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 - of which to In the president ol affairs Marv...
of which to In the president ol affairs Marv session will to 10 W a r Veterans p m. for 'our rejgue teams. Traces Bethel Centennial Group Descendants of Early Hatmaker s d a y p-n 1*1 the BETHEL T,f a ^ 2S-- The committee of the Bethel Centennial Celebration committee his compiled the genealogy of ihc Ilmni-n familv, several descendants cf ·whom Jire nc-w li^nj; :n Eeiiie! Ransom Hmman, whose naroe appears on the 1S56 Bethi_l 'voting list, ·was one of Bethel'H earliest hitmak- ers Two direct descendants, Mrs. George Ij. Rublev and George Hin- at the Tues- until 11 in space Office, to o w n parents S h o t the be Mert for Brook- In and their famil es still make their home in HetheL Mr. Hinman is R memher of the Centennial committee, w h i l e his son-irla'w. Lewis E Goodiell, Sr, H general chairman. Ransom Hlnman lirst mirte hats in a region callt,([ Kcttletovin in Sauthbi-rv In the historv of South Brltair, ther» is an account of tne early hat nduatry -which shows that tne industry cami- to an end there about 1833 It mentions tvio men ·who afterward became res. dents of Bethel. Hansom Hmmaii and hia brother-ln-la-H, Thomaa Sollej. An account taken from the Sollcy genealog^' reidg "This wag at one time quite »_ flourishing hualnexs here One of the early nhop owners ·wa-s Judson Manville, whoee chop was west of the church on the east bank of Tomperaug river, a portion of the shop is etill standing lie emplov ed about a dozen men, among whom wa-i Thomas Sollev, ·who aitrrnards had a. hat shop at Kettletowrn w h i c h was then a tnnv IIR n onnmuniti, most of the men hatters bv trade Then there another hat shop at Kcttletown owned hj Ranaom PEinman Each employed about a dozen jn»n " Fir»t Hat Shop ^Vhen Ransom Hinman rno\ ed to Bethel, hf operated a, hat ahnp in the Wolfpit district for se\eral vears It waB one of the tow-na f-rst hat shops It appears that ·while ^is brother in la-v Tnomas Sollev, continued to work, at hatting for BOTI e ears he did not again start up his own business F,an£om Hirman mArn'd Juli-i. daughter of Thotriis and Eollej, and they had mnr ope-tte tha Senio- Iumber com- ore of BetHcl s s been retired lie is deacon Congregational George H older resideiitr. for set er"il jears Lmentus of the cnurch and once served as a mem her o r the Bethel Board of A^ses sors Mr Hinman, who rt-sides w i t n hia soa-in-law and daughter, M". tnd Mrs Goodvt_ll fit 2o Highland avenu" 1 , has two gra^d^nns, E Goodsell. Jr , of Danburv and "Kenneth Hmman Goodscll of Srookfield Tnere fire eight Kreat- grandchildren . Eli^-iheth and John Lewis Guodsell of Dan bur and Kenneth P-ichard, Cna-le5, Thomas Hmmtn Margin rite Di JLtiB a-id ^Vc. ne Goodsell fill of Brookfield LINE OF M A R C LISTED FOR PAMDE S a i l The first seai-or of the w ill take place Star-' L-gnuilij£3. and 210's Also scheduled lid.e^' race, members will A receptioi take p 1 ace in froin 4 until S w i l l tc sened membership from 5 Babe R The ne*.vly-formed children, died eirJy in life Charles n. Hmman born in IS41, and w his eon, a. hatter Monroe, Stepney Stevenson Ihe line of marcT for the annual Memorial Day parade sponscred by Sipp T Wmspur post"lT6 American Legion, v,i\l form at 9 30 d-E^ to- morroiv, Tt bpada.'s gar»s c . Route 111, ard thf parade w i l l begin at 10 a.m snarp, according 1 to George E Hat-no, chairman Tre parade \\i\l proceed north, lip Koute 113. to the