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Rotroff_fire_26jan1914 - MONDAY, JANUARY 26, 1914. Peebles Again Swept...
MONDAY, JANUARY 26, 1914. Peebles Again Swept By A Disastrous Property loss estimated at $30,000 was suffered in a Mrioiu flrt, which raged for two hours in the village of Peebles, Adami county, Saturday afternoon and which, for a while, threatened the entire tnuiuws section along Main street of that town. The Are started in a barn in the rear of Edward Rotroff't livery b»rn and soon spread to MeU and Rotroff's hardware store and to Edward Rotroff's handsome seven room house, which was located in the path of the flames. So quickly did the fire ipread that the Rotroff barn with all its contents, including four horses and a cow, were soon consumed and the names leaped over to the Metz-Rotroff building in which was stored hardware, farm implements, etc. to the value of $28,000. This building, a two itory frame structure was soon reduced to ashes by the greedy flames. ihoi'iri,- uiui'l' II promptly BREAKS II COLD OPENSOSI1S "Pp«'« Cold Compound" ends ««vere colds or fripp* in a few hours. Y o u r w i l break :oi.l all misery end a f t e r takiiyr :i dose Till- AUiiiu** County Telephone ' lo.-aled in tin; second floor of thi.s i'liildine, "us. of conrsL- entirely d.stniyed. Much vulnalilo ca-hle v,as lost, acuurdin-": to K. Iluin- plii't-v. prc.s-idcul of tlhe telephone :.|'iany. I'eidile.s had '.Tit) phones iind for four 'hours lln-y were cut ,,IT from i-he outside \\orld save a n p o n i r y o x e l i j i t i f r c has In MIL- [in.- ivnrkin^ illlo I'.-.-lil.-s Miuiiliiy. Tin- phinl will r» in e,.o,l -,'liiip,- liy tin- hitter [i;iH nf eiplip'liienl of Peebles in Ihnited n-ils nnd air pa?siure6 in the head, and had not. several hundred J slops nasl.v di;*c.hiirj:c or nose rnn- Volllllteers t u r n e d out, one whole relieves siel hcadnelic. side of Main s t r e e t WOllld !lU\ e · feveri^lllless. ' cs are nikeu. j hv .:I('KVOd-up no.-- n ly ln-.-n d e v a s t a t e d l»y orenesj nnd stiffness. Don't Slav sliiff,-l up! Qnil In t i n - way of disa.strolls lircs j in- i,n,| : Peel'les iia.s heell very Illlforlllll- U,in K hc-a,I-- m,thing else il, llle world ill,' for a village of its si/.e. In tile i^.i vl . ...u,.]! pronipl relief as '-I'iipe'si past six years it 1ms been s-wepl | (',,],) (:,, ra p,,, m d." which e,,.-ls otiljj by fires t i i a t entailed lieavy losses-|.j;, ,.,. n |,. 11T , ul y ,| n i{r store. 1: :,e:s ' ami L-IIV,- |.i ise (d'effacine- I'heir \ v illi,,in assist I'mec. "ta--tr-s ni.-e ami eniire villaL'e before lieillf.' (''heck-[(. :u i;e? ,,,, inconvenience. Accept Insure with Marvin C. Clark, First National Bank Bklg. adv D I A H O A S LOST AND FOUND LAWS ABOUT Tiir Time* has in-cn rr|in'sli'il''_' I ' l l , - Ha s railed so linreely ll.ll ill one lillle I h c v leaped .