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1894 Florida search for volcano in the swamp. - TMalmay - CIXCINXATI, SUNDAY MORXIXG. AUGUST 5. 1894...
CIXCINXATI, SUNDAY MORXIXG. AUGUST 5. 1894 TT7ENTY-FOUII . - v-hy : ! 1 r;-::y;v-:.;-Fertile Mytliical Volcano Whose Smoke Rises From tae 3 fttween the Wacissa and on the Journey. jjplorations By an Enquirer Correspondent Show That the Evidences Proceed From Fires. kect Pests Enough To Canse Madness, and an Abnndance : of Alligators and Eattlesnakes.. - - Bell's Balf Acre How the Ibrooh AH These Years at . a on a Most mieresung BUDjeci. , watams,srs T"" " T.uasasH, ri.A..Angut 1.1894.; At as'i ''' Klurio' "oktno," a verbs taw"" " tber " was ' ajtut if th Iw Horn n the larger region M Hnni the same nam for the fabled busjntof yu:b. lbs V t,'miiy expeditions and much SstttB, thoush. t far a Is known, no loan CtA At lb' result of the Intext of tbeae sartrkini. Mrh I undertook, having srsd (lib I party whlrh'soon loft me to my a nsnurce i am cnab ed to net all donbta ('mi and tuT conclusively that there la no MM, and that fnm the physical condl-bsonatmilri pot ni t In the locality from sta baa antra hat bas been supposed to BAfavkr fn.ra Its crater. ft i'Ar. I am convinced, la from Area arid by buii'an hauK and lla natural feMrJark ' Lantern like course ha led to bthrtsltrof naiemrnl anil curiously un-ayhrtlryripr'trrKe of the many explore. InjbJSslisyond the memory of Uie prea-viramtlon the belief as entertained by tafebabltanta of Tallawwe. 1 la., that a more actirt ruli ami exited somewhere In fcurrltorj lying tout bra-t of tbat city. TarMsrf n-la cd men-iv to the existence of fekrsr, r dntsWt concerning it location aaaiiirir-al as the lirltef In lta existence, lar'ai, Wf orlali.a' l even tradition doe wtriLiod the iiilt explanation la tbat from at teimtanr'.el a smoke, oualirled aa vol. exlrbrlti'iberrert, ban been seen to arise ratat.lrpth i.f the saamp, or swamps, tab la bt-meen (he kt. Mark's and the rtMttil Aurtra Rtrrr, in north and ataiios, and hetween the mast line on tne is, anda line drawn from the head of the Iris In JtfTfmon County, to the villas of llari'Lor Newport, In Wakulla County. Tirr mij'hitt. TraniTfiRV. TW tsr-ttunr lying between the Indicated Uodirioa com prises Sin square miles, per-kBur. The Ihinl situuted to the north da.aif.rast i.f this territory is high and kiif. H'iit o than any in the ctate. About wwtliwe mile to the northeast of the tirins Kivrr. which forms the eastern boun-fcn n.!d.wHiiii Hill, from which a p?r-'iatcdliewli.lfterrlt. ry to the aouth d 'rn he oh ainnl. About a mile hnnar a.t la auothir hill, 'which, it U h the hlhi.t nolnt in the atate. -JCSE7 i : ruined 3r0f ,h hllu ,h territory referrea tHiaD ,n unbrok surface uw ,heu" is one which 'Khd taTt "yh hy those who have aJ?C?"',, ho"K no one knows hnvrL ,.'nd ln 108 fcinitr ot what Can .Hel l HaU Acr Pours JerW l,T W,rl8! y way. that are numerous to be traced or WtT T" " sisas. -. a iT'"V,nn,i,"to,ne of the tk" sittt,e1 the Plnbook la, 'r on line with th river - . aw niUk-ate It flow unri.r. b,K-.T tK,ul ,our " nve miles nL!lV'r ' "nd n upon rbrvs" ,k ,nk ,r common through- k'uZ 8BToe curious nam of the Wa.?1- They re TOun nol fc"3 bTi1" dUnie- from a tew feet mao?,i TiM"y re be found not Vi It .Pluhook RWer- bu lo from th nd In a ttowIAv y,hm to the went. Where Vaadjihe ater which they eon- " Wi, p th1 volcano has aw7la Llf al, h hV tkM ftdthivL hfomy! butastbeGuui .'J ber Bed and the 1 aii .7 opposed to bid it. Sta the description cover the n flrat outline orst outlined. tha k, "VLITT aHAKCJt. earn... "a,, r ' the people as firmly be-"0.f -r bd before any Z?' :r-T """W there ar by, h ereduUty baa been f moo bav pene. ! l wLUUctUreMot Cedar Keys, TreaT1 thoa ot Cr7 " Sato" tuefr "PPUe ot cedar ", and th workjnam were WjSLagjiSilJ!!!'