440 Sqn "Beaver Sqn" attacks

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440 Sqn "Beaver Sqn" attacks - Ottawa Beave Sets Up Record r Ottawa's adopted...
Ottawa Beave Sets Up Record r Ottawa's adopted Beaver Squadron Squadron '. successfully knocked out ' Germans as battalion headquarters headquarters and set up a record within iL " . i . . a. i 1 . a -" -" 1 lout winzttor ue larzesi numoer oi sorties fiown and bombs dropped dropped in a single day, according to letter .received by Mayor-Lewis Mayor-Lewis Mayor-Lewis from the .squadron's adjutant. Tit. Lt Hal Gooding- Gooding- of Ottawa, Ottawa, a member oU the squadron, damaged the German ' aircraft which attacked him while he-was he-was he-was leading an operation on a target riearCaen and successfully completed completed his mission: Tbe letter dated France, July 24. reads as follows: . Dear .Mayor Lewis: We are indeed indeed . sorry that owing to; the pressure of operations we have not been able to write every week Jiving -ou -ou all the . happenings and news of the City of Ottawa Beaver Squadron. However, you can look forward to receiving our letters more regularly in future.. future.. You can understand the difficulty in writing so as not to break security regulations but the following. honfe. will ervin give you a good idea of the important important jpbLwe ar? doing. - The. Beaver Squadron had its busiest day in history I during the . rn 1 n rf itilv ft Tr aniial. ron continued its special talk of knocking out bridges, mortar and gun positions, troop -and -and motor transport concentrations. - It was also assigned the task -of -of knocking knocking out three chateau which were, being used. by the Germans as a battalion headquarters. The results results were highly successful In apite of the intense and-accurate and-accurate and-accurate flak which was encountered. The-attack The-attack The-attack on the three cha- cha- t sb-O sb-O sb-O Tl e TPtia)' in tit'' " tions.led by Sqdn. Ldr. Pentland of Calgary,' nt Lt Hicks of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Fit Lt Stults of St John, N.B was highly successful and the target was completely wiped a aV f a. a. 1 m ouu i dc aiiacK was pressea nome of flak put-up put-up put-up by the. . Germans. , Fit Lt Hal Gooding of Ottawa, In leading an attack on abridge south of Caen, was attacked by an ME-109 ME-109 ME-109 and after-; after-; after-; quick exchange exchange of-gunfire of-gunfire of-gunfire the' damaged German aircraft tnoV mvr in the clouds while Fit JU. Gooding continued on towards the -target -target and completed a successful attack.' attack.' v ' ' ' ' r Squadron for Sorties The Beaver Squadron set up a record within the wing during this period for the largest number of sorties flown in one day and the largest tonnage of ; bombs dropped in a single day. Thfe day will long be, remembered by the pilots and ground crew and when dusk came the pilots retired with the satisfaction that they had done a very commendable job. - JThe important work of giving direct support to the troops . in Normandy and of knocking out special .targets with low level dive-bombing dive-bombing dive-bombing attacks has all been made possible by ' the co-operation co-operation co-operation co-operation and determined efforts made by the ground crew to "keep 'em flying". The armorers, under the direction ; pi t it. bgt. aunstrum of Ottawa, are extremely pleased to see that their hard work is paying dividends. Camp rations is still the diet for all personnel but fresh milk and green vegetables are being j-added j-added j-added as they become available. white- white- bread nas been .a welcome addition but to date the supply has been limited... In the villages and towns sur rounding this sector the French people are. happy that they have at last been liberated from the Nazi aggression. Their spirit is high and the R.C.A.F. is always given a warm welcome wherever they Co.. The stores and shops are devoid of such items as cigarettes cigarettes cigars, soap and chocolate so the boys are now relying on the folks back home to send these comforts so warmly welcomed by all. " . -' -' Xapt. Fitch of the "Sally Ann" is doing his utmost to keep everyone everyone supplied with comforts . and sports equipment Though, his task is sometimes' very difficult he has done a marvellous .job. . The morale of the squadron, remains remains very high and everyone is striving to get on with the job and finish the conflict in order that they may return to' their homesand Canada. If you could pass the items of interest on to the local papers we would be very thankful. Qn behalf of the commanding officer, officers and men, we wish to express;, express;, the , gratitude we all feel in having had the . Capital city of Canada ; adopt our squadron. Best wishes and happy landings. C. F. OSBORNE, ' : - FO. Adjt, 440 Squadron, to a or of to

Clipped from The Ottawa Journal05 Aug 1944, SatPage 3

The Ottawa Journal (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)05 Aug 1944, SatPage 3
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  • 440 Sqn "Beaver Sqn" attacks

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