·I'-ross tile s t r e e t .111,1 set lire I ,, i;. ll,].I l-'ellow's 'Iniil.lini:. 'I'iie v ill It were -humei! onl .Mid the front was l,;ollv seorcii,-d ,,M,I seared. I l,ul not il heavy rain I,,., ii I'allini; when llie lire -hrol; · , . uiil I'in-re is no li-llin". ho\v iiineh ; -eii " diima'.'e tiie lire fiend would h a v e ! I ,,,l,,l up. !.,f hi,- ·;;,-, while pbivim; |,--.el.. i l l r o 1 " ""· '"' T l - e -hurlled .Section is I l l - H i e d , ' . i l l i l i n l - ill lli,- I'hl.v l|.,,!,,- S m i l l - l " 1 ' 1 ''|' S '" ^"...r'-'Tv.^'!^''^!'!'''.-, 1 ' , lisa s i n "is i!.''- 'X,T:'iv\iMe'r'S Wages Due A Minor A d,-s|.ei-iile i.|Vr,ri was niaile l o i w e i e n.Vi'ne.l'i", 'mill,,'- i,' 'eiir.-'r'id ''"·""· " (Ti ' '"' "r"''" '.''. ' ',"'"'" '",''"'','""' - ,, - Il of tile llard»are -nods ,-,,ir, h of Hie ,,l.,,e. i,,,,l in n liille '. -Hllliil.iv. or corporal ,ol, doilli. i,. Ihe MelX-llolrnir s.nre i iie^lrl, lli.rr, ^.ark- H l,.,v,l ! l '" !1 "" lss "' ""' S M: ""- TM li '"'* "" ' ' ' " """'""' 'liiim and smoke d r o v e t h e men ,,,,,-,,.,- ,,- r ,,,-,,.-,I -.iih it,.- pro. i..11. willilinMs Irom n iniiim- in his ,-in. :,i,,i and t h e entire hnildini: was-'..,,, u l,i,.|, he r...,,,,i ,ni,!er,ie ; ni, .,,,,· ' l''". v l1 " 1 "''"-'"'' '"' '·'«"T'-»»» |1 "." .oiisnmed i t s heavy slv.-l; o f ' , , f ,h, LMIinnl lal.l.-. ; '"' " I""' 1 ll "' 1 '' : ', Kn; ' ·roods. Mr. K o l r o l l ' a l s , , hist p r a - . ; I,,!,,,,,* ,,,-,--,, ,,l,.,,,,..l,- -r. ' I 11 "' 1 and d i n - s.ieh i ·i.-idly all of his furnilnr,. in !,!-,!,.,,,,.,, ,,'f ,!,,- -|.,,,,. ,1,,, he ,,-wmlcd ' "'" H l"'f I"' 1 "" 1 '' '"' M-niei.'s r.-n ·on,,-'. \Vliat l i t t l e w,,- ii.-inl ,1 out Spi,,-;.- «ii|, n *:. ..ill. ' i dered. li.van., ' presnmed u,'t;li iilid plileed on the sidewiilii ":ii:;;:,,;;' l ,r-;;;,t,,';::::;WEARY WILLIES of the lii,il,Hup. || failure t o -ply w i t h rules, lirealiac:,' of machinery c lllli'l.'1'll ill.-olllpelell.-e til ]»,lll ·worli or perform labor aceoi-dins l ; :^i;; ti ;JJSl!i:PIP ^tl-lM'.s"!,'! 1 K'^n.fTV^VnU 1 ,'! '"''"'r'."' Wri "' y . ^''"-'"''·'J 1 ^;""}! Ouarant** to S*cwre Employment "'. v i Sei-lion I'.llim. W ...... ver. h.-in- ' " . . , , , Mdw-f. | n ll( illMin . |-..,itiirni dciiici ;M II-JH riunrlrr-.s l o - i . .- i i . ,-,,. ... ..,-.·:..:..,. ....i 1 .. ......... .. itoplllilrr nt hilmr. i:uaUH k ' 1 n ; [ s t n il''\-inif il. ( ) n c .ihlr ilmiifitlcil ;iri(l wiiiilnws \ V r - n i'-il nut. The lii-c liviiliiiL' t

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  1. Portsmouth Daily Times,
  2. 26 Jan 1914, Mon,
  3. Page 3

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