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 - puy- aa- ealt- be-i i a BOTH SIDES ARE DEFIANT...
puy- aa- ealt- be-i i a BOTH SIDES ARE DEFIANT ' , ;. , . , : E0HF.3TF.AI STILL ; EILD LIT J. STATS OF, S1SGS. nrxtrygcTCAL attimpt or th iHisirr TO HATB HIS DKPOTICA iDXITTXD A OXK-aiDED ' PKOPOaiTlOS PBOK THB LOCXBD-OUT MtH BILIBF THAT THB MILITART ALOHB CAB IXTTLB TBB TROUBLB. j Prrrsarao. Paaa., July 8. There la no die-. gule ag the fact that the attaaUoa here with re-apec. to the labor troubles U rapidly approaching a aria la, aad that davelopmaata wttala the bext forty-eight hours will tmperaUvely leadlte aoaae sort of aa ending ef the etraagie. ThsBherUTs do-nothing policy, aontraatad with the jexultattoa. danaase, and agrreaalvaaaaa ef the strikers, tends te ompbaalvo this view wltB thinking people., ? j ' Altai oat every expedient has been! attempted. by day and by alg ht, to reach a peaceable sola tlOBl bat without sneeess.- Confereneea have beet held between the Sherln aad the military efflotra, betweea the Sheriff aad j represeata-Uve i ef the strikers, betweea the buslaess men of P ttaburg aad the Sheriff on one side and the mill ary chiefs oa tho other, betweea the military chiefs and strikers, aad all to no purpose. Kea ly every man ia Plttaburg of political or aeel X or eommerelal lnflaance has contrib- ate: bU mite ia hia owa way toward bringing about aa adjuatmeat that will beeeUe-f act try to labor and to capital, j But all this talk amouats to nothing and has accomplished noU lng. While Pittsburg has been trying to settle the trouble peaceably by eoBfereaoea, j Homestead has sternly and unmUtakably been preparing for war. Xo matter how seemingly satisfactorily tie eenferenoes may have been, two obstacle have coma to the front the Caraegie man agers and the striken. Mr. Friek, the Chairman ot the Carnegie Company, repeat to-day hia statement ot yesterday that under no dream-atanoae will the company ever employ a union man The strikers assert with Jut as mnoh vehemence that under no circumstances will they permit son-union man to enter the mills. Aad here la the nut which this Commonwealth la called upon to crack. As hour, after hour passes, with ths authori ties! vacillating and preeraaUnatlBg, the Sheriff maintaining that he haa exhausted all hU sources, aad the Governor laaUUng, with some choir of reason, that the Sheriff can do more. the I certainty of another collision seems ap parent end the eaerlfloe of more blood Inevita ble! What la meat needed hare la a s irons hand to guide and eoatrol affairs until reason ana law are restored. ! Tie formidable nesse comitates which the Sheriff expected to take to Uomesteed thia motfalnc waa a lamentable fizzle. At 9:30 o eieek only 23 eitUeaa responded to the anm- mosses which had been Issued. The Bhertira omoera had personally served ever 400 coed eiUteas " yesterday and the day before, aad suptenaa had been mailed to ever S.OOO coed eiUtena " more, bat not one of those la this laat batch deemed the demand of sufficient Im portance te clve it heed. It may have been the intimation mat tney would urine their own weapons and own " substanea," misprinted ior i anoaiateooe. waien sent taem at soma At any rate, the Sheriff thous-ht It' a kirns to feed 23 man te a mob ef S.OOO. and he relieved them ef duty. Thea the Sheriff announced that he waa coleg to Homestead et 1 o'clock all by himaelf and that the sight of a posse would oaly exaaperate tbe mob. At 1 o'clock, however, he naoi important oonierenoea on a and satiiitsi we vial t uu ooioca. lie managed to get away at that hour. . in truth, the Bherlff had a fairly lively dav ef it, and the wear and tear becaB te ahow bdob hlml For aa hour this morning he was under loeH and key at tbe Seventh Avenue Hotel, en- aeayonng to convince Ad t. uea. ureenland. whd accidentally dropped Into i town laat nlxtt. and Uric uen. John A. Wllsv. command ing It be Seeond DlvUlon ef tbe Satloaai Uuard, that it waa time the military was seat te Home stead. Bherlff AtoCleary la an old soldier, and ne maae a eareiai ana detailed report or all he had; done, produolag the laws under which he had) acted, aad which had covcrned him ia his appeals to tne uovernor for ass Is tan oa. xae Adjutant ueneral uatened. but exnrassad no opinion. - It U hia first great responsibility ia hia bew pealUoa, and he U naturally unwilling. unaerstanainc aa ne uvea lae views oi uov. rat- tuon. te advocate a step that may result in bioeuaneo. at the end er tne conference the Adjutant General aeat a dispatch te the Gov ernor detailing the