7/28/1895 - Houds and Polo

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7/28/1895 - Houds and Polo - V5 - FJg9A2 tCTAKCISpO mROlCLEi - SXTKDJiY...
V5 - FJg9A2 tCTAKCISpO mROlCLEi - SXTKDJiY TJriYv - 28 1OT5 - - - i - - - 5i - i V vsc Surf bathing these warm days U th rnost popular diversion of the Monterey visitor after the morning concert and well It should be for the sport is fine and the temperature of the water during the past week has dally averaged 65 degrees a most comfortable condition while the beach was never better adapted for safe bathing Between the hours of 1180 and 1 P M there are crowds along the strand After the afternoon concert tennis ia very much In vogue and the three courts are continually occupied The arrange ment mr me visitors tournament similar to the one gotten up last season have been completed There are something like thirty entries The tournament win begin on Friday morning August th and end on the 11th The mixed doubles Will be played on the 10th The prises are numerous and very appropriate and pretty The courts are In perfect condition and are now alive with players practicing for the great event Among those who are expected to participate In the doubles and mixed doubles contest are Miss Bee Hooper the champion tingle player of the Coast the Misses Clark of San Jose one of whom was in the tournament last season Miss Ella Ho - bart Mrs Kuhn the Misses Taylor Miss Boss and Miss Bates of Oakland Thomas DrltCOlI the Messrs Whitney W H Taylor Charles F Hubbard George B de Long H N Stetson Thomas Magee Jr W A Magee D K Allison Walter Hobart F 8 Mitchell Everett N Bee Mr English Mr Bates Dell Linderman H B Havens Mr Sanborn F Hovey Joseph S Tobln Mr Halght W 8 Thatcher August Taylor Mr Parker A F Allen Samuel Hardy Sumner Hardy Captain CO Starr Lieutenant Treat Lieutenant Kuhn Lieutenant C L Bent Lieutenant 1 W Winston Lieutenant F A Wilcox Lieutenant Winn Mr Fowler Walter Magee and several others Captain Wainwright manager of the Burlingame Club Malcolm Thomas and F 8 Douty were all here last week and Visited the new race track which is one or the finest in the State The polo field WiU soon be in readiness and the ground for the pigeon - shooting inside the race track likewise Fred Webster was here on Sunday making final arrangements It Is said that the Riverside team will again play polo with the Burlingame men There will be a week of great events Never before in the past Ave years has dancing been so popular There are hops three times a week The United States troops are hard at work at their Held maneuvers during the day Guard mount is now held at oclock P M and is witnessed by a large number from the Del Monte The frequent visitors to Del Monte are loud in their praise for H E Huntington who after experiencing the defects In the train service ordered on the Del Monte limited which now leaves the city on Saturdays at 213 P M arriving at Del Monte at 630 oclock returning on Mondays leaving Del Monte at 8 A M and reaching the city at 1120 A M Mrs O W Chllds Miss Emma and Miss Ruth Chllds were among the prominent arrivals from Los Angeles on Friday last Miss Agnes Kelly of Napa has been the guest of Miss Mollle Phelan the past week Miss Alice Greenebaum has returned from Del Monte and is now the guest of Mr and Mrs Sloss at their residence in the West End Mr and Mrs William Haas and family have returned from a three weeks visit to Del Monte to their home In this city Miss Edith Flndley has been the guest of Mr and Mrs W S Barnes the past week Mrs J H Condlt - Smlth and the Misses Grace and Mary Condlt - Smlth have returned from Castle Crag and will spend the latter part of next month here Mrs William M Glvin and Miss Mary Bell Glvin will return shortly from Castle Crag and come to Del Monte for the season Mrs B H Balrd and her debutante daughter Miss Marie Balrd arrived on Friday last for the season Dr Harry L Tevls and Major and Mrs