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NORTON, Cora BEIDLER HAMILTON - Obit p. 1 - J - - V-' V-' V-' ROAD TO TRU C. RICH 3: SmK...
J - - V-' V-' V-' ROAD TO TRU C. RICH 3: SmK '.y Tirst the' kingdom of God, M.- M.- hla 'lahteousnese; and all these -thlnr -thlnr shall be added unto -you- -you- -you- Matthew 4:33.- 4:33.- V ; .V' THE WATERLOO PRESS won the. Schertemeler trophy cup for -the. -the. bett flrtt page of Indianafit publican weekly newspaper during during the year 1831. . j , OLDEST REPUBLICAN WEEKLY NEWSPAPER IN DEKALB COUNTY VOL. LXXVI, No. 31 WATERLOO, INDIANA, THURSDAY MORNINGMARCH 15, 1934 $2.00 A YEAR C 1 JUL) E o)($ (puma n (mi rT mi i p im -mmm -mmm " ' - J uuu.u f ' - 3 f 1 - LiUL:L.J.'LiauO Fires the First Gun or the C O. P. Campaign LjilUlX-ULJLiCU LjilUlX-ULJLiCU LjilUlX-ULJLiCU Hoosier Republican Editor Question the. President's Adoption of Many of the "Brain Trusts Schemes FARMER NAMES HIS PIG : DILLINGER BECAUSE IT '. WONT STAY INTHE PEN" ; Marion Shimer, a .farmer residing residing near Anderson, has named one of his little pigs "Dillinger", because because he explained, the pig won't stay in the pen. . Representative H. H. Evans of New castle. In d. Fired First Gun for the G. O. P. in DeKalb County - C YI? '"C3f.ii Z'.'.Z22 C!""I?J Er.thur'rstlo Crowd -Gathered -Gathered at the ;Ch".t-r ;Ch".t-r ;Ch".t-r cf Commerce In.Auburn . to Hesr t.e Issues for the Campaign Campaign C'::v:;ed By. Name '. Z-zsl Z-zsl Z-zsl The first gun was fired In tie coning O. O. P. campaign in DeKalb DeKalb county at a love fea3t meeting l.i Auburn held in the Chamber of 'Cc.r.crce dining room Uonday even ing era over 400 people gathered to hear the address made by Repre sentattve II. II. Evans, of Newcastle, Indiana. . , . Mr. Evans who has been a member cf the lower house of the general assembly assembly for the past six years spoke on Our Tr2seiy la Government, both In stat, er.1 rational a"airs. He call el an ao an ace and a spade a spade. and rr.l no hesitancy la speaking tLir.i' cut ty their first names. He tared the cancellation of the air mail ccntrac.j and Bail that Roosevelt has beea put on the tobozsan. The speak cr sail that tha American people have tcca eating al;habet soup so long that they were troubled with codeltla, and the Ei:3 reached from Indlanapo-lij Indlanapo-lij Indlanapo-lij t3 T,'ashlntoa, and meant nothing k:;s than "Booze, bunk and boodle lis reviewed the distribution of Demo cratic ria. opposed the gross in come tax and said that it would ruin ' any political tarty. He declared in favor cf the repeal of the gross In tax, tut that he was not opposed to an income tax or a sales tax, but waa crpoBed to taking 'any tax out of the pocket cf the people and putting it into the pochct of others ia the way political graft He said that no man Is "greater' than the crowd that he surro'und3 himself with, and urged that the people get tack to the- the- real fundamentals cf government. II. C. Epringer, Republican county chairman presided aiDcke encourerinsly of the - Tast crowd that tad gathered on this oc casion. Ha introduced the candidate who - have ' already announced their canillaclas fof."c"ce in DeKalb coun ty. Those Introduced were Harry M, l:.::: i: c:t at c:;j. kt. :tt The Diliinger Fiasco-la Fiasco-la Fiasco-la the Last Straw .In the General Breakdown of State Enforcement Agencies . ' Stain of Disgrace on State 6. 6. DG8S L0Ufl3 GGP Trophies Awarded to Indiana Republl y can ' Newspapers for Meritorious , Pages at State Meeting mm Pioneer Resident, of DeKalb County Expired Friday Night at His ' : : Home In Waterloo .- .