! "lataBa rJ It Could Not Be bwaraps Aucilk- Perils Tradltien Has Been Kept An Interesting Letter ' a ' A-t A Up compelled, by Its gradual and continuous destruction, to hunt for fresh material in every direction. . Expeditions were organized many rear ago t discover the vocauo. TBR LATEST EXPEDITIOS aTTABTB. ' Interest in the volcano was revived few months ago. by the announcement that another expedition waa being organized at Galneaville, Fla., to make- another search. The GaineTllle party was organized by P. M. Oliver. Thi expedition I Joined. The two QUven had lived noar the swamp In their earlier years, and the Captain la still a resident of WakallA County, and during more than a quarter of a eentnry had hunted deer In t be a warn pa. Mr. P. M. Oliver is credited with being the flrat to liava traveled south to the Gulf coast through this territory. They were certain they could dlcover the volcano. ax iMoiKtrn's xxrxRiEMca So much Interest had Mr. Oliver's expedition aroused that he received many communications and Infinities from distant points. Among theoe wera two from Mr. A. W. Barber, of Washington, D. C, who w connected with the United Btateta General Land Offioa aa surveyor and engineer. i In a letter dated May 11. he says, among other thing: "It la out of the question for me to leave hare to Join your party. While I would enjoy the woods and a wain pa and black muck:.-the crystal waters of the Ifaciesa and the seream of the panther to rouse me betoro daybreak, and tha sight and sound of tha ivory bill, yet I ahalUiave to forego the pleanure this year. 1- would like to And my ottx Rne and bevtn where f teft ott, with systematic cross cuts at short Intervals, till I found the) spot, for I have set my compass and taken my coarse several times to the Are from Tallahassee, and have also watched the smoke from a tree top on the bank of The WacisM. and with a good surveyor's compass set on a lmb I have taken my course to the ancending column, where it did not appear to be three miles away. JBut the narrow lane through the canebrake has grown ud full gain, and it la doubtful If I could ever find or retrace It. "1 wt-h you would Inform me which side of the Waciasa you vi!l explore. I believe the plan is on the west side, and nearly north from the 'head of Plnbook Creek. But some others have spread the report that It I-t on the r Camp. ensttideofth Waclxsa. down sear the An. cilia, and there la much confusion in the ac counts given me bv varioua persona. Judge Whit ought to know, beat of allot them, if be in still living'." I . ntow MWrowr isto tub ktoaAsa. W left Newport troth the east bank of th St. Mark's River about midday on June 5, intending to reach the lower Pinhook sink before rundown, and there establish a permanent catup. v. ulcb would serve as a bare of supplW during the period of exploration. We bad two tented wagons, each drawn by a team of horses, a light wagon drawn by a sin. gle bora and two- reserve horses. Tor camp THIS WAS equipment we had two small tents, folding chairs and tabl. variety cf cooking utensils, shotguns, rifles, knives and revolver and au abundance of provision. W Brat traveled six miles to the northeast of Newport to Stevens's ranch, Tbe road ram through the pin woods, but was hard and level, and gave no suggestion of difficulty or danger. Two quail, shot by Mr. Beauchsmn, were the most dangerous specimens of wlid life we encountered. . ''.-'': - At daylight the following morning th Journey was resumed, and w reached our destination ln about an hour. Our camp was f 7 - ' " -w'. s . ' : pitched in an opening cf the pine wood, wfchlna few hundred fret of Pinbook nek, id wnfch Jdtdil Itator waa foand, and m 'he stuuov of toe ta'idered tree referred to In Itr. BarbeVa eiter. Thw teas .'ar south aa any party has rone by wagoa This sink U a m dirty noid. about SO by hJO feef. but ron'roi varley ut fllu wtrib would aag-gcat. the ava.na'-rity of the wa'er for enoaing and drinking pnrpoes. had. It not been tor the presence of the d-d a.hgatov. ...... , art ur tb run. Bere we quirk ly learnt that the files would be aconrceof ltioesMiitt. unavoidable torture to turlve and the an final. A the sun warmetl the ro as flies ot every varb-ty made t heir ai-perrarn-e and awllrd uswltt fe-oriotia ftWerntlnailjii. Taroof ourhomnwrre ah! e, t d ;n a short 'ljoe tlu-y . gve evidnca of a terrb; ri:flk. Wlenrr a yellow ' fly atiehtavl on !mr hida d'pof blood was draarn, and af er a whtje thaxe drop became o numenjni tl-aL they trickled down the tvxly nmil the original