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1897 Mississippi River Flood newspaper - Tom Malmay - NEW ORLEANS, SATtJRDAY. AJgllJ FIRST BREAK IN...
NEW ORLEANS, SATtJRDAY. AJgllJ FIRST BREAK IN LODISIANA; The Big-ga Levee, in Madnon Farias., OiTei Way, and Will Probably Spread Disaster - In That Section. The Embankment Was Considered Big and Strong, And Was Hot Expected to Prore the First To Mar the State's Record of Successful Defense ' Aralnst the Greatest Flood the River lias Known. Orevaase Occurred at 10 001ook Laat High and at 2 A. H. Wu One Thonaand Feet Wide. United State Weather Bureau, mday, april 16. 1897. Starrs of witer In the rivers, with ehiax dozing the past twenty-four hour, la feet and tentbt. Beadtog made at 8 a. ., 7Bth meridian time. Bank Dn- fuli aer Chenees Stations. stage. St. Paul .. ce line. H'gt. 14 15.2 Rise. Fall. O.O O.S DubTMue . . . Dkvenport . St. Louis . . Cairo . Memphis Helena Arkansas City . Vickaburg . . Natche Baysv 8ara ... DoaaMaoavill . New Orleana Omaha Kansas City . Pittsburg ... Cincinnati-. ... LoslsvUl . Paducak . M . 17. S 0.0 0.0 10 16 14.8 0.4 0.0 32 30 26.6 O.O 0.0 44 40 41). 1 O.O 0.3 32 S3 36.8 0.0 OO 43 87 47.7 O.O 0.2 42 49.8 0.0 0.0 44 . 41 62 0.4 OX) 44 49.2 0.4 0.0 3t.S 0.2 0.0 22 25 ... O.O 0.0 16 18.6 0.1 0.0 17. r o.o o.o 21 21.3 0.0 O.O 30 22 12.3 ,4.4 O.O 43 45 35.0 0.0 1.2 24 13.6 0.2 aO .. 40 41...0.;. .l 40 M.5 O.O 23 aO JT 7.4 0.9 0 29 28 15.0 0.0 0.6 51 2 23.8 O.O O.t 52 S3 ... O.O O.O 26 8 22.4 3.T O.O 40 87.5 O.O 0.0 31 34.0 0.1 0.0 Paducah, Ky., .10 Little Rock Arthur City, Tex. Fulton ahnveeort . . . . lexanerta Onadea . . .... fMonroe . . Melville Rainfall at substations of aa anch. RIVER FORECAST. The Mississippi win coatlnus to rise below Vlcksburg. The unprecedented flood stage will continue for aa indfSnita period, aod the utmost vigilance must continue to hold the levees. The Red will fall to-alxht and Saturday, except a stationary stage in extreme lower Red. The Ouachita will rise between Camden and Monroe. The Atchafalaya will rise slowly. ftlvcr at Now Orleans at 7 p. m.. 18.7 feet. ROBERT S. KKRKAM. Local Forecast Official. (Special to the Picayune.) Vlcksburg. Miss., April 19. The Queen and Orescent Ronte train dispatcher's office at 12 o'clock to-night reported that Biggs ieree. In Madison pariah, broke at 10 o'clock, and that the break was 100 feet wide twenty minute later. The break Is about five miles sonfh of Delta, La., and a half mile above the upper end of Reld's levee. The news was sent to Delta at once, the operator there being aronsed oat of bed and the message of warning ent along the line of the railroad westward. The levee la a very large one, and ha been engaging the special attention of fine levee authorities for weeks, or ever since the Mississippi cre-vaeeoa. Several hundred convict have been employed upon It, ta. addition to other labor, and so greatly bad it been strengthened that only to-day the belief was expressed by men living behind it that it would 'hold. The damage will be great. The information baa been confirmed, and the people notified to get out of reach of the flood. ' Biggs 1 a sandy ieree, generally speaking, though it cannot be asserted that this is the case at the crevasse. It importance may be. estimated by the fact that such effort fears been expended to maintarn.lt. Since 11 o'clock the river at Vickaburg ha fallen, more than 1 in oh. additional evidence of the siae of tbe break. 