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Exchange rate Cheerokee 1753 - l4 the. Remainder oTMalatchi'f Speech jeltttt...
l4 the. Remainder oTMalatchi'f Speech jeltttt to another Pro vince, it is thought not proper ft print if; the Governor however enfivered that Part of it, and informed the Indians, that hi had no Ppiaer to determine fuch Matters ; hut that if any of the Head" men had any Thing to add to what Malatchi bad faid upon other Heads, be was ready to bear them Wolf King. What the King has now faid is our Talk : We thought indeed, that the Red - coat King might have fpoke fome - v thing, but he is very old. r ,' Oaktu skxe, HeadJVarrior. As your Excellency recommend - .. ed to us to be at Peace with the Cherokees, we came down with a ' free Heart, and are glad to' fee your Excellency. Here are the Head - men. for our Nation : Here is the King, and there is he old Red - caat King of the Oakfufkees :; . all the Head - Warriors readily complied with every Thing y ou defired of us ; and as for my Part, I never fhall be the Man that will Hand out againft any good Talk : but the. Peace was agreed to, not as being your Defire only, but the Head - men all confidered that the Thing was good in itfelf, and was for our own Good ; and notwithstanding we have loft fome of cur People fince, yet 1 hope the Peace will ftand : The Kings and - beloved Men are come down with one Heart, and no doubt you , have the fame Cuftom among you to have your beloved Men about you, and we 'the Warriors, are come down to efcort then, I You are pleated: to obferve, that the firft Thing to be dene is to , renew the Treaties between us, and it is chiefly upon that 'Account that we came down. We hope we have never violated any'Treaty, and they are now renewed. The Day fhall never cometb at it fhall be faid, that we had any Thoughts of throwing away the Englilb, but that there ihall be a ftrict Friendhip between us i We depend upon them as Friends, and without Doubt it is the Defire of the , great King George, that we fliould live in Friendfhip, and eat and drink together ; and'it hall be my conftant Opinion, that nothing bad can come from the Englih, notwithstanding any little Stories ! that may be told. At to the Affair nf thi Par with tt Ch,i... 1 notwithstanding the King has expreffed himfelf fully on that Affair before, yet I fhall fpeak a Word to it. I was rejoiced to hear that we were to meet, and was in Hopes of feeing the Cherokees here, and I fliould be glad to know the Reafons .why they are not come ?!lt is not for Want of Power or Will, that we did not refent the Injuries that we received from Time to Time after the Peace was propofed : For my own Part, I live in a Frontier Town, and am willing to go out to hunt for Skins, but we do not know how Matters are at Home ; but I hope we fhall hear good Accounts when we return, and our Nation expects to have good Accounts from'us, of what we came about. There are the two great Men who agree to Peace, or who order War ; had it not been for them it would have been impoflible to ' have rtftrained .the Warriors ; but they are Men of fuch Prudence that we agree to what they defire us : No doubt the Cherokees re - prefent to the Governor, that the - Creeks always Peace, but it is wrong,: for the Cherokees are always the Agreffors. I am now to fay .fomething to your Excellency, which I hope you will affent to ; the King has fpoke what was neceffary upon other Heads, and what I am to fpeak is without the Directio of any Head - men ; it flows chiefly from myfelf, being a Head - Warrior, and the reft of the Head - Warriors here prefent, thatis, that the Trade fhould be lower ; we want a Match Coat for 6 lb. Leather, a Gun for 14 lb. which is now 16, 50 Bullets for 1 IS. 7. double Handfuls of Powder for one Skin, 20 Flints for ilb. a Check Shirt for 3 lb. now it is ijXallicoes at the fame Rate ; a Blanket . 6 lb. for two Yards, a Man's Flap 1 lb. a Hoe - ilb. a Pair Silver Bobs 1 lb. a Belt 1 lb Knives for Jib. a Pair of Shoes at 3 lb. which ufed to be 4 lb. a Pair of Sciffars 1 lb. a Keg of Rum 25 lbK Leather. " j GovERNox. I. have given gjeat Attention to all that has been faid, but chiefly to what was fpoken by the King, for that was !the great Bufinefs you came about,' I wall alfo take Notice of what was faid by - the other Perfon,1 though what he faid was without any - Direction from the Nation. 1 nmft obferve to you, thatmany of, the Traders, whom you now fee, have been long Traders in your. Nation, and yet none, of them are rich 5 and I prefurne that you think it reafonable, that they fhculd not only have a prefent Sub - fiftance, but alfo be able to fave fomething againftthey grow old. But if the Trade is lowered, that will not be the Cafe, they will hardly be able to pay for their Goods, the.Confequenceof which I am afraid will be, that you will have no Traders at all among you, for the Merchants in Cr - Tewa will not truft them their Goods : ' I dfefire you may confider the great Fatigue in carrying up Goods, and befides the Fatigue, they, are at great Charges;, they muft have Numbers of Servants and Horfei for that Purpofe; they are alfo great Sufferers, as the Goods are often damaged in the carryisg up, the Guns are broken, and the Leather they receive in Exchange for their Goods fometimes gets wet, and, is fpoiled incoming down a However I will confult with my beloved Men, what is proper, to be done in this Matter. M ' As, to the Behaviour of your Nation,it is very good, aid when any Mifchief is done by your young Men, we are far from laying that to the Charge of your Nation ; .wc acquaint you of it, and expect that as good Frieads you will make Satisfaction, (by.punilhing them for tich Outrages. In . the Cafes that I have mentioned you have heard Uje Complaints, and hzye punifljed the Guilty, ar.d wVjl? yon;.

Clipped from
  1. The Pennsylvania Gazette,
  2. 30 Aug 1753, Thu,
  3. Page 1

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  • Exchange rate Cheerokee 1753

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