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Wisconsin fewish (ftronide Office and Printing Plant, 240 N. Milwaukee Street Telephone M Arquette 2992 Milwaukee, Wis. Cable Address Chron, Milwaukee WISCONSIN JEWISH NATHAN J. GOULD, Pres. and Editor To insure publication in the current issue, all correspondence and news matter must reach this office by Wednesday evening of each week. The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle invites correspondence on subjects of interest to the Jewish people but disclaims responsibility for an endorsement of the views expressed by the writers. Communications will not be griven consideration unless sigmed by name and address of writer. If requested by known writer name will be omitted in published letters. Ail anonymous correspondence will be destroyed. Subscriptions in Advance Vol. 43 JUNE (Mr. Gould is at present on vacation. In place of his usual editorials, editorials, the following articles are presented.) REFUGEE IMMIGRATION Facts and Figures The subject of immigration is being widely discussed and, as is true of most mass theorizing, has been subjected to misinformation and conceptions conceptions statistically false. In order to present to the American public, the true picture of refugee immigration to this country, the following figures, based on statistics checked by the Immigration and Naturalization Service of the U. S. Department of Labor, were compiled by the Committee for Catholic Refugees from Germany, the American Committee for Christian-German Christian-German Christian-German Refugees and the National Coordinating Committee for Aid to Refugees and Emigrants, Coming from Germany. The Editor OR the six and a half year period, July 1, 1932 through December 30, 1938, there has been an immigration to this country of only 65,404 Ger mans. (These years include the entire entire period since the advent of National National Socialism in Germany.) Assuming an immigration this year from Germany, including Austria, of 27,370, the total allowable under quota regulations, there will be in this country country by June 30, 1939, less than 75,-000 75,-000 75,-000 Germans who have come here in the seven years since the advent of National Socialism in Germany. For the last fiscal year, July 1, 1937 through June 30, 1938, there was a net immigration to this country from all countries of the world of only 42,085 persons. For the six year period, July 1, 1932 through June 30, 1938, the years since the advent of National Socialism Socialism in Germany, 4,487 more aliens left this country permanently than were admitted for permanent residence. residence. Figures Greatly Exaggerated The statements made above are taken taken from the official records of the U. S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. They may be better understood understood in the light of the present regulations regulations governing immigration to this country. . Immigration to the United States has been restricted by quota regulations regulations since 1921. We are now operating operating under the restrictions of the national national origins law enacted in 1924 and as amended in 1929. Under the law, a total of 153,774 quota immigrants are allowed to come to this country annually and of this number, 83,574 are assigned to Great Britain and Ireland, Ireland, countries which last year (ending (ending June 30, 1938) used only 4,551 of their total. Under this circumstance, Number of German Refugees in this Country July 1, 1932 thru June 30, 1933 July 1, 1933 thru June 30, 1934 July 1, 1934 thru June 30, 1935 July 1, 1935 thru June 30, 1936 July 1, 1936 thru June 30, 1937 July 1, 1937 thru June 30, 1938 1,919 4,392 5,201 6,346 10,895 17,199 July 1, 1932 thru June 30, 1938 45,952 quota immigration is limited to approximately approximately 75,000 annually. As there is still an annual emigration emigration from this country of aliens previously previously admitted for permanent residence, residence, the net increase of aliens admitted admitted for permanent residence during during the year July 1, 1938 through June 30, 1939, is likely to be in the neighborhood neighborhood of from sixty to sixty-five sixty-five sixty-five thousand. Net Immigration Revealed For the six year period, July 1, 1932 through June 30, 1938 241,962 immigrants immigrants were admitted into the United United States for permanent residence. During the same six year period 246,-449 246,-449 246,-449 immigrants previously admitted admitted to this country for permanent residence departed from these shores for other countries. Thus, during the six year period that roughly approximates the years ofthe Nazi regime in Germany, 4,-487 4,-487 4,-487 more aliens departed than were admitted to the United States. Dur ing this six year period the quota laws permitted an immigration of 922,664 whereas only 241,962 immigrants were admitted for permanent residence, only about 26 per cent of the quota allowable. Of those admitted during this six year period over fifty per cent were children under eighteen, persons past forty-five, forty-five, forty-five, and married women. For the fiscal year ending June 30, 193S, the year of the so-called so-called so-called "great refugee immigration," there was a net immigration into this country country for permanent residence of onlv 42.685. Figures for 1938 appear even smaller smaller when compared with the immigration immigration figures of 1929, the last year before the depression, and the figures figures for 1924, the high point of post war immigration. In 1929 there was a net immigration increase for permanent permanent residence of 210,475, the net increase was 630,107. In other