- cc::anEssn lew sfoxe At Kthe Closing . Night Attracted a Crowd of. More-Than More-Than More-Than 700 People from Over the State-A.' State-A.' State-A.' K. Remmel Presided at Banquet stssv . of sen 1 i mm OPEN POSTOFFICE BIDS ON APRIL 3 Special to The Press Sealed Estimates for the Building of . .Postofflce at Auburn Have Been . - Requested - from Washington According to word that has been received from the' Treasury Department Department at Washington, sealed bids 'for the constrnction of Auburn'a new Post 1 And Kept Two Day. Before Notifying Office Building wil be opened on April I Anyone of the Tragedy That Had 3. The new contract la being let! fn Place In Home Saturday The . Waterlo ;. Press waa awarded Indianapolis. March- March- 14-Declarin 14-Declarin 14-Declarin STl!2EH l""!LE l!l C!!5I!1 the Schqrtemeler trophy cup at ;the tiTmvh. .. . effoPtm of thB Anhnrn that while" they respected the Presi- Presi- : ; . ' ' ( .-. .-. fnnuai meeung ot tne inaiana Kepun-1 Kepun-1 Kepun-1 of commerce and Congress- Congress- rrP'MT tT I pn PTr-t PTr-t PTr-t dent .Mas head of the greatest govern- govern- Chronic ; Indigestion Affected His MIcan Editorial .; Association at In- In- maa J L rarleyf of Aubufn, and It la I VI.CJ aianappiis Jfnaay in cne siaie comesi for the best first page of a weekly newspaper. In addition ' to this The Press received favorable mention for ment on earth," members of the Indiana Indiana Republican Editorial Association Association removed .their kid gloves at their I annual meeting Saturday and Bald of Franklin D.. Roosevelt: - . Heart, and Caused ' Hie - Sudden . ? Death Lifelong Resident -: -: of DeKalb County - V . ' ; - " - ' s . -! -! !!?.?" "Tf b6 Became Alarmed When P.reon. Call-" Call-" Call-" vuuoiruvMU uua cuuuuei. . - The bids are to Include the furnish- furnish- Inea'of all labor and mtAHnl and the best editorial page and the best pertorming all work ' for - the , con- con- political editorial for the year 1933. strnctlon of the building. The con- con- to . IL IL EVANS - State Representative-of Representative-of Representative-of Newcastle, Ind., addressed a. large gathering of Republicans at Auburn Monday evening. evening. "; ' .- .- ; : :-, :-, :-, Post-Office Post-Office Post-Office waa abandoned. LtMU L- L- iJ a A - t 1 I Suffers Fracture of Xoth Le;s When a Tree Fell ion Him Near Cutler- Cutler- Son After. Noon Yestsrday -' -' Christian C. Buss, 89, a pioneer of Te find ourselves questioning his rKaih nntr. riiorf muniv t m. J J a. J m it ai. a. I ' he has incorporated into his so-called so-called so-called home In Waterloo last Friday even- even- paper J Went ,to . the.; Michigan City New Deal. Little or no good can I ln 6t o clock. Mr. Buss had . been I xsews. . , wiran from , artiflclal aHmnknli "und 1 feeling as. well as usual and during I The best editorial page went we most assuredly do not subscribe the evening laughed and joked with the Salem Republican-Leader. Republican-Leader. Republican-Leader. tn a nnifoT thftt win And n Iti a f aw I bi wife. While he was sitting In a I .The. best editorial furthering the vear to a worse condition thai we I cair '; at his home Mrs. Buss ; was I Republican party went to The Wash- Wash- are now experiencing." ' ' .- .- laDout reaay to renre an noucea thatimgion ueraia. Those words . were Incorporated in I ne va bating , difficulty ; with his J The cup won by The Waterloo a resolution on "Federal . and State I twu""s. - uumeu ncross nei"" jiiweuwu w uw cuiwruii.. pn n fi Government" adopted, by the editors I street to aneighbor to telephone for association in 1925. bj Frederick E.Jj' jv J U , I i I on the last day of their two-day two-day two-day ses-1 ses-1 ses-1 a doctor and on her return home I Schortemeier, ' secretary ; bf . state. I Lktaw--aUL Lktaw--aUL Lktaw--aUL Lktaw--aUL ' L MM i J sioa here. While recognizing the found nIm - dea ,n ' tbe chair. . Mr. I This Is the second time that The Prunidprif atmeift to ronnnor ip I Bubs had been troubled for some time I Press has been the winner of this economic , deDression. although: dis-lw dis-lw dis-lw chronic indigestion, but was not same cup, a'ereeine with many of his methods. I concerned as -to -to Its severity. Thel There were two ouUUndlng addres- addres- attack came upon him causing failure oi the heart.. . .- .