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rivet running Ferro has class cars sixteen an citv. with He the because old out of as I 1 the the on to of at - - - - to of of of THE RIOT CASES. THE DEFENCE OPENED YESTEBUAT, Testimony at Twenty two More Wit neaaea for the Commonwealth - Tn Hrglnaing; of the other Side of Ibe Story. The case of the Commonwealth vs. Heze - kiah Woollen, John Squint, Thomas Francis, John Noll, John Gaus, Peter High and Aaron Dease, the delendants being charged with hav ing been engaged in the riotous dissurbances in this city, on Monday, July 23d, last, is still on trial. After 73 witnesses had been ex auiiued for the prosecution, the evidence for the Commonwealth closed shortly before twelve o'clock yesterday, aud the defence then commenced. Following is a synopsis of yes terday's proceedings : Capt. William G. Moore, County Commis sioner, testified tbat he saw Squint in the crowd during the afternoon, beckoning to trains to stop; he was at the head of the crowd that followed Savacool's train to the depot: saw mm at tne depot. Henry Lewis testified that be heard the tracks being torn up; wasn't out of the house on Monuay. William B, Albright testified as to seeing the crowd along tbe railroad on Monday after noon, but tailed to recognize any ol the defen dants. Peter N. Boyer testified that he saw the crotcd stopping train, but tailed to recognize any oi the defendants. Whannan Seidel, railroad watchman, testi fied as to the occurrences at Seventh and Penn streets : saw Wootten. Squint and Noll in the crowd ; Wootten and Squint were active in jumping on cars and putting on brakes' : saw Squint helping to push monkey box up over renn street; saw Wootten on the cow catcher of the passenger train ; saw atones thrown. Charles Breneiser testified that the store of his firm at Seventh and Penn streets was closed that Monday on account of the riot ; the mob had control of the entire neighborhood ; failed to recognize any of the defendants as having been in the crowd. Asa G. W. Smith testified that he recognized Thomas Francis as having been in the crowd on tbe railroad that Monday afternoon, between Penn and Court streets. Ex - Sheriff George R. Yorgey testified to having read a proclamation at Seventh and Penn streets that Monday between six aud seven o'clock. George Bond testified that a man who was said to be John Squint, having on a knit undershirt, was one of the party who broke into the Reading Rifles armory, and stole the guns. Howard Bechtel testified that he saw Wootten on the "buck rabbit" train, as it was backed to Seventh and Chentnut streets ; he put the damper on ; saw Squint in the crowd at Seventh and Penn streets at 6 p. m. James Bowman tea ti bed that be saw Woot ten, Humphries, and another on the engine in the railroad cut ; Wootten was on the footboard going into the cab : saw Wootten, Noll and Squint about when No. 6 was stooped ; High was on the engine. Henry Clemmens test i bed that he saw Squint, Wootten and Humphries stop the ' - linclr mKViil" f. - ttiltt anrl ffal nn - aa ai Mininf push the engineer out of the cab and kick him; saw Wootten take the fireman off; saw Noll, Woollen, squint, Humphries and others in the crowd when tbe 4 o'clock train was slopped; also when the 6.20 train went down; Squint was the last man to get off tbe track when Sav - acool s train came up; Sqmut lead the gang lo the depot; saw Wootten, Squint, Noll and Humphries in the crowd at the depot; Dielen - bach proposed to run a car down at Seventh and Walnut streets; saw Noll with a rifle in the evening, as also Wootten. Charles H. fcbbert testihed Ibat be saw Wootten on Savacool's engine at the depot; saw him have hold of the reverse lever. Cyrus F. Grow testified that he was at the Reading Rifles' armory that Monday night, and that Dease, Squint and Moore were in the crowd that broke into Ihe armory; Squint and Dease were among the nrst men iu tbe armory. Henry J. Christoph testified that he saw Noll. Wootten and High in the crowd at Seventh and Penn streets; Wootten was ridiug on the front of the engine; saw Noll holding up his hands towards an engine coming dowu; saw Sheriff Yorgey tack up his proclamation; witness read tne proclamation to ine crowu. James Cunningham testified to having; seen Squint and Wootlen in the crowd at Seventh and Penn streets; Squint was running around cheering and hallooing. Christian Bauknecbt testined that John Noll came to his saloon at Eleventh and But - tonwood streets at about 11.30 a. m., that day, excited; he said something about what they had done and were going to do. Charles Loveland testified that he saw Woot ten on the engine at Seventh and Peun streets; saw Wootten, Humphrey and a man with a nesb colored shirt on, cn oavacoora engine at the depot ; saw Wootten blow the whistle and handle the lever ; Humphreys did the same ; saw Wootten on the engine of the 6.20 train in cut, blowing the whistle ; saw Wootten again on engine at Seventh and Penn streets. James Logue testified that he was around Seventh and Penn streets that Monday ; saw coal train stopped ; saw Humphries and Ilyne - man cutting cars apart ; sboved cars across Penn street ; "buck rabbit" train stopped at