color of the ttotvea sremad banged fnta white to red. The animal cbamned and hit their bodies fuH'Kialy, and iwong their tai is in terror and in anger; bat there wa no escape, for if allowed to remain otihl'ched they woti!d have run borne through the wood". Tblseonditton was con. kin .O'-w during the day, and the aight of th anlroa waa pi'tab e. It recalled the stotiea f Uie htt and the dr. : ' - Xh lieUtntx Induced by I his poison is in-tolcrab c, and n6 claim to stoical Indifference ill enable the victim -n refrain from tearing away the skin and exposi the raw f..,h where the poison hats entered. How and wImm .hmml br.sr operate 1 could not tet. 'i have dracated or supposed I bad drug.-ed. them in frenzy from the r fleshy nest, b-i have never seen one malte mi at act. It 4 a!d that when sealed in the wood they will ore.- the hoes in swarnu and crawl over lb4 body.:; . The afor.y resultina; frcn thl pet is sotne-thing awfu!. and could, I believe, unba'ance the mind. A a consettiience, it may well be imagined that remedies are eager. y avoght for rnd applied. I have done some little to min imise the effects of the mosquito. alout which I bal received so many vi arnlny. I hi purchased a quart bottle ot pennyroyal and alcohol, some oil of ta-; a horse liniment advert iaed aa go i for man and lieast, and an Infallible relief and curative for all kinds of Inflammations. The second or third day in camp tha bites 1 had received were converted into sores and swellings, and I bad applied all the remedies I had in stock vigorously. SAW THB KXDDCNED SKY XTrECT. After breakfast the first day tha horses were saddled and the whole party started to bunt for deer with which to supply the camp with fresh meat and dried venison. Though tracks were found in all directions, however, the deer kept beyond range of the rifles and shotguns. WHERE THB and th party returned to tbe camp weary and dieippolnted. . In the evening tha woods were aflr in every direction, this measure having been adopted by one of tbe party on bis own reanonBiblltty, with a view to clearing away the underbrush and bushes with which th territory was covered, so as t facilitate travel and. perhaps, hunting. At night, as we lay on the ground, the phenomenon of the reddened sky vi plainly vilb to the west, where Ores had been kindledduring the day. The Ores were not visible through th timber, but the sky overhead was all aflame. . jirkt trraiKB out raox tbb cnr. We vet now encamped at a point which has always been amoriated ln some way with the volcano. To the east and northeast of us lay tbe Waclssa JSwamp, ln which it is supposed to be located, and our camp was the boundary Mne between tbe explored and unexplored region. We made an early start, and for a short distance from tbe sink our progresa was easy, owing to the Area of the day previous, which bad burned th bruh wood on the ridge which lies to tbe west of the swamp. In this burned district w found numerous fresh tracks of bear and deer, but they bad gone elsewhere to bunt tor feeding grounds. As we entered the swamp or Jungle for one word is as appropriate as tbeother to describe the locality w encountered a dense network of vines, briars and bushes, while tha soil was black and soft and slimy. SBSTS Or MOOCASIXS. ' We bad to twist and turn in every direction to seek an advantage, and, as we advanced, our guide gave ladicatious that be waa weakening In tbe determination be bad previous ly expressed. The bottoms Decame sorter ana worse covered with decaying accumulations. In places tber was no brush, bnt tbe vines and hilars and b-a- ches were interlaid and woven together vr t-iougns wwca . con tained only water enough to convert tne ground 1 to tail re- Here, coi'eJ asleep upon the roots, moccasin snakes ot every size auid length were to be found. ' ? TRIP TO TUB ISDIAB WOtnrDS. ' y Tt was resolved, by way of diversion, to visit tbe Indian mounds and 'andbills to tbe southwest lu tbe afternoon. The ho-ses were again taddled and we rode through the pine woods and through and around the branches, bat the trip degenerated into -another search tor deer, and some ot us returned to camp. . , . jjr. Beeochamp and I started afoot