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and high quality fabrics ace amo field. The Laud Cruiner will People's Forum | eternal! j^D UP ON LAW'S to tlie Editor/of The Hobesonian: The senseless, brutal murder all j Mrs. Roberts of hear Barker's j church a few night ago, by a -fid, sex fiend, is too horrible. of | contemplate, and there un- have been an old time can party had the-fiend fell Into enemy. Jes- unto The at "Fear hands of the ' people" who aroused as never before. The people are becoming up"' on the procedures in. were such cases, which usually runs to in a long drawn-out lawyer's = " ~ as. . higher court, then a commutation* from the death sentence, which inevitably followed by a parole full pardon. And it also .seems that*"the law enforcement officers, are also endowed with the same dilatorv^piddling tactics in bringing the culprit to court, as the Nes;ro suspect in this case . only a few short hours start shall law? yet he has not been appre- lit* thou^ i ec { anc j j t ]S give that one ? officer on viewing the corpse pronounced it "a plain case of f se t by suicide" without explaining how j it Wfl; nn«!5lhlp fnr hlf» to haviP ^.^^^ is. _ [stabbed. ' love the from it was possible for he to it was possible for her to have set it afire after being mortally have «^._~.. . growers are planning .Outside interference-by "busy; bodies", most of them with a I prac sexual axe to grind, and who i clerer or rapist regardless of his proven guilt, with ,the added rontings of "Sob Sisters" who insist such criminals are crazy and therefore should not pay the supreme penalty, aided and abetted the by those who continually into the heads of the Negro race that the Negro culprit is not punished because he is guilty as charged, but because he is a Negro, are sowing the seeds of race hatred in the South that is destin- ! eel to make the Ku-Kluxism,of Re-' construction days seem like - a Sunday school picnic in compari- , son. And those who preach tol: era nee even ^to the, point p.f !-equality, an5 inter-marriage be' twe.en the races, are of the lowest m. U VV ^V* A L I H-- J. CIW 1 *--J. d-t t VA UAit. J.V VV \fj l --~ r -*/ ^- '^« order and misfits, regardless of i their wealth, political or social standings, and should be placed the same category as the South- ern newspapers who delight in i oranuing Southerners as "Hood- lums'' when he tries to uphold i honor and protect the lives of Al: women, from the ravages of | derers and sex fiends. All these, no doubt are responsible for a majority of the lust crime's committed by the southern Negro. Our courts are handicapped .by shister lawyers using untold donated by unscrupulous organizations to defeat justice, and at the same time, seeking to make martyrs of rapists and cut-throats. Tolerance has almost ceased to be a virtue. Whitewash and political intrigue can no longer the fact that it is going to more than a passive resistence attitude by our courts, law enforcement officers, parole boards and "pardoning" governors to .put stop to such sickening crimes. The blood of Mrs. Roberts, with other murdered and raped southern women is crying from the Around for vengence. J. L. WALKER St. Pauls, N. C.

Clipped from
  1. The Robesonian,
  2. 04 Apr 1947, Fri,
  3. Page 6

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