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 - Soccer-Style Booter From Thailand "Oof 7 '...
Soccer-Style Booter From Thailand "Oof 7 ' Getting His Kicks By ED PAPIK Gazette Sports Writer , And Got comes in to boot!! : Take in an Indiana High School football game and after the Little Indians score a touchdown you'll see a pint-sized kicker trot onto the field to attempt the extra point. Chances are that the next thing you'll sec is the ball soaring over the center of the crossbar as "Dot's" excellent kicking and his mere presence on coach Beraie McQuown's squad is one of the top stories Oot's story began late in the summer when Indiana assistant coach Jack Kurtz spotted him practicing kicking a ball in the McCreary lots. "Several of our players, especially Billy Cope, knew him well and when school began we decided to ask him if he'd l i k e t o t r y out," s a y s McQuown. McQuown went to one of Oot's classes and talked with him. A soccer player in his home of Thailand, Got knew very little about the game of » - _ _ _ , _ ,, * %.«j *·**·«, ai/uui MIC gamer wi of the young 1971 football sea- football but said that he'd give itatry. BEAUTIFUL KICK! -- "Oot" Gosuwin gets the welcome home treatment from Indiana High guard Greg Baraniak (62) after one of his four successful extra points without a miss in the Little Indians' 28-6 victory over Bishop McCort Friday night. (Gazette photo by Bechtel) "He really didn't look very impressive at first in practice and we began to wonder if something was wrong." states McQuown. Well, as it turned out, something was very wrong. Having only played soccer, Oot didn't know that the idea was to kick the ball over the crossbar! He had been concentrating on keeping the football under it. Once the Indiana coaches got that "minor" point straight with him, Oot began to progress rapidly. He goes off with a manager and practices with a football and tee for about 45 minutes on his own every day. At the end of practice, the squad gets together to practice about ten extra points, and Oot is rarely off target. He had only eight days of practicing before Indiana's game with Bishop McCort Friday night, but he was a perfect 4-4 in the PAT department in his first football game ever! Oot's given name is Gorb- Giet Gosuwin, and he lived the first 16 years of his life in Bangkok, Thailand. His uncle. Dr. Laorr who came to Indiana as a physician on June 1, brought Oot over from Thailand and has assumed legal guardianship of the boy. An llth grader at Indiana Area High School, he could barely speak English in June but he has made great strides in his speaking and can be reasonably understood now. Actually, it was a nip-and- tuck matter as to whether or not Oot would be playing in the Little Indians' opener. To make sure that his ace kicker would be eligible against Bishop McCort, McQuown drove all the way to District 6 headquarters in Portage with several of his staff members last Thursday night, taking the necessary legal papers and transcript from Oot's school hi Thailand. The emergency mission completed its duties around midnight, and Oot was in the lineup Friday night! Oot does nothing but place kick. "We asked him to take part in the calesthentics and run sprints at first, but he only said. 'Oh. no. no.' He learned fast from the players as to what is hard," adds McQuown. "The thing that impresses me the most about his kicking is that he always hits the ball with authority. He gets good height on the ball, when he kicks it, it's in the air right now." The coaches timed several of his kicks, and from the time the the ball is snapped, set down on Oot's holder Dave White, and is booted takes less than two seconds. Not bad! Naturally, with his success on extra points, McQuown experimented with the lad on kickoffs and punts. "We don't have anyone better from within 30 yards," relates the Indiana pilot, "but he just doesn't have the strength in his leg to kick the ball for a great distance. And punting was just too strange to him." Oot stands in at 5-5 and weighs all of 125 pounds soaking wet! "He really amazed me one day." says McQuown. "He got tired after kicking for a long time, and we asked him if he wanted to stop. "He only said no and began kicking just as accurate with his left leg!" Talk about a two- way threat. Oot is also valuable to the team in that the coaches don't have to spend a lot of time with him in practice. He's on his own most of the time, and is ready to go when PAT practice begins. "He told us to call him Oot, and when we call it out he comes r u n n i n g , " smiles McQuown. Used to a limited amount of equipment, he wears only shoulder pads and head gear to protect himself while kicking. His success with the soccer style has had three or four of the other Indiana players trying it! "I played soccer and football at home," says the little Thai- lander. Does he like football? "It's fun, I want to play tennis here, too," he adds in amazingly good English for someone who has been in the United States miimiimwiiimmiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiimmmiiiiumiiiiiiiw imiiiiiiimiiiimiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiii for only three months. "He's just been a real uplift for our team," says McQuown. "The other players have accepted him as part of the team, and they really cheer him on when it's time for to kick extra points in practice. "He certainly helps to keep us loose. After the success that we've had with him. we might even go into Korea or China for players next year." laughs the Little Indian Chief. And so. that's the way it is with "Oot" Gosuwin, who had never even seen a football until eight days before the season and is now kicking them like Lou Groza. O o p s . . . t h a t Jan Stenerud or should it be Garo Yepremian? Here comes Oot to boot! Links Loss To Blairsville At Chestnut B L A I R S V I L Blairsville High School golf team lost it's second match of the season yesterday at the Chestnut Ridge Golf Course. 12-7, to Bishop McCort. Dave Kleinosky of McCort was the medalist for the day with a 76 to give the Crushers one extra team point. For Blairsville, Jeff Bennett was low man with an 81, Tom Holby fired an 84. BLAIRSVILLE Holb) (84) 0 Cohen (78) 3 Bennett (SI) 24 Derrington (93) 1 Beatty (94} 0 Miller (921 H Total 1 BISHOP MrCORT Kleinosky (76) Metro (81) Dougherty (84) McAneny ($6) Trofino (85) KimllnOl) Total (x) (x) one point for medalist Lee, Jack, Billy Arnie-Americans As

Clipped from
  1. The Indiana Gazette,
  2. 15 Sep 1971, Wed,
  3. Page 25

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