An anonymous report about Edwin Terrell, given from his hospital bedside.

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An anonymous report about Edwin Terrell, given from his hospital bedside. - THE LATE 10. TEIIELL Why He Dofled the Cray and...
THE LATE 10. TEIIELL Why He Dofled the Cray and Donned the Blue. i KEfirr ciimi n ns nsTin 4s IEL1TEI II imELF. AcrtA-iaiTY or geji. jobs a. JBO"UaAK. maa-of-war gooO-be- r. oa pa- a AU th aeardy-tog. ta-keaadrtokaf elrcuav-atsaer to had, aa The tollownxg exwamunlrntioa has beea headed 10 aa by a geaUentaa who coavrraed with the ao-lortoua Id. Terrell aborlly sefewe heeled le the LoutavUleClty BoapttaL Prom maabwr ike wntar haa employed the Isxurtaxge of the Atraaat d, and we give B he- w hat B a worth t rat armnn'i ttukhipua. thortly after Terrure entry rats the boaptial of UM ctty, I netted klm. I found klm In n ptuabl condition ha leg paralysed, kla bowel almost st a dead lock, ant) hla arm. not marh thicker than willow-wand. Indeed, hto eat If .lebaa teemed eiheuatcd. Hto mind alone wet unlm- Cured. About every tea or Afteen mantel be d what he called a shock of the nerves In hit tplne. Dunng these paroxvams he woatd he rolled together like a balL and moaa plbaoualy with pain. He oftea etprewad to axe bta desire trial death would come quickly to relieve him fruea such agoalxlng torture. i BB gtOAT. The hug time I taw him be felly related to me the cause why he bad doged la gray aad duaaed tbe bine. It wa at followi: He tor at vll e. ta Tenncasee. I ta Geo. Morgaa. rnmraand. We were aeon ef chair tary. steer albate .brother. OB potated oruUona. r. Bta. Avery. The In tad oa rc mZJZTZl tbe lust ben mt ao-clety. kindred or were err Ira aua, ana who than ber of Btory. be aasara was A a be of the a. a ad-mlrrd gentle the truly lalt-mate whick, ory tbe and central Kentucky to press Borate. He waa I lower tnavructed to lake alto whatever etoe he could find which would be of evtdeat use to as. 1 wa at 111 with the command at the ammo plae whea he returned. I happened by tome mischance to get n look at tbe a la urea. 1 rccxarnlatd. by tbs marks, quite a quantity of hsrw. beef cattle, work oxen, bogs, sad fc.rwex., which had beea the protwny of good and true ttouUtera mea Itt-Inr near my owb bsane aad ta th rmaw-rtste a.ltkltiwlag rouatlea, every Inch of which nlmost I knew. I toll awfully had at into. My dander got ap. I hunted np the officer who bad Imiatawid ta property. He btHonged to the ordnance depart- meuu l iota aim waai ar aaa aone mat ae Bad taken the stock and aubabxnee of trkvatat laatead of leaving them aad coming down only oa Tea-sees, of wkom there were enough, and more thaa enough, where he bad beea to have harried them of tea time the quantity he kad brougkt in. 1 told htm la aueh a eoaatry at ke kad beea operating In be needed not to hsve lakes so much from s (tout or ra maa as s tune porter or gobbler. He cursed me aad I curbed him. Rreat- nally he put hto head oa or Bear a pistol sad bowtr-tntfe hs had. I at one shet at htm with my revolver. He dtod Instaatiy. I wat thea placed satoer arrest. I ws court-martialed. I wa italaaeid to be shot. The ezeewtton was to neve taken place on a Prtday. There were Ire or alt aaore to have died at the tame ante; two of lb m were Teakee preacaera. eivaaid of betag autre or ef tUapaurtlag hacUkteao to our sae-ktilra. Gea. Morgaa frrt nwfal had about myaelfand two mere of our bnva. He did all he could with General Braes. The omenta and mea all BeU- Uooed lor us, but you might aa well pray to rcy inaa 1 ov toe son. school. that or hto foe-seed. parent taetr worth wit aent crat, trred Bu aaaa- ft. rrant cat and ewp- aim dol- has flint stone a. ask mercy from taeaeral knurr. aw General Morgan oftea. H bsaetlab could only look al me, a a wat apuarhlut. from rexa-Uon and Borrow. w e were to be aaw a isaiasi sw a many. I msde bp my mind to gtaad the thiag. What eln eould I do. 1 could aot help mysstf Uuwtal haadsaad test and aeeurely guarded by a strong detail of sad, mournful. Bad mourning comrades, from sxy owb rrglaxeot, who. motot.sed eye nd htaaky voice, but too plainly told of Ike ago ny they eadurr wnue meraanicwiiy p isnmrag tbe rouUne of orovost gusnl duty la had areend our prison. tm Thursday artenaoon. about Basset. I obterw- ed a roeiBKMtou among tbr jruxrtl. They stood to tneir arms, tacea Bona warvxa. saa aeatomsrawta. These ehortly returned. AH retc sled, by the nebt esnk. oa the rua. They had aot beea aone away mlautea .1. a party of hlue-elrde, ea the doubkt quick, from a ataUoa aooat a tae mllea aorta, aaxrrouaoew ase jsxt. 1 ory wNUxreu wjr seller. Taey aaa a maa to kaork og oar Irons, sad then mounted at oa kad horses, which they bad with them. They missed all military prtaowera, and -turned all to escape wiu them. I did Bet require argumeat to otmvlaoe aaa I ah bald go ts a htwjthtor q eerier. My two oomraaloas were nhw xoore realy M leave tbss reanals, I wai too anxtsua to get off to pay any atlenttoe to what I On the the each thaa rua ta of the the me aad tor the gospel I ready with wots, Ac- to I held sa gave the Tyler, deliver which la Ib at street.. Bi accoox- end nt aot Tog la mode-of asetul, apoa lay which la dt-potdiloa the rest of tbs toll soya axads of tb maelvea. I Be eMaier iwtaoaer. were all re- Iraeed. The Tank eat al once erarwaxee to town and retrested to Ihetr former station. Looking hark, I could tee Gea. Morgan, eoov hxaad eatet lag and rcoceuptlng their old poata ta and arouad th city; their txg arala Boated frrm tbe court-bowse. W traveled aowly aad rotnfortalily hark, hot a .not had beea And at or by lb Con (rle rale ot rederaU la all ikla advancing, oecupylag or retiring. It aaeaatd n mi sierf to all of u Coaleda and fee. Ihea aad flue. . We leave the reader to Judge the axbobbi I Uuilt coutarnrd Is sack . vara from the Hp f a maa who wa a terror to every quiet aetrbbor-hood where hla prase ace tirtmt kauea a mas wco was a very B aouled from the rtfe-blood of rrratures; s Bxaa who coldly murdered tbe boa-eat htorhamtth Oturktea, wklle hbt levtag daughter, tike an aaxraL. kaeU hctore th itoi ma aad Implored btm to spare her tother, the toawtsls of her life; a maa who, ta hit remor less tad blood ly career, was ties f Is all appesla tor awrcy, and needed not even the dread warning, ef th Almighty; a una whose dally aad almost hourly tood waa rxTBte, and toast of whoa act. have bo parallel ta the cnltadtr of nn such n thing In the shape of la each a tele, eves apoa ha dytag ptttowt Tet, we ay, amy the Lord have merry on hto aotu.

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 15 Dec 1868, Tue,
  3. Page 4

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  • An anonymous report about Edwin Terrell, given from his hospital bedside.

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