situation, but oCering ae novmsnsaswraa t Gen. Wiley, whe has been detained here bv the developments of the past forty -eight hours. haa had a large aad varied experience with stria era. tie waa vis ilea aunng the day by a nuiaber et omoera ef hia brigade, who boaouaht mm te aaa aw wunnooe wita taa governor to rather than the caster a ragimeata i Tbe Seeoai Bricade la the largest ot the three whleh form the' Pennsylvania National Ouardv It eoasUts of the Fifth Beglmenv with headquarters at Al ton ti a; ue aentn. aeaaquartera at Washington: the. Fifteenth, headquarters at Greenville: the Sixteenth, aeaaquartera at uu City, aad the Foarteeata ana Jttcnteenta of' Flttsbar. Battery B aad the Sherldaa Troop of Tyrone arej also attached to the brigade. Its full strength la &.200 men. ; Al number of Oca. WUev staff ware in een- aaltaUoa with him during the day, and it was generally believed that If Uov. Fattlsoa took step ae woma oraar oat tne entire brigade perhaps one er two PhlladelDhla reaimenta idea. Certainly the situs Uen demands tbe prase a ee of a vary large force of troopa. To ecud a email body, one or two regiments, would oe attenaea wiia aaager mat persons at a dia- tanee from here are unable to realize. A dem onstration la force of eight er tea recimeate would do more to prevent further' bloodahad than ear other action mat might be taken. II maat ee retuemoerea that mot lew la- abso lute in Homestead. . Tbe towa U ; absolutely ia tbe possession ef the atrlkera, .Armed men patrol tbe river bank, aad ovary stranger Is continually under eapioaace. A man who aaks a question at once becomes tne object el eaapl- clou. At alght all the approaches te the tewa are guarded, by riflemen to prevent access to the Carnegie property. . t j Never were rioters netter armeoMhaa ue strikers at Homestead. Met oaly have they la their posaesclcn the gone captured from the 351 Plakertoaa. with all tbe ammunition be- longiag to that fateful expedition, bat they have also neea euppuea wiia nueci cy xnree taoe- peaaeat military organ lxa none er jrittaearg. knewa aa the Hiberalaa Blflea, aad by a Polish aaa club. To-day they received a hex ef maniuoa irom rauaoeipnia, aou yeeieruay one ef the strikers Informed a reporter that enough d ream it was at taeir disposal to blew ail Carnegie worms oat or sight e rsmark whleh waa exagfferaiea late a ranter that ther weald destroy the werka before aoa-anloa mea ware nermitteatoentettnem. ; i hteinroreemeaia are aounyi pouring into Homestead from all quarters ot the country Is v lees, desperate, murderous eharaeUra Thar sU claim to be workmen. srmoeSBoUo aad lmtao- eesso aympasnaua over tne treeoie waica aaa fanea apoa taeir ore urea, m tores ted la anal reeniv ! - . lit is lmneealble te rosea the Carnecie werka. 'Totdav Mr. Prick's assistant. Ma Child, aaeoea. pabled by Ma Potter, the fkipertnteadent et the arcs, waisea tarwufta nomeeteea aaa toward werka At tao railway track ther were ipped. . '- ' t' .'- r w e uaaire to viais ue weraa, saux Mr. side. : ' - - t ' .I-" i 1 1 ea eanaot visit them." was the rent v. Yen kaow whe I ami" asked Ma Potter. Yea, but we have orders not to allow any I to eater uoae woraa." i ater when Mr. Friek waa asked by a Tmits snoadent waat ae proposes te ae about It. beiaald: t What eaa we do Our ease to la the bands or the saerur. we most depead upea hi at te afford ne aseass to ear property. We served BoUee oa him laat Monday. The eooatry lajeertalaly reacaiac a eemmeadable point wlea a maa Is debarred from using bis property OF aa ergaaizeo. oaau oi atnxera.- i - - r tBut." it waa urged, "the matter la dispute etAnde la thia wise: Heeaeatoad will remain owlet oatll the arrival oKroopo er yea attempt SMiatreaooe susr wsraasa! tjeva yea stale waen yea wiu attempt that uaaertaklBcl i f That is a oaestiea I cannot; answer at this time.' t la any piaa aaeer way loekla c to that cad I ; Yea maet oxoeae aae If I deoliae te aaewec ' Therein llee too keynote be tho cadre altaa-Uela.- U1 alleys brirade be sent to overawe ths strikers 1 When will the Carae- gla peeptry their new poller of aupp'.aattng tab old union workntea with; new noa-aakut aaadat "r -- 1 - - ! i t la eartata tnat peace win reiga nntn eae or the ether, er Beta or tneee, experlmeau are trteo. - ; i The bet-beaded atrlkera declare Uev m flchtaaveae er anything that at lets Die to force them eat of Homestead, implying teat tho la-tredaeUea of new hands means to taeaa net only tao loos of their peeiuona, but ot their Conttaaod an Pago a, rv'.: .

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