First Winter Olympics held in Chamonix, France, in 1924.

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First Winter Olympics held in Chamonix, France, in 1924. - AMERICAN SKATERS ARE GOOD LOSERS United States...
AMERICAN SKATERS ARE GOOD LOSERS United States Olympic Team Reflects Glory Altho It Wins But One First Place in Winter Games. YORK, Feb. 6.--American skaters did full credit to themselves and their country in the opening of the Olympic games at Chamonix, even if they couldn't finish any higher than third place. To those who consider tb,at nothing is worth while unless won, the American boys who scored only 11 points against Finland's 48 1-2 and Norway's 39 1-2 points didn't do anything to crow about. The main point, however, is that the Americans did not alibi when they had no opportunity to crow. They showed the European nations that at least four American athletes knew how to lose. No one who had any facts at hand or who gave it any study dared to hope that the American team would. ·Win the skating championship. Finland could not send a baseball team to this country that would have a | chance to beat the New York Yan- i kees and skating is just as much a , The 'he national and universal sport in the northern countries of Europe as baseball is in this country. Hats Off To Jewtraw. The Kansas meet a him In winning one of the four events on the program, the Americans can feel satisfied and the country has .. reason to be proud of Charles Jew- | traw, who comes back as the Olym- pic 500 meter champion. affect it in the The Americans certainly would 'is the have made a better showing if they [ had been able to get in some -work before the skating contests started. Perhaps they could not have won the championship even if they had been able to workout daily before the games started. Several of the American skaters were violently ill on the voyage across the Atlantic and when they arrived at Chamonix they found a mild'spell of weather upon the resort which made it Impossible for the. skaters to get out on the ice. They were all short of work but the layoff did not handicap the Finns, the Norwegians, the Swedes and the French. Perhaps the rest did them good because they all had a lot of work under their belt. It will be recalled that the Amer- sport by baseball the is understood soon test on w e reca on e ea lean team had practically no work | en tire up to the time that it sailed. The weather was so mild that it -was with the greatest difficulty that the American committee succeeded in holding the trials from which the team members were selected. The trials at Saranac Lake had to be postponed twice and when it is warm enough up in the Adirondacks in December to thaw ice, it certainly is an unusual season. Reason To Be Proud. The boys made no mention at Chamonix that, they had-been out of luck and it is quite certain that they will not complain when they return home. They certainly-have no reason to'feel ashamed and perhaps they will feel rather proud that they were able tftdo as- jrelLas iliejvdid. There is'mtle significance, In as far as it relates to the track and games next July, in Finland's-victory in the skating matches. The winter sports will have been forgotten -by that time and as points are not carried over from one department to another, they will not affect the big summer .sports Finland, since 1920, has been regarded as the one nation that America will have to beat in Pari« next summer and the conviction that this will be is even stronger because it" would seem that Finland is going to make a bid for the championship just as big and as elaborate as that of the United States. sivm help who too is way in- ~~" the boy the 29. Gun , _. ,.-_ , Cowles--R. B. Thompson The fact that America's only vie-1 as tory in the skating contest? was | Cowles The fact that Americas omj "c-1 has tory in the skating contest? was | Cowles won fc the sprint race does not thg that it vras a discreditable feat. does not imply, as some have pointed out, that the Americans are less sturdy, less strong and less game than some of the younger athletic nations. It does not mean that thp American type of athlete is going back. H is clearly apparent that the European athletes are improving by the application of American training and teaching methods. | Recognize Own Faults. | The Finns, particularly, are quick to see something of a lesson in an- other man's .game. They observe I closely. They know their own de- j fects and they know how to apply methods for correction. I In 192S it is quite possible that the Finn skaters will win the sprint because th«?y saw iiow the Americans did it this year. One of th Finn , coaches saw how Jpwtraw. Moor*, j Donovan and Bialis pwunc t h e i arms whon they look off from the line and he remarked that all thp Finns needed to perfect {heir game was that start- "In four T?ars," he said to an American, "we wjU bt- able to get away as fa?t as your do and thon no one on the ice be able 1o stop us." The Finn? arc cr^at m«n for «TI- daranco and pali^nc«. Th\?e i«o qualities arf shown in thoir runn* as wll a; th^ir skat^n-. "h* Ffass wjjl KOTT ha\s an H'O JTi« -4 « - rs r-hampioT: attt! T**'*}!"*' : iliv rmtod S;aT-s wiU noif-r acain have a 5,000 or 10.^00 meter champion. Thr minority of 11r» Americans in tht -print rar N '= aid llK-ir inf : 'rior- ny a* iHMa-nr*-- nrnninc is d · TTtir-ly to ib" difTfn-nec in 1 rnr"-ranK- T it.'-. Tb*- Am« := nervous, .vpon - anr^iu;» anl 5;. ?sTni'-: ihf Finn i d-libfrat\ paii'r 4 and Th«* Anvncari a- lo 3rd £···, 31 o*«-r wiih Kir.Ti is c.on;^» *o «'art out and run x ier-f\ if ;:«T-js. for s-T^^ri: 7hc- Fjn-ns arc cut on' for

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  • First Winter Olympics held in Chamonix, France, in 1924.

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