Rathbone were among last evenings arrivals Mr and Mrs W I Kip and the Misses Kip went to the city a few days ago but expect to return here about the 5th of August Mr and Mrs Fred W Sharon will arrive on Saturday next and spend the month of August here The Misses Hobart will arrive to - morrowmorrow Monday and remain during the month of August Among those not previously mentioned who have taken rooms for next month are C W Waterman and family Mrs Palmer Mrs Bassett Mrs W P Harrington Miss Mary P Harrington Mr and Mrs F Pickering Mr and Mrs G P Murphy Mrs C W Howard and family Mrs A N Dreer and family Mrs M Mc - Mullln Latham Mr and Mrs Tom Magee L S Adams A Douglas Dick William M Randol Mr and Mrs D C McRuer Mr and Mrs W 8 Tevls Mr and Mrs C de Guigne Mr and Mrs T C Van Ness Miss Van Ness A D Keyes J W Barnes Mrs Robert Hamilton and family Alex Hamilton Harry Babcock Mrs Clara Catherwood Mr and Mrs W H Crocker Mr and Mrs E W Churchill and many others The summer girl Is at 8an Rafael and white duck gowns are to be seen at all hours of the day Moonlight muslcales are a new feature of entertainment The lads and lassies with their mandolins banjos and guitars are to be seen nightly around the grounds of the Rafael entertaining those who pass The men are practicing hard for the annual tennis tournament which takes place September Sth Very few have returned to the city and a great number are expected here next month and the following month The opening of the schools does not make any difference as the trains run hourly and the fall season Is always the most perfect of the year In San Rafael Dinners at the hotel and picnics to Fairfax hove been much in vogue Baron and Baroness von Schroeder took a party of friends on Tuesday In their four - in - hand coach to the Country Club The party remained at the clubhouse over night returning t6 the Hotel Rafael the following day in time for dinner Their guests were Mr and Mrs Fred W Sharon Mr and Mrs Henry Janin Miss Goad Miss Genevieve Goad Walter McCreary Charles A Baldwin Hugh Tevis Mr and Mrs Frank McCoppln and Consul Artsim - ovitch t Mr and Mrs William Fries entertained a party of eighteen at luncheon in the private dining - room on Sunday last The table was most beautifully arranged with flowers and the service was perfect Quite a little party left on the first of the week for a trip to Alaska It included Mr and Mrs Peter McQ McBean Mr and Mrs J J Crooks Colonel and Mrs Mld - dleton Mr and Mrs Fuller and Mr and Mrs William M Thompson Upon their return they will remain at the Hotel Rafael until late In September Miss McNutt came over on Thursday and spent the next day with Miss Alleen Goad Her engagement with Lieutenant Ruhm United States Navy has been broken off Miss McNutt has gone to Arizona where she will visit Miss Addle Perrin Mr and Mrs Sidney Cushlng have closed up their cottage for a few weeks and are now enjoying the beauties of Lake Tahoe Mr and Mrs Sidney M Smith took a number of their friends at the Hotel Rafael on a trip up the San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad on Thursday in their private car Among their guests were Mr and Mrs Lloyd Tevis Mr and Mrs Fred W Sharon Mr and Mrs Henry Janin Hugh L Tevis and Dr Harry L Tevis Charles Warren Stoddard and J W Lawlor arrived on Thursday Mr and Mrs Fred W Sharon gave a most enjoyable picnic on Friday at Fair - j 0 wffJ MUtW la If sSksBTV J X V 1 7yBMiCv - jiWm - - - - v sfik fax Villa to about twenty - eight of their friends A large number rode there and back on their wheels Mrs E J Bowen and Miss Mary Bowen were among the arrivals on Thursday Miss Mamie Burning has been the guest of Miss Juliet Tompkins the past week The guests summering at the Hotel Rafael are Mr and Mrs J A Latcha Charles Petersen Mr an4 Mrs M Bran - densteln and family Mr and Mrs Lansing Mr and Mrs F W Sharon Harry Sharon and servants John Perry Jr Mr and Mrs Frank McCoppln Mr