on a trip, southward, first traveling westward EASY. about two miles, so as to avoid th Jungle, which, w bad learned, ran along tha line of the Pinbook Sink. We bad learned tbe evening previous from a Mr. Lambert and a Mr. O'Ncii. residents ot Jefferson County. who were on a bunting tour, tbat a cedar swamn would be found on ' tha Pinbook about four miles south of our camp .and a mil and a hall or two mfles to tbe east. . - W Journeyed through branches. Jungle, swamp and slough alternately for hours, and it seemed as though this were ail th variety the whole country could yield. The swamps ve k evened were totally diTTerent in char- -4 Ly. t ..i x1? ecr from the so-called Waciavrratnp. They were envered with as ay rras only. 1 y At last we retched point from which we eonld see .hat the territory not far sotub from aa waa barf trees, and we eoocJoded that we could not be far from thr Qnlf. We climbed a tree to make oberTa:lons. but in our immediate vicinity, reaching we coo Id ' not tell how far-, was only the sum network 1 of twisted. Interwoven brush and vines. We bad wandered too iar to make tba Journey back to the ramp, sid so wetrh-d to 'each tha I trees which rak hed furthest south, to the ! east, believing that beyond them we would find the waters of the Plnbook. We penetrated through the timber and found that we had reached tha marshland of the Gulf roast, though are did not yet rea'la how far aouth we bad traveled. . Finally we ;w a hut on a piece of elevated ground. In the middle of the xoarsh, and on reaching it found it to be an abandoned camp on the bank of what we supposed to be the SWAMP LIES, Pin hook River. Her we again tried water and found It salt. j LUCKY. TO FISD A CAMP. It was certain that if we were on the banks ot tbe Plnbook, and not of a bayou, we could find fresh water by following the stream i beyond the tide flows so we did so. The tank was ro' easy, ho eve', for there were no banks to follow, and we bad to reach the Umber in tbe west in order to travel northward, ln about an hour,, or It might, have been two. w reached the shore of the Pinbook again, t 4. a. . tiK.iBn -pjv ik.ji mfr .Hi. .t 4 A DESERTED and this time were welcomed by tbe bark of a 1 r m . gW W m -af . - .Tw -- - . A BIT OF f WAMP ' SCENERY. f AS vvKfr watchdog.,- : 1 the hea en? ia a de-twe c.lumn. EfnT,,?!rlS!,,f!19 bLt0lt- WWAT,'I'' ate greedily while awaiting the retain of the tbe fact that beai' f s-.oi ja.rm four d k-rvand ramoeri Irom the woods. At last a man auv ' 'here In the amp. but I defy any on rlved-.n employe. Mnd:ng. however, that yifi l w could obtain no information at tbe camp, m divd d by -earn. Ttv mcky mounds are we were g'ad to hlr a boat for tbe purpose of n ;.! eran tr, but sand tne abouads. and reaching the Attdlla. whn b was about three foSnS ' 01 to W!gtLh' bUti' BOW oio tiu.su souua. aboat sia Or "" w"r- w , Tbe fires, which laeve rwrned ha the locality The cam w reached on tbe Pinhook was ! tr centuries irhapM. for it was tbe home about eight jnlles south of tbe sink fivm - "Bd B"nn aronnu f tn Indian In past mv -,.MJW i.hmM aaT have onumed tl Dietallac substance wbicb we started in the morning, so that we , an j reduced t he wviKht of the stone, espea i bad traveled 10 or 12 miles through swamp ly the san.rs-one, to a mill U 'tn. 1h?ciKn and JungTe. saw arasa and marsh grant, and J of nre and water explain n.nWently thean- wben we reached the camp on th Audi La we bad rowed 10 miles mots. - . , , . " ' aXTTl-SD KBAB THX UOCTV Or THB ACCTLLA. j Two miles from tbe mouth of tbe Ancilla, on th east shore, B- F. Lewis has secured the ownership of a la rare tract ot land, and baa erected substantial la buildings. It waa nearly dark when we reached tbe Lewis plaoa, and bow greedily we did eat tbe lot ,n we iecded throogh the ..mnd ,.,f mrm tt ..K swamp toward the coin- where Mr. Aubnt-tneal prepared lor us: ri e wera treated with i ton had rn th,nw.. t.teh. kM,r. tbe utmost friendliness, and after supper 1 triven all the Information tioaeessed bv thoaa I on tbe premises. - a Kxrxxairscio ocidb. ' Alexander Ward and bis wife, who keep bouse for Mr. Lewis, bad both seen tbe volcano smoke and knew much ot Its history, but