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1908 Oklahoma and Texas Flood article. -TMalmay - CINCINNATI. TUESDAY, MAY 20, 100 ft. WRATH Of...
CINCINNATI. TUESDAY, MAY 20, 100 ft. WRATH Of Rushing Watora i Wreaked oo Homeless Io Texas and Oklahoma. wasj M miu wans tmmm sms t av Lsia. m aiae Ismb laia a4 nre sviwl wa la. aisf sea, reea.4 asmk a ssmj4 ae i. a TTI UTTS LOST Several Lives Lost and Damage Is Millions.. Thousands Washed From . Houses By the Flood. f Da-r a a Whole State Under a Yellow Sheet Crops Destroyed and Much Valuable tock Swept Away, I arenas etar.vr s r.s srraa M. UK Mow Mar A dtw I patch froea Mae, oar, (kklav, asrs I he damage la Eaatrra Oklahoma, as tho It of floods, will agj regale more I than 91,000,000. AH lowlands are flooded la I he eastrra part of the staia. racial si.rsna te TSi ssvi tssa. Dallas. Teaaa. May SI -Three Uvea sre knows lo hav keen lost here In the flood to-day and a person, are homeless While many are reponed mlaolng. owing to Ih. confusion and sralterlng of famlll In Ihelr haat. to eecap from their homes. earned assy or submerged. II Is not believed a large number were drowned In this VH-ltillr. aa reported lo th. Sheriff Th. Mayor to-night leeued a prurlamatl- closing all bualnee. house from I So p. m. until Jti a m. Th greatest loaa U In Dal lea, which will b more than II.uii.0js, ana in Et Worlh it will reach l.ouu.ouu. Th live. lot there number sv.n. At Denlson. Texaa. It Is reported to-night that Bed River bad overflowed lis banks. and that Its stsgs la th lushest In Su year. Hundred of famllle hav. fled. Hed Hlver roe at feet Incbe In eight hour, which I unprecedented. Terry boat hav been lost In Hed and Washita Hlver floods. Uvea Mulls DatUra Worta of Daaa- Sg Pea laaga Tied C. It. Warih. Tessa, Mar Sk-The fteal we ir a SVareeAed eui rv Wveta seeaear j aesiM i .ijohi eel iweeai reseaed a eeeei isie mare ma and Tnany reereeer Mr Her met. slen.e O W kee ead Muieai H mm a ..seers, an pm Tssa ie aujai kennei lestas Mw U e lae (m iweaiy en's to a miara ea ike Srsi same. XA1X0I WILL A TTI 10. kesia. uaa. M SsJ Ciaeiaast tw if tie wtu ai4 tke giaia l ervst fiin as (set set see as guter aa4 nje irtkHienaa ke.e redaa1 Is.! Statue tfteaee4sr eeo aa4 wiia feet- re tae reliee leeuiaeal le-aer eeil-1 gmiiia M fa Deaeee. was eUl he si. I Mia. taal te in u aeeta aa ta aeie kit ue Meseeeiis. ead S O Mas cliy aad eMail, aad last Slwwiaat earn-ess kae bees exeuv fle la.naoad sia sre kesae ees, aad Taas eitiee are see arriMeg e a relief fuad All ruees aaearwd Wear last sraedelee will eeaaauly Aeiered Use fceealred ia arra ef waeet aad am ar isal.r "si la Xanaern Teaaa ill I THROUGH WINDOWS oixat uroou Tnrurx. Telaa. uaia. May ja-Ta Ark Hi tree Sere kae . reeediaa S'i a tp. in. aaee msi la rrm the W eat stare ueaay eMretag Tee MMisad V slier sadjlarwai 'Caildrea Lee pad Waoa Blflh BfeWI BVaaUre Kanasd Xala ta aUeas. sressas ssmsi te see seel Ma Lekn. Kf . May t--Wkea Se sa. Seat, frees lei Larkaart M4Jk aVkeel auarcned ksla a feeSJl araeel ker ke-aar ea4 kegen rkeartag la Swaar ef lw vw- ed ever ethee trkenu) last f near. in aaiierea wees larewo kale aaaas. a-l ease ef IX key ead ' yeg.t Ikreaga wiadewa tervtaJy eotiiaa II seeaaua tiaasjaia 11 S . ml mm m - .,M. aula. B . , laerteear kf net fa tally asjered Me wss rnace krtdsee sre eaeere. sad I a. Irscka oa the weet ate. ef Te'a are e a see 4 eel for fcuadree ef yerde Al the laara of Jeaka. It aires stela fur feel at weier tae la Ike Mtdiend V alter yaroa aad the elarlea a thai reed baa kea abendoned The Uult PMm Ijm. Oamaaar. aaala tlae ta Teaaa aad the uth waa br.Miea la tke. badly eel about tke faea. bead, area aad 1 mkMI of Hi l anavltan Riker, an feel eader , kvlr. water to day and iheuasnaa ef karre a ef oil were loat. The kreek cannoi be repair until Ih water re. ext. a Thia. It as Sato will sot serieuely alfer-i Teaaa rennerMe. aa all have goad supply of 04 oa band. LV SOUTHZBY OKIAHOXA. Denuma, Teaaa May X -The k gn water .ttueso In So.t iters fiklalMtma has -t Improved. At Monk Waaita bndgs lusded cars are being placed on the bridge le keep