Captured French goods (1755 Expedition?)

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 Captured French goods (1755 Expedition?) - JOSEPH BOWSU, B.-ok&r. By Order of his...
JOSEPH BOWSU, B.-ok&r. By Order of his Majefty's CommifJionera for Frizes. For SALE by the CANDLE, At Garraway's Coffee-houfe in Exchange Alley, Wednefday May 31, at Four in the Afterncon precifely, T HE following Gocds, viz. i^JPieces Canvas, 165 Piaies Sail Cloth, 29 Pieces Sheeting, ^9 rtc-ces Ticking, 60 Pieces Dowlas, 50 Pieces Holland Li cn, 11 PIEOJCS Su 11s Linen, 227 Puces Laval Linen, 1291 Pieces Br.unnias, 58 Pieies Line narrow, 262 Pieces glazed Lineal, 162 Pieces Linen Chtiki, 394 Pi<;ce3 Linen Handkerchiefs, 318 Pieces rtriped Cottons, 29 Pieces rig'ir.d Co'tons, 25 Pieces Cotton Checks, 64 Pieces Diaper, 53 l'i-^cjs D.iptr Table Cloths, 6 3 z Diaper Njpkins, 11 Pieces corded Dm.ity, 106 cjcir Lawns, 92 Demy flowered Lawns, 144 Demy Cambricks, 13 Pieces Muflins anc" Callicoes, 8 Pieces Tapeflry, 23 Pieces Camblets, 32 Ps. CalliBiancoes, 27 Ps. LufHings, ta Ps. Serse de Soye, 3 Ps. Gorgorons, 3 Ps. Drogwets, 96 Ps. Handkerchiefs, 20 Ps. Gingams, 14 P = . Cjrridarries, 15 Ps. Chint£, 1 Piece Cengal Taffaty, 4 Ps. Velvet, 159 Ps. Serge , 1 99 Ps. Linen Shirts, 646 Mens plain Hats, 24 Mens wiiire Hats 43 Mens laced Hats, 35 Dozea milled Caps, 47 Cotton Caps, 11 Scarlet Cloth Caps lined with Fur, 691 Pair Mens Womens, and Cliil- drens Leather Shoes, 68 Pair Wemens Silk Shoe-, 64 Pair Silk Stocjt-, 124 Dozen Pair Thread Stockings, ifi Dozen Pajr Worfted Stockings, oe Dozen Pair milled Stockings, 45 Pieces Cljth, 11 Ps knap'd Frize, 28 C. Weight white Linen Ra^s, 1935 Pair Blanktts, 108 WooMen Tackets, 1726 Soldiers W„iftcojts, 1775 Pair Soldiers Breeches, 1772 Pair Soldiers blue Stockings 4041 P.'.ir SoUiers Shoes, 2707 Soldiers Dowlas Shirts, 3126 Soldiers Canvas Shirts, 405 Dowlas Shifts, 6930 Soldiers Linen Stocks, 1651 Soldiers Hats with b oa I Tinfel Lace, 165 Soldiers Hats plain, 44 Pair Linen Spatterdafhers, 50 Barrels Flour, 148 Kegs Butter, 2 Caiks Cheefe j 169 Cafes, 41 Casks, 20 Cctties, fundry Oil ; 190 Kegs Tallow, 239 Boxes Tallow Candles, 146 Buxes Soap, 100 lb. white Wax ; 29 Boxes, 2 Cafes, Wax Candles j 39 Pits red Paint, 12 Caiks Rofin, 4 Barrels Tar, 2 Cwks Madder, 6 Bairels Starch, 526 Coils Cordage ; 87 I uadres, 2 Cask:, Small Line j 7 Casks Packthread, 8 Casks Twine, 14 Carriage Guns, 10 Carriages for Guns, 170 Muskets, I Blanderbufs, 6 Piiiols, 5 Pair of nliols mounted with Silver, 4 Piftols mounted with Braf, fun iry Houfings t imm'd v. i h Gold,JSilver, SUk and lae'd, 76 Saddles, l'urdry Bridles, Ho!