'Madison parish, whoss Interior is thus invaded by the great flood, la one of tSie richest and moat populous parish ea in north Louisiana,, ta the higheat state of cultivation, and abounding In. stock. Little of fhe latter has been removed up to the present timet: though the situation wa recognised as very grave. Indeed. ' The ravages of tha flood likely to ensue may be eUmatd. by .the fact that the river stood at 62.4 feet-en the rang at 6 o'clock Friday evening. Details) cannot be obtained to-night, as tfie place la inaccessible. Tb crevasse will eyerflow an Immense area. ; 1 ONE1 OSTHK GRKATK3T DISASTER 8. . This, break will be en of tbo most disastrous that'ever occurred in Xoolsiana. It la located tour mtlee soutn of Detta, and naa been"7 considered the most, dan gerous a the Plftn ' district, A; convict force of "380 men. have, been at v work on It for tne last three weeks.; : It bad oeen raised to a sufficient neigbt bat ha neen weakened; -by sJonsbins..' rk v'-;' - .j-- President 4 Maxwell ;Cwfrea '"Secretahy liana, atanldnight as '.follows: Xt:- . ."Blxr levee, telow Pelta. broke at li p. m-r Send tug -and, one or -two smail boats to tow quarter4oaU ' with .convict out. ':itr 2K::-:- -V-v Mr. TTbompson la' m 'the, g-roond and win assist and directs. Tie .water Ironi ' I ' this break wiir.oernow the lower part of Btadlson and tn greater part Tensas and Concordia perishes, and wlH bo doubt overflow the track of the Vlcksburg, Ghreveport and sPmclfle " Baitroad and cause the suspension erf train. The One lands on Roundaway and bayou. Vrda will be submerged. . ' . A telegram from Delta, received at 1 a. m., state that there 1 a force of 6S0 laborer on that line of -levee and one convict camp was behlndtb break. Two large quarter-boats, l'ornihed by Lien-tenant Newcomer, Unke1 States engineer, were Immediately in frontof the break, and fears now exist of ?thelr safety. The break Is cuttlngfaat antfc It ! thought that the crevasse WILL BBJ A MILB WIDB BY DAT-LIGHTS The levee la an Immense one, and the particular line -includes forty stations, with an average height of 18 feet, with e base of 50 feet with banquette. The United State steamer Meigs left at 2 a. m. for the crevasse to render as sistance to the working force there. . Mr. Maxwell, In an Interview by wire rhl morning at 1 o'cloch. states that tha . . . JLf.. J 1 1 1 1 1 other part or toe um uwuici, uu wu be eaved-. If work can. do It, At 1:30 a. m. the rirer here baa fallen 1 1-2 Inches, and will no oobdc oewne more, aa the break 1 only four miles below this point. At 1:40 a. m. the telegraph operator at Delta states that a mesa anger baa just reacneo) mere xrom uiw uic&a, utu luii-a that it ie cutting faster than any cxe- yaaeo that occurred In previous years. Major Willa rd baa jnat ordered the United States steamer Xolm R. Meigs to go to the break and render any assistance possible. Tbis levee fcaa long- been considered the weak spot in the Fifth district, as the soil was sncV that there has been continued sloughing. There tia been used at this particular line 100,000 sack and aa many uoueandV feet or lumber. Everything that money, science and hard work could suggest ha been don to hold this great fort against the floods. may: be loss-op lifb. It is feusd that there v win be much loss of stock, and It may be. life. In the Immediate vicinity of the break, as noth- j i lug has been removed front that territory. It has been thought ap tQ the laat forty- eTght hours, es predicted in my diepatehes of last nignt, that Cb Ureea could bold;; since tbat bonr Ubasoaly heeaaw qnesOon' wheT tha; Una wo-14 let PreaMant: n. I aaaa weu - s i ajwwraij u wwi imrm & I Captain Shaw, wha went down in conv mand of the steamer Melga, state that tho water will go into Roundaway and bayou VI da and Black and Tensas river. The news of the break baa caused be greatest alarm in thla city tor the safety of the people tn tha immediate locality of the break. A dispatch at 2 a. m., from Delta, states that the Immense voluae of water going through is carrying everything' before It, and at the tour the 1 messengers left it was thought to be at least 1000 feet wide, with the water at an average depth of 15 feet. At 2:45 a. m. the rlvsr has fallen 3 Inches. WAS AN OLD LETEE, And Great Efforta Had. Been Made to Hold, It. Special to the Picayune.) St. Joseph, La., April 16. Biggs' levee was comparatively an old enei Work was commenced on this levee aboot two -week ago, and the levee was broadened, height ened and strengthened by dlrt thrown over the top and down tbo sides, front anl rear, and the work raised fully 4 feet, with a very iarge base, doahle