Monroe Center green, w h e r e memorial exTClaes will take place in front of te w a r memorial, on Mie southern tip of tl*e green Formation of the h-e 'will be m the; follouingiOrder: American Le- Kion po-"t J76 Sirdi Hook Fife and Iimri corps Go'd Sts.r Mothers, driven ov Ernest C "\ViIliams- American I^epioii A«Aihar\ , Airc- iliarj jiol ce Eroivni" troop 1S5 of Stepnej, Brownie troop 97 of Monroe Girl Scout troop 16S of Monroe, GirlScout trooplSTof Monroe, Girl Scout troop 121. senior Scouts, Girl Scout troop 140 o* K t e p n e v , Girl Scout troop 1SS of Stevenson, Girl Scout troop 27 of Monroe Cub Scojt park" 63. Boy Scout troop 62 of Stepney, Boj Scout troop 63 of Monroe, RrpIO'er Scout pest 62, all or his life, but, like many of th* batters in those dais he OWT- ed a small farm Trhich he also work ed, HE first married Mary Ybemars in 1^65 and n da'ighter, Anra E ·was bom !n 3ST1 and a- son Georgt, Henry In 1ST4 Marj Yoemans Hin- maa died In 1S74 with tho birti: of her son * n d Charles R. later married Phobo A Wildman. Mrs. Kublry ia the daughter bo-n of Harmoav GrarEO float bicrjcle that union corps Anv other o^ganizabons George Henrv- Hin-nan, li^c h^|P la:lcIn S to m^irch M h o h^ve not f a - h e r and grandfather, continued | bera l.sted. a-e 8-sXed to report at i,n the hatt.n ? iadustrv u^'Jl World ' 9 *° ^^ to ^ ofn t h e formation W a r H ivhcn he Tvent to wor,, in n. when the I.ce of aj-irch reaches Stevenson Also, sourd truck. Monroa Firs Company. Stepney Fire company, Stexc~j!on lire company, Monroe Fire- compnv Junior auxiliary float, Monroe Mother'^ dun float, defense plant. He learned bis trade in F W Smith a=d Son la *J)d worked several or the hat a quca- lr- numtrfacturlng- plants in .Bethel. but spent manv \tars with his brotter In Invx* "William G Stjutt in tl.B cpemtion of the Bpthel E e s v e ~ xnd Velour companv, 01 D.amond avenue, where he was the vice p-es- idsr.t Cam* tn 7£-Q ^ he Hinn\an geneAlt. jrv" ir tr^e Ptate L'br»r\ At Haitford Kives - j ·verv interesting stor\ of the f.rpt ] r isemorial 01 the green, or-will a-sacTnb'e (tround the- area, acd the condcctcd Krv Joseph "ft. Kupec, o' St. St«pbtr chimch. ^iH K I V C the Ini tx» 1 ''o*_ A tribute to the Colt* Star Mother-j -will tai e place, ai thev p'a-e ". ·nTc^Ui at i^r c-e- league season follo-Mng it 1 p.m at tnc field Town Manager will throw out state and local league officials Camp Fe.listrat.on at tne Milford ·ftill take p 1 ace until 3 p TO in fo-d Citizen Bus transportation provided to the w a U R nver the Wilbur Cross and milfc icjll Diicola. side school is 1,400 DEGREES STORKS Mav 72-d urmia] University of held 'jundaj. Stadiurn, with students receiv and graduate This i ear the stadium meccement time m » number outdoor program scheduled For the flrst ilso, tha eirly evening, procession commencement for G p m Dr Stanlev E commencement. said tnst as a. ha.e been made mencerreiit tty'i new irur* St*. universi'i who have been highest university honor, Tnll be. rrceivn their distinction students receiving their doctoral Tee universitv Jtaret Christian Eve B Freedinan Janet Haburay Westboro Mass; Roccvine, Myra Lion^ Branch. N. I* Simonelll of Bridgepori- Followin^ lea. President delivr a b-lef Wreaths x\ n b" p^ccd R* the rnemonal o other organ .zal.on^. laclnding the fj.-e compa-ics. Town of Monro** ard Lepion The Rddr"V! will be bv the Re H nn^r^^os-tiledjn Arnica. A pj^.