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1895 Blizzard US and abroad articles and reports. - Tom Malmay - VOL. I. NO. 203. f HE BLIZZARD RAGES The Storm...
VOL. I. NO. 203. f HE BLIZZARD RAGES The Storm General All Over the United States. DELPHQS, OHIO, REPORTS ?ROM VARIOUS PLACES. Winds Arc Blowing; With Prospects of Still Colder Weather In Many Localities-All Truffle Greatly Delayed and Crippled—Both Continents In Dorcas' Grasp. KANSAS CITY, Feb. 8.—Predictions of the coldest weather in this section for years has proven true. The thermometer is stationary, with tho prospect that tho temperature will remain below zero. At 10 it had readied 13 below here, while out in tho country/the 17 degree mark was registered. Railway time tables have been knocked to pieces. All trains are late, and many are imbedded in great piles of snow and sand. All day long a GO-mile- an-hour gale blew from the northwest, piling the sand. and snow in the cuts and making an obstruction that was in most cases impossible to penetrate. Nothing has been hoard from the Missouri Pacific train from Denver, while the Rock Island train from Denver was abandoned. The Santa Fo No. 2 from the west was reported to be six hours late. The Southern Kansas Sante Fe train is in a snowdrift somewhere out on the prairies, and it is' not known" when it will reach the city. The St. Louis and Chicago trains, on the Hannibal railway, due at 8 o'clock this morning, are having a battle with snow, Tho time of their arrival was marked indefinite. The Memphis-passenger train was seven hours late. Tho Missouri, Kansas and Texas passenger train; due here this morning, is engulfed in a snowdrift near Parkersville, Kan. The brant of -the storm is still felt in western Kansas where the formers are least able to : battle with it. Though great suffering is caused, no deaths are reported. At Coucordia, Kan., it was 17 below zero. At Wichita 14, and at Dodge City 16 below. In some localities, especially in the river bottoms, the storm was so heavily laden with sand fchat lamps had to be lighted in order to iee. . xno tnrongxi train iru/u juu- * ??'^, on:> on tho Burlington, due here at 11:45 last night, has not yet arrived. No trams have arrived since yesterday Corning on the Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley road from the Black j i trams on the Union Pacific are delayed and many engines have been "killed" by freezing. Poor People Suffering. ST. Louis, Feb. 8.—Reports from points throughout southern Illinois and Missouri indicate that the present spell of weather is the coldest that has prevailed for years. Much suffering is experienced among the poor, and should the weather continue as now the loss on stock to tho farmers will be enormous. The thermometer ranges from zero to 20 below, the latter being reached at Moberly, Mo. Drifting snow lias blocked trains on many roads. IIHzzard In Texas. DALLA, Feb. 8.—Blizzard in northern Texas is simply terrible. No such weather has been felt in 15 years. At various points in the city and Oakcliff, the thermometer went from 1 to 4 degrees below zero. The wind reached a velocity of 50 miles an hoar. There was a scudding snow,-- which penetrated every opening. Not a single life is reported lost as yet. Business is paralyzed. No one is out save those who are obliged to be. The storm wind. is accompanied by a heavy At Zero at Nashville. • . NASHVILLE, Feb. 8.—It is a terribly cold day with a fierce northwest wind blowing a blizzard. Temperature has been falling steadily, and now stands at zero. Wild UcaMl nrailo I3esi»crate. LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 8.—Tho coldest weather over known in Arkansas in the month of Feoniary is being experienced here, the thermometer registering 2.2 below zero, and tho local forecaster predicts a still greater f all in the temperature. In the country wild beasts have been made desperate, and many tales of adventure are reaching this city. Near Danville, in Yell county, while Mrs. Baker was at the cbwpen milking, a big bear entered her house and made off with her, 4-year-old child. Mrs. Baker gave chase with . a dog and recovered the child, who .had been severely bitten -by brain. : .J. W. Ballard, a Green county fanner, had O;life,tussle with a hungry panther ' .a tree near the roadside, and the sudden shock frightened .himself and son half • to death. After a severe encounter he succeeded in killing tho animal, but re, ceived several gashes from the panthers teeth. •; ; , Wolves, panthers and deer are making night hideous in the bottoms of Saline, .Hot Springs, Montgomery and Grant counties, and reports from there say the flocks of sheep of several of the farmers have been greatly decimated from attacks of wolves, while loss in cattle and hogs is enormous.. 