Joseph Mehard - Election For School Board = The Daily City News of New Castle, PA. - Aug. 31, 1887

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Joseph Mehard - Election For School Board = 
The Daily City News of New Castle, PA. - Aug. 31, 1887  - WlIRTEiUlllJKG. WURTKMBURG, P a ., August 29,...
WlIRTEiUlllJKG. WURTKMBURG, P a ., August 29, 1887. We saw in the N ews a few weeks ago an article in answer to a correspondent in regard to the Wurtemburg independent independent ecbool election held in the latter part of May. The answering corresp<jndent has claimed to f-et forth the facts and now, Mr. Correspondent, we propose to give you the ligures and let you draw your own conclusions from them. We find the total number of votes cast is 44, and as you saw there weie lour candidates, candidates, two of whom only were to be elected. Now we will lay the numl>er of „votes before you as cast for each can­ didare and In two and twos combined. Messrs. Mehard and Liebendor^er received received 24; Mehard alone 27, there being 3 votes for Powell and Mehard This explains Mr. Mehard’s having 3 more votes than Mr. Llebendorfer, his colleague. colleague. The other ticket bore the names of Messrs. Powell and Schweinsberg. This ticket received 16 votes, leaving Mr. Schweinsberg 15 and Mr. Powell with 19, counting the 3 received with Mr. Mehard. Then there Is one voter in the district who does not propose telling how he voted, and as we have still quire a margin we will gave Mr. Powell this disputed disputed vote, whicli will make the even number (20). Now, Mr. Correspondent, can you tell us how Mr. Powell could be elected if Mr. Llebendorfer received 24 votes? Now we will show you how we know that Mr. Liebendorfer was elected instead of Mr. Powell, by the following, which Is an exact copy of a iieading signed by 22 reliable citizens of the W, 1. school district : heading . We the undersigned do hereby certify that we voted for Jos. Mehard and John W. Llebendorfer for school director:^ in the Wurtemburg Independent school district on May 26 1887. The men that signed their names to the above heading heading do net only certify to the above but will be qualified to the same, but there are two lacking yet, well one mali ?vill swear he ordered his name put to the above, and another man will swear he voted the ticket that was handed him, and the man that handed him the ticket will be qualified that the names of Jos. Mehard and John Llebendorfer were on it. Now if the correspondent is not satisfied with the above let us hear from you and we will give you the names of the persons who are willing to be qualified qualified as to how they voted. We will give more Information, that there Is $50 offered offered (and will be promptlv paid; for 23 men that will be qualified that they voted for A. S Powell, for school director director on May, 26 1887. J. A. B. E.

Clipped from The Daily City News31 Aug 1887, WedPage 2

The Daily City News (New Castle, Pennsylvania)31 Aug 1887, WedPage 2
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  • Joseph Mehard - Election For School Board = The Daily City News of New Castle, PA. - Aug. 31, 1887

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