It from washing away. Twa thousand begs A. m wiA . i.ma eA mt msm mrm IPVllt. to save the bridge. The Vutn Waalta Hirer 1 la out of Ha benka and atill rieing Tke ekildrea a pee really tkeughl I ker wa a Sr. a rer ag ta erneol waa i raed ky flames, ad tkelr rseeliesuea of Ikal dlaaater Is frees " UNDER THE BOILER nuiin. iw Ml .mi. of ft'.alli he. kee. abandoned. Several hundred mea have been' rufltir If.gT Hid, t firing- Vp Boon Dror Hit Out arariai se.r.e a re re eet tass. fllleburg. ISna. Mar -A aquad of pe- All ihelUce rhaeed Muaroe Qleeloa, a a eg re ae- ef firing ea a party of smsil beta over the bank aod along Ik. Allegheny Hlv- J L.ve bei n ;uet also. All train service nor e 1 o( Inlson Is auendi d J C, the the he all in be a at JO Outhrle. okla. report. -1 that hundred, of train naaaens--rs are marooned there end at Oklahoma City, l-e.-s t.e. anile tne Ao-kI situation haa ImproveJ ad ratlr.ad hsv loat many bridge, snd tne railroads find difficult to set laborers for repair work. Shawnee wires s ruiiiur that 11 negroea hava been drowned by a work train going down with a bridge. To hundred pa. sen gera are marooned at Hhae-nee. Okla. where th. prjperty l.a I. "i.xj. Ten miles of the Missouri. Kansaa-snd Texsa tracks are washed out rear Ihere. Oklahoms City's nxt iral gss pipe line were .put out of bustne.. and clitaena there and elewhr. are witnoui fuel fof cooking purposes Telegram were received tn-eilght at Outh rle from hundred, of maroon.-d paaaengera at Sapulpa. Snyder and tit Iter plarea a. kin the aiate to compel tha Milroada to carry them away. Ft. Smith report the Arkansaa River on a ramps.. Many famlllee la. re fled to lha Oklahoma side. Van Buren (Ark ) Inhsbl- tsnts sre fleeing. Ths sewers hsv been closed to prevent the river backing Into them snd flooding th ntlre city. Th name of a larg. number of persona who have been drowned throughout the Bouthweat wer. mad. known to-night. They are too numerous to mention. A number of them were women snd children. To-night two companies of Infantry and one of artillery are patrolling the atreets of the city under th. direction of th. police. snd no one Is permitted to go on th. streets without permits from the authorities SEVEN AKE DEAD And Hundred Homeless By Fyod of Oklahoma City. Oklahoma City, Okla., May 23 Seven persona are dead, from O.I to, 310 are homeleas. thouasnds of seres of lowlands sr. Inundsted. hundreds of houaea sre wsshed swsy or damaged, railroad and wagon bridge are gone over a large area of th. aouthern part of th atate, several railroad bridges sr damaged and the track of nearly every ra!irnd company operating In the atate ar. washed away entirely or disarranged In thoae aectiona visited by the heaviest rains and most dla sstrous floods. The dead are: William M. Ltndlsy. Anadarko. Thompklna Cheek, Shawnee. W. B. Rallera, wife and child, Frederick rjegro, drowned at Guthrie. Unknown man. found floating In CI-maron, near Guthrie. Near Davenport, both th. Frisco and Katy tracks ar. washed out. Near El Reno nearly lto feet of Choctaw track Is gone. On the Santa Fe, near Guthrie, the track. were damaged, but have been replaced. Th Rock Ialand. -fiear Apache and near I rt. coon, nave oeen aamaaea in tne aiaio- eating or bridge bent.. The track, of the -.Vienna cans sna 3onnwriern in tne Jig Pasture sre unsafe snd trains are delayed. The Oklahoma Central haa practically abandoned Its service. More than 700 houses in West Guthrie sre submerged. The flood haa fallen, but the bottoma are still submerged snd water knee-deep is running through the .treeta. Hundred, are homeleas and transportation from one part of town to another Is by meana of boats. Along the valleys of the North snd South Canadian Rivera the Cimarron, the Arkan aaa, the Washita and Red River thousands of acres of growing crops have been dam aged and many homes washed away, ALL OF OKLAHOMA I records. Under a Sheet of Water and Cities Are in Peril. Guthrie, Okla.. May 25. All of Oklahoma was late to-night still bound by one of th. most eerlmis flooda In Ita history. Hundreds of person. In the lowlands hava been driven from their home nd re camping on tha hillsides. Half a dozen larger cities have suffered heavy damage, and railroad traffic over the entire state Is practlcslly st a standstill. Track washoute are numerous, bridges hsve been carried sway or damaged, snd heavy loaa has been sustslned in dsmage to cropa and to all pip. linee. Burly to-day the principal streams of the state hsd reached tne nignest point known, but at noon the waters began to recede. The ralnfaH has been the heaviest ever ex perienced In this state The rainfall has broken all Oklahoma mah4 ia the t e.1l. . Ki.