Scandia Cholera Plague

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Scandia Cholera Plague - CHOLERA PLAGUE. Two More Steamers Arrive at New...
CHOLERA PLAGUE. Two More Steamers Arrive at New York With Cholera on Board. THIRTY-TWO DEATHS ON ONE CTJR- ING THE VOYAGE. Tho Yellow Flaer ITolsted on tho Normannia Every Effort Being Made by the Ilealth Authorities to Prevent the Disease from Reaching l.Miiil— Quarantine Passengers Appeal to Governor Flower to be Removed from Their Present Quarters. Special to the Recokd-Union-. • New York, Sept. J.—The rianiburg- American line steamship Scandia, Captain Kopff, from Hamburg, arrived at tho lower quarantine this .evening, and was detained there, as all ships from that port are. A tthoogh at that hour there were no definite reports from her, it was reported that she is full of cholera. The Scandia left the plague-stricken port of Hamburg August 27th, loaded with l,08»j souls. She ha<l the enormous number of 987 steerage passengers, twenty-seven cabin and seventy-seven members of her crew. Before she had been many days out cholera broke out, and before she arrived the pest was fairly raging on board of her. Thirty nine cases occurred in half a week, and of these thirty-two succumbed before she arrived at the lower quarantine anchorage, duo by one, by couples and by threes, tho bodies of the unfortunate victims were dropped overboard. J?r. Hyron boarded all the vessels at midnight and found all well on board the Normannia, Raffia, Moravia and Wyoming, but when he reached the Scandia he fouud this terrible tale of disaster and trouble. There were still seven virulent cases on board, and these l>r. Lyron removed to Swinburne Island. The Scandia is tho first vessel to arrive thoroughly infected with cholera. The Bcandia has it from her bow to her stern, from tho main deck to the keilson. Cabin passengers, crew and emigrants all have it in their midst, and she will probably bo tho hardest cholera importer to light of the iot. Although tho Scandia was enough for one night, another horror is added to the situation. Yesterday the Wyoming was oaly on the suspect list. Now she can be las a cholera ship. Mrs. 11. Pers- Bon, the mother of the two little children, and Adelaide, who died yesterday of a suspicious disease, herself succumbed to the dread disease. She, with three more, were removed from the Wyoming during tho late foreuoon yesterday. They were pi '.end in a hospital and Mrs. Persson died during the night. The Hamburg-American steamer Wioland reached the lower bay this morning and anchored and hoisted the yellow flag, indicating she had sicknoss, probably cholera, aboard. The Wieland carries both cabin and steerage passengers, and, no doubt, has her lull complement of the latter. The yellow ilag lias also been hoisted on board the Normannia, where so many saloon passengers are detained, in spite of the fact thai the. scourge seems to be attacking the steamship's crew and steerage passengers alone. Though the news of these cholera ships in port increases the gravity of the situation at quarantine, there is no alarm felt in official circles, and thn health authorities are still confident of being able to "keep the dread invader from landing. APPEAL TO QOVEBNOK FLOWJBB. Ni:\v YORK, Sept. v. —An appeal was to-day addressed to Governor Flower, Signed by a committee of the passengers, lirst and second-class, of the steamer Normannia, protesting against being kept prisoners aboard that cholera-infected ship. The petition is signed by a committee eonsisiing entirely of physicians. A.mong other charges against Dr. Jenkins is the allegation that Health Officers only visit the vessel every two or three days, make no systematic and regular inspection, and that dead bodies remain on t jlO vessel a dangerously long time before the removal by the health authorities. In conclusion, tUesc physicians say: "It seems inconceivable that 500 heretofore healthy people should be quarantined on board an inieeted ship, and thai it is impossible to isolate them at a place thus lar not infected." They emphasi/.e this point so much more, as from all appearances the measures taken to < the Normannia have been incomplete and void of that speedy, energetic and systi malic mode oi proceeding Which is ■ u-y to efficiently counteract the damaging Influences to which all are exposed. In reference to these points, they Bubmit the following facts: "First -At no timo have there been facilities to remove the sick immediately the onset of cholera symptoms. Even the dead bodies have been kept on b ar 1 For twenty-four hours and more. "Second—At no lime official, thorough :ion of the ship has been made, nor ;i.iy measures been taken with regard to disinfection, except Bsch as were possible with an insuiiicient supply of disinfecting material carried on board. "Third—Disinfecting material lias not been promptly furnished, in spite of the si of the ship's authorities. Their demand, made ou Saturday, September yd. to place i>n board the ship an official expert to supervise and execute thorough disinfection, has not been complied with. "Fourth—The water supply of the ship lias not been taken care oi in a proper way, although by Monday morning the tames were clean and ready to receive . at* r. Mich i.