8/20/1893-First Club House

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8/20/1893-First Club House - TMITOllJSE Burlingames Last Pretty Building...
TMITOllJSE Burlingames Last Pretty Building Feature in San Mateo County Sketch of the Picturesque Structure and the Objects of Its Erection The dream of Colonel Burlingame and W C Ralston has at last been realized and though both men have long sinceJ given up all claimto earthly matters it is not venturing too much to say that even more has been accomplished than they contemplated A number of very pretty cottages have been built on what is now called Burlingame and among the residents of this lovely spot Menlo and San Mateo county generally a club has been formed It has been organized for - a country club though its membership includes both ladies and gentlemen h and the clubhouse which has just been commenced is for the use convenience and pleasure of both In other country clubs shooting and sport generally are the chief delights in the Burlingame riding driving coaching and polo will be the chief attractions while a little sport with rod and gun will as a matter of course be included The suggestion of this club is generally credited to Frank G Newlands and he has certainly had much to do with calling it into existence Associated with payments and at once took possession of the raopertv Ross brotiijht sait to re coves on the ground that what he owed i the panic was more tnan onset oy rents and prohts in the business Upon a hearing ot the case Ross asked for a receiver to take charge of all the property pending a settlement of the controversy Judge Wallace was about to make the appointment when in order to restrain this action the bank took an appeal to the Supreme Court m ii FKOM GAS SCFFOCATIOX A Coot Found Dead In Hi Ttoom t Lodging House When M Bene the proprietor of a lodging house at9G7 Mission street was going through a hallway yesterday morning in the house he detected the odor of gas It was found to proceed from the room of Charles White The door was burst in and he was discovered dead in his bed The key of the gas jet in the room was turned on to its full capacity Nothing more was learned than that White went to his room about 1230 yesterday morning There was no indication of suicide it is supposed that the key was turned en accidentally is it was quite loose White was a cook by occupation but had not been recently employed He had lived at the house about nine months He was a native of Italy 38 years of age THE ALT COM BETIRIN OFFICIALS HAKE SWEEP A Queer Condition of Affairs Which WiU Beqnire Explanation in the Courts The newly elected officers of the Alta Mining Company have not entered upon their duttes provided with the opportunity to indulge in any wild fantastic freaks of managerial luxury The treasury is clean - - 2Ssg iffljtr km Jrr a eswjT JflM t i Tnp - mpyv jgra f - jj 7TBTif7r1ft - THE EtTBLProAMB CLTJBHOCSE f him are such gentlemen as William H Howard John Parrott W H Crocker Captain Payson Richard Tobin Charles Baldwin C F Crocker and others At the first meeting William H Crocker was temporary chairman and now though little of the strict formal organization of a club has been gone through Major Rathbone is chairman and the dual office of secretary and treasurer is J B Casserlys honorary lot There are about 100 members and the stable maintained is a first - class one as to horse flesh and turnouts There are from twenty - five to thirty ponies for polo playing and teams and four - in - hands - saddle - horses etc - galore while in tha line of rigs everything from the jaunting - car and high gig to the rockaway - and coach are to be found While not intended as in any sense - a money - making institution the stables are a large source of income They are under the immediate supervision oi an angiisnman a air ityaer wno is an expert horseman polo player and teacher of riding The polo grounds are beautifully1 laid out and are equal if not superior to those of Newport to say nothing - of the scenic and climatic advantages of Burlingame There is a fine running track and place for hurdle and steeDlechase ridine At present the club uses two of the Burlingame cottages but a week before Thanksgiving day the new clubhouse will be ready for occupation The house is to be built on rising ground close to the old Sharon cottage and under the shade of a magnificent wide - spreading oak It will be built in the same style as the cottages which are the charm and the peculiarity of this beautiful tract Its foundations are of rough rock and its low rustic walls are laid about half a mile from the cottages and in the midst Of a beautiful twenty - acre tract Of land The old English architecture common in Warwickshire Cheshire and a remarkably good example of which is to be seen at Ha ward en the residence pf William Ewart Gladstone will be illustrated in this clubhouse The brown black half - timber work and the panels of plaster the overhanging upper story ana tne plain supports carrying It the square brick chimner and the slanting gray - green slate roof will all combine to suit the taste and the requirements of the hour and to satisfy the demand for the picturesque and the simply antique The interior richer by far than most of the English houses of a past century will stilL in the roomy apartments the low ceilings and the open fireplaces pleasantly recall their old - time comfort and suggest pleasant thoughts to the imaginative On the ground floor there will be a fine large dining - room finished in stained - wood 12 feet high 20 feet long and 40 feet broad This apartment will on occasion be used as a ballroom and - in it the y hunt ball of modern Burlingame may sometime be held At the end of the covered porch which will be twenty feet wide to one side of and behind the dining - room will be a music - room all finished in - wood and on this floor anartments for gentlemen in the way of billiard and card rooms will also be proviaea Up stairs there will be twenty - five bedrooms a portion of the building being devoted to the men the other portion to ladies - and both