-e fcrMee on the Frisco. Tb. Red River st this poinl ahoea!' to-day. he highest water Since the greet flood of Oleeton look refuge under the boiler ef a lb. a CBZAT DAMDESTEOTXD. srsetAL Marie e re res svet-isss South Rend. lnd . May 21 -Tha high wal-ers In the St. Joseph Hler have completely destroyed Hie dam at Rurhana. Mich , from which South Rend secured a portion of Its eledrlcsl power. The river bed. Just ever the Michigan line, baa been widened to such sn eiient l list aanilUsra which hsve slwsya been visible, hav. been completely waahed away and good-. 'led steamers could net ascend Ihe river ea far aa thia rlty, but for th. dams at Berrien Springs snd Nile. OVER THE FALLS. Spokane, Wash.. May ZV Joftn Bharn-leea, John Mile and a young Engllahman named Richmond, all of Nelson. R. C, were swept over Ihe fells In Ih. Kootenai River yesterday and pranked. Their bod.es ar missing lowooa, in nucceeruiir eeal off kla pur- suera Finally ih. rnw of the bust i relied ea They flred Ihe boiler, and In is Kan-minutes Cleat on appeared dripping inougn irom a Data I Tek ree l make II any hotter for be aald. ss be gave - BOLT'S DEADLY WOBK. srsctAt M.e.T s re res asrtaaa. Covlnaton. lnd.. May Z.I During tha storm this afternoon lightning struck the barn of Farmer MrMahon, Jessie llsgiey. aged .1. and four horees. . than I was Jest now blanaeir up. "I've yual rotne from k ' PROFESSOR Is Crabbed By Police Just as Ha Is Peering at Handsome Young Women In a Bathroom. uoHTiraro's victim. srret.f. pt.rATrs To res ivst-taaa. Williamsburg. Ky.. May 25 Mrs. Tho Potter la In a serious condition her. to night from being struck by lightning thia afternoon. BY FRAUD Hooven Was Nominated Says the Petition Just Filed By Beiser's Adherents. Interesting Time Is Expected at the Tiffin Convention To-Day News of Ohio Politics. Columbus. Ohio. May 25. A protest sgalnat the certification of the nomination of John C. Hooven, of Hamilton, as th. Republlrsn candidate for Presidential Elec tor In the Third Congressional District, wa filed with Secretary of State Thompson today. This one Is filed by the Belser faction, and Is Intended to countered the protest (lied bv ConTeaamn J. E. Harding and other against the nomination of Raymond Hornbeck. of West Alexandria, Dy tne Belser faction. Th protet filed to-day l gned by Charle M. Belser, or Dayton; Clem Kerr. Albert Thompson, Allen C. McDonald, John B. Hetach. F. E. Tunlson and Meyer L. Jacotn. These prolestant clolm that the nomination of Hooven waa Illegal, irregular and fraudulent WASH DOINGS Expected at th Tiffin Convention Harmon To Be There. arsctAL Di.rATcs to rsa xsortasa. Tiffin, Ohio, May 23 Th. Thirteenth Democratic Congressional Convention to morrow promisee to be th. most Interest! In the history of the district. C. C. Anderson, of 8eneca; W. H. Relnhart, of Erie; W. Worst snd Jsmes G. Hunt, of San dusky, and Carl Ilenkle, of Crawford, hav. headquarter, open. D. R. Crlsslnger, of Marlon, has been se lected temporary Chairman of the convention. It Is doubtful If a nomination will be received on the first day. Judge Harmon, of Cincinnati, will arrive Tuesday fternoon. Delegates will meet him at the depot. erect . l rirrra re res svermss. Elkhart, lnd.. May -For many day Elkhart rltltena hsvs keen annoyed by a "peeping Tom." and great waa th. iurprtee of police and cltlsene when an Instructor In English In Goshen College wss apprehended here lest night 10 minutes sfler he had de- llvred a strung and fervent sermon on Tlis Simple Life" st