6/5/1895-Cut of horses Tail

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6/5/1895-Cut of horses Tail - ALLEE SAMEE B'LINGUM. How a Chinese Peddler...
ALLEE SAMEE B'LINGUM. How a Chinese Peddler Lost Trade by a Clip of the Shears. AWOKE THE CLUB'S WRATH. Animals With Docked Tails Are Not Wanted in the Land of Polo. "Not another pound of vegetables will be purchased from you," said the imported steward, Mr. Blingum, of the Burlingame Club when Wong Fow. who supplies the club with cabbage and divers kind of vegetables, made his appearance at headquarters yesterday. "Wha' fo'? Wha's matter?" asked Wong Fow, as he looked at the steward in surprise. "Oh, I've not got the time to discuss the matter with 3 r ou now. The upshot of the whole thing is that you are no longer required about these premises. Now drive A METAMORPHOSIS THAT COST WONG FOW THE PATRONAGE OF BTJRLIN GAME. along ; Ido not require any more of your stuff. Do you understand?" Ii was Steward Blingum who addressed the Mongolian, but the latter insisted on knowing the reason why his greens were not any longer required. Blingum wore a look of disgust on his sun-tanned features as he feasted his eyes on the mule, which was loaded with vegetables, and as the driver of the old animal, which had seen many days of hard servfce, refused to vacate the premises without an explanation, Mr. Blingum tooted a big brass horn and a retinue of liveried servants appeared in an instant as If ordered by Aladdin, the man who was alleged to have been gifted with supernatural powers. When poor Wong Fow beheld the army of servants marching toward him he knew then that his prospect for further argument on vegetable matter with Steward Blingum was fruitless, and, rather than bring down upon his pig-tailed head the vituperation and fists of well-fed attendants, he quietly withdrew, wondering what on earth he could possibly have done to arouse the wrath and animosity of the good and formerly kind steward of the famous Burlingame Club. The story of the Chinaman's misfortune in having lost a tirst-class customer is told as follows by one of the employes of Burlingame: On last Saturday evening Wong Fow delivered to the steward of Burliugame an assortment of fruits and vegetables, but while in the act of placing his wares in a compartment assigned for greens of divers kinds some practical joker took advantage of the opportunity to dock the tail of the mule which had done such valuable tramping for its master through the green ways of San Mateo County. Of course the Chinaman noticed the disappearance of the animal's queue, but rather than create a disturbance which might possibly lose him a good customer, he said not a word, but left the uemesne, thinking, as Orientals will think, what fools white men can be when full of jokes. The docking of the mule's tail was fatal to poor Wong Fow, however, as when he next appeared at the gates of the great western emporium of all-round sport, with his charger, Steward Blingum grew very angry. He thought, like a majority of imported stewards would think, that the docking of the tail of a plebeian's animal was a severe commentary on the crackerjack ponies which the gentlemen of the club prize so highly in times of peace, and surmising that the poor and inoffensive vegetablepeddler had accomplished the trick with a view of securing an increase of trade at club quarters he summarily dismissed him from the premises with strict orders never to enter upon the grass of the preserve again. Whether the Chinaman will enter suit against the steward for insubordination or for having ejected him (Wong Fow) from the grounds under false representation is a question which will be decided at a near future date. rather than suffer an ignominous defeat, theywill politely decline Mr. Oelrichs' kind offer to eoWest and get a whipping. However, if half a dozen good amateur boxers representing New York should visit this City, the sport of fisticuffs would receive a great impetus. The handful of amateur athletes California sent East surprised those who thought that the West was still in the silurian age. ALL OBSTACLES REMOVED. Jim Corbett and Fitzsimmon* May I)o Some Fighting. NEW YORK, N. V., June 4.-The fight between Corbett and Fitzsimmons is now an assured fact. All the obstacles have been removed. Joe Vendig, the representative of the Florida Athletic Club, said to-night: "The money. $7000, was handed to the temporary stakeholder, Phil Dwyer, to-day. There is absolutely no chance for a kick-up this time, artd I am ready to wager any amount at odds of 10 to 1 that the principals enter the ring, and I am sure there will be a fight worth looking at, not only from a scientific point, but one that will decide championship of the world." Corbett is said to be going to work at Asbury Park in preparing for the mill, but Fitzsimmons says he will train close to the battle gronnd, possibly at Galveston. The former has the call among the sporting fraternity, his chances of winning being looked upon as the most likely by the betting men here. DALLAS, Tex., June 4.— E. H. R. Green, president of the Texas Midland Railroad, and J. S. Grinnan, president of the Board of Trade, both of Terrel, Tex., thirty miles east of Dallas, telegraphed Corbett to-day offering training grounds and every convenience he wants. They ask Corbett to offer suggestions as to what he needs for himself and trainers. The first big bet recorded to-day on the fight makes the odds 3 to 2 on Corbett. Mr. Green put up $3000 against $2000 by John W. Dunn of Chicago, the well-known theatrical manager, who is here ou private business. Itoyal Ttaeht Club Regatta. HARWICH, Exg., June 4.— The regatta of Royal Harwich Yacht Club continued to-day with races over the same courses as yesterday. For yachts over forty tons the course was thirty-seven miles, and for 20-raters twenty-two miles. The Prince of Wales' Britannia crossed the starting line half a minute ahead of A. B. Walker's Ailsa. The wind was light. Howard Gould'B Niagara had the weather berth, and at the beginning of the race led Prince Battunyany-Strattman's Stephanie and Lord Dun-

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  1. The San Francisco Call,
  2. 05 Jun 1895, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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