portions having their bathrooms lavatories reading - rooms etc 1 - ThfeDuilding will be about 112 feet long and 70 feet wide Its wid6 porch is in - tendedto bean open - air apartment where people may sit talk read and breakfast if they feel so inclined A Page Brown who is the architect of the Burlingame cottages is also the architect of the club house and has becomingly preserved the harmony and distinctive character of the bnildmffs The house is being built by Messrs Newlandrand Sharon for the club members who have leased it for a term of year and have the option of purchasing it at the expiration of the lease CAX APPOINT A RECEIVEE Decision of the Supreme Court In an Important Suit The Supreme Court yesterday granted Judge Wallace permission to proceed and appoint a receiver in the suit of Boss against Showers The suit grows out of a dispute over several large warehouses In the San Joaquin valley which in January ISO were sold to W O Boss by the Grangers Bank for 549DO0U By Jhe terms of the sale the title was torest in the bank until Boss paid the full amount of the urchase pnee Before that time arrived oss failed and turned his property over to Showers in order to secure the bank That institution claimed however that Boss had forfeited all his rights under the contract of sale by reason of default in swept of coin and the balance on hand would not suffice to pay a fractipnal portion of a days expenses for running the office in this - city The retiring officials took good care of that considering themselves preferred creditors The amount collected on the assessment which is now nendinsr exceeded SO00O and this was distributed by paying an overdraft of about 1600 to the California flOQO on an overdue bill to the wood company at Virginia City the balance with the exception of 212 being divided pro rata between the secretary ana others who had claims for overdue salaries The 212 did not - last long Superintendent Boyle had to be provided with his traveling expenses which amounted to over 100 the directors fees consumed 125 more and other charges left bat a few dollars to proYiue me lien uuus nuitu nui ue opened by the ipeoming management In regard to the overdue wood bill which before the payment referred to amounted to S4650 it has been delinquent for nearly two years although the shareholders have been payine assessments in the meantime The condition of the company after the recent expose of its affairs did not warrant the extension of any further credit and in consequence a request has been made for the immediate - navment of the balance It Is considered probable that since the company has passed - into 1 tne nanus ot men wno nave tne conn - den ce of the mining community there will be no difficulty in collecting the - bal ance due on the present assessmentwnicn will amount to nearly 9000 This will suffice to clean dd all the nresent indebted ness and leave a margin for operating expenses Sir Landers the new president is recognized as an experienced and com - - petent mine manager and a daring oper ator in tne marcel ween conditions are favorable His associates in office are in unison with him in the endeavor which will now be made to bring order out of chaos and to clean up all the bid delinquencies which threatened to swamp the company under its previous officers To begin with the salaries have all been cut down and a number of sinecures in the way of office assistants have been cutoff The secretary will now only get 150 per month instead of 250 and the president 75 instead ot 150 A heavy reduction will also be made in the stipend of the superintendent and also in the expenses at the mine A new system will also be adopted in the disposition of the companys money Formerly when the shareholders handed their money over the counter it was immediately sacked and carted off to the bank for deposit to the credit of Chan cellor uzioy no security was rcquirevr and it has not yet been discovered if there were even bondsmen to guarantee the shareholders money The question which is now puzzling the experts employed to unravel the tan - gled - np affairs of the company is in regard to tne uerov note wnicn was given to secure 49000 There is a credit to the does not figure for the balance of 19000 under the nead of bills receivable on the book In fact so such account has ever been opened In the face of this the amount has always been entered up as cash on hand in the financial statements which - are - made out and sworn to monthly in accordance with the law to that effect One of the main points in the forthcoming investigation will be to find out who is rpsrxYnsiKlp far nttenn such a misleading statement showing the financial condition of the company to be totally differ ent from what it was come ngnt wm oe thrown on the exact situation of affairs within the next few days as it is understood that an expert report will be filed within that time Until then it is like groping in the dark taarrive with any degree of certainty at facts which when made clear promise to furnish an interesting chapter in the history of Comstock mining Nothing new has transpired in regard to the settlement of the financial1 affairs of the Lady Washington the sister company of the Alta but it has been learnetLthat Chancellor Derby who was also its treasurer hasr promised to make good the deficiency of 1000 immediately I The Jiuie Salaries Superior Jndge Murphy filed In the Superior Court yesterday his threatened application for a writ of mandate to compel the City and County Treasurer to pay his June salary warrant for 166 74 Thff salary Of the Judge is 4000 a year of which one - half is paid by the State and the other one - half by the city and county His petition applies Only to thennpaid portion due from the city The matter will be heard bjr the court next Friday iointiy with a similar application made y Deputy Registrar George Lewis

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 20 Aug 1893, Sun,
  3. Page 8

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  • 8/20/1893-First Club House

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