad. To tell you the truth, the room I'm living in now is so small, that if I weye to die there I believe they'd just put handles on it and bury me in it." - CLIFTON WEBB was telling telling Ed Gardner how he'd like to play ''Hamlet." "Ah, to ' play that final scene," mused Webb. "Stag-' "Stag-' "Stag-' gering around as my brain becomes becomes numb . . . surrounded by the bodies of friends and enemies, the poor "victims who have partaken of the poisoned drink. I ask you where else could you find a scene like this?" "You ought to drop around to Duffy's Tavern some Saturday Saturday night," suggested-Archie. suggested-Archie. suggested-Archie. O Allan Young: Last week my Aunt Sophie was on a "If any person shall presume to ride on horse, mare or gelding, a gallup, or to run speed in the streets of Newport, said person person shall pay to the Treasurer of said town five shillings in money on demand." The first one-way one-way one-way streets in this country are said to have bounded the John St. Theater in New York City in 1760. At about the same time, a regulation in that city was passed which required that "horse heads point to the East River when parked." A STOP-AND-GO STOP-AND-GO STOP-AND-GO STOP-AND-GO STOP-AND-GO traffic signal, said to be the first, was put in London in 1868 near Parliament Parliament on Bridge and Westminster streets, Prof. Morrison disclosed. The ladies bolted into the news again in 1891. Cincinnati reported that year that 25 out of 30 carriage accidents were caused by women drivers. i Cincinnati city fathers immediately raised the cry for an ordinance to outlaw driving by women. PIPPAnil I Y FenkeU-Litferriols FenkeU-Litferriols FenkeU-Litferriols CS 2-4724 2-4724 2-4724 I IUUMUIULI 12:45. Park Fra. "LADY IM ERMINE," Betty Grahle. Cesar Roanra. "RETURN OF THE BAD pan," Randolph Scott. Anno Jeffreys. PI A 7 A 11641 East Jefferson VA 2-7837 2-7837 2-7837 LHA.A 0pat 12:45. Bill Elliott. Joha Carroll. "OLD LOS ANGELES." "PUDDINHEAD," Jidy bimni, rrancit Leoerer. P NRH A Ilin Y 21 Kercheral. CP. M 3898 runun a juuiLIbiU .,,, ttrnt, Wil(!. Anne Baxter, "WALLS OF JERICHO." Starts 255-5:00-720-9:45. 255-5:00-720-9:45. 255-5:00-720-9:45. 255-5:00-720-9:45. 255-5:00-720-9:45. 255-5:00-720-9:45. 255-5:00-720-9:45. RADIO CITY STARTING WEDNESDAY FOR 4 DAYS: "LARCENY" with Joaa Cailfield, Joha Payne. Gey Madison, Diana Lynn. "TEXAS, BROOKLYN AND HEAVEN." Dinif) piTV Woodard nr. 0 Mile Bi JO 4-6050 4-6050 4-6050 IIMUIUUIII fl... l7 ... a... rrMM .... Show 930. Held 0er! "TWO GUYS FROM TEXAS" (Color) with Dennis Mariaa, Jack Carson. Plis "BLONOIE'S REWARD." Psaay Sinilctoa, Art her Lake. - RAINPfl Jranc! Biser at Joy Boad HO 3264 IIMIItUU j,,,, 11:45 Al Bew Uff sfcow 28th Edition. 1 Red Skelton, "MERTON OF THE MOVIES." 2 "UPSTANDING SITTER," Reft Benny. 3 -3 -3 Stooaes, "BRiDELESS GROOM." g4 Old Tyaio Mot its, tb Senp Reel. R A M II N A Cratiot 6 ilile Bd. LA 6-1910 6-1910 6-1910 iiMmunM 0wil 12 Trtt Ull1 tnrntU Cornel Wilde ia "THE WALLS OF JERICHO." 1220-3 1220-3 1220-3 50-7 50-7 50-7 20-10:50. 20-10:50. 20-10:50. Plis Joha Payne, Joaa Cailfield Ia "LARCENY." 221-551-921. 221-551-921. 221-551-921. 221-551-921. 221-551-921. RFn FflRfl Lanscr t Grand Birer K 1-1401 1-1401 1-1401 nLiirunu Cp., x p Am.lt Fr rmt rtTkm Int. Walt Disaey' "MELODY TIME," Andrews Sisters. Boy Rooert, 1:00-355-655-10:00 1:00-355-655-10:00 1:00-355-655-10:00 1:00-355-655-10:00 1:00-355-655-10:00 1:00-355-655-10:00 1:00-355-655-10:00 (Technicolor). (Technicolor). Dennis O'Keefe. "WALK A CROOKED MILE." 2:15-5:10-8:10-11:15. 2:15-5:10-8:10-11:15. 2:15-5:10-8:10-11:15. 2:15-5:10-8:10-11:15. 2:15-5:10-8:10-11:15. 2:15-5:10-8:10-11:15. 2:15-5:10-8:10-11:15. DCCCUT Woodward at Gd. BiTd. IB 2-6464 2-6464 2-6464 liLULIII jjpea 12.45. 3 Cartoons en Erery Show. "TAKE MY LIFE." 220-555-850-12:05. 220-555-850-12:05. 220-555-850-12:05. 220-555-850-12:05. 220-555-850-12:05. 220-555-850-12:05. 220-555-850-12:05. Mar-farst Mar-farst Mar-farst Leckwood ia "BEDELIA." 1:00-4:14-7 1:00-4:14-7 1:00-4:14-7 1:00-4:14-7 1:00-4:14-7 30-10:45. 30-10:45. 30-10:45. Two Complete Feat ires After 10 OO. D C V ( New fort St. near Junction VI 2-9 2-9 2-9 72 8 ntA Opea 115 a. ai. 3 Featircs. lairel t Hardy ia "BLOCK HEADS." ley Ropers, "JESSE JAMES. a at 7

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  1. Detroit Free Press,
  2. 28 Nov 1948, Sun,
  3. Page 22

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