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1965 Hurricane Betsy newspaper articles. - TMalmay - L**\ • 'A 1 . 4- , 13,1965, L«k« Charte FLOOD...
L**\ • 'A 1 . 4- , 13,1965, L«k« Charte FLOOD STREET SHOPPERS — New Orleans residents push grocery baskets down Flood Street after "wad- ing" to tho local supermarket, (AP Wirephoto). SUSPECTED LOOTERS — Na- tionai Guardsmen and police hold 10 suspected looters at gunpoint after a roundup in the flooded section of New Orleans. (AP Wirephoto). Betsy Survivor Relates Horrors Of New Orleans Flood Disaster NEW ORLEANS, La. (AP) Willie Willie Brown had returned to his home on Reynes Street last Thursday night and was relaxing relaxing in an easy chair. For the last 20 years, Willie has been a chef at a restaurant across from Charity Hospital. He's a round little man of 50 who wears glasses and moves at an easy gait because of heart trouble. He's unathletic looking and can't swim. "Sure I was worried about Betsy but I had been through hurricanes before," he said. "I figured I could go through an- other one." As Willie remembers, it was about 9:30 p.m. when he put his glasses and wallet on top of his television set and dozed off. "I didn't have arty juice (electricity) (electricity) so I had no TV," he said. "I had no trouble falling asleep." Willie might have spent all night in his chair — except he was suddenly awakened an hour later. "I felt something cold, looked down and there I was with water in my lap," he said. "I jumped out of the chair, raced to the back door and Betsy Leaves Damage, Debris, Inflated Prices in Baton Rouge By SAM TARLETON American Press Staff Writer ,.BATON ROUGE - While Baton Baton Rouge spent the weekend erasing the scars of Hurricane Betsy and her 94-mile-per-hour winds, merchants were soaking unfortunate homewoners $1.50 for a 35 cent cake of ice, Mayor- President W. W. Dumas said in condemnation of the practice at a press conference Sunday afternoon. afternoon. Gov. John McKeithen, U. S. Sen. Russell B. Long and the Baton Rouge chief executive told newsmen, "We cannot condemn condemn this sort of practice too strongly." McKeithen, who with Long, Here in Baton Rouge, parish, state and U. S. government vehicles vehicles spent every minute of the daylight hours removing the Jitter Jitter from homes and streets. Scarcely any homesite was spared an uprooted tree or disrupted disrupted electrical and telephone service by the big blow. Louisiana State University's campus, and many of the magnificent magnificent homes in that area are still chopping shattered limbs to remove uprooted and split oaks from rooftops, cars and buildings. Lawns wore being cleared with grim determination as the "Red Stick" families piled mountains of debris on curbing U. S. Rep. Hale Boggs a n d j to await Sunday pickups by pub- President Lyndon B. Johnson had conferred on the devastation devastation in the southern part of Louisiana, issued a plea to "every Louisianian to open up his heart and home to those unfortunate unfortunate victims who survived the hurricane but lost their homes and belongings." lie employes. Powerline crews from as far away as Indiana and as close as Texas and Mississippi could be seen restoring service. New phone lines and power lines are being strung in many sections sections instead of finding the break and repairing it. Utility poles were bent, brok-, tied football stadium lighting en and! often uprooted by Bet-1 reflectors and the huge press sy's force. The Mississippi River, now calm, held the secret secret of sunken craft, including the chlorine laden gas barge which U.S. Engineers may have found late Sunday night by use of divers. Today they'll know definitely, Sen. Long felt Betsy's wrath first hand. His home was badly damaged. The governor offered the senator and his family refuge refuge in the Mansion. Long said, "Governor, we're able to go back home now, thanks to your generosity and hospitality." "Now," said Long, "our home is open to help those who need shelter." McKeithen called on the citizens citizens of the state