- , Funeral services' were held from the Waterloo United Brethren church on Monday afternoon at 1:30, with Rev. ed at the Door But Received No Response from Within Fun-. Fun-. Fun-. eral Yesterday Afternoon : . Daniel Blucher, who has been em- em- ployed by the Edgerton Basket com pany as a limber" buyer, met with a serious accident yesterday afternoon. He ' was in the woods near Butler looking after cutting ' some timber. Workmen were felling a tree which struckCMr. Blucher and knocked him down, severely injuring -him. -him. t - He was brought to his home, in Waterloo In an ambulance and was the . editors . could find "little to commend"' commend"' in the administration of. Gov-ernor Gov-ernor Gov-ernor Paul V.'-McNutt V.'-McNutt V.'-McNutt in Indiana. "The ruthless and czarlstlc attitude of the Governor la a disgrace beyond description,",' the resolution said. ; I To Don B. Irwin, of Frankfort, who had Just completed his, first year as The best first page -of -of a daily news- news- tract WM let toe LaSaUe Con- Con- A tragedy took place at the home structlon Company of ' Sonth, Bend, 01 Mrs. Cora Norton on South. Elm more . than two ' years ago, and the street that has no equal Is character excavation was made soon afterward. In Waterloo. The community was. However, the South Bend company startled'. Monday afternoon-when afternoon-when afternoon-when the went Into the hands of a. receiver new was spread about town that Mrs. since that time and work on the new I Cora Norton. 58, had hung'herself in the woodshed adJolninr her1 home. The story of the tragedy la one of sadness ' and so much' out bf . the ordinary that .the ' public: Interest has been aroused to a degree of all kinds of rumors and conjectures as to the" facta of the. death of Mrs. Norton." Mrs. 'Norton had planned to go to Fort Wayne on Saturday, according to Information that she had given her. friends, to be with her daughter, Mrs. Bruce Shugart,' who waa expecting the arrival of a baby this week, It Is al- al- I ses made at the sessions of the edi torial association, The messages carried carried with them great importance as bearing on the life of a newspaper. At the Friday . night session Col. LGSHCD DP Jack. Steele. Escaped from the Chicago State Asylum Arrived In Waterloo Tuesday Evening, Went. Wild v Ernest Lewellen officiating. - Inter-1 Inter-1 Inter-1 Robert R. McCormick, publisher of ! ment was made in the mausoleum in I the Chicago Tribune, gave the his- his- the Woodlawn- Woodlawn- cemetery at Auburn. I toricar aspect; of the rise and fall of chairman of " 'the Republican State p Mr Buss was . born In Richland republics, and traced the factor of An Insane man was locked, up by so known that she had been worrying Night Officer Ray Imhoff at about one some of late, -partly -partly due to physical o'clock ; yesterday morning, when he ailments and partly to financial mat-was mat-was mat-was found- found- wandering on the streets ters over the depreclatlcni '-"of '-"of '-"of some in a crazed -condition. -condition. The man I securities that she held, which had Bald he lived in New York. He came I realized the Interest due. Unto ' Waterloo Tuesday evening ask-1 ask-1 ask-1 . Another great source of anxiety was Committee, went the editors' praise township June 2, 1844 and- and- was 89 the newspaper as withstanding; the hls name as Jack' Steele nd he mature-d-and mature-d-and mature-d-and mature-d-and mature-d-and on which she had not for his activity. The work of Harry lyear8 montns ana t aays or age atjcoiiapse oi me repuoucs. iie snowea Fenton. committee secretary. wasline um& 01 nia ..aeatne. . Mr. bubs was I me importance ox tne press as a lac- lac- commended- commended- : ' ?' - ; r :; . the second child of a family of twelve tor In consUtutlonal government and ed Marshal' John Wilson to rive him the condlUon of her onlr.aon. Harry The resolution follows, in part: , children. He was educated In . the how the freedom of the . press was k place to Btay . OTer . He was Hamilton, who Uved wltn her. and "We are confident that better times common schools and after completing guaranteed before -the -the constitution tU t ' thft ,nwn momfn honu? t I who fnr tha W . v.. are 'eventually coming and that they Ma course entered the