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Pass in Review - Pass In REVIEW A shipload of refugees from...
Pass In REVIEW A shipload of refugees from Germany eame within sight of the Promised Land yesterday. Their eyes turned toward the green coast of Florida and caught glimpses of the towers of Mia mi's sky-raking sky-raking sky-raking buildings. These are people without homes, men and women without a country. They seek haven and sanctuary. The goal of each and every one of them is the United Stafos. Whether they' ever attain it is problematical. The big thing to Americans about their wander ings over the ocean Is their burn Ing desire to set foot in the Land of the Free. People like these on the Hani burg-Amerika burg-Amerika burg-Amerika liner St. Louis appreciate appreciate a great many things about this country of ours which we fail to appreciate in proper measure. We, as Americans. take for granted our liberties and the safeguarding of our individual individual rights. Oppressed men and women of other lands envy us our status as free men and women. We Americans are the most lib erated people on earth. W'e pos sess, under our American Consti tution , individual rtehts such as guaranteed citizens of no other land. Nowhere is there such freedom; freedom; nowhere are people so free, so guaranteed the practice of individual individual rights. The plight of these German-Jew German-Jew German-Jew refugees should be an inspiration inspiration for every American. Because Because their state and condition is the result of usurpation of power power and control by Individuals. It couldn't happen here under our system of government. Yet there are those who would tear down and destroy our American system, trample on the Constitution that protects us all, and nullify the Bill of Rights. We are free and we must re twain free. And to remain free we must, every American who loves and appreciates his freedom, resist resist with all his strength and with life If necessary every effort to undermine the foundation on which our government Is built the Constitution of the United States. The plight of the downtrodden people of other countries, dictator dictator ruled. Is an example for us all. We should find in their condition inspiration for greater zeal In be--Ing be--Ing be--Ing be--Ing better Americans, and better .citizens, and our full strength and support should be turned toward aiding those thoroughly American Institutions and organizations which work against subversive Influences, and seek to inculcate the spirit of Free America In our , citizens from other lands, and instill instill a burning patriotism In the youth of our own people. When vrni hear some flannel-mouthed flannel-mouthed flannel-mouthed agitator sound off against our government and our institutions institutions let your mind turn to Europeeven Europeeven closer, let It turn to that refugee ship that anchored within shouting ditsance of our own coast. And then thank God that we live In a Free Country. a. h.

Clipped from
  1. Fort Lauderdale News,
  2. 05 Jun 1939, Mon,
  3. Page 1

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