Cunningham Marriage with numerous Mehards mentioned - New Castle News, June 19, 1894

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Cunningham Marriage with numerous Mehards mentioned - New Castle News, June 19, 1894 - HYMEN'S KNOT. Two Well-Known People Wed—One of...
HYMEN'S KNOT. Two Well-Known People Wed—One of the Mo**t Brilliant We«ldinijs of the Seaiiou—Many Pre?*eiit.s and Congratula- (. tioni*. C<«minumrate<l.' For 45 years '‘Locoet Ridge,” the delightful home of F2x-Judge Cunningham and of his son. Philo M. has enjoyed a wide-epread fame for its hospitality. It has been the scene oi many grand gath- } eringa, but the event that far eclipsed anything ever before witnessed in tiie i neighborliood was the marriage, on the 1 13th inst, of Jeanette, the lorely and j amiable daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Cunningham. At high noon a brilliant comimny of young and old, assembled to witness the ceremony, to enjoy a sumptuous feast, and to extend congratulations to one oi ' the most popular young ladies of the neighborhood upon her marriage to Mr. James M. Hughes, a talenteti and promising young school teacher. Miss Ina Cunningham, a cousin of the bride, played a beautiful wedding march on the piano while the bride and groom entered the parlors, precetied by the groomsman, Mr. Will M. Cunninerham, a brother of the bride, and Miss F^liza- l>eth Wallace, bridesmaid. The gentlemen were neatly and becomingly dressed in fashionable suits of the regulation styles. Tiie bride was at tired in a beautiful cream ben^raline silk, trimmed in satin, with a spray of tea roees falling from the right shoulder to left side and extending down the skirt. The bridesmaid wa.s attired in a beauti ful cream landsdown, trimmed in peako ribbon. Rev. vv. G Reagle, of Brad dock, a foruier pastor of the family and brother- in-law of the groom, had been invited to perform the c*eremony, but he was detained by a wreck on the B. cNc O. railroad and did not arrive until after Rev. W. A, Mehard, 1). I)., assisted by Rev. Samuel Barber, had joinetl the couple in the bonds of matrimony. Though not taking part in the cir emonies. Revs. M. S, and M. D. Telford were present, sharing tke pleasures of the occasion. While all the arrangements for tlie wedding were complete ami nothing was wanting to make it a crowning sucicess in every particular. The dinner was mag nificent. Fully one hundred and eeventy- iive guests were supplied with everything that would go to the making up of a grand banijuet. The preparation of this splendid dii ner rttlected honor upon the good management and refined taste of Mrs. Cunningham and her daughters. Throughout the day the bride her self, as well as her parents, brothers and sisters, made a constant eilorttomake the day agreeable to their visitors. To this they were eminently successful. Tae social enjoyment wîis of the most agreeable kind. I he presents received by the bride were so very numerous that it was impossible to make a complete list of them Then they were examined by so many of her admirers that in many cases the cards became misplaced. F'ollow ing is a list as nearly correct as could be obtained : Check on Ell wood Bank for $50, P. M. Cunningham; chamber set, Mrs. P. M. Cunningham; mantle clock and side pieces, Mrs. Matilda Davidson; silver fruit dish, Frank Nye; silver sugar spoon, •Miss Tillie Harvey: silver fruit knives, J R. Mehard and wife; eilver cake basket, Joe V. (’nnningham; silver soup ladle, Fred and Bertha Gibson: silver buttei dishes, James A. Jackson and wife and MisFes Emma and Flod Harbison; silver butter knives and sugar spoons, J. G ■VIcAnlis and wife and John McMillin and sister; silver berry spoon. Miss Katherine Cunningham; silver pickle dishes, Eugene and Laura (?roix; silver pie knives, J. .VI Huehes, Sr , an«l w ife and Miss Jean W. Wallace; silver pie forks, Margaret and Mrs. Mehard; silver after collee spoons, Mrs. Vynne and Katherine Cunningham; silver tea spoons, R. S. Cunningham, wife and daughter; set silver knives, Dr. and Mrs. W. A. Mehard and daughter; silver hair pin reœiver, Mrs. Anna B. Ostrander, silver berry spoons, Thomas and Joseph Mehard and sister May; napkin rings, J. Shaw; cut glass tlower va«es, David Jones and wife; cut glass salt and [>epper sifters, (George S. Davidson and T. D. Wilson an»l wife; colored glass fruit dish. Miss Chrissie Reatrle; gold-lined tooth pick receiver, Miss May Mehard; gold lined berry s{X>ons, Mrs. M. ,L Mehard and Hon. S. S. Mehard; engraved glass water set with basket, Harry and Lizzie G win; goKi lined glass table set, F. G. Ostander; orange teiispoons, T. M. Eckles and wife; water set and tray, .lames McAnlie and wife; rose bowl, Miss Lizzie M. Hamilton; nickle plated tea kettle, Joe Jay Cunningham; china pitcher. Miss Minnie Moirison; china orange dish, D. M. and Chrissie F^vans; china orange plates, J. W. Ferrell; china suirar bowl and cream pitcher. Miss Matilda W’itherspoon; l>read, cake and parint; knives, Norris A White; dining room chairs, W. M. Cunningham; parlor lamp,W B. and Jennie Rodgers; rot*king chair, Mrs. J. S , Lulu and Frank Cunningham; table linen, W. H. W'ithersp«Min and wife, Mrs Anna B. Allen, Harvey Jones and wife, Jennie and Nannie Marshall and Mrs R. D. Davidson, sets cold handled sad iron,0 T. W’ilson and wife and J. W. Ro<lger- and w ife; coal box, T. A . McCaw and w ife and VV. M. Meriani and wife; lacc wii.dow curtains, Thomas and Sue Cole and Misses Ix>uise and F^llizabeth Cunningham; VV’ilton ru 2 . Rev. and Mrs M and Rev. M C Telford; very fine counterpane, Joseph Mehard and w ife; chenille table covers, .1. C Cunningham and Miss Stella Parker; Madrass rug, Mrs. Harvey Jones; hand worked bureau scarfs and tidy, F"!la pnd Sadie Cunning liam; hand worked '-nen towels, Mrs. Anna Morrison, J :'obbs and wife and VIrs. A. D. VV'ard; , fn;rav1ngs, W. VV Davidson and Mr- ^uta Mercer and sis ter, Airiîie Rhodt , the Lord's Praver. liihou’rapheii and framed, Geortre Stetiler and wife; Oxf)rd Bible, VV. H. Wilson and wife: fine wedding album, Rev.W.G. Reaele. Many other l>eautiful and ari'eptable eifts. the names of whose kind donors could not re obtained. At 4 oclock in the afternoon the whole company assembled on both sides of the walk in the front yard and the bride and groom walked out to the carriage amid a shower of rice and started on their weilding trip followed by the best wishes of all present. In the evening some of the guests from a distance w ho remained over night, w ere joined by a few of the immediate friends of the family and occupied the parlors until midnight m very agreeable past i nies. This the universal sentiment of all who attended that the ai'complished bride ri hly deserved the attention with w hich I'er wedding was honored at the home of which she has been a dutiful a 2 a ! daUj^htt r and loving sister.

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  • Cunningham Marriage with numerous Mehards mentioned - New Castle News, June 19, 1894

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