'A wagon containing several negroes was chased for two miles across the bottoms in Wobdruif ,. county by a pack of wolves, the men • only saving themselves by the free use of clubs with which they kept the animals at bay. Ico Gorge at Washington. WASHINGTON, Feb. 8.—The present storm has been unusually severe in Washington. The snow, which commenced to fall yesterday evening, has been coming down steadily until there is now between six and eight inches on the level. An icy wind has been blowing in gusts, and has drifted the snow badly. The cold has been severe. The thermometer has not gone belpw zero, b'ut is expected to do so before many hours. Traffic on the river is entirely suspended, and both the aqueduct and long bridges are thought to be in danger, as neither is in good condition. Soino fears are entertained that an ice gorge may form and cause the lower part of the city to be flooded. In 1889 there was over three feet of water on Pennsylvania avenue from a similar cause. Steps will be taken to break up the ico. As Reported to Chicago. CHICAGO, Feb. 8.—Reports received from all over. Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin state that the storm is one of the most severe known in many years. The mercury is falling rapidly all over the section named. Southern Illinois reports show much damage to peaches and other fruit crops. From all points come stories of great delay to railroad trains. Wagon roads are blockaded and farmers snowed in. Clinton, Ia., reports that 13 railroad trains were stuck in snow banks within, a radious of 15 miles of that place, 11 of them being Northwestern freights, some of which carried livestock, which suffered greatly. Florida Feels It. JACKSONVILLE, Fla,, Feb. 8.—Florida ia beginning to feel the cold wave. Warm.sumiy weather prevailed throughout the state up to noon yesterday, but since then cooler weather is reported from all points. The thermometer in Jacksonville registered 26. The mercury had dropped 40 degrees since afternoon. At Tallahassee icicles a foot long formed in Capital park. Ico is forming in Ocala. The weather bureau predicts a further drop all over the state. High north and northwest winds prevailed, winch will probably prevent much damage to vegetables from cold. At Zero and Dropping, MILWAUKEE, Feb. 8.—Trains on all railroads entering Milwaukee are between throe and four hours late owing to the drifting snow. The thermometer is at zero and is dropping. Reports from Beloit, Ashland and other cities in -the state indicate that the traffic situation is no better. At Beloit trains on the Milwaukee and tlia Northwestern roads are blockaded. The drifts are as heavy as tumd, and the worst the railroads have had to^joontend with in Wisconsin for many years. Throughout Nebraska. OMAHA, Feb. 8.—Drifted snow and sand and the intense cold greatly interfered with tho movement of trains in Freight Engines Ditched. PERRY, O. T.. Feb. 8,—Two Santa Fe freight engines were ditched in a snowdrift 10 miles north of here, near Red Rock yesterday. Near that place, in a cut, the snow drifted for over a hundred yards, to a depth of four or five feet, and both engines were wrecked i an attempt to pass through. Enginee Regin and a fireman were pretty badly hurt. Passenger trains from the nort are 24 hours late. Snow I'lows at Work. HURON, S. D.. Feb. 8.—Snow plow and gangs of men have been sent south and west to lift the railroad blockade Trains for the south and east left on time, but those going west and uort: are still here. A Wagner sleeper side tracked here was wrecked by the ex plosion of a hot water reservoir. Th concussion startled the town but did u 'serious damage outside the car. At Staton Island Quarantine. QUARANTINE, S. I., Feb. 8.—At o'clock last night a severe northeas gale set in, accompanied with snow auc sleet, which has increased in force, auc is blowing a hurricane, howling throu; the narrows at the rate of 55 miles ai horn-, with no indications of abatement The ice in the upper bay and narrow extends from shore to shore, solidl packed. In I/ouisiaua. NEW ORLEANS, Fob. 8.