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issues brewing - Haiti deserves attention of the U.S. There was...
Haiti deserves attention of the U.S. There was a sort of comic-opera quality to the "invasion" of Haiti mounted last week by a rag-tag band of anti-government guerrillas — but the oppressive nature of the Haitian government, and the grinding poverty of life in Haiti, are no laughing matter, nor can they so readily be shrugged off as was this fumbled revolution. From fragmentary reports originating in Haiti, it appears that eight men landed on minuscule Tortuga Island in an attempt to kick off a revolt aimed at installing one Bernard Sansaricq, a Haitian expatriate who owns a service station in Fort Lauderdale, as head of a new Haitian government. This pathetic invasion force was quickly put to rout by government security forces, however, and at last report three of the eight had been captured and the remaining five were • being sought by the authorities. This particular uprising, then, was nothing to write home about — but we ignore at our own peril the heartbreaking problem posed by Haiti. Admittedly, the regime of President-for-life Jean-Claude Duvalier does not rule with so heavy a hand as did that of his father, the infamous "Papa Doc" — the dreaded Tonton Macoute secret police have been reined in, and "Baby Doc" has made some efforts to .make his government more acceptable to western sensibilities. Haiti remains, however, an enclave of repression and deprivation. The Duvalier regime has been either unwilling or unable — probably a bit of both — to move Haiti in the direction of represenative government; and the Haitian economy is a quagmire of backwardness and desperation — desperatin which continues to drive scores of Haitians to risk death in illegal passage to the United States. backwardness and desperation — desperation which continues to drive scores of Haitians to risk death in illegal passage to the United States. That desperation, let it be noted, cannot have gone unnoticed in certain quarters — Havana, for instance. The Castro government has its attention engaged these days by Nicaragua and El Salvador, but the state of affairs in Haiti is just the sort of thing in which the maximum leader likes to dabble. That — not to mention the spectacle of misery and squalor offered by Haiti — should be more than sufficient to catch the attention of those in Washington whose job it is to keep the lid from blowing off the Caribbean altogether

Clipped from
  1. The Paris News,
  2. 20 Jan 1982, Wed,
  3. Page 8

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