El Paso Herald (El Paso TX) 18 August 1927

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El Paso Herald (El Paso TX) 18 August 1927 - EL PASO IlF.RAI.n (ioebel Borrowed Cash For...
EL PASO IlF.RAI.n (ioebel Borrowed Cash For Entry In Epochal Trip Named Plane After The Ranch Of Financial Backers. Santa Monica, Cal., Aug. 18 (AIM.— Art Goebel, who gambled his life on a chance to win the Honolulu air derby, emptied his pockets and beg- t he uld Paso, there BOL 1 ON S— you they never food can be DINNER to get donn on and everything " li here M o s t f'cople Lat.” St. Main 1998 1111 il il m li li US f• LA&’CS NO low Prices nn uv nn uu THF WEATHER. Shoe Co. 24, I 906 striving as possible service! customers Ior basis oi fair prices, tic d or borrowed the rest of the cash to get a plane for the Imp. The game flier, \\ho quit his stunts before the movie camera in rpicst of trans-oceanic fame, was not thinking so much of the $'¿5,000 prize at the end of the sunset trail when he finally succeeded in getting getting his friends to come in on a pot. I his is proved by the fact that he eagerly offered anyone half of money he might win if they w< finance his venture. The money finally was raised when a few of his close friends and associates in the picture game chipped chipped in and a start "as made. Near financial disaster followed, however, for one of his backers found at the j last minute that his funds were tied up and that he would be unable unable to help. Then began a long search tor money, (ioebel sold some ot his bei bei longings and much of his flving equipment. Atter adding the proceeds proceeds to the pool he found him! him! self »till about $3,500 short of the I goal. ' But his plane was already be in« ; built in Wichita, Kan., and (ioebel would not be downed. He Hew to Kansas City where he was to take delivery of the craft provided he ! could rai^e the balance of the money. The officials ot the Philips i Petroleum company of liartles\ ille. | Okla., came to his aid and he made ! the full amount. It took only one or two test flights at the Oklahoma oil town I to prove to Goebel that he hail the ! plane to make t tie '¿.400-mile flight So he named it the “Wooiaroc." att- j er the ranch of L. li. and Frank Phillips, his backers. After a few more tests, Goebel i took wing for the west. At first | the stunt flier thought he would make it a solo flight over ttie Pacific. ! 1 he more he studied the vast areas of the Pacific, however, the ! he became convinced that a I gator would be necessary. So | William B. Da\is rode over the | cu Gate alongside Goebel, when the 1 trim monoplane drove out over the j Pacific. The ‘AVoolan the same type n Col. Charles Lindb I fame over the At 1; 425 gal sent ial b before the the plane. big gasoline tank: set immediately bt HICK TOWN? NO! El Paso Always Cosmopolitan With l aste For the Best HI Paso was a small town ‘50 years ago. I*'I Paso was a hick town—never. Cosmopolitan always, a port before before it was a town, an oasis before ; there were railroads. E. M. Bray, president of the Hoyt furniture I company, which was established in bStStS, cannot reimmbr a day when the housewife of the city did not demand demand and obtain furniture as good as sold in New York. “I’m not bragging up my business. business. ” explained Mr. Bray. “I hat demand for the best and the !compliance of merchants with that ¡demand is true in every line ot business, whether it is a matter ot dresses for women or substantial ¡materials for building of cottages or skyscrapers. “In connection with the furniture business this has been demonstrated time and again by the exclamations of tourists and dealers in furniture, who assure us that the displays here are comparable with those any place. “Our store caters to fhe more exclusive exclusive trade, of course, but neither our store nor El Paso’s excellent dry poods stores could offer the best unless ttie public acceptcd the ' offer. “Proud of their homes and proud I of their home town, these people who have cmnc all over the world to El Paso have built for permanence and are furnishing their city substantially.” substantially.” capacity is strumcnt c i ¿at ion wa: is en iginc *rgh mt ic uns. more navi- Lieut. Gold* incd with that carried to epochal The fuel Every in- >uccessful nave nave two men in pan, of I,os Angeles. 