the. most Important information we obtained was from Mr. J. H. A 11 bnt to-, whom I bad beard of before as being; the best in- Icrnied and moat experienced man to be found : W Lia al ui J tiJS astar. on all matters relating to the Waciata Swamp, j at tub acirnra srwso. Tbe following morning we 'reached tha Pin- j We traveled to the soutm-e-t.knowing that hoo- camp, bDtevea writh Mr. Lewis as guide we ho;!d rench IheroaJ lenmig to tne l"i"-th three-mil Journey throogh tba swamp h " 'irks from Mr. r'ev n?'s. Along this was not. pleasure trip. . W. me. Mr. AUbritV cV f ton, but found that, though be bad spent 10 Sou. a :hrouU the gum aup, inu wLica. I year of hi ttfeto lb ewamp. ta bad very little to say about what U had discovered or what be could ecoi)-Wh. ' , vaxx ad fyc rsr voccAiao. ' . Ia working our way havk to out rasap we were enable to identify any of th territory aa that we bad PaMjeS through tbe day be- fore. We came In algh,t of cam however, at abotoc.ork far taa aftawaewa, and .were taariedny Mr. Oliver and Jr. OoanwelL wao aborted. - "We've found it I We've fond kl Tbeirdfaaerr7, aa Uey expUtned. ronsr. ea of a p:e of rock f ailT SO leet high, wrtb 1 y an orifice itj the eentef seven zest wMe, tbat bad been Mown oat V soma terrific under, ground Influence' f hi was the i tbat could be don, and it wasaot contddered necetwary tbat the florid 'Volcano should compare In altitude ox? dimensions with those, for instance, of Vesuvius or Popocatepetl. . I announced my fntbntion of remrnin" to Ancilla by way of the ist. Stark's River. mu. ok wirtT ma pwabcsi. ' At Newnort I mAtf errsmatemamts with a Mr. Andrews to eonvtjy me aftd my boat to Mr. Lewis's place on tha Aucf.la. determined to there avail mrseUof the eea. ifces of Mr. Allbritton and one or two Other who, I bad learned, would be glafl to acrojmpany us. We left Newport at snnd'iam. but not till 1 bad learned from several aWrsons that two members of the Gainesville xpfitioB had been Iostln th swamp.' :' - , f ' From St. Mark' werowed to th light bonse. passing as we went tnrougb ilia smoke that was swept over tha rtver by the wind from the burning woods, fc i v At the llgntbousn, -aVblch w reached after midnight, w slept oft tha flor of a fisher, man's hut and reached Mr. Lawia'a place tba following day at 2 o'clock In tte afternoon. . - tbi sTAarr raoy Lrwu'a ruAca. ! Mr. Lewis, Mr. Ward and h wife were glad to tea me again, arid Mr. AHbdtton was notified of mr being tber on tba following day and cam over from tba Ptfrhaok camp. 'He had seen thaemoke faom bis bona en Calico Hill, three rail front the offrce of the Jie cissa, and 'hought hetcould get bts bearings hMtlmni lhati)tlnLt - . - . From Mr. Lewis's to the eartal, which connects the Ancil'a with th Wacima, ia five mile, and the canal itself ia probably the sauna length. It is a narrow stream and canal has been badly neglected. W it Is covered with pond and water lill a and otwrnteteii with log and fallen trees, some of which wt bad to rexauve by cutting and prying. , 'j . yosrtq? aaiTiaiaCMV . - At the bead of-the canal to a wide spread of water canea tiittie truoe rurture, wnicn is overgrown with gram, werd and lilies. From shore to rbore is orebttuly -30l yard or mure.. Two miles further north th river strain widens out to tne west, tne banks forming almoet a semi circle, and thi- spread i known as tbe big ftocwe Pasture. Attbeheatd of this Is f-ituated what is facellounlv celled Hell's Halt Acre, though the dentenaitou L a misnomer, for if hades contributed atay of the territory It donated a full lX acres, as the Uail Acriaoootiaiinrue in it-nvta. Half a mile nrw frMn Hell's Ha l Acr t "3 , T I t. - -. - - . W . - " WW III -aw - ... Hy' ; Trom the east into tbe wacLavand a mile be-, yond tbnis the western s rcaui. VhKh circle toe VM,Vflril tllmTiffh th aviiaiin- itirliitine j itself in every di ection, a"d forming siouaroi j and bayous without number, Out emptying iiiaelf into th canal aooata mil from iu , mouth. T -. - mat as th wArnaA w VAroa. The surface of the WacisVa at Big Goose Paiore. and senerally from that point north. Is covered cumDletelv with decaved matter that has ri-en from tne bottom in i-heeis or lumps and floats with tbe current. From thU, st tbe setting of the ann, arfces a vapor so dei.se that we could not see each other the length of the boat. On th -bores on either side are talt cypress trees, which prevent this Jisrara.