saw-mill saw-mill saw-mill bngi- bngi- was first agreed upon: v': ; rear of the town halL Steele lived the life of a hermit In her own will, come through Republican pol- pol- neBS. He operated a sawmill on the .The closing of the.two days ses- ses- -eemed -eemed to ba all rieht but waa soaked I home, anendlne most of'hu Mm m icies and with the restoration of con- con- Buss farm and for "a -period -period of four sion was the Saturday night , meeting hrtth water. He said he' came In onjhla room npstalrs, allowing himself stltuUonal government. Aa editors pears operated a mill In Auburn on held at the cuypool Hotel In In-U In-U In-U tralnvfrom the west and It is pre- pre- to become nnUdy and acting in a pe-more pe-more pe-more interested in . good government 1 016 8lte where- where- the Jail now stands. I dlanapolia when more than 700 peo- peo- J 8Umd he was drenched with water I cullar manner at times. V suffering from his injuries. The tree than ln Partr sccess, we. pledge our- our- Later he and his father rebuilt, a pie attended the banquet and heard fell across his body and if is feared Iselves here and now to aid in every a't iuou uu ,uw- ,uw- tciviu uur v. yuiicimwiuiui jiut r. that ln addition to both legs being fractured" that he may be injured internally. internally. ; ' " r EXTENDS PATE OF PAYMENT . OF 1934 INTANGIBLE TAXES State board of tax commissioners has extended the date of paying Intangible Intangible taxes until April 'l. - , . Hitherto, March 10 was announced huU as a candidate for Representa-Jaa Representa-Jaa Representa-Jaa the deadline date for payment of tlve; Jesse auditor; E. Pro vines 'for county j E. Turner for county constitutional, . movement and every ll Dounaea oy isast ; sevetnth, I bock or ennsyivania commendable project that will result! Sixth and Union streets In .Auburn. I Congressman is the greatest author- author- In stable government and In a return I &er selling the mill to L O. BachteJIty , on, constitutional law. la the to a healthy rnd permanent prosper-1 prosper-1 prosper-1 Mr. . Buss .operated a similar business 1 United, States, n his address he Itr. ' : isoum or Asmey. tie suosequenuy re-imaae re-imaae re-imaae it piain uat ue irena oi me "Little or - no good can come from I turned to farming and sixteen years government . is now contrary ; to all artificial" stimulants and we ; most as-1 as-1 as-1 BS h moved to Waterloo. : : J forms of the constitution, and if such anredlv do not subscribe- subscribe- to a oolicy I He was married sixty-seven sixty-seven sixty-seven years I a trend la not checked it will result that will find us In a few years In a J ago to - Elizabeth Park of Richland worse condition than we are now. ex-twnsmp ex-twnsmp ex-twnsmp ana tney . mtenaea to ceie- ceie- the I brate . their sixty-eighth sixty-eighth sixty-eighth wedding an niversary yesterday. - To, Mr. and Mrs. Buss were born nine children of whom the following survive: John and Isaac of Auburn; Jeff, living on perienclng. : While we admire Continued to page eight snerll; Cbarlos E. Ml3er for county I taxpayers Feb. 28, 19S3 assessor; Eert Eachtel for xcounty treasurer: Georse E. Mounts' for prosecutor; Frank W. McCuliough for cociml3s'."ner from the north district; Harold V' Johnson for coroner, Nan-.nla Nan-.nla Nan-.nla West tor recorder. , ' During the evenlns M. F. Long was introduced as tne oldest Republican In attendance at the meetine. Mr. Long will soon be 5 years of age and he spoke brief y saying that he was "going to vote 'er stralsht." . Capt. Springer introduced Mr. Evans as the speaker of the evening. Mr. Evans said that "McNutt thinks he's the King of Indiana, but I think he is the "boob of Indiana." He told of the work of the last legislature under McNutt and of the large number number of laws ln the acts that were published, all of which he said were "unconstitutional ''with', the 'exception ot the tiiex" and he declared that he had1 his doubt about that. He referred to the Dukes of Pluto and gave hint of the $100,000 la 'beer tax that is missing. . ' ' ' '- '- ' Mr. Evans