and Mrs D B Davidson Mis9 Delia Davidson Mr and Mrs George S Boardman and family L M Kellogg Miss Kellogg Judge and Mrs Haynes Consul and Mrs De Latande and family Mr and Mrs J J Crooks W F Goad Miss Ella Goad Miss Genevieve Goad Miss Alleen Goad W F Goad Jr Mr and Mrs S Feucht - wanger and family Mr and Mrs Lloyrl Tevls Miss Florence Breckinridge and maid Mr and Mrs M Greenebaum Mrs S Hart and maid Mr and Mrs Ernest A Cox Mr and Mrs L R Larzelere Baron and Baroness von Schroder and family Miss S M Throckmorton Dr and Mrs S W Rosenstock Dr Guenthe Mr and Mrs T R Church H M J McMleh - ael Mr and Mrs J R K Nuttall E M Greenway Mr and Mrs Henry Janin and servants Miss Blanche Hoge Miss Octavfa Hoge Mr and Mrs J J Moore Jeff Moore Mr and Mrs A D Ayres Consul Artsi - raovlch R P Greer W McAllister Baron W E J von Balveren J Maclean F A Greenwood S C Pardee Mr and Mrs A Mack and family Mr and Mrs R H Follls and family General R P Hammond F 8 Chadbourne Mr and Mrs W O Hewitt Mrs F S Osgood and children Mr and Mrs P a Fuller Walter McCreery J Archibald Miss McNutt Mr and Mrs J H Taylor Mrs A R Coolay Mrs M M Scott M F Cochrane E W Warren George Hooper Mme Le Vanway Mr and Mrs J B Anderson R P Rlthet Mr and Mrs R E Murray and family F G Conklin F Conklin Mrs Conklin J W Phillips Mr and Mrs Irving C Lewis Rev G S Abbott Mrs Abbott David Hewes A B Costigan Mr and Mrs B S Oibson Miss Mabel Reed W F Wright W Tappen - beck Mr and Mrs R Fenner Caesar Poma Sidney M Smith Mr and Mrs Z L Hecht Mr and Mrs M J McDonald John Bezzinl H N Gray H L Tevls Mrs Francis Moore J J Moore Mr and Mrs A E Buckingham Mr and Mrs James Hogg and family H D New - comb William W Taylor Joseph New - lands Louis Helder Mrs F M Smith Hood Winn Mrs N Behrens Mrs Edgar Peckham Misa Peckham Mrs F W Kramer Miss Arlene Bunker C F Adams Hugh Tevls William S Tevls Mrs Southard Hoffman Miss Hoffman and Miss Alice Hoffman have returned to the city from San Jose where they expected to remain all summer but owing to the Illness of Jack Hoffman were compelled to return Miss Clare Ralston has returned from her trip to the mountains to her home in Oakland The Misses Fannie and Julia Crocker will visit the Misses Castle at their cottage in Santa Cruz early next month Lst Wednesday noon Miss Belle Fitz - hugh MoPherson daughter of Dr and Mrs Maynard McPherson was married at the I residence of the brides parents 2522 Fill - more street to Lieutenant Alexander McCrackin U S N The wedding was a very quiet one only relatives and a few intimate friends witnessing the marriage ceremony which was performed by the Rev George Edward Walk rector of Trinity Church The bride was attired in a robe of white corded silk corsage high trimmed with old point lace and she wore ornaments of pearls that had been In the family for several generations She was attended by Miss Anna Hall her maid of honor who wore a dainty gown of white organdie over white satin the corsage trimmed with lace In her hand she carried a bouquet of La France roses R P Schwerin acted as best man for the groom Lieutenant and Mrs McCrackln left the same day for a two - weeks trip through Southern California after which they will leave for Annapolis Md which will be their future home Preparations are now being completed for the midsummer jinks of the Bohemian Club The event Is scheduled for Saturday the 3d of August and will be held In Meekers Grove near Guernevllle John A Stanton has the arrangement of affairs In hand Two boats will convey the excursionists one leaving at 11 oclock A M and another at SP M via Tlburon and the return will be made at 2 oclock the following afternoon - Dinner Will be served at the club at oclock The entertainment committee consists of John A Stanton Robert H Fletcher and Max C Sloss Vanderiynn Stow will act as sire Mrs George C Shreve and Miss Bessie Shreve are at San Jose for the summer Miss Alice Dlckins of Van Ness avenue has been entertaining