terraced. The Louisiana convicts were at work on the levee, and had completed about half the -work, and perbap a little more. Assistant State Engineer Henry C. Brown was In charge of the work, aad last Sun day morning the levee came near breaking tn about tbo identical pUce that It broke last night. Assistant State Engi neer H. B. Thompson had been at the Biggs levee on Monday and Tuesday last, and every effort was made to complete the work. The levee la in the lower end of iMadlson pariah, and tbe crevasse will prob-a-bly affect the lower end of Tnaa and all of Concordia parishes. A ridge extend acroe from the river or lake Palmyra, back to J&ll bayou, a confluent of the Tensas river, and this would most probably protect the northern, end and the front portion of thla parish by diverting the crevasse water back into the Tensas, vAich gradoally approaches the Mississippi river further down, near lake Concordia. It will eaus tTTrnii'Tn damage, a there are some in and large cotton plantations, not only In the Immediate rear of the break, but all the way down to the Red river, which win act as the barrier to keep it from, extending further sontfo. The levee was under the supervision of President Maxwell, of the Fifth district levee board, who bad been, calling for assistance in the shape of men end material ever since Thursday night. The telephone line, which 1 the only mode of direct communication with the break, was down, and word waa sent to Vlcksburg. The nearest telegraph station la Richland, a smell eountry store fifteen miles Inland. .. : . ; ; -. . Tb levee is from 18 to 18 feet nigh, and It will be. Impossible . to stop the crevasse, a the land behind the levee 1 fully 10 feet below the level of the. water. The plantations immediately In the rear of the break and vicinity ar those belonging to Messrs. Bedford. Ooodhope, Trinidad. Oape TcJxula,;PoIut Clear, Waverty. - Dalmatian Pinch .ftm :Bay, Araby; Blcbland, Bquedunc, "Walker'a and la Xsw, Higher Hasy t tas VS- .'(Sneelal to'th esyuaa,jA7-TlctabnrjL Miest, April lTbl .morn ing came with, increased diatress and -un easiness.; caused ny the overflow whicH ha 'proven to be the most diss tronsvever xnown ,m the Miesisaippi :;Talley.-: -At '4 o'clock thl .afternoon; the river : reacted 52.42 feet on the gauge, rise of .4 of a foot -in the Jtwenty-four hours ending at that, hour, ; At 6 t. : m. it reachni r.- a and It Is now thought that to-morrow' reading will abow a rise of .4 of fooU ; Ana situation cr tie LoulsLnja, line cf Ieree from Bedford store, a point four miles south of Delta, La., - to Dncxport, six mile above, Ja critical and where the I treat danger bow exists. This wall of eveeo are receiving the full force of the water which. Is now cominjg out of the Yazoo river, from the breaks on the Mississippi aide above. At Duckport the wster has reached the top of tne levee and m now being held back by sacka and lumber.. The Reid levee, below Delta, la thought to be perfectly safe. Biggs levee is said to continue to be the most dangerous point Tbo levee 1 of sufficient height, but is sloughing badly, caused by seepage water. A large force le at work there day and nighu The men are relieved every four hour. The convict force are atill there and under direction of Malor H. B. Thompson are working to the best advantage. Major Bedford state that the line three miles below Eteita to that distance above is In a most critical and dangerous condl- uoui iohc in many pieces the water is up to the top and at some places running over. O'Brien' levee is considered safe. At Town', below Delta, the condition Is MOST SERIOUS AND ALARMING., the water being up to the top. Above Delta, at Willow slough, and at Maxwell front the situation is such a to oajse the greatest uneasiness. Major Bedford was in tfae city this morning after sacks and suppiiee ana forwarded io,OUO sacks on the steamer Atlanta, which left about noon. Major Bedford stated while in the city to-day that the Increased rise had increased and lengthened the danger line; una i it weuia ream re almost