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19210726 - COMFORT STATION IS.UUDER WAY Construction Work...
COMFORT STATION IS.UUDER WAY Construction Work Begins on This New Public Improvement Construction of the 8th and Penn streets comfort station began yester nay morning. The contractors have guaranteed to have the work done in 120 working jays, or about six months. The first pick was sunk In the as phalt at 8 o'clock, and soon after ward a steam shovel was brought into piay. Then asphalt, concrete and finally the undersoil began to ny in earnest. A fleet of five - ton motor trucks were kept busy after mat. At the same time carpenters began the erection of a high board fence, such as usually surrounds street operations.. The fence will shut off the gaze as well as the intrusion of hun dreds who watched, the beginning of the operation yesterday. It will aleo serve to warn traffic of the dan ger before they are close to the place. MAYOR HAS AN AWAKENING, The traffic i conditions there will cause considerable trouble for the next month or two. Mayor Stauffer suddenly learned that traffic condi tlons would have to be changed this morning. He was in a flutter then, ana sent Lieut. McKinney and Ser geant Lloyd out to investigate. Later on a telephone conference with Supt. Costello, of the traction company it was decided that a new safety zone should be established in front of the Mansion House at 6th and Penn streets, and that east - bound cars would stop there while the op, eration is on. The mayor promised that east - bound cars would be given preference by the traffic officer at the semaphores, so that autos east - bcund could use the car tracks, too, ANOTHER TRAFFIC OFFICER. A - traffic officer will be stationed in front of Whitner's store. Ho will direct traffic east - bound through the trolley tracks. Caution must be taken to avoid cars turning into Penn street from 6th. Instructions were also issued that a new crosswalk from the National Union bank to the Farmers' National bank be constructed. "White lines will be placed on the street and pedestrians will be guided by the extra traffic officer. , Very little change of water and sewer lines will be necessary, it is said. No storm sewer trunk lines will be intercepted. A house sewer line and a city heating pipe will be crossed, however. These will be used In the comfort station and construction of more lines can be avoided ig this way. 20 DAYS TO EXCAVATE. ' . The excavation will, take about 20 days, it is said. The ditch is to be about 15 feet deep. The steam shovel will have to be abandoned as the ' ditch gets deeper, because it cannot be operated in such small space. As soon as the excavation is finished the walls will be constructed " with concrete. After that, carpenters will begin to board up the extra space and this will be filled In with concrete. Then work on the roof will commence. This consists of three separate Jobs, and because of the j . great weight of traffic must be done with the utmost care. Supports will j be constructed and then the excavation will be closed up, the dirt that is now being hauled away will be placed back and the asphalt company will reconstruct the street. WILL TAKE 10 WEEKS. After that, the fence will be taken down, while traffic will go ahead at normal pace again. This will be about in 10 weeks, it is believed. An office for the construction company wlH continue close to the curb and the entrances to the comfort station on the pavement at 6th street will be used for the workers who will then begin to equip the place." MAYOR'S LAST KICK. "The cost of the maintenance of the comfort station will begin today," said Mayor Stauffer, who has assum ed a belligerent attitude toward the construction of the station from the beginning. "It is estimated that 120 working days will take six months time, counting out Sundays and holidays, during which time the extra traffic , officer w'll be on duty." The mayor was reminded that the street will not be closed this long, and that the excavation will possibly be closed In less than half that time, HE'LL HAVE TO PAY. "Then say until the fence comes down," corrected the mayor, "an ex tra traffic officer must be on duty, The expense should be charged to the operation of the comfort station, but I suppose that I will have to pay for it from the regular police salary item."

Clipped from
  1. Reading Times,
  2. 26 Jul 1921, Tue,
  3. Page 7

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