friends from the East She gave recently a pink dinner party in their honor Mrs R T Carroll and the Misses Lizzie and Gertrude Carroll left on the City of Puebla Wednesday for Seattle en route for Alaska Mrs Luke Robinson and the Misses Robinson left on the City of Puebla Wednesday for Seattle en route to Alaska Mrs James E Tucker and W B Bourn were called East last week owing to the sickness of their sister John N Featherston is at the 8ea Beach Hotel Santa Cruz Mrs George W Beaver and the Misses Kate and Ethel Beaver are at Deer Park In Lake Tahoe Late arrivals at the Hotel Del Mar Santa Cru2 Mrs L A Banning Dr Elizabeth Lynch Mrs E S Code San Francisco D Tumelty Stockton Miss Llllle E Boyn - ton Miss Daisy M Boynton Napa Miss Josie Cadigan Mrs Mary Rogers Bertie Rogers Miss Miriam Neal Mrs M J Moran Miss Josie Moran Mrs M E Bots - ford San Francisco Miss Georgle Scott Miss Florence Scott San Rafael Miss Louise Oldenbourg San Francisco Mrs Sarah Cromer Mrs M J Cahlll Berkeley Mrs Emma Orr Miss Sadie Doherty San Francisco Mrs R Lauxen Miss Lita Lauxen Mrs J D Gall Martin J Gall Stockton Miss C M Buckley Napa Miss Mary Connelly San Francisco Mrs Louis Herlnghl of Fresno is visiting her mother at 1219 Geary street The Misses Lulle and Susie Holcomb daughters of W A Holcomb president of the San Francisco Produce Exchange have returned to their Oakland home after several weeks sojourn at Cazadero Richard Milliken has been for several weeks a guest at the Squirrel Inn of the Bear Valley Country Club Mr and Mrs Rounsevelle Wlldman have been spending the week as guests of Professor E F Holden at Lick Observatory Mount Hamilton Mrs J L Franklin gave a luncheon at her residence 2930 California street on Wednesday last in honor of Mrs B Loe - vensteln and Miss L Loevensteln of Cincinnati Mrs Pauline Nathan moved from 811 Octavia street to 520 Van Ness avenue She will be pleased to see her friends Wednesdays Mrs N H Bender of Butte Mont arrived yesterday on a visit to her parents Mr and Mrs A Schlesinger - ot 613 Ellis street Frank HOUnt Will nan fh ftrmt iwnmU of weeks In August hunting and fishing m oanta tjruz county Mrs W T Hooper gave a luncheon last Thursday afternoon In honor of Miss Jo - le Mosler who has returned from Los Angeles after ten months There were covers laid for ten Miss Mosler Miss Hierleman Mrs Miller Mrs Bessicka Mrs Hall Mrs Spader Mrs Casson Mrs Hurleraan Miss Halllday Mrs Hooper A very quiet wedding took place Wednesday evening at the residence of Mr and Mrs D N Friesleben on Washington street when their daughter Fannie was united In marriage to Charles E Brooking of London England where the young couple will reside In the future Miss D M Pattison and Miss L E Perkins of Alameda will shortly return from Rosedale Ranch El Verano Mr and Mrs Joseph L Kleruff who left two weeks ago for Summit Soda Springs to Join Mr and Mrs J P LeCount and Miss LeCount returned yesterday from their trip Miss Eunice Gallagher a very popular teacher in the Peralta School and vice - president of the Avon Club returned to Oakland last Monday after a six - weeks vacation spent In Santa Clara Amador and Calaveras counties Robert McGowan a prominent young lawyer of this city is visiting his old home in aiomerey Mrs George W Durbrow Is on a visit to her aunt Mrs Durbrow at her home on the corner of Bush and Hyde streets Mrs Durbrow will be in town for about a month when she leaves for the country and later she will return to Los Angeles Misses Hattie and Evelyn Levlson after having enjoyed a most pleasurable time with relatives and friends at PmMfir n - n and Monterey returned exceedingly pieasea irom tnetr outing trip They will be at home on the first Sunday of each month at 1S18 Post street Several delurhtful Dartie nH ontrtin ments have been enjoyed at Mount View notei in koss alley during the past few weeks Followlne the successful rntilinn of two weeks ago there have been