-> not on board at the Dthour. A supply of fresh water immediately after the arrival of the ship should have been made the main point of sanitary importance, If, therefore, in spite of such condition of things, the pasrs Bhould be obliged to remain in quarantine on board the Normannia, the undersigned deem it their duty to demand the execution of such sanitary tres, under the supervision of olhcial experts, as are apt to remove efficiently the danger to which, under given oircumsf .'..• -. cue occupants of the ship are constantly exposed. "8 ned: Dr. !\ Lange, New York 1 ... Dr. i.. (.ruening, .New York City; l->r. V. Sillo, New York City: Dr. \Y. ti. Bougartz, Beverly, Mass.; Dr. il. Bon kjnann, St. Pani, Minn.: Dr. J. E. Blojneu, Hopaticon, >:. Y." (iovemor Flower this evening sent a telegram to Health Officer Jenkins saying: "Secure proper assistance to aid you m doing all possible fur the relief and • oi pass* ngers detained in quarantine. \ou may pureha.-e or rent necessary land or builuiugs on lire Island lor quarantine purposes." INFECTED BEDDING PICKED VV. Washington, Sept. P.— The attention of the Treasury Department w&s to-day called to the report thai a pillow marked ••Moravia," and presumed to be a portion of the infected bedding cast awny by the on her recent tragic v yage to New York, had i tun picked up on the ■ coast. Other articles of similar character were found at other points on the same coast. The matter was tirst reported to the state health authorities, and they took prompt action. All the articles were destroyed by tire, and orders were given for the Immediate establishment <>i" an efficient patrol along the entire - . for the destructi"ii by tire of any articles found on the seaooast which might p<.^Mi«lv contain cholera germs. Acting - tary Spaldiug said to-day that the crews of the lift saving stations will so-opatata in these precautionary measaras. tiik cHiiin ->y ooMJonoa takm A' nOKa New Yoi'K, Sept. ft,—Aspects] meeting <>ftiT> Chamber of Commerce was held this afternoon to co-operate with the authorities OB choieia pi ■ '■.tution>. A communication was received Iron Dr. Jenkins, in which he appealed lor some arrangements by which it won: . ble to remove to the whore passengers now detained In vessels. "Each hour's delay imperils them," he said. Secretary of the Treasury Foster made a brief speech, in which be said he was com in •< d that both Federal and State authorities had ii]> to this time done everything possible to prevent the entrance of cb Resolutions were adopted commanding the efforts oi the authorities. State and Federal, and deploring the necessity which compelled passengers to be detained on snips, and stating that humanity demanded that arrangements be made lor their removal to some isolated spot on land, a committee was appointed to as-ist the health authorities in cholera precautions. After the meeting adjourned tho committee held a session and prepared a letter to Dr. Jenkins, saying that the committee appointed would co-operate with him in every possible way, and was awaiting an expression of his wishes. Further, that it would tend to reassure the public mind if the New York Academy of Medicine was listed, and saying a Conference Committee of that body was at tho Health Officer's service. SANDY HOOK AS A QUAIIA.NTINE QAJCP. Loon Lake iN. YA Sept. 9.