—Weathe. throughout the state is the coldest since 1886. The mercury here is 18, and < .above at Shreveport, Monroe, Natchi todies and Homer, while it fell to zero at Bastrop. Reports from many points in north and central Mississippi repori the coldest weather on record, Cornith 3; Jackson, 4; Holly Springs, 4, all above The snow is'from IS to 15 inches 'deep on a level. All the street railway lines are tied up, and traffic of all kinds it suspended. The railroads entering here are experiencing much trouble in running trains. There is much suffering from cold and hunger. In Georgia. ATLANTA, Feb. 8.—The temperature has been falling slowly with the prospect of it going to zero. Beyond light, bnt biting wind and occasional snow flurries, no discomfort has been expert enced, but the extreme cold, for which the people of this section are ill-prepared, has caused a practical paralysis of business. Coldest Weather in Ten Years. MOBILE, Feb. 8.—The temperature is 15 degrees above zero, the coldest weather in 10 years. Cabbage, peas, beans and other vegetables are killed. The gardeners of Mobile county give up hope of saving anything. The loss will be several hundred thousand dollars. Blizzirrd in South Carolina. COLUMBIA, S. C., Feb. 8.—Specials to The Register report blizzard raging in upper South Carolina. Piedmont belt is covered with snow and at many points the thermometer is down to zero, something unusual in this state. In Oklahoma. GUTHUIE, O. T., Feb. 8.—The worst blizzard for years is raging with great fury. The wind is blowing a hurricane. Intense cold prevails throughout the territory, and much suffering to settlers and stock will result. Sent the Mercury Down. ''' KINGSTON, N. Y., Feb. 8.—The blizzard struck this city about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon aud sent the mercury down on the jump. It is now at zero, with snow driving before a violent northeast wind. Trains Stalled iu Snow liankg. WINFIELD, Kan., Feb. 8.—The 'Frisco passenger train, is stalled in a snowbank in the Flint Hills, 20 miles east of here. Several other trains in this vicinity are also stalled. The cold weather is abating. Boston's Illizzard. BOSTON, Feb. 8.—A storm of blizzard- like proportions is raging here. Electric cars are stalled and the snow is piling up. The wind is blowing 35 miles an hour from the northeast, with no signs of abatement. In Baltimore. BALTIMORE, Feb. 8.—A snowstorm has greatly retarded traffic and trolley cars have much-difficulty in mounting the hill streets. Great hardships and difficulties are reported by arriving vessels. X'lfteen Below aud Falling. CEDAR. RAPIDS, Ia., Feb. 8.—Tho mercury registers 15 below and is falling. All passenger trains are from two to eight hours late. Freight traffic has been abandoned. Snowing in Connecticut. .NEW HAVEN, Feb. 8.—The worst storm since the blizzard of 1888 is raging here. The snow is about 6 inches deep. Coldest ot t.ho Season at Now Hampshire. HANOVER, N. H., Feb. 8.—Today was the coldest of the season. The mercury touched 81 degrees below. WORSE ABROAD. The Storm Prevails Throughout tho Eastern Hemisphere. LONDON, Feb. 8.—The storms which have been so severely impeding traffic recently throughout Great Britain are becoming more severe. The highlands of Scotland are completely isolated and all the railroads are blockaded with i snow. An unknown vessel has foundered off Port Patrick, Scotland, with the loss of seven lives, and a two-masted steamer having white smokestacks with a black band around them is ashore on the Isle of Man. The river Thames is frozen over at Chelsea and the Scheldt at Antwerp is covered with ice. At Antwerp the thermometer registered 15 degrees below zero, Centigrade, the lowest point recorded for 20 years. In Wales thousands of people are out of work on account of the seveie weather. People Dying of Starvation. ROME, Feb. 8.—The distress caused by the winter is more widespread according to The Tribuna than the papers have yet reported. At Sarnbucca alone, 10 children have died of starvation and adults belonging to the same familiea have not tasted food for several days. Violent snowstorms and gales prevail at Syracuse, Sicily. A number of houses have collapsed owing to the weight of the snow upon their roofs and some ol the inhabitants have been injured. Snow Twenty Feet IJeep. . LONDON, Feb. 8.