Breneiser's ; Humphreys on engine at lever ; Wootten on engine ringing the bell ; saw 6 o'clock passenger train come down ; Reber beckoned to tbe engineer to get on ; saw Wootten and another in Court street with muskets after the shooting ; they were watching for the fellows who bad gone for bread ; saw Wootten going down where they were tear ing np tracks, with a musket on bis shoulder ; there were two parties tearing up tracks, at Penn and Cherry streets ; Squint was there in the evening. Joseph Vogel testihed that he was at sev enth and Penn streets on Monday, July 23d; in the morning Humphreys was trying to cut Ihe air brakes of ihe passenger train; in the afternooon when the coal train came down he put on the brakes, stopped train and cut off the caboose; saw t - quint putting on brakes; saw Wootten; didnl see bim oo anyiuing; when the "buck rabbit train came up, Woollen. Suuint, Humphreys and Hyneman got on the engine; Rodgers backed the engine back, and Wootten rang the bell; Humphreys got on the shop engine and made the engineer run the engine in; saw Wootten and Squint on the track in the crowd when the 6 o'clock train came up; saw Wootten have a fuss with Ihe Coal and Iron rOlice at tbe depot; Humph revs get on the engine, and so did Woolten; saw Squint waving his head in the crowd; saw Noll at V M p. m , at eevenm ana renn streets with s rifle; saw Woolten with a rifle; this was after the shooting; heard them tearing up Ihe tracks; saw them shove down tne car and unload tobacco; the car was broken open; High told me on the following Tuesday eveuing: "We ought to go down to the shops and set the shop on ore, and piay a tru - a ou tne soldiers;" hestd PresBer say that if he had coal oil and a rattan he'd show them a little trick. Fred. 8. Weber testified that he saw Hum phreys, Wootten and Hyneunn get on the coal train at Seventh and Penn streets, and put on the brakes; and Woolten got on "buck rabbit" train when it came up; Squint had one foot on Ihe engine, and then got otl; and Wootten and Squint st Seventh and Penn streets at six o'clock; saw about twenty men with rifles in the night. Peter Cullen.Cbief of Police.made a statement in detail of the scenes and incidents at Seventh and Penn streets, and the efforts that were made to disperse the mob previous to the ar rival ol tbe military. This oncluded the evidence lor Hie (Jom monweallb, except such testimony as may be offered in rebuttal, and at a few minnles before twelve o'clock tbe Commonwealth rested. . OPBNINO OF THE DEFENSE. The opening speech for the defense was made by Wayne Hayman, Esq., who addressed the jury in behalf of Wootlen and Francis. He said that they would not deny the presence of Wootten at Seventh and Penn street and ai the passenger depot during the Mondav riots but thought that it had been brought out suf - ' ficiently by the prosecution to show that all the acts that were committed by Wootten were done for the benefit of the railroad company : they would show that Wootten was at tbe armory, and would not attempt to deny that he picked up a musket, and gave it to a policeman. As to Francis, it would be shown that he had nothing to do with the riot whatever. Court adjourned to two o'clock p. m., when D. E. Schroeder. Esq.. addressed the iurv in behalf of his client, Peter High. He said that it would be proved that High knew nothing about the riot, until between four and five o'clock that Monday afternoon ; that later he came through tbe railroad cut on his way home, saw the train stopped, and did nothing more than to get on the engine, and tell the engineer to take care of his engine to dampen her, so that she wouldn't bum. As to the soldier caps it would be shown that they had been given to him by another man who picked them up in the cut after the shooting. . Evidence as to good character would also be sub mitted. The counsel for the remaining defendants declined making any opening speeches, and the Court said it should be understood that no further openings would be made. The evi dence for the defence then commenced, the case ol each detendant being taken up in regular order commencing with Hezekiah Wootten. EVIDENCE FOR THE DEFENCE Hezekiah Wootten, the first defendant tes tihed as to his presence at (seventh and Penn streets, to the effect that he was endeavoring tn av lha nrAIUflv At lha Milmul swimnanv and was actuated by the best motives ; he had no recollection of having a gun or going to the armory ; was on oavaoool s engine at the depot, but did not do. anything out of the way. Witness said he was intoxicated when the soldiers arrived ; had been furnished whisky by joe vogei. 