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he had. On security i l l one a moment by Congressional State place damage way: the State newsmen to as a matter a e action here that if he member Norih improper H i g h way reason to the Letters To The Editor (Comments from readers, for p u b i i - , cates would wage ... ,, ... ... ,. ^ ht __^ r ^^ elec-| dergoing daily sariiy indicate this newspaper's ea- j tions as during the heat ' ' dorSf-ment of the :riews expressed.-- i piish some good. fathers" of old, they usually after the shouting i Other Indulgences might accom- But like SAYS DOING RIGHT CAN RELIEVE DESTITUTION i To the Editor of The Robeson ian: | Who will think about this? [ The worst of us are willing Thair ar people that ar going des- | admit that no ''professing' tuted of nesetest of Life in midst | lian " should pertake of such of plenty and plenty to speair.! fi rages to excess "causing hi s bro- Well if "Everv Boddy would doe ' t h e r io stumble", yet this is often right this would not Bee. ; t h e case - ^either, for that matter, "professing Christian" Christian" should attend dances, which he probably would not everv thing just ' J""** 1 tO , 5 P endln S the evening o P ·., t .,,. / * i dan cmg with uis own wife. And e ot ,o; Thay would not Bee So many Rich people nether would thay Bee many poor people. Because injustice would not Bee ca.sted on the other fellow. But the Love of money is the roots of all Evil. The Devil h a v e got as it is. We have L'crip days funciton of the people of the world. We notice of the m a n y diff- \ ernt Denominations every one i sual m u s J C ) .. hot , enough tQ me}t says his way is right and thair is j the pipes off h b church not but one way and t h a t is the Can we hope to continue to Right way. Christ said if any man , gnats whlle greedily swa n owin g \vil come after me let him Deme i camels, with the expectation him self and take up the Cross and j keeping our children asleep" after the shouting is should practice many other indulgences,! just as harmful to the morals this generation. No "professing wortny | of the cloth, should, for any | son, whatever, sponsor s uch redic- | ulous ''shin-digs," with its sen- follow me. Every man way s e e m - j m g "accustomed" eth Ria'ht But it is not. j J. L. HAMMONDS j Lumberton, R. 1. to such "un- churchly" didos and capers? Is it possible for the parents continue to eat sour grapes without putting the children's teeth edge? Is is reasonable to expect o successfully ban the use of alcoholic beverages in order that our gardless of how sound o r ^ h e a l t h y . dren may not become " accuslom _ use. and at the time openly practice and counter- putrefactive substances, the most j nace m a n y other vices j ujt as usg loathesome diseases imaginable less and ^ a d ? If other vices can DISCUSSES CHURCH VS. ALCOHOL " thci Editor of The Kobssonian: When any living organism, re- is subjected to certain bacterial j ec j" to its germs, which are found in all j follows, and beyond a doubt, hypo- with the blessing of both church cracy is the deadly virus that has and gocie{y became harmless and down through the ages, corrupted I moralt why not « ab - solTC » John and poisoned the minds of men Barleycorn also, seein, hat all creating a chaotic indifference to [ or mogt of the other car nal sin$ ' the f u n - d a m e n t a l precepts of con- have been given a clean slate. duct essential to both Christianity Probably it would be just and morality.. i well, as all prohibitive measures' The prophest of old. m righteous j to . date h a v e _ by the connivance of indignation, hurled every known j the people ^ the ^^ h a n J invective a t * decadent society and i of the enforcement agents, utterly oack-shchng church, tongue- lash- | failed to stem th? acoholi( , M( ing them in an endeavor to r i g h t ! T . , , _ the" wrongs prevalent in that day. j l neiual ^ Enforcement ! Besides, neither the church man rnce has. in the name of re- : to the enforcement of prohibition, Iiiiion, committed every known j t h e punishment for such violations atrocity, j u s t i f y i n g their overt acts j depending, altogether, by man-made creeds and dogmas,; l h e social, political and financial keeping the commandments ol?a5-! s;atus of those becoming involved. ing to t h e m , "tithing mint, rue and i O ne man with little or no finances, a!! manner of herbs" to a jot and Us kicked out of the church, tittle, yet rejecting "judgement 1 becoming commercialized has to mercy and faith" as essential to cater to the whims of the sa'.vation. " j tunate who ii willing to pay for This virus having permeated our ! t n e churches' protection, socially. body politic, so to speak, has not j One ma n is sent to the roads for only desecrated our judiciary but| se '" n S one P int while others, who things ecclesiastical a s well, rp-: have influential friends, money ducting them to the common level j an d political prestige, are still free, of things secular and profane, j although having been arrested, pecuniary gain and political ex- i convicted and sentenced. pediency having became the c o n - j * This being the t r o l i n g factors, making, as it were j either the church or a mock and a stumblong-biock out j have an measure of success of those huge and much-adorned j leading individuals to x ,-nore pile s of masonry "dedicated" to a i Christian or moral way of God. who while o n earth had no knowing in their own place to lay His head. tne y. themselves are the The Church and Alcohol i offenders? Which brings us to the subject o f ' J. L. WALKER the church versus alcoholic bev-1 St. Pauls. N. C. ersgs and their control, one de- | . cadent and compromising, the o t h - j er rotten and honey-combed with I jVfa|l\r r a f t . Alcoholic beverages and | _; their use by the laity, is neither a ' "political" or a "moral" issue so far ai the churches are concern ed. Drinking in modt?ration is an n d i v i d u a l prerogative. while drinking Io excess and in public comes under the jurisdiction of the state, which for good and sufficient reasons, was divorced from greater a : np · T\« 1 C* 1 | Io Diamond * yv i 1 T T * I ' At Kowiand High the church by the Founding Fathers. The church, independent of the state, has the right to force its members to conform to certain laws and regulaions or face excommunication for failing to do so. and no excommunicated member can hope for redress by ap- ·pealing to state laws. There is no doubt but that the use and abuse of alcoholic beverages is among our worst besetting sins, of which, both church and state are equally to blame. Therefore, if the church would use every means at its command in an honest endeavor to clean up its own muddled alcoholic situation, instead of becoming involved In every "cat and dog" prohibition fight that comes along, it would, no doubt, have more influence and command more respect in Its attempt to reform, by force, * mundane world. And of church and prohibition advo- ROWLAND -- A pretty good relation o, ,, S t St ,uad i s returning for the Rowland high school 1950 baseball season. Veteran pitcher Guy McCorm- . , . . -. . , Birrue Bridge, :ck returns as do quite a the infield: Tommy Britt. short- stop: Earl Britt, second base; Bill Britt, first base: Earl McPhail, third base. In all. about 35 men are out baseball. The team has ordered uniforms, and the group is looking forward to having these. The first conference game is with Parkton there Friday. Rowland, Parkton. Fairmont Red Springs are in a conference group. The winner from this group will compete with the winner from a similar group. According to specialists of th« Department of Agriculture, mol- assea is » good buy as livestock feed If you can get six and a gallons of it for less than the of a bushel of corn.

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  1. The Robesonian,
  2. 29 Mar 1950, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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