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 - People's Forua r ii gmmi-i! , CONFUSION IN...
People's Forua r ii gmmi-i! , CONFUSION IN MINUS OF PEOPLE ABOUT "ISMS' To u»«j Kditor of Tlie Ilobesvnisiu: ' There is a lot 01 'coniu^iu'n in the minds of the. people in to the "isms" that arc being handled about by both the press and radio columists and commu- tators and also our supposed-lo- bc-slatcsmen and leaders in Washington. If r understand the true .'definition/, two "isms", Communism Fascism, are as far apart us poles in regard to meaning. : , Fascism, 1 am told, means all Industry, wealth and property rights to remain in the hands the individual, while Communism advocates ownership of all by the state. For the past 20 years we been taught that Russia was .Communistic, and that we in American should shun them^ or their doctrine rather, as we a .plague, and for several years. after.Russia adopted this doctrine, the Russian government was not even reccghized by the American government and Communists and Communism were looked upon disapproval by most American j citizens, rich or poor. -But'.now there seems to be decided trend toward Communism iii the United States, aided and abetted by the administration in Washington. Of course the administration . stand is easy to understand. They are playing politics 1 : Roosevelt, who is a - millionaire, encourages* the doctrine of Communism, yet knowing that his wealth is safe, as he, like of other Americans, have not faintest idea that the Communistic doctrine will ever prevail here America. He encourages' this doctrine, and even goes so far as be lavish and free-handed with other- people's money and property,- but no one has ever heard him handing any of his inherited dollars free gratis. Another Washington bunch who advocate Communism are tne hangers -- on who never earned and of Philippine E i g h t GIO- Ham Mattic . Sec* Berlin · Arthur, of .Allies . After an honest dollar in their lives, for 12 long years most , of ' have lived the "life of Riley" the tax-payers' expense, which them is far better than either "ism". But the prize Comunist is in the south, right here in county. He has a big farm, stocked and well tooled.,He votes the same ticket as Sydney Hillman. he goes so far as to agree Com- the,^V,;,)~ '"' " w ' - -- ' '" "riiunism and' r 'cuss*""Siurchair'"He borrows the .tax payers money from*his boss in Washington-,; to pay his taxes, keep himself' a good car. educate his children pay his preacher, yet when ' it comes right down to brass tacks, he is Fascist enough to die over one inch of that big government financial form. It is his own, to hell with Communism! It .. . . . , , . l s i b y Mrs. Sam said that a good way to do with- Communism is to give rabid Communist a piece of j n , iction property; which goes to Show the disease is but skin deep. , I .am a tenant farmer ,and haven't more than a few-hundred to my name. Yet I a enough of a Fascist or a rugged Individualist, whichever you | please to call me, to prefer American way of life, to the f angled doctrines brought over here in the past few years by outcasts-and scum of Europe,! which doctrines, I am afraid, going to cause us serious trouble just as soon, or before. World No. 2 is over! Parkton, N. C., J. L.

Clipped from
  1. The Robesonian,
  2. 01 Jan 1945, Mon,
  3. Page 3

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