the reg ular cara parties and another hop and entertainment On Wednesdav ovonino - last a musicale was enjoyed Among the notable pieces were selections on the violin by Miss Gruenhagen of Larkspur and songs by Miss Haries of Mill Vallov whn delighted the audience with her beautiful voice i ne guests of the hotel also participated drawlne UDon their varied ti ents to assist In the entertainment Last t riaay evening a progressive hearts party was held in which prizes were awarded to the successful contestants The weather has been delightful all that one could desire and the tennis court and bowling - alleysalleys have been kept going all day Late arrivals at El Monte Hotel Los Gatos W L French G G Cavanagh ana wire u w Wallace G Fnose Miss A Franks J Frief C n Vincent - oriCa and daughter Charles Lyons and wife Miss Nellie Lyons Miss Clarine Lyons Miss McNutt Royce B Friend J R Howard Oakland W F BeckeK Bessie Mur phy Annette Murphy Miss BlooaliJ dale George W Stack w R k San Francisco H P Glassier an Miss Thompson Mr Thompson j J Evans Miss B Levlngsbn j c tLl h C A Park Alameda I Cairedf Francisco L M Babcock and wtttrS Arrivals at Harbin Hot Sianhnpfim Colonel a Hagen Mrs A MmS Earle M W Goad and win Miss H Bell Goad Colusa A L ubbtS toga Stewart Menzies Chfaegfc R J Dick George WilkngiMlS8 Tr2 honey Miss German John SUnT wife John Huston W M uj2 - Bushman L Jacobl and wife VP Sol Hyman Mrs Mahoney Slfc1 sen Drury Melone and sonX berg Sam Greenberg B Gallant oiw hams and wife M Lewis SM FramX Arrival at Astorg Spring iJWft BkaJlkejr tely of France B fw rard San Francisco C G VLt wife Oakland T OBrien TJS San Francisco A T de Viler fiffi Berkeley D Aymes and family LW tadt W von Holland San Francis One of the prettiest parties of ftl son took dace last tij ee - July 18th at the residence of Mr a Mrt A Coleman at 2114 Pine street It uor oi meir daurhtem iw Misses Mariraret rnr JJ i 1EE OU rrors wwehtS - j uvuaicu aau me young lai proved themselves to be excellent lZ esses Many literary and musical peoul were present A very fine programme carried out On the 17th a nartv nf v a most enjoyable trip from La Honda ana along tBestrtanu to Pescadero and the ever - famous PebWs beach In the first coach were Hisses Eugina N Turner Lottie rhri Berth Kirkpatrick William t x a Authez H F Coniahreus HaroWKlrkI Patrick and August Euler In the second coach were Miss Atta Turner Madm yn j una vnnst rtenry C Pa quah and William R Mitii The party left La Honda at 8 A M and reached Pescadero about noon where a lunch was enjoyed The return was by the San Gregorian road Last Thursday a pink luncneon wu given Mrs Bushman of Omaha by Mia Emllle C D Schnoor at her residence 717 Seventeenth street The favors were small dainty cut - glass bonbonieres tied with pink ribbons The guests were Mesdames Bushman Whltefleld Mangels Schnoor Wicker Reed and the Misses Cole Chase and Schnoor R P Troy of San Rafael Secretary of tne Ltemocratic state central Committee is in London Mr Troy has visited the principal cities In England Ireland and Scotland and after spending a few weeks in London intends to Journey leisurely through Europe He will return to Call - fornla during the month of October after a years absence Miss Lillian Stampen will be at home to her friends the third Tuesday evening of the month Mr and Mrs Tiney Holmes nave returned to the city Mrs S Horowitz and daughter will leave for Fresno next week Mrs Martin Solomon leaves forbwhoas In Fresno next week Miss Ada Powers is a guest at Rudder Grange cottage Mrs Pauline Nathan and two children Gertrude and Master Maynard Nathan have returned from their trip to Merced and Southern California J J Dwyer and Miss Dwyer are among the guests at the Tallac House Lai Tahoe Mrs A G Elliot will snpnd the miimna at Redondo Beach

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  2. 28 Jul 1895, Sun,
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