M/M L.J. Springer run Cumberland Home in Denton, Texas

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M/M L.J. Springer run Cumberland Home in Denton, Texas - 16 CHILDREN IN CUMBERLAND HOME HERE LIVE LIKE...
16 CHILDREN IN CUMBERLAND HOME HERE LIVE LIKE ONE BIG FAMILY; WORK, PLAY TOGETHER la a big rambling white house at i the corner of Greenlee Street and' Avenue A, 16 children have a home ^•-children whose parents are dead or possibly t*ie living parent is unable unable to care .lor them. Not only do they have a home,, but warm clothing. well-balanced, meals, educational advantages, even musical training, and possibly best of all a small petite, charming .woman .woman with kind brown eyes, a ready smile, and a natural love for .children .children to "mother" them. The Cumberland Cumberland Presbyterian Orphans Home, though a comparatively young establishment establishment in Denton, is already crowded, Mrs. L. J. Springer matron, matron, said. The house now has 11 rooms and two..baths, with the nine girls sleeping in two large bedrooms upstairs upstairs and the seven boys sleeping in two large bedrooms downstairs. The kitching has recently been redecorated redecorated and is equipped with the latest .mechanical aids, and several of the rooms and hall will be redecorated redecorated in the near future, Mrs Springer said. A TKFEWRITEB f«r EVERYONE E. Side Square Phone 831 INSURANCE Of All Types! Real Estate Loans! C. E. MILLER INSURANCE 'AGENCY Phone 7 Brick Building Planned Plans are .underway now for a new brick home to.be built on the site for the children, with more. and larger rooms, thuse giving the home an opportunity, to .care for more children, Mrs. Springer pointed out. The house. is built on-, a five-acre plot, and back of the building is a small bam which houses the cows and chickens they raise. Near the house on this five-acre tract is an area with swings, merry- go-rounds and. other playground equipment where.the children..may entertain themselves. The.children go to the Teachers College Demonstration Demonstration School while they, are in the grades, and one of them has entered the college proper as..a freshman, majoring .in journalism this .fall. They may stay in the home until they are 18 years of age. Run lake Home "I try to run the home-as if it were a great big family and- not an 'institution'; by that I mean avoiding avoiding set rules for - every occasion," Mrs. Springer explained. "Children are 50 original," she chuckled, "and one of my biggest problems is answering answering all the "questions 16 rollick-' ing-youngsters can ask!" Each child has a few definite little little chores it does every day, and they - take "turn about" helping in the dining room and kitchen. They have their individual l>eds and places for -their own personal belongings, belongings, she said. - "The discipline problem is surprisingly surprisingly simple," Mrs, Springer said. "'We-try to work out the. problems problems between us, and-I don't believe believe - in - drastic punishment. The greatest - punishment of all-to the' children is'to be put to bed in the day time," she explained. Clothing for ^the • children is furnished furnished by the various organizations of the Cumberland - Presbyterian Church over the country, each church or organization adopting one children and being responsible for its clothing, she'said, SI1 Study Music All the children study music, either in the public schools or from private tutors and" the home has its own rhythm band and organist. "We'relooking toward the,day we can .have, a 'real' orchestra," Mrs. Springer..said.. She pointed out -that th? children play all kinds- of games to-make their work seem like play, -then- favorite favorite .being when they .fill the chicken troughs .with- water.. They play like .they -are firemen at - a Auxiliary Chief The .battle .expected by Mrs. Malcolm Douglas, above, of Seattle, Seattle, for the presidency of the American Legion Auxiliary failed-to failed-to materialize. She-won the .office' by default when her .only opponent, - Mrs. A.. H.. Hoffman of .Des Moines, withdrew. Mrs. Douglas succeeds Mrs. O. JSahn. fire and.run just as fast as they can with 'the water until the trough is full, she said- Mrs. Springer's husband is superintendent-of. superintendent-of. the home; he divides his' time between Denton and other other parts of the state as he is connected" connected" with . the Tidewater Oil Company. They have one son who is attending Centenary University in Louisiana. Sanitarian Visits County Schools E.: W. -'Barrett,, district : sanitarian from Mineral. Wells and representative representative of the,State Department of Health,.is in Denton this week and will, inspect the schools over the county for sanitation, R. L. Proffer, county superintendent of schools, I announced Monday afternoon. Prof- [ fer will accompany Barrett en the, tour. Tuesday they were to visit Center Point, .Argyle, Roanoke, Helm, PlainviJW, New Liberty, Goodview, Blue Mound;. Wednesday, Double Oak, Donald, Brown Grove, Annie .Blanton, Bethel, and Corinth;

Clipped from Denton Record-Chronicle05 Oct 1937, TuePage 3

Denton Record-Chronicle (Denton, Texas)05 Oct 1937, TuePage 3
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  • M/M L.J. Springer run Cumberland Home in Denton, Texas

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