Celebration of the Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Lingo.

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Celebration of the Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Lingo. - V FOB FIFTI YEARS. . 7 Calabratlon of tba...
V FOB FIFTI YEARS. . 7 Calabratlon of tba Golden Woddlnrj of Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Ungo. Invitations to a golden wedding are not re ceived every day, and In fact the celebration of these event Is of rare occurrence. The large throng that assembled at North Side last evening was due partially to these facts and partially to the wide acquaintance and popu larity of the two persons who have lived to witness the fiftieth anniversary of their union in marriage. Over two hundred invitations were Issued to attend the celebration of the golden wedding of Mr. and Mrs. C aleb Ungo at their residence on Langland street. Cum- Cum- mlnsville, and but few of tho favored ones fulled to respond. The reception commenced at four o'clock last evenlng.and continued until eight, by. which time the comfortable house, which has been the residence of the venerable couple for over twenty-five twenty-five twenty-five years, was thronged with relatives and friends from home and abroad. Caleb Lingo is one of our oldest and best-known best-known best-known citizens. He was born in Worcester County, Maryland, on the 2Sd of March, 1806, and Is consequently seventy-seveu seventy-seveu seventy-seveu years of age. His wife,whohas been his comfort and staff for a half-century, half-century, half-century, is seven years his Junior, having just lived the .allotted three score years and ten. Mr. Lin;;o was the fifth chljd of a family of nine. His father, wlio Is from old Maryland stock, moved to Ohio in 1H10, and settled in Cincinnati with his family. Caleb was then the baby of the household, aud does not remember the manner in which he left the land of his birth and voynsed to his future State. The family reached Baltimore Baltimore by boat, and made the way from that city to Pittsburg by team, completing the Journey to Cincinnati on a flat-boat flat-boat flat-boat on the Ohio River. Mr. Lingo was educated In the common schools of the frontier scttlement-At scttlement-At scttlement-At the age of six years lie went to live with John Marl In, a merchHnt of the Villnire of Cincinnati, which was a few years prior thereto known as Losantlville. He served Mr. Martin us clerk in his dry goods store aud was a member of the family over twenty-one twenty-one twenty-one years. In 18.41 he purchased his employer's establishment, and continued in the dry goods and notion business until 17, and two years later began the manufacture of doors, sashes and blinds. After carrying on this business business successfully for five yean he and his brother purchased a saw-mill saw-mill saw-mill near Cum-niinsville, Cum-niinsville, Cum-niinsville, and in this he was also successful for twelve years. In 13 Mr. Lingo ensngod iu the sash, door and blind manufacturing business in Cumminsville. where he has since resided. A few years ago he retired from active active business and was succeeded by a son and a grandson, who now operate the concern successful! v. Mr. Lingo has been a member of the Methodist Church over thirty-five thirty-five thirty-five years ahd has ajways been a devoted Christian. He was married on September 1.1, 1&J3, to Miss Margaret Fink bine, of Philadelphia, daughter of Frederick Finkbine, who was a prominent early oioneer of Hamilton County. -Mr. -Mr. and Mrs. -Lingo -Lingo are both in good health, although he was attacked only a few days ago with the asthma and grave fears were apprehended that the happy event of last evening would not take place. -But -But the old gentleman rallied rallied and Is again enjoying his ordinary good health. A large number of valuable valuable presents were bestowed on Mr. and Mrs. LlDgo, one of which in particular the "groom" greatly appreciated. . This was handsome - gold-headed gold-headed gold-headed ebony cane, bearing bearing the inscription: "To Caleb Lingo, on His Golden vVeddlng Iay, September 1883, From His Kniploycs." . The latter consisted of Levi Osman, A. Neimeler, J. C. Risk, P. R. Helm, H. Wolf, sen., H. Wolf, Jun., 11. l)um, James Miller, Mr. Armstrong, Ira Baldwin, Wm. Long, -Cbas. -Cbas. Dox-nch, Dox-nch, Dox-nch, John Noonan, Ed Callahan and Wm. Watte, ail of whom were present last evening. The relatives relatives and guests present included Mr. and Mrs. M. H.Turrill, nee Lingo; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Garrison, nee Lingo; Mr. and Mrs. C V. Ungo, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Linga, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Lingo, Mr. and Mrs. R. C Lingo, Mrs. Mary Ann Ungo and family, Mrs. Fannie Lingo, Joseph &. Ungo, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Henry -Ungo -Ungo and wife, Charles Ungo and wife, Amos Ungo and wife, Nathan Ungo and wife. Rev. -Arthur -Arthur Thompson aud wile. Rev. C. H. Haines and wife, Henry Moore aud wife, Mrs. John F. Dalr, Miss Maggie Martin, Mr. Dr. Van aton, Helena, Ark.; Mr. and Mrs. David Peters, Oolleee Hill; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hook, Mr. and Mrs. James L. Ruffin, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Peterson, Mrs. Mary 'Ann Peterson, Mr. : K. Knowlton, Wm. Sprong and wife, James Coons, Mrs. Streator; Dr. Win Finkbine, East Su Iuis; James Eppley and family, Mt Airy; Martin Barnes and family, Groesbeck: Rodolnbus Sparks and wife, Groebeek ; Joseph Wilson, sen., and wife, Groesbeck ; Mrs. Margaret v llsnn, Groesbeck; Mr. and Mrs. James Hart, Cincinnati; Cincinnati; Mr. and Mrs. Ben. McKnlgbt, Cincinnati: Cincinnati: Geo. Snyder and wife, Cincinnati ; John Adams and wife,-Groesbeck wife,-Groesbeck wife,-Groesbeck ; Win. Banning und wife, Harrison; Louis Fisher and wife, Groesbeck; Merida Sparks and wife, Scott Iiennlson and wife. J. C. Tarrant and wife, J. T. Havward and wife.Chas. Weutcel and wife. Mrs. Rail, Mrs. Lewis. Hunnewell, Miss Au gusta Tozzer, I. 11. Turrcll ana wire, Cbas. Albert and wife. Geo rue Bell and wife. Mrs. Thalia Turrlll, K. M. Bitrgoyne, Groesbeck; W. - c. noil ana wife, v. H. Johnson aud wife. Nathan Talbot, Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Cost, MisavKmma Cost, Mr. J. Lakeman and wife, Mrs. Janet Thompson, Dr. Hewitt and wife, Or. Buttemiller and wife, Mrs. Rents. Cornelius Sprong und wife. Mr. Samuel Laboltcaux.. Mr. W. R. Williamson, Dr. L. Schwab, Mr. and Mrs. James Ieper, Mr. John Baldwin and wife, Mr. Robertson, Mrs. Timberman. Mrs. McMichacl, the Misses Stratton, Mr. Reuh. Crosley and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Schullhels, Mr. Rich. Cluxton und wife, Mr. Joseph Bush and wife, Mr. Will Bush and wife, Mr. James, Joyce and wife, Mr. A. J. De-serisy De-serisy De-serisy and wife. .

Clipped from The Cincinnati Enquirer13 Sep 1883, ThuPage 8

The Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati, Ohio)13 Sep 1883, ThuPage 8
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  • Celebration of the Golden Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Lingo.

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