- a ... I L : 1 ' ' ,k COUNTRY. vapor from a'preed;ng ari'I' end it blEb into l parently ab iomial weiirh; of rock wteeiroeiia km: no in ins swamp, aivl toe fact ihn wbac tbe simpie peop e call iae has beea too ad. while tbe rov-ano remain oidfccoeced. ia Sr. of mat lue effect up- hi Us rock was pn-ufd by antu otherceu e !." w volcanic heat. Be-ides. th parties rvte-rd to as bsvir.ar wjna ma iay ar. Aiinnitoa ana jar. rait- c.otb t-not preie-id attribute aay voi- ' " " " . 1 IK RNtirnt'.l tnCalico -HH. a mfleorso 1 had learned by this tins be did not attach much importance. , : ' . xa jcxr cocn-rsT, TheeoeBtry-throairb whick w had traveled waan alternation of a.iiaaor slouth, pfnis. iaioasalie iungtea,wampend piue iaisjids. e were bow auout ave-nuies south ot toe Pir h ok s:ufc to lvw, according to general opinaon. to Bad he vo.rauo. so mecoBcludt d to k north of tbe aiiak. From tlrre. ilse morning r tbethuu tiay. are look a doe east cuurse. and, after aa ei perieoce dinenns but discovered. Vr. Branch amp and myself bad partly iera ed "n oartrlB. - 1 aaiinlv rhsin sianMt tiv rt sartoMiMnf of :b H-Txia volrai I th fart Bank a an been oeen am-endusg f nom. lbs saamp, tbouaxt a one has ye: prs-.iisned ! determine bera. In aa area of aqnary snilre-triis anaoke or its rauae is poa4tiety located- 1m well in intel ist man as Vr. Rarber. ix.klnaatit from i be bank of tbe wcic. th g-neral eiaarseof which is due nor- h and auatk, in quire xr it as locawd to tat ast or west of that stream. 1 here a a many other Vnotia. however, to accoant Inr the belief in the exttenee of a Voiraum. askCl annaa thra ln .rial mnidrr- arlons find a great pa-t. An opintoti gen-erajtv aiifertalned that several rewards ar edteredl 4or its dtsroverr. . At Mr. L-wis's eaaap. . Ue Aaciiia, this Mi Meet waa ap-priK-bed w ith some cautina by Mr. Ward and Sir. t ai clot b. ai-.d from them I ea-nr-i tba' tarrt wa a a arming reward of jO.'a the diorery by th L'nited otarea tsovcrn-ment.a.d reards ot ie-aer amount bv th va .e of e 4-York. Georgia. Florida ai d Alabama, be tbe aa e er In Led tita-.as WMitd do with a volran the pe p e dki ait irquireor trv to ui d.-r-a d. 1 uar such a a ief has tended to perpetua e the be let tn a volcano aa racy to understand, for w ny bo"ld ike Uuvetufuntfivr a teaaid for a thina M itcotildha aoaihirw! In 'act. 1 :elt that aacb a liief canned m to be reaardad Wbhaieeltraakm tw eaooarv and dl ruat- Pueed eaiat -n of a volcano gives fictitious Imp tame ta the ueiKbborhood and rauae-th people to foster the idea with a certain Breiing ul DTK and eal,n,v. It as, attracted Confute ab.e attenii- n t the locality and ln aOHir to tne oreatil'atiufi of estedliions tor tbtjMirwaa U exi oration bas drawn visitors to Tallaha. a, bt, Mavrkaand Newport, - .vWats Tama cajt aa so volcavo. There are manv mswa which iot onlv dis credit tha evistence of tbe Florida volcano, but reduce the pretension that there 1- one to an ahsm-dl y.- in tbe flmt phate, ibewamr is It i tie above ea level, the bis-best point oil i tae ao-caiial il ie ilaiid., not beina more than 2i'or .'to lee . eucb as ihe charac er of t be locality that tba word thod is used t deinaie neoryestoi tneary laiio tnaton w uicti in pan tree armwa. These sluks extend a di4ane of 10 or 11 m las, and in tbe Plnbook stream, a lew nil es from the Golf, a whirlpool is vt-ihla. which is created by the water inking into subterranean channel. Thane nnderaTmni.d Streams are known to exist ail through Florida, ibe claisa being made even for Jack son villa, and such territory ia not likely to ifnmuca a vsicano. Acain. the Florida volcano would stand a .one, and tb only on known in nature, history to pcMesatb peculiarity ot attracting tw ' and wild beaata. The whole territory is '""' i ted . by bears, panthers, catamounts, ' 4 hov,wfldrsta,'povHms, squirrels, al.l-gaurs. deer, snakes, turkeys and cattle, for the laat of which the Wacissa swamp has been used as a rauae