'I he flier “barnstormed” about the country, visiting country fairs to hand out thrills throughout the west. .lenten, now -*> years old, went to Honolulu early this year, flying in the Inter-Islanu ser\ice. He was selected selected as the flier to represent Honolulu Honolulu in the Dole race, and his wife manaped the campaign for funds. Of cleancut features. Jensen iv bronzed and healthy looking. Hi smiles easily. Ids white teeth and clear eyes flashing good humoredly. even when be discusses such serious thincs as tr.ms-Pacific fhlng. Th were hin the tl tf lot nav and i viga tor’s commun en was a ic top of t Written ire were i much th< •pa ra eabi tn $ him t roit lhe only r between the ube running tanks, s fastened back and ship e pi- thc leans two over to a forth Young Has I*raise For Hawaii Fliers; Plans For Future Low rares Washington. A close finish of th San Francisco to H. markable demonstri 1 1 navigation. Maj. ( !af j director of aeronaut j merce department. < I j He warmly praise j I Goebel and navi gat i Davis of the winnin I a roc” and pilot Mar navigator Paul Sc! il “ Moha” which landc . 18 t I S).- The Dole flight from awaii was a rc- of aerial M. Young, the com- P W “Aloha” Young said •Without the well ea T must cv Jensen am ter of th< : ceond. Maj ling a n v of any m ian or w o m n w ho has tli c< »liras« thi% ki L* t o c nd n t e r into a et*niest c **Shooting ¡ ft I fl lit tle targe 5 n t li occa n over . a 2100 mile ri in -Te n < 71 ! i red not only tl le bevtof mi cbanica il equi j pment aind a fai r kno\% ed ge «1 f the r mnlern science of na\ gat ion to be success ful but in volve also < •otira g< » md detern fiinat loi which l are nt stake.’ f con »«< iered wlten live Yonn g urge ‘d tfiat in the i event r anv fult u re 1 * i'ng disi anee air race t ?bis ty pe sut Ticicnt time siifiuid h allowed 1 for a rnple p reparut i»m. *éT1i npeninj « eins ing an« 1 startir iS chite shouldbe set suffici v n 11 v far i n îi H vance * to as t o perm it propr t c\am inat ion and i n spedi' >n of pi! ot s b n tor ute daily unfit Sept. 30. Rrtum limit Oct. 31. Now plan your »ummer trip* You can go at «urprisingly low co«t. Note these examples of •ummer excursion tare«. ROUSDTRIP TO A lb*t ny, NY ...................... Asheville, N C. . . . Atlanta, Ga....................... Atlantic Cit\, N. J. . . Baltimore, Md. . . . Pmton, MaM...................... Buffalo, N. Y....................... Chicago, 111...................... C leveland, Ohio ... Colorado Spring*, Colo. Denver, Colo...................... f)etroit, Mich...................... Duluth, Minn. .... Jensen Heroine Pilot During War; Is Stunt Worket O. Cali S135.93 82.65 10C.C3 130.57 130.43 144 41 111.57 7* 9* 99.51 39.40 42.90 96.57 91.45 111.35 60.50 85.63 82.80 136.47 105.33 134.99 109.83 65.35 »30.43 San Franci' “Marty” Jensen, i to Honolulu in time non for finish in T sec derbv, is a liktablc . Aug. 18 fCP>. ho flew home to collect *10.- nd in the Dole vounester who became immensely popular while in the bav region waiting for the hop- off. Jensen is the youngest son of a Vorwesrian-Americnii family of Jamestown, Kans. He left his pa­ rage in Sioux City in 1010 to enli t in the navy eventually going to Sa.i Diego, where lie learned to fly. Recomin f a commercial pilot ?t t lie expiration of his enlistment, Jensen married Marguerite Hanna* i acksonv t!le, Fla. . vatisas Citv, Mo. . Louisville, Ky. . Minneapolis, Minn. New YorK, N. Y. K i agar a Falls. N. Y. Thdadelphia, Pa* . Pittsburgh, Pa. . . Sr. Louis, Mo. . Washington, D. C. Fast, deluxe service daily via CiolJen State and Sunset routes. In many cases you can go one wav, return another. Any Southern Southern Pacific agent will gladly help you plan your itinerary. Southern PaciMc R. N. DAVIS,- iient City 'Tnktt Offiit. Fir*t Nat l Fink Bid* FJ Paso,Text» S*i» Antonio ind North Oregon I « I I I I Í s t II LLO C. ! iARTI ORD Undertaking Company In a yards brmc inch laced post ruffles hips, ample high and several from she glass certainly mcnt

Clipped from El Paso Herald18 Aug 1927, ThuPage 16

El Paso Herald (El Paso, Texas)18 Aug 1927, ThuPage 16
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  • El Paso Herald (El Paso TX) 18 August 1927

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