to help those who need help, without regard to color. Underground phone cables box. Most of the campus had phone service even at the height of the hurricane. Students here for registration week were ordered to remain in their dormitories. They had previously previously stocked up on snacks opened it. Swoosh! In came the water. It hit me around the shoulder and, for a moment, I was about to go crazy. "All I could think of was me and Lady — that's my dog. I grabbed Lady and I really can't tell you how but I climbed up an iron railing and made it on top of my roof." Willie figures the top part of his roof is about 15 feet high. "By the time I got up there," he says, "the water was lapping at my pants and the wind was pouring in all around. It was all I could do to keep Lady under my arm and put my fingernails into the tar paper. "Three times during the night j I was blown off and I had" to claw my way back up to the top." ! Willie Brown's battle for life lasted 19 hours — ending at 5:30 «; p.m. Friday when a motorboat j plucked him and several of his j neighbors from their rooftop refuge. "God, it was like one big Along with the bodies were a number of deadly water snakes and every time he saw one Willie's Willie's fingers dug deeper in the tar paper. "I guess you can say I lost everything but my life," says Willie. "But that makes me a lot luckier than a lot of folks. You can always get some clothes and earn money to buy food and find a place to stay. So I sure can't complain. You have thousands a lot worse off than me." Betsy Highlights Weekend Events By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS FRIDAY NIGHT President Johnson visits New Orleans and other areas hit by Hurricane Betsy and later designates designates southern Louisiana as a major disaster area. In the India-Pakistan conflict, U.N. Secretary-General U Thant ends talks in Rawalpindi with Pakistani leaders with no apparent apparent agreement toward a cease-fire. SATURDAY Agreement e n d i n g 20 • day American Motors strike at Kenosha, Kenosha, Wis., is ratified by United Auto Workers. The White House announces Astronauts L. Gordon Cooper Jr., and Charles Conrad Jr. will visit six countries. Louisiana's Hurricane Betsy death toll reaches 50 end the New Orleans coroner says the total may be 150 or 200. First elements of the U.S. 1st McCall Asks Delay of Auto $ate Hearing A postponement for discussing discussing state auto insurance rate increases, scheduled for under' planned supervision of swimming pool as far as the eye ' Wednesday by the Louisiana the college authorities. Some water got into dormitories dormitories but other than wet feet the students suffered only the frightening experience. There was scarcely an outdoor outdoor sign left standing. Those that stood were twisted, ripped or bent. No light fixtures remained remained on them. It was though a Panzer tank force had ridden roughshod over the city's open places to smash signs. One Madi son service station's entire roof simply dropped down over the could see." says Willie. "There i Insurance Rating Commission were people i knew, women, j has been asked by Harley Me- children, screaming and pray- Call, commission secretary. and power lines prevented pumps. greater damage around the It may be weeks before the LSU campus where Betsy rat-1 trees are all removed. ing. The night of terror as Betsy In a special letter to Edgar Coco, seeking a 30-60 day de- was whipping through with 120 i la >'. commission Chairman Me- miles an hour winds was bad ! Call said that latest statistics enough. But even though the j concerning the increase were wind had abated, daylight I received by him Sept. 11, and brought a picture forever etched ! " no intelligent study can pos- in Willie Brown's memory. j siD ty be made in such a short "It must have been around j tim e by anyone and expect an eight in the morning when a I intelligent vote by Sept. 15." lady who lives down the block j McCall felt that due to Hurri- floated past, with her two chil-1 cane Betsy and many commun- dren right