daring many years. It I a well-known iactrbat Kama win nni aeek nan tore grounds ia the vicinity of a veica uo. nor w ill w ild beaata bunt for their prey or looate thalr deus ln such a xaeighborhood. tub saoax raoa sicaTAJi rraaa. Ill enlananVifl at tYia MnnrV, ft mw K. mIi! that there not a spot in tbe swamps or I tin. Vies, tn the branches or on the fcOand. where a person can stand without garing on charred or burned stump of treea. Fir la the only means a hereby the rattle owner or hnnter can rexneve the tanglewood and underbrush, and it serve tbe iiue purpose for th cedar tuttsr. Mr. KoMu J. Faircloth told me that be Knew croaoa to come from Monticelio to view tbe smoke which be himself bad caused by setting lire to the timber, and sand thai be knew of a plax ia th Gum (twamp where a large tree had fallen Into a subterranean cavity when th sod aronnd its roots had burned indefinitely. In regard to tbe volcano he said : "Tes, I have hunttd tor It and lam heartily ashamed of It, for my grandfather bunted for It belorame and would have found UU it existed." ' aottB rarvxoos xtxraaiiioiaa. - Trace of these expeditions ar to be yet found at tbe sinks along the river banks ln the shap of trees eonverted into ladders, by means of cleats, for tbe purpose of taking observations of the volcano smoke. (The tree at the Suoond Pinhonk sink is Pointed out to the traveler at resent as that from which a New Yorker felt 40 feet, breaking his leg. Judire aWfl. of taaineavllie, beaded au expedition aiaiut 10 years ago. lis was accompanied ty Colonel Hamilton, a civil engineer, and bv another gentleman. He began operations at Newsom Hill, where Colonel Uasalt-ton took his bear! n as on the column of smoke ascending from the WaciA swamn to trie srnrhwest, it is said. In th direction of the Pluhook sinks. From Newsoiu Hill they then entered the swampand cut their way through to tbe coast, their rout being necessarily clr-cultiotis. on account ot the ponus, st ream and other impas-abi localities, it is mid that Colonel Hamilton, on reaching a pine Hand of about 'jo acrea, discovered the timber aflre. and came to ihe conclusion tbat be had solved tlie mystery. Judge Bell claims to have traveled the volcano territory lrom ea.-t to we,t and from north to south, and tells some wonderful toleavofbia experience. He told me that there was no volcano, bin, at the same time, seemed to entertain a lingering suspicion that he might be able to discover something "probable a hot spring or a column, of steam or jvpob WHrrB rAJaryr From th fact that Judge Wbit. now of Uuincy, Stalls cited by tbe citizens of Talia hassee and elsewhere as the most reliable an-thorityoaall matters pertaining to the volcano, ittuay be assumed that his expedition mast have been tbe mot systematic and tbe moat productive of information concerning Hie character of the territory. This expedition, according' to Mr. btevens. who was then a ynuug man. and who accompanied the party, entered uponjts senrcb for the volcano 1 . . I . . - k. . i , I VI k. 1. . . i -n. i uw iiin, , uuk una as a resi dent of Taliahawaee and a pra:i icina aitornev. What hie purpose was in oraranizing tbe ex-peuiuon r what the iiidnceiuent ass noon -seems to know, bnt he entered upon the work tliuroughly equipped. He was accoiu panes! by l-i as-oclates, ruot of them -cal acq .aint-ances, it is said, and penetrated tne te.-nton m ail directions. He never snnotim-ed tbe discovery of any volcano or other natural phenomena that would exp ain the smoke. A Co one! Parker, of Maryland, a so made an exploration, which, so far as known, wa-a fruitless as theotbera. lu addition tothese exneditktosaonres of others have set out and rialm to nave oenetrated to witbln variou-dis ances of th smoke, some having' approached within two mi.es of it, others wl.Ii in six, and so on. In Tallahassee stories of the volcano ar to beneard d all sides. At the home of Judge Richard Long 1 met hi wife's uncle, Mr. Kd-wsrd Langham, who, in ante-liellum times, owaard a la ce pian at on ln Jefferson C..nty. eas of the vV'acta-a. H frequently saw tbe mokeand uftn triad to discover it. On one occasion be placed two pole., with a loru spike on top seas