words, the 1938 net immigration was onlv one-fifth one-fifth one-fifth that of 1929 and one-fifteenth one-fifteenth one-fifteenth one-fifteenth that of 1924. Based upon a population of 130,-000,000 130,-000,000 130,-000,000 the 1938 net immigration to this country represented less than four one-hundredths one-hundredths one-hundredths of one per cent of our population. Figures On Total Influx It is generally acknowledged that the truest measurement of immigration immigration is, as shown by the figures above, the net change in immigrants here for CHRONICLE PUBLISHING CO. IRVING G. RHODES, Sec'y-Treas. Sec'y-Treas. Sec'y-Treas. $3.00 Per Year 30, 1939 No. 17 permanent stay. Some propagandists have used the figure of 252,697 to represent the number of immigrants admitted into this country during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1938. The use of this quarter million total, total, however, is misleading for it includes includes 184,802 non-emigrants non-emigrants non-emigrants who came to this country during the year as temporary visitors (tourists, students, students, diplomats and other foreign government officials, persons in transit, transit, etc.) Such temporary visitors are required to leave the country at the expiration of their limited stay permits. The government is rigidly enforcing this provision. During the 1938 fiscal year, 197,404 non-emigrants non-emigrants non-emigrants non-emigrants left the country. In other words, 1938's 184,802 incoming incoming non-immigrants non-immigrants non-immigrants were balanced by an even greater number of nonimmigrants, nonimmigrants, 197,404 who left this country during the same period. Consequently, when you consider all against all aliens leaving the country country the figure for aliens entering the United States during the 1938 fiscal year is reduced to 30,083. To this six year total of 45,952, the number of Germans who have come to this country as permanent immigrants immigrants since July 1, 1932, may be added the 19,452 immigrants who have entered this country from Germany (including Austria) through December December 30, 1938. Thus there are only 65,404 German immigrants (in all) who have come to this country in the six and a half years from July 1, 1932 through December 30, 1938, the period since the present German regime. On the basis of the figures for six and a half years since July 1, 1932, there has been a net immigration to this country of 43,042 Germans. (This figure is arrived at by deducting 22,-362, 22,-362, 22,-362, the number of aliens who returned to Germany from this country, from Total Total Total Total Total Total Immigration Immigration Immigration Immigration Immigration Immigration from Germany from Germany from Germany from Germany from Germany from Germany and Austria Total Immigration from Greater Germany 65,404.) Thus, for the past six and one half years there has been an annual annual net immigration to this country from Germany of 6,622 persons per annum. It is interesting to compare the total total immigration per annum for the past six years with the total immigra-ion immigra-ion immigra-ion from Germany during the years 1919 to 1932. The total for that period period was 426,326, or an average immigration immigration of 30,452 per year. In other words, an average of over four times as many immigrants came here from Germany before Hitler as came after Hitler. Damrosch to Conduct Opening Program In New York Stadium Concerts New York (JTA) Walter Damrosch, Damrosch, America's "grand old man of music," will make one of his rare public public appearances to conduct the New-York New-York New-York Philharmonic orchestra in the opening performance of the 22nd season season of New York's famous Stadium concerts. An elaborate program has been ar-raged ar-raged ar-raged in connection with the New York World's Fair. The Stadium Concerts committee is headed, as usual, by Mrs. Charles S. Guggen-heimer. Guggen-heimer. Guggen-heimer. Among those appearing at the concerts will be Josef Hofmann, June 29, and Jascha Heifetz, August 14. A special program in memory of George Gershwin will be held on July 10. The concerts are held in the Lewisohn Stadium, donated to the city by the late Adolph Lewisohn. Newark Mayor Threatened Newark (JTA) A painted sign in foot-high foot-high foot-high letters, reading "Get Out, Jew," was discovered on the home of Mayor Meyer C. Ellenstein. Another message, "Jew, get out or else," was painted on the sidewalk in front of the house. Mayor Ellenstein said he had received several anonymous letters letters in similar vein. Refugees Arrive In South Africa Durban, South Africa (JTA) Ten refugees have arrived here to establish establish a new settlement in the Mata-beleland, Mata-beleland, Mata-beleland, southwest of Selukwe. Five more are expected within the next few weeks. Work has beeen started on four farms, with cotton, maize, soya and citrus fruits among the crops. SIX YEARS OF IMMIGRATION TO U. S. (SINCE HITLER) july uw2-june uw2-june uw2-june 30,ma IMMIGRANTS ADMISSIBLE UNDER QUOTA IAW IMMIGRANTS ACTUALLY ADMITTED Mm EACH SYMBOL REPRESENTS 50,000 IMMIGRANTS TOTAL NET IMMIGRATION 1924 FIRST YEAR UNDER OUOTA REGULATIONS 1929 LAST YEAR BEFORE DEPRESSION 1938 YEAR OF PEAK REFUGEE IMMIGRATION EACH SYMBOL REPRESENTS MM MIGRATION TO AND FROM THE UNITED STATES SINCE HITLER'S 4,000 MORE LEFT THE iv.v.v.v mm ?ANTS EACH SYMBOL REPRESENTS 25,000 ALIENS FIGURES FOR JULY 1.1932-JUNE 1.1932-JUNE 1.1932-JUNE 30,1938 riCTOftJAL STATISTICS. MC FOOTNOTES IT HAPPENED By RABBI MORDECAI L. BRILL In the year 1656 the Jews of Leghorn Leghorn (Italy) gave one-fourth one-fourth one-fourth of their income to aid and help