suDernuman efforts to tiold the levees from his stare, four miles toelow, to Duckport, about the same distance above. The Natches mail steamer St. Josenh arrived earlv this mornlnr with about 450 persons from Davis Island. Over 200 were taken out of the overflow in skiffs. The officers report the United States steamer Florence 1 doinsr rood work there. The St. Joseph did not bring up much stock, as the greater part or yesterday and last night wa spent in looking after tha colored neoDle. A telegram received this mornlnr from Mr. J. P. Parker, unrlnr that a boat be sent to bis place t Sparta, lost above Duckport, in Madison parish, to take bis stock and people off. The eteamer Bath went no at noon. It Is learned that the Asbley Company has already moved. HO head of moles from their place in the same locality, and is preparing for the worst, some or the bear informed neo pi in thla section now DESPAIB OF HOLDING TELE LOUISI ANA LINE more than forty-eight boars longer, aa mey state tnat many point can't stand 63 feet, whlcti seems now certain. President Maxwell wa in the city for an hour to-day and la a determined aa ever. He says while the condition are critical and cause the greatest anxiety, he has not given up the fight by any mean. He says it is true the work is now the bard est, but be still ha hopes of holding the line. The colored relief committee, under President Wesley Crayton, 1 doing noble work and have a number of active .workers at the landing to meet each steamer and aid and direct the unfortunate sufferers where to go. The colored people are all doinr every thlni they Dosslbty can to nelp the refugee,- Draymea of the city mal no charges tor bauling' tha-. house-bold effect ,of tb' amtortunatesx v Brery make n charge 4for taalln the Jiouse- the distressed. ' Prof.: "-B.' - P-. Sharfuetv pi latelnorrug the colored wefcool.'snt his team to the river; aad .went in person and. movfd 4o quarters twenty-two - families. Many ftmflfea consist f women and children : tiie men stay behind to save, if possible, some ef their effect and otock. Chairman Crayton - has - secured the two iarge store buildings Nos. 213 and 218 Mulberry street, where rations ere being issued. Many of the refugees are temporarily housed until they can be moved in other quarters. A large number of them are at the State Golden Rule Hall, and V Nothing appeals so much to a woman's -quarters and can furnish you with the sonable, stylish and ultra fashionable effects Dainty Flowered Applique Lace Veils Chiffonr Plain, Dotted or Embroidered Grenadine-Dotted, in White or Black Black Dotted Tulles, Net, Invisible Tulles, all at specially reduced EMBROIDERED The entire stock must be sold on account magnitude tf this department and can fully STOCK-REDUCINQ SALE. Prices Range lOc, I5c, J. ROSENBERG CO.. Ltd,, Smiley and (Martha Smith. The four H women have been most kindly cared for and are the special charge of Prof. B. F. Shannon, principal of the colored public school of the city, and one of the leading colored men of the city. So far the relief he been dome entirely by private contributions through the colored relief organization. Woite and black of the city are -determined no one ah a 11 go faungry or without sbeiter in tms city. Many of the planters end tenants or tne overflowed sections of the delta are mak-oney ing no effort to retain cattle. Large lots bare been sold et the landing from S2 5C tn ta nor head for full rrown cattle. The United State steamer Florence, of Major Wlllard' fleet, wa ttll at Davis laland. Captain Ledbetter, her comander, having received Instructions to remain as long as there was any relief possible. Captain C. H. Clark, of the ordinance department, and vrbo has visited tne territory from Vlcksburg to the mouth of tne Red river, arrived on the mall eteamer St. Joseph to-day and states the suffering and dutltntlnn at riavis Island la arrest, and In his opinion there is great possibility of some lose or lire, me tsiana is twenty two miles long, and many parts of it not accessible, except by small