Without a Country

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Without a Country - .Without A Country Few incidents in history...
.Without A Country Few incidents in history have the dramatic dramatic ap|>eal to our sympathy as the story of the unhappy Jewish refugees aboard the steamer St. Louis, as it cruises about at sea. looking for a port where thost^ i>oor men and women may land and settle down. Driven from their homeland by persecution, robbed of all they possess, they find themselves themselves denied the expected haven. Un- w’anted anywhere, they have to face the prospect of returning to Germany and the horrors of a concentration camp. One can imagine the scenes on board that ship. It is a story which , if transferred to the screen, would leave few dry eyes. Yet, the plight of the 907 aboard the St. Louis only dramatizes the situation of the Jews over the world. They are faced with persecution on one hand and the cold shoulder shoulder on the other. Sympathy for the Jew's is widespread, but help is something else. The attitude of the Nazis must be hard to bear, but probably not so bitter as what must seem to the Jew's, as the pharisaical hypocrisy of the so-called decent nations. It does seem that there w'ould be among the nations enough brains and common sense to work out a solution of the Jewish problem. These people who are seeking homes are not immigrant class. They are not ignorant peasantry nor vicious underworld. underworld. They come from a cultured life; they are people of brains, intelligence and refinement. Jew^s are not improvident; a Jewish beggar is a great rarity. They have no divided patriotism to share betw'een the eld and the new' country. They are prepared prepared to make a definite contribution to the country that receives them. Poor, yes, but with the seeds of success inherent in their character. Yet no one w'ants them. The Christian world gives sympathy, but is not quite ready to share any part of its opportunity with the Jews. If all of the exiled and refugee refugee Jews w’ere to be divided among the nations that profess to be sympathetic toward toward them; if this division was made on the basis of the relative population of the countries, all the refugees could probably be absorbed without disturbing the economic economic life of any country. Of course, such a solution would never be accepted. In probably every country, there would be a strong minority, perhaps a majority, who would exclaim over robbing our own children children to give to foreigners. It would be a very practical application of Christianity if all the Christian churches of the world would demand some such solution. solution. What happens in pagan Germany is something beyond the control of the Christian Christian nations of the world. But what is happening in Germany is not the major problem of the Jews. It is what is happening happening outside Germany. to

Clipped from
  1. Kingsport Times,
  2. 08 Jun 1939, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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