alongside. I guess the •' ication failures the public had Contrary Betsy Fails To Bring Rain to Northeast she just gave out.' Kentucky County Is Coal Capital wind was too much or I guess been prevented to a large ex- she lust cave out." tent "from being made aware that such a vote was even scheduled scheduled for the 15lh." "I contend that this is a matter matter that affects the public in general to such a degree that By The Associated Press Betsy was still a loosely defined defined weather disturbance early today, moving northeast. But, contrary to the bitter end, she didn't carry rain to the parched Northeast. The Weather Bureau said rain, which drenched West Virginia Virginia Sunday was ending — giving part of Rhode Island and Connecticut just a taste. The storm was wearing itself out thousands of miles from where it started in the Atlantic, first threatening the Eastern seaboard, then backtracking to Ala. Governor Offers Aid To Louisiana Ala, (AP)State (AP)State personnel are available to hejp ill kowsiansi's hurricane- stricken areas, if requested, George Wallace says, The governor sent a telegram Sunday to Louisiana Gov, John J. McKeithen stating: "Our sympathy is extended to the people of Louisiana who have suffered sa greatly in the last few days. My office stands to, fujrnM Alabama Na- Department of I hit. the Bahamas and the southern southern tip of Florida before advancing advancing upon New Orleans. In Miami, electric service had been restored to most homes in the area but many traffic lights were still erratic or missing and driving was risky. Most telephones had been restored in Miami and the monumental monumental cleanup was under way. It will take months. Rubbish Rubbish and debris piled on streets. The death toll was seven, Electric service was restored on some Florida Keys but none on Key Largo, one of the largest and most heavily populated. In New Orleans, all schools were ordered closed until further further notice from the city health department. Many of the schools were used as storm shelters before the evacuees were moved to two big centers — Port of Embarkation at the waterfront and the old Algiers Naval Station. Station. Ralph Mitchell, Atlanta, deputy deputy manager of the eight-state southeastern area of the Red Cross, made an aerial survey of damage. "Betsy's destruction is incredible," incredible," said Mitchell Mitchell gave this general rundown for the area south of personnel to assist you if there B need" TP ^p^TW Orleans, most of which evacuated before the New was storm: Shell ieacb: "More than four miles of very heavy damage to homes, with many off founda- tions and fishing boats grounded." grounded." Reggio: "Homes washed off foundations with some rammed four to five miles into swamps by winds and flooding." Delacroix: "Homes estimated totally destroyed. Phoenix and Bellevue homes also suffered major damage." Pointe a la Hache: "All homes appear destroyed or heavily damaged. In the Socola and Happy Jack communities, it's the same sad story. Water got what wind didn't finish." Port Sulphur: "Sustained very heavy wind damage, with heavy flooding in the south part." Empire: "The total town is flooded from one foot to rooftop depth." GREENVILLE, Ky. (AP) Muhlenberg Muhlenberg County 'is officially the "coal capital"'of the United States. The U.S. Bureau of Mines says the county mined more coal Hum any oilier county i in the nation during 1964. Muh- ilenberg produced 17,634,686 tons Buras: "About one-third ofj of coal '" its eight underground the homes are off foundations j ™ ne J ind . n . . slri !! . mines - _ and the community is reported infested with snakes." Grand Isle: "Water has| receded but all homes are heavily heavily damaged. Cottages and buildings along the beach are totally wrecked. Nearby Lee-, ville escaped with scattered! wind damage. Golden Meadow: "About 25; per cent of homes suffered major major flood damage." Chalmette and Arabi: "Countless "Countless blocks of homes are it certainly cannot be acted upon with such haste," he said. FOR LAXATIVE USE EXTRA HEAVY MINERAL OIL SO PURE IT'S TASTELESS! drowned in water height. 