Nancy L. R. Townsend Obituary March 6, 1924 Springfield Leader

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Nancy L. R. Townsend Obituary March 6, 1924
THE SPRINGFIELD LEADER, THURSDAY EVENING, MARCH 6, 1924. approximately flS.OMt, present plum. supply oil end wegone covering part of tha state aa their head later tha com ona or two fill city, It waa an will not ba be week.s. here 'as aatab ego lq relieve at the Ken - and beoauae offlclala believed to preaant and oil aalea Oil company polnta In and ona In ona la expected whan tha Sprlnr - Into operation. NEWBILL FROM TOUR Newblll haa returned extended tour of and Africa. York City four Newoin viauea Intereat, Including Ainene Alglera and miixer. pastor of the officiated at Maude Garbee, which took place at tha homo Mr. and Mrs. Bllllnga. Miss nurse of PIONEER RESDENT OF GREENE COUNTY CLAIMED BY DEATH THE WEATHER Mm, Nancy Townsend Died Early Today - Funeral Arrangement! Not Made. FIRM FAILS. March . The company, a aub - Virginia - Carolina waa petitioned bankruptcy today. - - Balmwort, Vllanr, Btr., The death of Mrs. Nancy Lane Ralney Townsend, at an early hour this morning at tha family real dence, 730 Benton avenue, marked not only tha passing of one of the few remaining pioneers, of Spring. field, but a woman In whose veins there flowed the blood of genera - tlona of pioneers, whose reatlesa spirit led them ever westward from he shores of the Atlantlo to the broad expanse of the Pacific. Within the compasa of her Ufa Springfield grew from a cluster of straggling cabins to Its present else and she, too, saw California emerge from the days of the rough and ready gold seokar to the California of today. Nancy. Lane Ralney waa born Yn. tober JS, 1089. in Marshall countv. Tenn. She was the daughter of Oeorge 11. Ralney an JSmily (Lane) Ralney. both of whom had been born In North - Carolina. Thus, through both aides of the house, she traced her descent through a litis of early pioneers in - the colonic' Joel Lane and Nathaniel Jones, both great grandfathers, were prominent In North Carolina affairs before th. "evolution, t.oi. John Hlnlon. great - great - grandfather, and Isaac llatney. Sr., a grandfather, were nl. aiera in me Kevolut on. Uaorge Ralney and his wife, void ing to the pioneer Impulse, left Ten nessee in the early thirties anil et tied In Springfield, With them cajne ine mtie daughter, Nancy Lane ah went well until 18(0. wh.n th. tamer aiea. Hy that time a e.nuntv virilization naa peen effected and "in or ueorge R. Ralney waa the first to be filed In the county. Mrs. Ralney and her children then returned to the home of her father, John Lane, owner of a large plantation In Marshall county, Tenn., and It was upon thla plantation tvnl...l of the old south that Nancy' Lane Ralney grew from girlhood to young womanhood.. Winter has not restgneil yet. The sere line will swing over the bordtr ln( rorn Dakota and Minnesota ton h after receillng Into the f:anallan wild. ten nays sgo. rreesinr weather poi'teil In Mlaaourl tonight vrlth the nfreurv railing to about 'lb itegrees at cprmm ino or r riney morning. . Tim morning weather than ahowa renter f law bnrometrlo Dneasuje ov w leeoneln end high preaaure north of noniana. mnrm iievelonuient la In, II. ented for the afmtea eaat of Ilia Mia. l.tippl river with rain In the southern en,l central anil snow In tha northern (ll.trleis. Nnow waa falling early toiiay In Minnesota. Houth Dakota. Montana ant Wyoming. fteveral Huhcs' fell at Hherhlan, Wyo. Know la not predicted fur the OiarU region. weatner dale for Hnrlngflelit: Tampers! urea Hlsheet letnneratnre yeatenlay, BO: loweat yesterday, 19 j low - eat thla morning, 26: hlcheat this data In 17 year., n in nol; luwaat this date in 17 yeans t In I "99. I freclDltatlon Han ne mettait .now rrom T a. m. yeatenlay to 7 a. m. today. trace Heavleat rain thla ilata In 17 yearia 1. - 37 tnrnee in isoi, Keialtve Humidity mer nent of mnta. ture HJl tna air) pon yeatenlay, ss; m. rairnay, t; - a. m. today. S3. Vt'eettiypa - er a. m. yesterday, clear; tn . .an asilav. olbuilv: 7 a. m. loilav. Dartlv rfterfTly. cun Mom tnis mornmr at 1:37: sets tonight at ';l:; length of daylight, 1L noura. . Moon Moon nhaae. new moon Time of moonrlae today. T:17 a. Time of moonaet today, 7 - 24 p. en. STATION. MAIL ORDEft PLANS AIR . CHICAGO, March . of a charactep to Inform and entertain will be started here by Scars, Roebumck announced today. market reports are to by farm leaders In and cents, rather than statistical form, It station also Is to serve house fur farm large part of the to bo furnished by (PAIN RKMll MADRID, March, the flrat Spanish Abilene . .... Bolae . rharleaton . , Chlrago Cincinnati . ,. Pf.nver . ..... TVs Molnea ... Pulutlt . . Kl I'aeo , Fort Smith . . . Oalveaton , ., . Jacksonville , Kansas City ,, l.tttla RoeM ., l,os Angnes .. r.oul.vllle . ... Memphis . New Orlenns ., New York. .... Oklahoma . ;,', Omelia J'ltlabursh Bi, Ji.aeph .... gr. l.oula , . . . . San Franelaro . XI'ltlNOKIKLD Waah'ngton . . Vrirhila JJ'IghJJow I Free. 70 SI " ..." SO 4 70 . I .It i" SO ... 41 m ... 40 t ... 44 ! .01 ; ?3 ,oi n s ... 1 4J 10 40 ... 40 S 71 1 .04 4 ... 14 40 72 K 12 S! 47 40 ,., 74 on ... (2 it, .04 4 ... 44 24 ... 41 10 44 S3 ... 40 . 70 4 10 Jl . . 44 St .04 44 2 ... BABY MOORE BETTER, HIS DOCTORS STATE ST. LOl'IS, March' . Clatus Moore, rlght - months - old baby, whose flying trip to Philadelphia to remove a tack from the chlld'a lung I aroused wide sympathy, is reported KANSAS GIVES "Tanlac - ' - ..Onto' the and Restored Lost Weight Strength." Whatever else we mav world. In order to ba tented, we mst have priceless blessing which widely known and tive engineer, now at 1013 Forest Si , declares tho famous imntJias reirtored to "I sin proud to spenif f Tanlac." said Mr. 'for It has put me in 1 feel fine ell tho time. ago 1 suffered a down. Jly atomarh constantly, food seemed good. I would bloat T AMI

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  • Nancy L. R. Townsend Obituary March 6, 1924 Springfield Leader

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