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Bat, of btama tbair tha tot oar had ad' sx- tha bat the upon and the en* no at bill^ be bills this place their be soldiers, say already as be in of Is of is and but over and the of trib- of an is on a at the suo- But than as the tbe of first In we sit- the and a has of Is a of a ner of ao> Btata'a taatlmooy, oo 1%utMlay altar- noon. Tha reatnf that day and Frl> dity was conaamsd In axamlnlng wit* neaa for tha defense, (ha effort being pray* (bat Tlllsry was meialy follow* Ing the mob, not taking part lo It, and thai ha waa wounded by a atray bul let. On Batahlay tbe argumsnto Were made, lasting until 4 o'clock, when (ha ease was given to the Jury. ab()at 8 hours the Jury came In with (be verdict "GnUty as charged In tbe Indictment." The verdict was ex peotcd as the State had made entirely clear case. OnBConday the oaae of State an OaHonoay the oaae of State vs ZZ'tZ Our Orlslei^other ooe of the '-mob oaai"-was called. Three quarten of fSTKrJ quarten _ aday waa required to Impannal a |ury Tbe first wltnees sworn waa / Geo. W. Morrison, who testified sUb stanUally tbe same aa In the TUfety trial, Philip Mots, sworn. Testlmiry practically same as in first trial. ^ YM positive that tbe man on sorrel horse who rode past wagon when attack waa made, was Cary Crisler. y Geo. F. Smith sworn. Saw the attack of the mob. One of the horMes blob ran past wagon was small and dark, other larger and sorrel. Dr. Cummlngs, sworn. Testimony mainly same as before. Got the lm< presslon that Crisler was In tbe mob from talk wlUi other pattlea. W. fi: Webster sworn. Was Cris ler's attorney at preliminary bearing of Carter. Went with O. and Bettls to to hitter's house to iret a drink. Asked O- if there was likely to he a mob Crisler fiourlsbed two re vol vera and told me to attend to my part of tbe business >nd they would look after theirs." "Had conversation afterwards with C. and he told me what had happened at the mob. Showed me a bullet hole in sleeve of hi>i coat and aald he got it in the mob. Said he shot Into the buggy and thought he had killed Carter, didn't see hviw bad come that he didu't." Mrs. Mary Carter sworn. Saw de fendant nr. school house. No other testimony of Importance. John Pierson sworn. Saw Orlsler's sorrel horse at school house. Haw horses tn mob which he took to be Crlsler's and Tlllery's. Remainder of testimony same as in first trial. Chas. Heckenliable sworn. Went tnm school bouse with Tlllery, Crisler and Bettls, to Bettls' house and gut drink of alcohol. Crisler said: "We'll stick the bonds on him so heavy he will iiave to go ti J&tl,theD we will get him." (His testimony born agaiuvt Crisler mainly in oonnecttng him all the time with Tlllery.) Mrs. Allenbaugh sworn. Saw Oris ler going with Tlllery fromT'sto C'h house. Saw buggy In flrsnt of Tillery's with shot gun and ammunition In It. H. T. Wood sworn. Had con versa tion with Crisler 3 or 4 days after mob Latter Bald."See that bole in my shirt? That is how near I came to being shot." Defendant'said be and Tlllery were ahead. Said Tlllery was shot in tne band and dropped revolver. Wm. Fnhrman sworn. Crisler came to witness' home about noo-i on day of the mob. Said they bad got Carter arrested and (hat If they could get a crowd they would bang him. L. R. Ray sworn. Saw Crlsler's horse in Moran day after tbe mob and recognised It as tbe soriel that bad gone patt tbe bnggy. F. 0. Cash sworn. Testimony about same as on first trial. With the testimony of Mr. Fuhrman the State rested. 'The defense then stated that they expected to prove an alibi for tbe defendant, and called as their first witness. Jas. S. Ford. Testified that he and othen called on W B Webster, at Bronson, to talk about these oast's: Or fered to work cheaper than for tbe otb er side. Said that If money was fut nithed be knew of 8 or 3 witneoses that could be brought. Wanted $70 for ex penses. Isaac Ford sworn. Testimony about same as Jas. Ford's, Wm. Ford sworn. TestlHud about «ame facta as abova two wltne«»ea. Henry Dressier sworn. No svldenoe directly relating lo dsfsndant. John U. Teel sworn. 8at up ell night at Crlsler's the night uf the mob. Did not bear of mob until ntxl dsy Saw Cary Crisler at bis home. Lambert Brewer sworn. Testimony did not relate •peoially to this deft. J. W. Crisler (defendant's father) sworn. Testilled to threata Carter hid made against himself and son. Cary was at homo on night of raid. Cary and bis wife came back from school hou4e together. Mrs. Crisler (defendant's mother) sworn. Testified to threats msde by Carter against Cary Crisler. Witness, her daughter, Mrs. Woods and John l^llery started in buggy to attend the trial, Met Mr. Weloker before they got to school house who told them trial waa adjourned. They then turued twok toward home. Cary overtook them on horaebaok before they got home and passed them, and was out in the barn yard when they got there. The time was between sundown aod dark. Carry stayed there all night. Winnie Crlrler (deft's sister) sworn. Testimony substantially same as her mother's. John L. Ritter sworn. Was at Crlsler's house frotn 10 a. m. on day of mob until noon next day. Saw Cary Crisler there t>etween sundown and dark. Martin Bledsoe sworn- Was at Crlsler's evening of tbe mob. Saw Cary there between sundown and dark. Stayed there until 9 o'clock and Saw him thsre all the time. Wm. Davis sworn. Testified that Wm. Mattocks was unable to attend this trial. Winnie Crisler recalled, Swore to conversation with witness Woods, in bleb latter bad told her he knew nothing that would harm Cary or any of the rest of the lx>ys. J. W. Hufler sworn. Testified to Laving hsd similar conversation with Woods. (This report la oblige<] lo olo^e at noon ou Thursday. At that time Cary Crisler, tbe defendant, bad Just taken tbe stand. Aa his examination will take several houn, and there ara slili other witnesses fur tbe defense, and then rebutting testimony. It Is not probable that the oaae will go to tbe ury ; before to-nlgbt or to-morrow morning. As this tarm of oourt la obliged to close with this week, tbe re- aaioder of tbe docket will be obliged to go over till the next tarm. At tbe requeet of attoroeya for both tbe State and tbe defense, we refrain from comment ou any of Ibeie Cvtsr cases:) aonoi. (ba _ novelty niaoblnery firmers tUht, < utlay 'Die t^eiiae f iQiured sns Otty a call agent, farmers have a In Ida be Invites oritidam. territory machine wbo will county. for this a^-aapply George appointed agent «. F. 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  2. 28 Mar 1890, Fri,
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