spoke on "Our' Tragedy la Government," and said in part: "What Is the matter with the American people? We have bfeen de-fled; de-fled; de-fled; we have had the finger of some dirty llzzard poked under our nose; we have had radio crooners tell us everytlme that we turned on the radio that the President likes children, the President Is kind to dumb ani mals', 'the President drank a glass of milk for breakfast', the President had a birthday", until I wanted to take club and brain the radio. "I heard 'Toughy Hugh Johnsoa in August, 1933 In a speech he made from St. Louis by radio, say: 'You ara going to Join the NRA and we don' mean maybe. We are backed n pby (Continued to page 5) tax ' due this year on- on- Intangibles j GARRETT WON OVER f V.1 LIU.UU Hi rirtUO the Buss farm; Mrs. ; Nettle Poorman, Continued to page five L ;' Grade Schol Tournament Held at Gar rett Ended In a Victory for the ; ' Railroad Town Player - V', Mr. Maxwell reports that $1,760.35 was paid at his office during the first ten days of March by purchasers of intangibles tax stamps and he , estimates estimates that the aggregate sales of such stamps In this county- county- will institutions of our "form of government. government. He diT not speak against any party platform so much as he did to sented the. dangers .that confront us. . (Continued tn page fire) . J With but little effort, apparently, FIFTY YEARS AGO TODAY '; In The Waterloo Press ' amount to $12,000 during the 1934 1 the Garrett Junior high school basket, taxpaying period. ball team defeated the Waterloo T Plnchebn of Goshen Is talking junior high school team by a ,ne-1 ,ne-1 ,ne-1 about leasing the Waterloo race track sided score of 25 to 9 in the final W9 coming season tor norse training game Friday of the DeKalb county purposes. .. ' - .V . . grade tournament which waa play.ed r Dell . Locke went to Jackson, Mich- Mich- at the high school gym In Garrett Saturday to spend Sunday with hia Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I sisters, Cora and Hattie, the latter be- be- In the opening tilt, which was I ing In poor health. , r - : . played Wednesday at 4:30, Waterloo Private car No. 104 containing a placed an easy victory over the Gar- Gar- J party of Lake Shore officials went Funeral services . were held Friday lrett Catholics, a newcomer Into the! south on the Fort Wayne branch last LAST RITES HELD V FOR J. V. JOHNSON Cerebral Homorrhaae Proves Fatal to Richland Township Farmer Who Died at the Age of 84 Year Friday returning north on Saturday. Millie Shepherd arrived home yes terday. -lir' -lir' ' ! Fred P. Hasklns. reports the arrival lof a baby boy at his home. - Katie" Braun visited - her brother Will la Angola over Sunday. ' Delia - Moore is on a three weeks afternoon from the Showers Corners I tourney to the tune of 18 to. 9. At United Brethren church for the late 1 7:15 Butler met West Richland, an- an- James W. . Johnson,- Johnson,- 84, who died at I other ' newcomer in the meet, and the home of his son, John Johnson, a I jolted the score board' up to 38 points mile north-of north-of north-of Feagler's Corners in against West Richland's 3. The S Richland township on ' Wednesday, o'clock v game between Altona and The services were cdnducted by his North K.eyser was .another adding pastor, Rev. Ernest ; Lewellen and machine contest with Altona piling burial took place In the Sedan ceme-lup ceme-lup ceme-lup a score of 53 points and ' North I visit to relatives In Toledo. tery. ; . . - , I Keyset receiving 4., The final game I John Beldler was in Monday, and Mr. Johnson was born in Tusca-loi Tusca-loi Tusca-loi thel Wednesday session, was played! paid for The Press for, 1884. , He has rawas county, Ohio, April 3, 1849, and I at 8:4 between Qarrett an, Ashley taken The Press for 25 years, -came -came , to DeKalb county when four 1 with a wide score ot 35 to 3. the Gar-1 Gar-1 Gar-1 Charles Burkhart left yesterday for years of age. Since then he has made lrett lads claiming the victory. Ithe asylum for the blind at Indianapo- Indianapo- his