yawls, ot skiffs, and he fears that when the great flood passes away that quite a number Will be missing. Many families coming up on the relief boat are scattered and often times their meeting, when each thinks the other lort, ir most touching to the hardest heart. Captain M. C. Martin, of the quartermaster's department, who ws assiened to duty from Vlcksburg to Greenville, left for Washington this evening. Mr. L. B. Mann, cf Boll'xig .Fork, Is in the city to-day. He is conductor for the transportation of tbe emergency mall line service," between that plsce anc Vickaburg. This mail -will leave here at 6 a. nv Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, leaving Rolling' Forfe on alternate day at the same bone. Thie.mail w U be transported' in adriffs. . Tber wln,be - relay' et skiff at ' Valleyparki -.-'Thla win be a great re''f to tbe people tiow -cut off grom-aaail'-'comiflnlettoayth THBT laTS'T OO. Captain Reber Ha Lost All Hope. Natches. Mis., April 16- If all localities i j the delta were as safe from overflow as this Bluff city there would be nothing to worry the farmer, tbe mer chant or anyone else in respect to the river. Old and ugly "Mississippi" could THE BIGGS CREVASSE. Ioeatlom of tne First Brealc 1st tha Lomlslana. Lias. piiMit tt. tj. Blaurhter m Inaeiatigs- ble in hie effort to assist them In rery way. 'Another portion of the colored refugees are In the Draymen's Aid -Asso ciation HalL As stated above, tne eoiorea people or-the city are pricuou ucuiuum-Hh.- titAv are STmDatbetlc kind and charitable, and are givUig their Ume,4 means, food ana sneuer m av ouB and ' commendable manner, and of ter time when they cannot well :afford to do so. Chairman Crayton -was called up at 5 o'clock thl morning to administer te 4TnmtfHat need of Derson who came in during the night, and since, tbat time the headquarter of ': the committee have been flocked with, distressed ,; and ; balf-sUrved people, : v - '.4 v-'V-BEGGIKG FOB,. lOtBlaXX.:;...':--- An estimate shows' that the committee ha relieved "tfhe hunger ot - about 2000 people since it began it work yesterday. . --The Picayune correspondent v waa at a mall - tenement bouse thla evening and saw a most pitiable sight. There were four very 'Old colored women, three being blind, the fourth so old and feeble a to be helpless. They- were brought np .from Davis island by -'bus steamet SL' Joseph last night. Harriett Watson is known to be over IOA year old. and has been on the it! and sixty yearst- She says she remembers well when Mr. Polk wa president. Che' sUtes eh has never been off the l-.la.nd since the first day she landed tftsra. The ether two. blind womea are llatUla get as full as It wanted, and few would care. There Is nothing in the Isimedlata diggings worthy of reporting. The gauge notes a rise for tbe past twenty-four hour of 40-100 feet. This. J not a swell to cause ra -nturbanee in ths front "here, bnt of course it mean mnch -above and helbw.; ..TbeV levees will; not; stand, any more wator. This 1 tne statement of one, whO should know. Captain Thomas Reber, of the steamer St. Joseph. That gentleman with the St. Joseph 1 engaged In? rescue work near Vlcksburg. The following telegram waa received from him to-day: . vYlcksburg;' Mhau,-April lflTo X. CanentetVatches: ReeeivM from Lover's place 169 persons, who would havo gone under.. To-day brought In 300." Will return by lake Palmyra and continue the rescue' lata to-night-... The ;v levees will not stand further pressure must gov -t . - -r-' - THOMAS REBER. j. We trast - the - last two words - of the captain' 'telegram preceding the eigna. ture will v. be i unrealised. The - anxiety . eTerywber 1 something likethat prevailing during the war-between the north, and south. Daily tidings are awaited with tremor and fear. - - - . - - -. r - -. -- The following wa sent by Mr. -Shields-yesterday .-.---.---.-'; -J.-v Natches, April 18. To A F. Coltharp, UlUken's Eend.-La.:Can yon give o any -"Fwn;. --;'-r--.- 6 -ing L' :--of In a-short "

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