1 nomas i rancis, the second defendaut, tes tified that he was with friends at Seventh and Penn streets until Savacool's train came up: followed tbe crowd to Ihe depot; remained out side of the fence at the depot, and from the depot went to his residence, at 109 Rose street, here he remained until 7.20 or 7.30 p. m. Albert Herbine testified to seeing Francis outside the main line shedding at the depot, alter six o clock that Monday evening. hdias seidel corroborated the previous wit ness. William H. Harner testified as to statements made by Frank P. Stouch about being a witness against Francis. Mrs. Annie f rancis testihed that her hus band came home at 6 15 or b 20 p. m. at supper time and remained until half past seven o clock ; he went away, and returned again at v o0 p. m. William Kendall testified that he was with Francis that afternoon from one to four o'clock at Seventh and Penn streets ; Francis took no part in the unlawful acts committed. John Noll, the third defendant, testified in his behalf that he was borne all of tbat Mon day afternoon ; came down town about 6 20 p. m., and got to seventh and renn streets picked up a rifle after the firing, and subse quently started home with the weapon ; gave the rifle tbe next day to Umcer Kendall. Amanda Noll and Sabilla Noll corroborated the defendant Noll as to his being home that Monday afternoon, as did also Mary Noll, wife of the defendant. Jobn Kramer testified that he was with Mr. Noll at the Ubil House between 6 and 7 o clock, and tbat he did not see defendant take I any part in the disturbances. I John Squint, the fourth defendant, denied I under oath that he took any part in the riotous I disturbances oi the i&i ol July; bad nothing l to do with putting on brakes; dldn I put a I band on the caboose; stopped no trains; did not cheer or lead on any crowd; was at home I on the lounge from four to six o'clock; re mained borne all evening alter supper; was not at Seventh and Penn street when Savacool's train passed; lead no crowd to the depot; was not at the armory; had nothing lo do with breaking into the armory. Francis Pinkmau testified as to the occur rences at Seventh and Penn streets; did not see Johu Suuint in the crowd; has known him for some yearn: never known him lo interfere with anybody; his character is good. Hiuntdi Adams testified that she saw Squint tbat Monday afternoon between 2 and 3 o clock at his bouse; his character is good. Albert Squint, brother of defendant, testified that the only persons that he knew who were engaged in the work at Seventh and Peun streets, were Bill Heineman and Sam Hum phnea. Lvdia Ann Kraft testified that she was at Seventh aud Penn streets on the Monday of the riots from 10 o clock a. m. to V.SV p. m. Bill Heineman was Ihe man who pulled off the engineer of the "buck rabbit freight; Squint was at the Ubil House at tbe time talking to some young men; be bad on light pants, navy blue shirt, black necktie and black bat. Jacob Kendall testified that he was at Sev enth and Penn streets just as the coal car was dumped; Squint was standing at the Ubil House, and wasn t doing anything; has known Squint for twenty years; his character is good. lianuah Trace swore ibat she saw ttquint standing in his door on Cotton street after four o clock that Monday afternoon, bare - beaded and in bis stocking feet ; he had on a navy blue shirt with sailor collar on, black silk nerk - tie, and black hat; have known him six years ; bis character is good. Lavina Trace lestibed tbat she saw Hquint lyinir on a lounge in his house on Cotton street, about eight o'clock that Moaday eve ning ; be had a blue shirt on. Charles Miller testihed that he saw Squint at the Ubil House, who did not appear to be doing anything. Daniel McUratb testihed tbat Squint's character is good. Aaron Dease, the fifth defendant, testified that he was working that Monday on the Rainbow tower, and made a full day. In the eve ning was in the vicinity of Seventh and Penn streets ; after the Bhooling heard his brother was shot, which so excited him that he made some foolish remarks ; was not at the Armory. Michael Roland corroborated Dease as to his working on the Rainbow tower, and testi hed as to his good character. JLillie Dease testified that tbe defendant, her husband, came home that Monday evening about 6.10 o'clock, and remained until seven or a little after. Peter High testified that his first information of the stopping of the trains was obtained about 4 p. m, tbat Monday, when on his way home from bis mother's with hiB wife; left his home again about six o'clock in the evening; got to the railroad cut as Ihe 6.20 train came along; saw the train stopped; was in the cut and advised ihe fireman lo dampen the fire; had nothing lo do with the disturbances; in the evening after the firing was given two caps and a hat be - longing lo soldiers by Thomas Fehr; met Con - stable Kramer at Niuth aud Buttouwood rireels; witness told the constable where he got them, and used the word "coward" because be thought it cowardly fo - the soldieis to retreat and leave these things behind. The defendant denied having ollered to set fire to the shops Ihe next day. Annie High, wife of defendant, corroborated her husband about being with him until four o'clock l hat afternoon ; he arrived home about 5 o'clock, took supper and left; relumed borne at V o'clock, and remained all night. Mary M. High, mother of defendant, cor roborated her son and daughter - in law as to defendant s whereabouts duriug that Mondav until 4 p. m. She said her son is sober ; has not seen him under the of liquor for uve years. CotiUnued on fourth page. God at berry a sion sing If ticity is though """"""i steal no summer what ed fly optic, at rants, is at nether him num. 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