—Before leaving this morning President Harrison sent a dispatch to the Secretary of War, saying that while he is not fully advised as to the particulars of tho request for a portion of Sandy Hook for the quarantined passengers, he is anxious to do ill in his power for the comfort and safety of the peonle; and later, unon receipt of telegraius from the Secretaries of tho Treasury and Navy, who are in New York, he sent a message to the Acting Secretary of War, as follows: "in view of tho representations made by Secretaries Foster and Tracy, I direct that a sufficient portion of the reservation at Sandy Hook be set apart for use as a camp for quarantine steam-hip passengers." The President advised the Secretary of the Treasury of the order, at the same time cautioning him as to the difficulty of maintaining proper quarantine of such a camp, if established, and also of the possible embarrassment that might arise from the removal of passengers out of tho jurisdiction of the New York officers. Both of these questions must be left to the judgment of the officers on tho ground, and who know the situation. Be also directed that notice be given all steamship companies that if they persisted in bringing emigrants from infected ports, it might result in their being denied entrance to our harbors. TIIE DISEASE ABROAD. Scene of Desolation Reported at Hamburg*. HaxBTTBO, Sept. 9.—This city usually is at this season one oi' the gayest places in Europe. It contains an aristocracy of merchant princes, who live in elaborate stylo in beautiful bouses with magnificent surroundings, where no element of pleasure is lacking. But to-day it is a city of death and desolation, mourning and misery; a city of coilins and hearsos. Hamburg's vast commerce with all nations is at a standstill. llVr miles of wharfage are lined and double-lined with idle steamships and sailing vessels, and only an occasional tug or lighter disturbs ber waters. Her families have lied from the great houses and beautiful grounds of iloheui'elde and Uhlenhorst on the one side, the; Aussenalster and from llarve- Btchud and Kotherbaum on tho other. Her hotels are vacant, savo for an occasional benighted tra\ eler, and her schools, theaters, opera-houses and concert-halls are closed. The cholera reports for Wednesday show there was (555 new cases, a decrease of 47 comparod with the figures of Tuesday. Tho deaths were .35, a decrease of 18 compared with Tuesday. The ollicial cholera figures for Thursday show 386 new cases and 215 deaths. This is a decrease oi -'<- new cases and 10) deaths compared with the previous day. St. Petersbubo, Sept. 9.—Oflicial returns for Tuesday from all the infected districts in Russia show a gratifying decrease in the number of new cases and a Still more gratifying decrease in tho number of deaths. The ligures Tuesday, compared with Monday, show a decrease of s4:; new cases and 1,169 deaths. The deaths on Tuesday throughout the whole empire were 1,431, and new cases3,76 L Paius, Sept. 'J. — There were si\ty-three new eases of cholera and forty-nine deaths reported in this city yesterday. On the same day there were twenty-two new east > and thirteen deaths reported in the suburbs. Premier Loubet has instructed the Prefect of Marseilles to prohibit the landing of immigrants from cholera-infected countries. Teheb vn, Sept. 9.—The mortality from Cholera here now averages twenty-one daily, against two hundred a week ago. CLEARING-HOUSE STATISTICS. Business Transacted In tho Principal Cities tho Vast Week. Ni:w Yor.iv, Sept. !>.—The following, compiled by the Bradstreets, are the banks' clearings for tho week ending September Mh, with the percentage, increase, and decrease, compared with tho corresponding week last year: New York, 50'52,07i,(X>0, an increase of 4.1; Boston, 197,579,000, an increase ol ;; Chicago, $99,587,000, an increase of 11.4; Phiiadelphia,s63,sSl,ooo,an increase o#2L2; :■*;. Louis, $24,749^000, an iucrease 0f5.6; San Francisco, 116,235.000, :ui iucreaso of ■■•■>; i.i.itiuiore, 113,463,000, a decrease of 6.4; Cincinnati, 113,832,000, an increase of is. v; Pittsburg, 112,767,000, an increase of 15.6; New I Orleans, 5,670,---: of 19.7; Kansas Cicy ,$10,565,---t >. an increase of 2.7; Minneapolis, - 0 , a decrease oi 17.4: Omaha, 14,984,000, •ease of i>.7: Denver, $6J551,000, an increase of 17.:» ; St. Paul, 54,247,(kj0, au Increase of 7.!; Portland. Or., {2,127,000, reuse of I.*: Salt Lake City. ?1,---a decrease of 12.5; Seattle, , an Increase of 84.6; Tacoma, $751,507, an increase of 2.8; Los Angeles, decrease of 24.5; Galveston, $4,02£,f100, a decrease of 38J>; Helena, $831,940, no comparison; Great Falls, 5272,090, no comparison: Spokane. - o comparison. Total $1,126,2 : an increase 0f7.0 per cent., compared with ; the same week last year. Thrown from a Wagon. San Pablo, Sept o.—William Rehnart, an old resident of Sobrants, was thrown from his wa-on in West Berkeley last evening and died this morning at 9 o'clock of injuries received. V.\<x Cloud, son of the famous Indian olii.>!'. Red Cloud, has pone Jiome to J>ato vie. During his stay at Hampton School he became a hopeless consump- I uve, and was immediately packed oil" to j his reservation.

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