residence continuously in Fairfield I . Tb.e ' 'Thursday ' eTenlns session Ills. He desires to express hia thanks and Richland townships. I opened with Butler meeting Water-1 Water-1 Water-1 to tbe people of Waterloo VhQ have He was united In marriage wlthlloo at T:8Q. ; This game was i a scrap Iso cheerfully cared for him in Ws Catherine E. Grimm of Fairfield, town-1 town-1 town-1 from start q finlsb' with. Waterloo affliction, : ship. ( She died February 14, 1917. To j leading, wjhfiily gn.e basket at tbej The Snnday school of the Christian them were born five chlidreq. .Wegley lend oj the fanie and. the seore belpg I church VlU glte : a cqneert at the died May 3.1, 1925. The surveyors, are 1 12 to JQ. Garrett ' trimmed Altona, I church next Sunday evening. John Johnson, nortb of Feagler's eorn-128 eorn-128 eorn-128 to ,23, fn"bf second bqw at :15,l Tbe nieettnga . 1 at the Reformed era S.Mrs. Llbble Kirkpatriek, living I but they earned, the rictory due to I church are contlnned this week. nine miles northwest of Apburn andi excellent ball tossing, I The following members ot the ward Mrs. Ruth Pollock of Klmmell'twol - GalTett. by winning qyer Wa.teTloo I school received 100 In examination half-brothers, half-brothers, half-brothers, Enos Ritter of Detroit j received the pennant ; The offieiais j and deportment during the month end-and end-and end-and Ell Ritter of Toledo, O.,' seven 'were Paul Bateman and Virgil Feag- Feag- ing March 7: Roman' Hanke, Emma grandchildren and twelve great grand- grand- jler of 3arrett and R. W. Warring of I Ahrendt, Brentls Booth, . Willie at the Corunna water station. . -1 -1 According to 'an Interview with . During the night he was the only Hamilton, the following story was re-lodger re-lodger re-lodger and he became erased , with bated: That he had seen" his mother . haluclnatlons. , He tore down the Friday, night shortly before twelve lighting fixtures and wiring, ' broke o'clock and talked with her. She had shovel and broom handles and knock- knock- prepared ; to retire - and threw, the -. -. ed the glass windows out and then covers back on. her bed. Hamilton crawled out of a window. He- He- went went to his room and heard nothing . up town on the street and begged for during the night.. He heard some one In time in the destruction of the basic accordlv to m. Btory was .refused, house between 8 and 9 o'clock Satnr- Satnr- He then became very ugly. - Jday morning, as the children of the A etter In his pocket was written I next door neighbor. Isaac Broom, bad ' bv hia brother. John Snoric of 4139 1 been In the habit of brinrinc Mrs. defend the constltuUonal fonn of bur 52d St, Westslde, L. L New York Norton's niail to her door each morn-fundamental morn-fundamental morn-fundamental government. He showed atJ letteri wag addressed : to I Ing. After hearing several raps IOB 6nreme8 OI U8 Time! IM, pre- pre- Of1. . IIM Mn. VV ninl I Himntnn. aM ha r-ama r-ama r-ama nwn mttrm cago State HoBpltaL and in the letter to tell his mother about the rape as he stated that he was addressing him be thought she perhaps waa either aa John Steele because the authorities down in the basement or ln the wood- wood- lie Cook and Albert Brown. Hattie I, v, v t.t. I. 1 1U - VU4WO(U axaUL UUb aU(V w a aaa v va vuwa v L. Dickinson, teacher. L.m. Tho ia niHfiw1 tht thnlnever answered the Antir mlVI .Tia Lee S. Goodwin'a wife died y ester- ester- kthar Waa trvlnr to ret hint to searched for hU mother and a he day (March 12) at 3 p. m; Lttia tn New- New- Vnrk. Marshal Wilson I onened the woodshed door ha saw her" called Sheriff Hoff at 6:30 yesterday I body dangling from a rope tied to a TWENTY-FIVE TWENTY-FIVE TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO I mornlnz to coma after the insane I rafter and her feet hanelns: at the man. and the sheriff arrived here from I side of a chair. , She waa scantily Simon A. Dilgard and son Jay . left I Auburn . about 2 o'clock yesterday I clothed ln her night gown. Hamilton for New Mexico with a car load of J afternoon taking charge of him. Isaid he took a knife and cut the rope stuff.. - : . - and carried the body into the living . Mr.' and Mrs; Wm. Ettlnger cele- cele- SE'l'l'LKD' DAMAGE ' room. - expecting to carry ' her p- p- brated. their golden wedding annlver- annlver- . ct tit' cr ei ntrn a1" a11 Place her on the bed. "He sary. . . Vr- Vr- ; . ;v).