ths Mennonlte Church. . The police ssy that be waa on Pralrl. street, peeping through s window Into a lighted bathroom at tb. horns of Martin Ludwlg, In which three hsndsnms and ."he pel y young ladles of the family were disrobing for the night. ' MATTER OF CUSTOM Was the Arrest ot th Cyclvdas Crew-Will Return To' Oreec. sraciAl. dmsattb to tsb bsotibsb. New York, May ZV Following sn Investl-gstlnn of th manner of the foundering of th Greek steamship, th Cyclsdes. which went down off th coast of Nssssu. th member of th crew who were brought to this port by th Vlgtlanela, will be returned to Greece by the owners of th. boat, I I 4 Archibald O. Thatcher, of cnuna.1 for the underwriter., said thai there waa no. rea son to suspect that tbe Oyrlade. waa pur posely Injured, and that th Investigation In progress was formsl, snd followsd out s long-establlahed custom of counsel Cor the underwriter. ! a SMTJOOLIKQ CHIlUltXK. snciAt ourATr to rsa tsoctaas Goshen, lnd.. May 34 Chinamen hav been smuggled semes the Canadian border st Port Huron snd hustled through Michi gan snd Indiana, vl Kalamaaoo, South Bend, Elkhart and Indianapolis, by Inter- urban. Somewhere In Michlgsn they sre supplied with a black business suit sad cheap black felt hat. LICKING'S TICKET. .PSCIAL Dl.rATCB to THS SQriBKB. Newark. Ohio. May 2.V The official count shows the following Democratic nomine- lona for the Licking; County ticket: Repre sentative, R. W. Howard; Prosecutor, Philip Smytbe; Auditor, C. L. Riley; Re corder, Jacob Farmer; Probate Judge, E. M. P. Brlster: Treasurer. C. L. V. Holts Commissioners. Joseph Brownfteld, George Tavener. S. I. Tatham; Sheriff, Wa Link.; Clerk, Edwin Larsson; Coroner, L. L. Mar riott. BURTON SCORED The towns thst hsv. Buffered th. createet damage and Inconvenience are West Guth rie Tuiso. jenks. a small town near Tulsa MusKogee. qnawnee ana oapulpe. West Guthrie, parte of Tulsa. Jenks and Sapulpa are Inundsted: Shawnee Is surrounded by water and Is Isolated save for telegraph and telephone communication; Muakogee nas Bunerea eonaiaeraoie aamag. tQ outlying property, snd Ita gaa plant was flooded last night snd closed down, snd much low land in other parts of ths stale Is under wster. STORM FREAK it Picked Up a Stream and Laahod Across a Kentucky Mo on tain. arsciAX. DtsrATca to tsb BsorTas. Louisvtlle, Ky-. Msy 2S Lightning snd wind hsd th atsts In their grip to-day. Prom Pins Knot It Is reported s whirlwind picked up ths water tn Rolling Pork Creek. Martin County, and convert ed it tote a waterspout, drove It .truss tke face ef the Mtintala aad against a great ledge, drop- By Harvey Ooulden For Hia Opposi tion to Ocean Kail Subsidy. SrSCtAL Dl.rATCS TO THS BKQCiaE. Cleveland, Ohio. May 25. Harvey D. Goulder. President of the Merchant Marin League, and a Repunilcan. raked Con gressman Burton fore and ait to-day, and declared him "Igncrant" In voting against ocean mall auoaiaty; "Burton sn out of the party ranks," he aald, "when be oppoaea a measure approved by Roosevelt, Taft and the rest of the CaMnet. I shsll not oppose Burton for re. eleotlon. but the subsidy bill will be passed by the next Congress, whether he likes It or not. Tne oiu is not pernicious. . To SENT TO THE BOTCH Wer "Statesmen" Who Essayed national League Honor. srsciAl. orsPATra to tub BvorrsBm. Lebanon. Ohio, May . Warren County and Sixth District Republlcana figured prominently on th. diamond here to-day when tbe Lebanon and Wilmington Elka clashed for baseball honors Representative w. H. Roll twirled for lbanon and congressman Charles Q. Hil-debrant for Wilmington. Both went up in the air la the fourth Inning and were benched. Hlldebrant allowed four hits snd Roll eight. Rain prevented the gams being An te hed. snd plsy waa called off during the close of the sixth Inning. The final score wss 14 to S ta Wilmington's favor. 09 THE GROUHD FAULT. BPSTTAZ, SlSVArc re TSB SB! tass. aaadusky. Ohio. Msy 33. Erie County a two Good-naturedly go Insist that it be Then you have a nourishment, ancklhe old "There's Made by rostum

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