—A dispatch to The Standard from Vienna says that at several stations on the railway to Fiume, the snow is 20 feet deep. Snowplowa are useless. Traffic has been interrupt ed for the last 10 days. Four persona were frozen to death while on their way to a market town in the province of Bukoviiia. Prevailing In Poland. VIENNA, Feb. 8.—The Mondsee, a lake in the eastern Alps is covered with ice two feet thick. Advices from Poland are to the effect that wolves, made bold by hunger, have attacked villages in herds, carrying off children and domestic animate. The inhabitants are terrorized. n A'essols Blocked In by Ice. PARIS, Feb. 8.-- Vessels seeking refuge the harbor of .Rouen, on the river ' at Two Vessels Wrecked. HALIFAX, N. S., Feb. 8.— Dispatches from Cape Breton state that the recent storm along the coast was the heaviest for many years. The schooners New Dominion and Fleetwing, which were anchored at WMteheacl, were torn from riven to sea. The their moorings and latter is ashore on arter island, badly damaged, an tho New Dominion is a total wreck at Tor Bay Point. Truffle at a Standstill. CHARI OTTETOWN, P. E. I., Feb. 8.— Traffic here is at a standstill on account of yesterday's storm, which swept the entire province, causing a complete blockade of travel, and bringing business to a standstill. * to ing are it MEXICAN CONGRESS CONVENES. War May Bo Declared Against Guatemala at Unco. CITY OF MEXICO, Feb. 8.—Congress convened yesterday in special session, 3euor Jose Gamboa presiding. Nothing was done during the day but approve the minutes of the last congress. It looks aspf the government onicials were trying to keep all news connected with the Guatemalan embroglio from local newspapers as well as correspondents of outside papers. In spite of the government's efforts, however, the war talk does not diminish. Crushed in a Coal iMino. BELLEVILLE, Ills., Feb. 8.—One man was killed and several others badly inured in Klaess' coal mine near the Washington, of and He of of of The western city limits yesterday.'Whi^ StTS^rf^^ffitaS caved in, crushing the workmen be- be leath it. Their fellow workmen, after an hour's work, succeeded in dig- jing them out. All were more or less njured. Henry Klingenboten was 'ound dead. Henry Volger received ractures of both legs. Volger, together ivith the other injured men, were carried up the mouth of the shaft and medical aid hastily summoned. Schooner Sunk. NORFOLK, Va,, Feb. 8.—The three- masted schooner John C. Haynes, Cap- ain Henry Haynes, from Baltimore for Sagna La Grande, Cuba, with coal, was •un into in Hampton Roads by a coal barge during a blinding snowstorm and unk. The crew took to the yawl and vas picked up. The schooner was alued leury all. Concord .at $35,000, and rests near Lippert, which was sunk last .vas -D i ^ as, tllU I i on Record Broken. RALEIGH, Feb. 8.—In point of fierceness and blizzard-like qualities the weather rncord here is broken. The thermometer is standing at 8 degrees above zero. In Virginia. ROANOKE, Va., Feb. 8.—The thermometer registered 4 degrees below zero. The wind is blowing a hurricane. No streetcars are running and no one is oil the streets. In Now York, NEW YORK, Feb. 8.—The therinom- -7<irO. LAPORTE, Ind., Feb. 8.—There was a ensation in the Graybeal murder trial •esterday, when James Staubaugh, who n the first trial testified that he fired he shot which killed William Jones, onfessed to perjury. The climax was cached when Btaubaugh unhesitating_ and with graphic clearness, depicted the scenes of tho tragedy aud stated .that Graybeal killed Jones. Staubaugh stated that Graybeal deliberately plot ted to kill the children of Eifie Austin, the purpose being to drive the mother insane, and thus destroy the value of her testimony, which is a strong point iu the prosecution. Another Cincinnati lilaze. CINCINNATI, Feb. 8.—Twee in three days Cincinnati has been visited by disastrous fires. The fire Thursday, which started at 11 a. m., was in tho Miami storage branch of this combine, located in the 0-story building at Race and Commerce streets It was in charge of Director J. Stark Wayne. The loss is almost wholly by water aud smoke, aud is roughly estimated at §100.000. ical His a last jr., Liverpool, yard logging was rolled Press of

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