-'.;v:. ;v).-'.;v:. ;v).-'.;v:. ' . SUIT FOR $1,050 was unable to do so aa he got a stitch Editor W. O. Kenan of the Butler - ' ' " '-' '-' '-' ln his back aa he lifted the body down. Herald, Is quarantined on account of Litigation Over the Death of 8mall Son He then placed the body on the floor scarlet. fever in hia family. , ; : of Clarence Baron Near Newvllle and left It there. .. r The Waterloo : Commercial League waa Settled By Ajreement '. ' it was not until Monday shortly makes plans for a tot sale to be dl-t dl-t dl-t ; . ' ,..'- ,..'- , , I after noon when he telephoned to Dr. rected -by -by a Chicago promoter.' ' ' -1 -1 A setlement was reached last weeklJ. E. Showalter and told him to come EmeU Brown, a clerk In Day's in the claim of Clarence Baron, who I to the house that something awful had hardware store died suddenly.. I brought action against Philip . G. I happened. This, according to Hamil- Hamil- Mrs, Alonza Lower la eovalesclnglKemp and the Auburn Auto Co, fori ton, waa about 12:30 or 1:00 o'clock.; from her aerlous tUneaa. ' Ithe death of the former's young son, I Before the doctor came the telephone R, M? Lockhart baa been quite poor-1 poor-1 poor-1 Harry, by payment of the sum of I rang and Hamilton answered the call ; v y " 's"' -;- -;- -;- $1,050. ;.:;--- ;.:;--- ;.:;--- ;.:;--- lit waa Bruce Shugart, hia brother-ln- brother-ln- brother-ln- brother-ln- Mr, and Mr. A. P. Bartholomew and I The plaintiff la a resident of New-1 New-1 New-1 law, at Fort Wayne, telling him that little son of Elkhart, visited several I ville township. His son waa killed 1 a haby boy had arrived at their home. day with Waterloo .- .- relatives and hast July 5 when be was struck by frlenda. ' . ; . , :-' :-' :-' la motor car driven by Mr. Kemn on H; C, - Waterman and son Myrl of the Auburn-Newville Auburn-Newville Auburn-Newville road. Mr. Kemp I that berahould not tell bis wife. - Mr. Elkhart, Tlstted over Sunday with hia8aid that as he approached the boy Shugart will nqt be Informed of the parents, Mr.; and Mrs. F. C Water-1- Water-1- Water-1- Water-1- rear tlr of hia car blew out and I tragedy until ahe la stronger. that his car swerved to the opposite side of the highway, 'striking the child. ' - . . Mr. Kemp resides In Chicago and children also survive. Waterloo. Ahrendt, Mary Day, Emma Day, Lil- Lil- Dr. Schurts returned Tuesday from Ada, Ohio, where he went to see his mother who haa been in poor, health. The employes of Beyer Bros. & Co., and ' their : wives were entertained at the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Hull, on Friday evening. D. Shugart asked , for Mrs.. Norton and was Informed that ahe waa gone, but Dr. Showalter arrived at the home and found the dead body on the floor, where it had been placed.' He called Coroner. B. O. Shook, who arrived he la connected with the Cord cor- cor- later and an investigation into the tragedy was made. . "The coroner said I he waa convinced that death, was due . to suicide. ' The body was removed to po ration The Ladles Aid of the M. E. I L, Leas and Ab Kelley went to I church will serve a penny dinner at I the Ettlnger morgue and prepared for Bryan, Ohio to look : after the Van the church basement starting at 11:00 burial and returned to the home Tues-Camp Tues-Camp Tues-Camp Industry reecntly established In a. m. on next Thursday, March 15th. day afternoon. Bruce Shugart came that city with a view of Interesting The dinner is for the public and all to Waterloo after the talk with Harry them In Waterloo. ; - tare Invited to attend. ' 1 Contlnaed to paga

Clipped from The Waterloo Press15 Mar 1934, ThuPage 1

The Waterloo Press (Waterloo, Indiana)15 Mar 1934, ThuPage 1
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