ransom Jewish refugees coming from Poland. Whenever money was needed for charity the Jewish communities of northern Africa relied on the custom of selling the Torah scroll to the highest bidder who was expected to donate the scroll back to the synagogue. synagogue. The buyer was content with the honor of having been the one-time one-time one-time owner of the scroll. In order to" help fellow Jews at the time of the expulsion from Spain, the Jews of Corfu and Candia sold the gold from their synagogue ornaments. For failure to attend the Sabbath service, the community of Avignon imposed a fine upon its members, part of the fine going into the charity charity fund. (16th century.) In Lithuanian communities there were regulations forbidding certain types of ornaments and dress for women. Fines were imposed for violation violation of these statutes. (17th century.) century.) Sending money to Palestine by Jews living in the Diaspora has been a long and interesting history. Some medieval medieval communities had a special society society concerned with collecting alms for Palestine. "Meshullahim" or emissaries who went abroad seeking aid for needy Palestinians date back as early as the thirteenth century when a certain Rabbi Jacob went from Jerusalem to solicit aid for his scholarly scholarly colleagues resident in the Holy Land. In attempting to give his students an insight into Rabbinic literature, Solomon Schechter, noted scholar, always always insisted that they try to discover discover the personalities of the writers. Thus in one of his lectures he told his students: "The Midrash does not represent a commentary by rabbis on the Bible. It represents rather the life of the rabbis. And life is not to be defined by a few rules, nor to be described by a few, or even many, words. It is an idle task to seek for logic in a system of life which is not made up of premises and conclusions. It has its tears and its smiles, its griefs and joys, its great moments and its petty trifles. The fact that the rabbis tried to identify their lives with religion and to penetrate it with godliness makes their lives grand and sublime." The Talmud insists that parental love should be impartial, one child The Jewish Calendar 5699 - 1939 Passover Tuesday, April 4-11 4-11 4-11 Rosh Chodesh Iyar Thursday, April 20 Lag B'Omer. Sunday, May 7 Rosh Chodesh Sivan. Friday, May 19 Shevouth Wednesday, May 24-25 24-25 24-25 Rosh Chodesh Tammuz .. Sunday, June 18 Rosh Chodesh Ab .Monday, July 17 Rosh Chodesh Ellul Wednesday, August 16 5700 - 1939 Rosh Hashanah Thursday, September 14-15 14-15 14-15 All holidays begin at sundown of the preceding secular day TO U. S. FROM ALL COUNTRIES 40.000 IMMIGRANTS FICTORlAl STATISTICS. INC ACCESSION TO POWER U.S. A. THAN ENTERED TO HISTORY TO THE JEWS should not be preferred to the other. The honor and reverence due to parents, parents, another passage has it, are equal to the honor and reverence due to God. At the same time "it is a father's father's duty not only to provide for his minor children, but also to take care of their instruction, and to teach his son a trade and whatever else is necessary for his future welfare." "The salt of money is charity" says the Talmud. In another passage the term "salted" is applied to a man in the sense of "quick-minded." "quick-minded." "quick-minded." In certain certain places in Russia the belief was formerly current among Jews that if salt was thrown in a part of the house i where it is not likely to be swept away, ! the inhabitants of that house will be-! be-! be-! come poor. Many of the Chasidic rabbis were wont to improvise devotional prayers. prayers. Many of these are really conversations conversations with God in which the petitioner petitioner defends the good name of Israel Israel and asks for justice to his people. people. Possibly the best known of such prayers is the one by the famous Chasidic Chasidic rabbi, Levi-Yitzchak Levi-Yitzchak Levi-Yitzchak of Berdit-chev. Berdit-chev. Berdit-chev. (The words were later set to music). They read: "Good morning, Master of the universe! universe! I. Levi-Yitzchak Levi-Yitzchak Levi-Yitzchak of Berditchev have come to hold Judgment with You concerning Your people. What have You against Israel? Why have You imposed Yourself upon Your people Israel? Everywhere You say 'Command 'Command the children of Israel . . . ' Everywhere 'Speak to the children of Israel . . Father of mercy, how many nations are there in the world? Persians, Babylonians, Romans. The Russians what do they say? That their emperor is master. The Germans Germans what do they say? That their Kaiser is ruler. The English what do they say? That their king is ruler. But I, Levi-Yitzchak Levi-Yitzchak Levi-Yitzchak of Berditchev Berditchev say: 'I will not move from this place, from this very spot, Until there will be an end, Until there will be an end to this exile. Magnified and sanctified be the Great Name . . . Aryan"' Lawyers Forbidden to Defend Jews In Sudeten-land Sudeten-land Sudeten-land Court London (WNS) According to reports reports received here from Sudetenland, "Aryan" lawyers are forbidden to represent represent Jews in Sudeten courts. Jews will henceforth be represented by two Jewish "consultants" appointed for that purpose. The entire Jewish population of several several hundred were forced to leave Falkenau, latest town to become "Ju-denrein," "Ju-denrein," "Ju-denrein," according to "Zeit," organ of Governor Conrad Henlein. . mm J r.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v. V the at at the It the all thunder his not the not on in public on of of If all a on I all all at

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