^ s Mart-n «: sJVeter s Episcopal church Mrs Hazel Flynn will leid the »-^Sfmb!v in the s'ug- ir^- of "The- Star Spirgled Ean- Sj^- Edward Hmrnan svrUled in Stratford n 1650 ^ie ilad ^ei -i Aenreant-it-amm in the bodgi_ar; of King Charles 1 or ilaj^iird. He of I escaped fro-ri Knglmd during t' MUM'S NOT BUT NEWSMEN WASHINGTON, Al Lernar, psb'ic the to recto- m'nt, forrcat on dav s tf Oliver CrorawpH ic *n\r his fcx . the A U4-£Tu*i salate parade ovm life lie married Kaunah Stiles »nI s. toji Titi«^ Hmman bom In JE65. was une of the or.jpMi! setilfs of Woodbjrj-. It is said that lie chas-ti ·». larjre section f. orrt the In- dlani t h e m for * copper Veitlr He WTLS captAir of TrainM Band, » small unihtary grojp formft? to protect thfl j^elUers from (he Indians, He w-aj a member of the Gercral Ass»mblv from 1T12 to 1720 Rs~i- som tiss a. gresc-firrardson of Cap- t h g tain Titin Hinrnan ton of Abel Hinrnnn and Ixiis Curtis of South- burv. Mm. Rubley is the Brother oi Raymond Ch*rje« who A, DetwrilPr Tnll pronounce the lenediction Tips \nll be sOi,~ued bv fwo rug tn of the Sirdv HooiC Fife K.nii Dnin^ ctTpij, G u i l d Nirne C h a r g e d The group of women of the Con- Rregatlor.a, 1 church, w u o recently fsnred the Youijf T^otcer.'a Guild, \oted at a ivccnt scss'on to ciia ige t^ie rame lo the Women s Gjild. Thev w^ll n-ert June 7. at S p m. in the parsoniige Monroe Center, "Mrs James G Kimball and Mrs Willinn LowtnAdler M-II) bo ^o3t e*'es to thft provip They ffr . eon His title wns Word in Xewsmer Tver* -, to b« Bponjjrcd by t-e group Fair weekend, i si The Jiinio- roe Fir^ compnny "Wednejdav t S of Mr* V'TillartJ street, Mrs, Albert ing White Ti*iTI frrshmenta :md anrt Mi*. WilHwn vlr(« tt« n a K. Stolle. 1 Crown street, was solemnised y e s t e r d a y in St. Joseph's church.! 1 " hi " h school. £anb;jry. The Hev. Jarnej J. Htll 'ursin^'. New r r v i n ^ In . S, Xaval Mr. Ma-ncre , \ U. S. rsavy. Kane, officiated !n the Church J ihr , F , rPt " iTar inc force. (Jccoratrd v/ith potted pnlrcs. Music | for Camp W.-K f u r n i s h e d by Edward G a l l a h p v -" !:1 b ? stationed. *:her, ori:anf^t, with M^-'i P.o^ern " " TVie bride. " ' ROLAND DBS escorted by SUSAN i frown o: bwit^ ^, ^$ Mr ,, with fitted bo-, Rosevillc eyelet e-clrciir.ri en^airemmt r-.f, .short ,i!eei dlec, «. n;ffl-; c-f t h » rour.ded r.eck R'd eyelet «ra!!op- en '.h* bouffant i j,,, ^k rt of (irmn-Jy. I i ^ r finircrtlp , Th . Suvin Carolmf · h i r ^ S« ;ss eyelet eilrndir;;: in the bick with accent of :, Sh^- carried H. co!o^ia*. , of Jcn:al hor.or. Sh« .% o,-far.?j sown :»t ajid carr;e; er hi;r. ; Lenn orth fir-. 1 .*,'., (r, ,7ord-ns J - ychool, Lawrence, biir;-, L". S. Armv ire a War 17. He i* with; piris coinpnny thita wdrp s. WESTPORT Miss Barbara daughter cf Ixi::;i D e r a b : tis T he-q ^ - c - r * 1 I^i'.^rence ^,»t A r t h u r Setar, hro. J ierr l^evin of C r 1» craduate-l from Columbia Yo'k oily, ) ^ n f f f f)!'ov. In Armar.- Mi^s Barbara daughter- of Dcnharti of do s ri f.aurant. For the couple's In a coral l i n e n su.t v :th « h i t e a ci sior.r*. The couple v ill I i v 1 Cri)^\ r: strfii't a f t e r June 1". A ^r.iduat" of Danb'.iry hi^h -- *choo!. the L r i f i e i* eTn;ilOycd b y , Mr. City X-itnnal nrd Trust c o m - j 'Vord p,iriV. T!~.e t i n r f e h r o ^ m , .^l^o a ^r 1 college. ' Monna^-*, graduated from O N FRANKLIN 4TOL.LE i;o f.f Da'ihury h i ^ h school, i« em- pUird by :he Atlantic ar.d r.icif.5 Tc,\ company. d.iushlrr. May 17 in cnu',i]e h?.ve K'ltherlr.n «nd

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