(K-rs, Girths, 3 Hangers mounted with Silver, ^Metal gil: hi!ted Swords 3 richSword Bel s, 768 Sword Blades, fundry Locks, Cock:, and Sted i urnirure for Guns, 3 Casks Gun Flints, 116 Kegs Lead Shot, 11 Sheets of Lead, 285 Pigs of Lead, 18 Spontoor.s, 8 Barrels Steel Bars, 6 C. Wt. Brafs Wire, 1 Cask Iron Wire, 33 Bundles Brais Pans, 350 I.on Frying- pons, 25 Iron Pots, a Parcel Call Iron for Stjvcs, 10 Tons Iron in Bars, iooC.Wt. fundry wrought Iron, 231 Barrels j.nd Kegs Nails, 3 1 half C. Wt. tann'd Leather, 106 Dozen Calf Skins U'.n'.i, 17 Doz. Shammy Leather Skins, 2 Dozen Sheep Skins, 5 Dozen Mens Leather Gloves, 38 Dozen Womens Leather Glav-s, 437 B.dts Paris brow» Thread, 401b. white and coloured Thread ; I CanniUer, 109 Bottles, Rap'pee SnufF; 61 Looking-GIalks, 51 Cafes Wmdow-Glafs, 2656 Wine GlafTes, 5836 Glafs Tumblers, 3S Cr.eits D::tch Pipe*, 2S7 Reams Paper, 205 bound Books, 270 Dozen Ivory and Box Comb.-, 4085 Dozen Wood and Horn Handle Knives, 121 Dozen Pair of Scif- fars, 374 Ih. of Pepper, 1561b. Cinnamon, 27 lb. Nutmegs, 12 lb. Cloves, 2 Copper Stills and Worms, 3 Copper Kettles, 118 Copper Te* Kettles, 109 Pewter Syringes, 1 Cask wrought Pewter, 274 Piles for Smiths, 2 large Ship Bells, 7 Tarpaulins, 7 Casks Earthen Ware, 2. Casks Marbles, 8 Cafes Mathematical lnftrumtnts, 1 Cart with Iron Axle-Tree, fundry Cart and Coach Wheels, 134 Norway Deals, 390 Pieces Oak, 99 Umbrelloes, 24 Silk Purfes, 42 Siik Bags for Wigs, 253 Pieces Silk Ribbons, 105 Pieces Taupe, 88 Pieces Thread Lace, 13 r Pieces Worfted Lace, 31 Pieces None-fo-pretty, 306 M. Pi -s, 45 lb. Bugles, 12 Ivory Fans painted, 48 Dozen Gold Buttons, 6 Pair Silver Shoe and Knee Buckles, 15 Pair Ear-rings ; 4 Pair Shoe, 7 Pair Knee Stone Buckles, fet in Silver; 6 Pair Stone Sleeve Buttons ditto, 150 Ounces Foreign Pkite, fundry Cooper's, Carpenter's, and Tyler':,Tools, wrought Iron, Brafs, &c. Brafiery, Turnery, Cusier*, and Haber- dafhery, Stationary, Perfumery, Millinery, China and Japan Ware, aad fundry other Goods : Being the Remainder ef the Caiques of fun­ dry French Prize Outward-bound Ships, taken by his M«je(ty's 5hip« of War. To be feen from This Morning to the Time of Sale, Part at Porter's Key, and the Rema nder at Smith 1*1 d Speck's W'hjjf, wh«e Catalogue* may be had, at Tom's CofRef-.ouic in Cornh.ll, at the Place of Sale, and jf BL1SSON and RICHARD and B. V AUG HAN, Sworn Brokers. N.B. By exprefs Orders of hisMajeftv's Commiif.oners, the Buyers are to depofit Ten Guinea* per Lot, at the Sa!e, or immediately after, for which printed Receipts will be given in Par: cf Payment

Clipped from
  1. The Public Advertiser,
  2. 27 May 1758, Sat,
  3. Page 3

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  • Captured French goods (1755 Expedition?)

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