to get-a fine line, one behind tbe other at the corner of the two townships, tbe lines thus formed bearing directly on Uie snioke, w bicb was vlsib e in the distance. To use bis tans; name, be touuxbi tat had captured it then lor certain, and b. aaaied reaulta. In ibree days he discovered that the smoke had wandered a mie from tbe spot where be had first seam It, and contend, that there is no v olcaiio. Jude Long had fougbtwltb the South during tbe war. and did service in th territory where the volcano is supposed to be situated. Tharmok was tlien plainly visible from lie bay, and created tbe impression that the swamp was Iwdng used as a refuge for deserters. tWauseof thisrt wassbelled by tbe gun-boat Mohawk. Tn Mohswk must have directed ita ahot at Abe gum sw amn. near tlio ootbwaxtern eoeat, as th Wacisaawamp woaid liav been beyond reach ol any of the run ot that period. On auotner ita'l' a areorgia c-rnccr nearly killed A)0 In his efTori-to di -cover desctriera a bo. th - asaok lad hi a: to think, wera biding in tha swam pa. Nearly every one has seen ibe smoke som time In the past, but, curious:y enough, uov. claims that It dt-eppeared at th time of tbe Charleston earthquake, and baa not been seeu sine. Mr.Xawnb, of lb Su Jauxaes Hotel. 1 tow-ever, says be saw it two years ago. Ha and a few persons w bom I met at U r, Lewis's place, on the lower banks of th And la. ar th 04ilyprMone who claim io ha seen U since th Charleston rartbiiuaka, Tbis I have since Warned to regard as tinitular, aa I has seen oo. ..mns of eiuoka arise from tbe swamp, which mnst have barn east y ' visible from Ta lahamee. and Lave been lo.d that the same itiilueinea caused similar atnosut Iw be of very frequent occuirence. A NOVEL CUP. Tbe Towns; Has aaKl Hia Girl at v . Pstbtio Foxtntala. " PhUadadphia ateeard. . A tall young man, with a pretty young woman, sauntered across ' Independence squar yesterday afternoon when oldT cot waa at his hottest.. Tney were very up-to-date young people, with not a trace of provincial, bun about tbaaa: yet one could tell that they were not Philadelphia residents, but probably killing rim waiting for a train cr a boat. hen they cam to the ice-water fountain tbe yonna woman stopped and watcbed lue water trsckiinc from tbe faucata. a, tnougti tbe cool slarlit alone did bar lota of sood. Ttaen sue packed np on of t tie tin eape. and. scanning it ruefully, shook her bead at be r companion and laid it qolckiy down again. The next thing was to slip off a small suede glove, and, p sctng the pretty baud it rV.uM under the stream, she fllied i:s palm wi'Ji water and d rail k from It turee times. And tn next thin was to see the yor.ng man band over the same pel ra. wbiia lie baid her wns. to balance the novel cup. and five times it took to sa: hfr l.im. and nlt a iilinslv d d ) tbe pretty young womaa flU It and place it to bis up, - vzi.tr rat a hakkoct. -i 1 ' v. ' '.JL, I boaaoai Onls.; , Gcorc Bateman, 33 years of are, of No. 791 Cambridge street, Camhrldga. felt tbe ejects ot th beat to kb morning and decided to go to tbe roof of t he boese and sw Ins In a bam hum-Ii. tie atUirfied oneaiid of lit hammocK to a wortue: - post and the oilier end tiibe chimney. llas a hesty man. and. a lien be sat in tbe ImMrnnr!.. I ho cLilmnev topp.ed over on him. Vt he pulied out Xron under to debria a was deed. Taxal IX isaiKy. v- -t Wasfalnataa tarl Was Jt drink that brought you to this placet" aaked the young womaa who was en- gaged i" philanthropic work. "No. mlsi, T?p"t"l the hardened oSender. isnt lue lacs. .f it. I wns mai o.t:e t wid luirat that i tned ter f-tl a keg o' ber, A Of A on was of tha and tn I blm. wear ly civil in . non In war Don scar ear deeo I air) ua tbat glv th he and one be treacherous to- be Tell-ltut, they bnt Kit kin, for tb great At were were tbe ious retreat h drir r-eing save can tbat and of and and a fir sava So as nor The and roi' w if old the old sent as. who bl but 1 tu and tha lr and Odder to 110-oat aav.-iae , ii iu-.

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  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 05 Aug 1894, Sun,
  3. Page 17

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