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Always carry Primaten« with you. Speed Riggs, famous tobacco auctioneer recommends not AS Mil LUCKY STRIKE fillers They put back the taste others take away re*. CALENDAR MONDAY Civil Air Patrol, 7 p.m., Mo Neese Military Bldg. Senior Citizens, 7 p.m.; ceramics ceramics classes, 7 p.m., High School Park. Naval Reserve, 7 p.m., 1203 N. First Ave. Toastmasters, 7:30 p.m., 1155 Ryan St. Rudolph K r a u s e Masonic Lodge 433, 7:30 p.m., MT. Calcasieu K. of C., 7:30 p.m., 414 Iris. Rainbow Girls, 6 p.m., Masonic Masonic Temple. Louisiana Engineering Society, Society, 6:30 p.m., Pecan Grove. City of the Lake Chapter of the American Business Women's Women's Association, 7 p.m., 919 Hodges St. Optimist Club of Southeast Lake Charles, 7 p.m., Woody's Restaurant. Landry Athletic Association, 7:30 p.m., Belmonl. York Rite Bodies, 7:30 p.m., Masonic Temple. Landry PTA, 7:30 p.m., school. Xi-Alpha chapter of Beta Sigma Sigma Phi, 7:30 p.m., 1023 Live Oak. Women's Club of Olin Mathieson Mathieson Chemical Corp, 7:30 p.m., E. R. Henry residence. TUESDAY Anchor Lodge 59, Oddfellows, 7:30 p.m., 704Va Ryan St. Rotary, noon. Charleston. Calcasieu Kiwanis, noon, Pioneer. Pioneer. Sertoma, 7 a.m., Ramada Inn. Barber Shop Singing, 7:30 p.m.,. Broadmoor Bldg. AA! Alanon, Alateen, 8 p.m., 2902 E. Opelousas. Ceramics classes, 9-12 a.m., 1-4 p.m.; contract and duplicate duplicate bridge, 7:30 p.m., High School Park. Senior Citizens Square Dancing, Dancing, 7 p.m.. College Oaks. Realtors, noon. Pioneer. Cal. Indusl. Develop. Board, 9:30 a.m. OLQH K. of C., 7:30 p.m., 3828 Ernest St. Independent Mutual Agents of Cal Parish. Inc.. noon, Ramada Inn. Jaycecs, 7 p.m., Charleston. Golden Age Club, 2-4 p.m., Lloyd Oaks Housing Project. Cavalry Division, 20,000 strong, begin landing near Qui Nhon in South Viet Nam. Deborah Bryant, 19, Miss Kansas, wins the Miss America title at Atlantic City, N.J. U Thant arrives in India for talks with Prime Minister Lai Bahadur Shastri's government on a cease-fire. SUNDAY Indian claims of a big victory on the northwest plains arc quickly contradicted by Pakistan Pakistan leaders. New Orleans and southern Louisiana, ravaged by Hurricane Hurricane Betsy, count a rising toll of dead. Authorities close a 40-mllo section of the lower Mississippi River in a search for a missing barge loaded with GOO ions of deadly chlorine. The 1st Cavalry Division of 20,000 20,000 air mobile troops digs in on South Viet Nam's central coast. Arrival of the division boosts U.S. military manpower above 125,000. Miss America Once Chubby, Freckled Girl ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) —When Deborah Bryant was 12 years old, she was chubby and had freckles. The Kansas beauty beauty still has the freckles but today today she reigns as Miss America in slim loveliness. "I work quite hard at keeping keeping my figure," said Debbie, 19, a resident of Overland Park, a Kansas City suburb. "I just love hamburgers. Eat them all the time." The 5-foot-7 beauty molds 115 pounds into a nonehubby 36-2336 36-2336 figure. "I do exercises every morning morning mostly for my legs and hips," she said. Miss Bryant was selected Saturday Saturday night over 49 other girls. They had competed (or three days in evening gowns, swim suits and talent. She won a ?10,000 scholarship, an estimated $80,000 in personal personal appearance contracts and an opportunity to travel some 250.000 250.000 miles. Miss Mississippi, Patricia Puckett, 20, of Columbus, carne in second; Miss Indiana, Eileen Smith, 18, of Indianapolis, was third; Miss Florida, Carol Blum, 21, of Miami Beach, fourth, and Miss Wisconsin, Sharon Singstock, 20, of Oshkosh, Oshkosh, fifth. Don't Cut Corns, Calluses. 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Clipped from Lake Charles American-Press13 Sep 1965, MonPage 8

Lake Charles American-Press (Lake Charles, Louisiana)13 Sep 1965, MonPage 8
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